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07-05-2003, 01:54 AM
OK folks, I'm completely new at this, so be kind and tell me what you think. This is a true story about myself and a few friends (names have been changed to protect the ticklish), and hanging out at one of their houses when it suddenly turned into a massive tickle war...

It was the middle of June, and it was actually a relatively nice day out. It was a little hot, but basically average summer weather, so we were all in our summer attire, which meant lots of bare feet begging to be tickled. I was sitting on the couch next to a friend named Alex (female), who was between me and another friend named Diane. On the floor was my best friend Dave and his girlfriend Michelle. Across the room were Julie and Katie. no one here seems to have a tickle fetish, except maybe Diane, who loves to tickle.
Now, just a short chracter description: Alex is a tall brunette, about 5'10". She has big feet, and at the time silver toenails. She's a cute girl, just your average college girl. Diane is the uptight student type. Doesn't laugh or smile much, with brown hair, and small feet. Dave is 6'0" with dark hair and a dark goatee. he's got small feet for a guy, and is kind of a surfer type. Michelle is a dark, almost gothic girl who is very short, just over five feet tall with long scarlet hair and tiny feet. Her toes were painted bright red. Julie is also very short, under five feet tall, and a whiny type. She has short blonde hair and tiny feet. She can fit in kids shoes, or so she says. Her feet are cute, with pink painted toes. Finally there is Katie, a surfer girl with medium length blonde hair and chubby feet. Her feet are funny, and they look like a baby's. Her toes were really crazy yellow. And I am tall, over 6 feet, with big feet and sort of an abercrombie style about me.
Anyway, we were all watching a movie, South Park actually, and I was kind of bored, so as usual I decided to tickle. I poked Alex's sides a few times, and she giggled and curled up, leaving her bare feet inches away. Alex's sides are bad, but her feet are the worst, so naturally I tickled her bare toes. She helped and yanked them away, and then asked me, "Am I asking to be tickled here?" So I looked at Diane and said "I dunno, Diane, is she asking to be tickled?"
Naturally Diane took the hint and began squeezing Alex's love handles. She screamed, but she couldn't get away. I started to squeeze her knees, which caused her to kick out her feet. Big mistake on her part. I sat on her ankles and began to really torture her feet. My fingertips danvced up and down her soles, scratching the balls of her feet as she screamed.
"GUUUUHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEZZZ HELP MEEEEEEHEHEEEEEE!!!!" Alex screamed desparately, and I had completely forgotten she had friend in the room, namely Michelle. I just felt fingers scratching my incredibly ticklish toes, and I gave up on Alex right away.
I rolled off the couch, and tried to jump away, but she had a great grip on my ankle. Thankfully Dave came to my aid, and attacked his girlfriend's wildly ticklish underarms. she shrieked and tried to roll into a ball, but he jumped on top of her and kept tickling.
I ended up mere inches from a wiggling socked foot belonging to Diane. I wasn't sure if her feet were ticklish, but I figured I might as well give it a shot, since we were all tickling anyway. I grabbed her toes and tickled the sole of her foot, and she went beserk. After her crazy scream, she let go of Alex (who was exhausted and red faced at the time) and fel loff the couch on to me. I lost the foot, but renewed my attack on her sides, which were just as, if not more, ticklish.
Now, while all this was happening, Dave had been ambushed by Katie and Julie. Dave's sides are very ticklish, and they were now being tickled heavily by his loving girlfriend. However, it is his feet that are legendary among our friends, and each foot was getting a heavy dose of ticklish torture. As Katie scratched his bare left sole, Julie was tickling the poor guy's toes.
I would've helped, but I was stuck under a shrieking, wiggling Diane, with my hands firmly implanted in her ribs. My feet were open, and the girls quickly realized that they could overpower the two lone males. Julie jumped over and began to tickle my big feet, which sent my into hysterics right off the bat. I struggled mightily and managed to toss the squealing Diane.
Julie is the most ticklish of all of us, and she was still wearing bright orange socks. She yelped and tried to run away when she saw I could get to her, but I quickly grabbed her legs and put her ankles in an armlock. After disposing of the socks, her feet were mine, and the soft arches were amazingly ticklish. She screamed louder than anyone else there, and pounded on the ground like a madwoman. I gently massaged her bare soles, then moved on to the spots between her toes.
After a minute or two of tickling, I saw Dave with tears in his eyes, and saw that Katie was tickling his feet with a fork she had found on the coffee table near where we sat. I dropped Julie, and valiantly attempted to attack Katie. Now Katie is the one person in our group who is obscenely hard to tickle. Her sides are only ticklish in certain spots, her left armpit is ticklish but her right is not, and her feet are only ticklish on the heels and tops.
I attacked her, but her sides were not working, and I couldn't reach her feet. We wrestled for a second, and Dave nearly escaped. But then Diane and Alex joined the fight, and we were dead. Everyone fought, and I breifly remember getting Katie's bare foot for a second, but I ended up next to Rich, trapped.
The girls laid us on our backs, and Michelle and Katie held Rich's and my arms over our heads. Then Katie sat on my stomach and Diane sat on Dave's. Our feet were lifted and placed on the couch, where Alex had full access to them. The tickling got much worse from there. I remember feathers on my feet, and a toothbrush between my toes, and that fork. It was a long night, and one I won't soon forget. And I will have my revenge on all five girls!!!

OK, that's all for now, tell me what you all think, and how I could improve. I also love to do celebrity stories, so anyone you want to see tickled, just give me a request and I will gladly write. Thanks, hope it was ok!

07-05-2003, 07:33 AM
Great account of your tickle fight, Frankie.
Welcome to TMF, and have fun here.:D
Looking forward to seeing more posts from you here in the Post Stories forum.

09-19-2010, 07:30 AM
Great story dude! Maybe you could write a story involving Desperate Housewives. I think Eva Longoria has the prettiest feet in the world...