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07-14-2003, 10:39 PM
i thought in light of the latest Anna Kournikova tennis fiasco, i figured this is what SHOULD be done to her to get her tennis career going. enjoy.......

Anna Kournikova just lost her 1st round match at Wimbledon. pissed off, she made her way to the interview room, where she was bombarded with the usual "how come you can't win?" questions from the media. this time, Anna had enough. in her mind, these cretins shouldnt even be in the same room as her! after all, she was bigger OFF the court than ON the court. plus, she got sick and tired of the same damn question. she acted quite bitchy towards the reporter and the tabloids took that and ran with it. all over the media, Anna was criticized for being well, herself. she just couldnt escape the media hounds. her agent wasnt too happy either.

"Anna we have to do something about this. now the media once again is putting you in a negative light." her agent told her.

"Who cares? let them think what they want. they're beneath me anyway." she replied.

"Look, you're not going to like this news...but, i got word from the Kremlin. they are not happy with your progress in tennis."

"Oh? what did they say?" Anna said with a concerned look.

"They feel that you need to go back to basics. so, they are requesting you to go back to Mother Russia and train again."

"No way!!! i am not going back there now. i got things to do. i got photo shoots, commercials, men...."

"I am sorry Anna. but when the Kremlin calls, WE GO!!!"

suddenly some burly huge men entered with dark suits and shades. they easily scooped up Anna and dragged her away. they put her in a waiting car and sped off to the airport. Anna knew better than to scream. any embarrassment to Mother Russia would surely not be forgiven.

Anna was seated in a chair in the middle of a room, facing a huge desk for a panel of people. the panel consisted of government officials and high ranking Russian sports officials. they all had a look of disgust on their face.

"Anna Kournikova, you have been brought here because of your recent FAILURES!!! the Premier is not pleased with your progress. it has been how many years? not ONE single tournament win? ONE? and all we see you do is parade around like some goddess. explain yourself!!" a huge balding official demanded.

"Well, i have been busy. i am one, if not the #1, most recognized athlete from Russia in the world. tennis is a side note for....."

"SILENCE!!!! Look Ms. Kournikova. we trained you for ATHLETIC success. yes, you are a beautiful woman, but your first priority is to WIN. Mother Russia is proud of our athletes. our hockey team has made history in the world. we have wrestlers, who have dominated the world scene for decades. now, we have tennis. you are our brightest prospect. you were #1 in juniors. you go pro, and what happens? we see your face plastered over magazines, NOT because you are the #1 tennis player in the world, but just because you have physical beauty. look at the Williams sisters!!! you dont see them in magazines just for beauty. look at Martina Hingis, Jennifer Capriati, others!! they are in magazines for the tennis success and their beauty. YOU? just looks. Anna, let me put in American terms. YOU SUCK!!! who did you lose to in the 1st round Wimbledon? no one can remember the name. we just know you lost!! you are in deep trouble young woman."

Anna didnt look concerned. "Look Drago, or whatever your name is. because of me, Mother Russia is in the news. dont you get it? i bring in MONEY for 'Mother Russia'. i am the highest media ratings of ANY tennis player. i get men to watch women's tennis. so dont tell me i suck, because i dont."

the panel look at each other in disgust. "Anna, the money would be better if YOU WON. but out you go in 1st rounds. your priorities are out of whack. so, this panel has decided to send you to the Gulag to get you back in line. guards......"


Anna awoke in a room, laying on a cot. she looked at her surroundings. she noticed that the walls were grim, the window was small, and the smell...well, it wasnt pleasant to the human nose. she was more horrified on what she was wearing. a plain, drab gray prison like jumpsuit with thick cotton socks and white canvas shoes. she was horrified.

"What is this? i look like a commoner!!" she said to herself in disgust. soon a door opened and in walked to female guards. between them stood a very tall woman. she was about 6'4" tall, dressed in a perfect pressed Russian military suit, with long black boots. she wore a military cap on her head, covering her blond hair that was pulled back in a pony tail. her face was a pale white, which contrasted with her ruby red lips and blue eyes. the look in her eyes was quite menacing as she stared at Anna.

"W-Who are you?" Anna asked with a trace of nervousness.

"Me? i am Svetlana, head trainer of women's athletics. i am your teacher and trainer so to speak." she said in a cool, tense voice.

"Um, well, i think i have to go now. i have a few appointments i have to keep. tell the Kremlin i have had a lot of fun, but i must..."

"Silence young one! when i give you permission to speak, you will speak. i am here to get your priorities straight. you see, you have embarrassed Russian sports. you are turning out like those pathetic American woman who only think you need to be pretty to get ahead. but here in Russia, we only want results. so, you will learn Anna, you will learn tennis."

"I already know tennis!! hellooooooo? i am Anna Kournikova, tennis STAR!! dont you read newspapers?" Anna said angrily.

"I know you are Anna Kournikova, tennis failure!!!! you will learn to respect me and Mother Russia's sports. here you will learn that making errors will have dire consequences. guards, PREPARE HER for the ROOM." Svetlana commanded her guards. the way she said "room" made a chill cross Anna's body. the guards easily grabbed Anna and took her away.

Anna was now laying flat on a table of some sort, with her wrists tied to the table, her body pulled taut, and her ankles locked in a stock like contraption. she could barely move. in walked Svetlana and the guards. Anna didnt like the look she had in her eyes.

"Now my little failure, you will learn to obey me, then you will learn proper tennis techniques." Svetlana told her.

"I dont mean to be rude or anything, but how do i learn tennis tied up like this?"

"You dont. first we have to correct your attitude......" Svetlana then used a knife and cut open the shirt of the gray prison garb, exposing Anna's front side. clad in a white bra, Anna's perfectly formed abs and chest were exposed.

"Um...not to sound stupid or anything, but why are you exposing me like this? you're not going to hurt me or anything. my boobs are an asset you know..."

"Hurt you? oh no Anna, i wouldnt dare harm you. but you will learn to correct your attitude. see, i specialize in this type of thing. you realize that a woman's body is full of nerves and feelings. it is so responsive to touch. like so....." Svetlana then began to lightly trace her index fingers across Anna's belly. the sensation was beginning to make Anna smile.

"ha ha ha...what are you doing? that..that tickles ha ha ha ha ha ha stop that!!"

"Of course darling!! that's what i am going to do. i am going to TICKLE YOU!!!!!!!"

Anna's eyes popped opened!! tickle her? her mind raced. she hated being tickled. she never like losing control, and now she was helpless by some evil dominatrix looking woman. Svetlana's fingers then plunged deeply into Anna's ribcage. Anna roared in laughter. she felt the fingers kneading and massaging each and every one of her ribs. Svetlana's fingers played Anna's ribs like a piano.


the tickling continued. the fingers continued to poke, prod and tickle Anna's ribs. then she moved her fingers to Anna's firm belly and spider danced there. Anna's laughter went another level. her chest was heaving up and down, and her laughter then became silent. after a few more minutes, the tickling stop. Anna gasped for air.

"please.......*gasp*...no more....please...no tickling...."

"But my darling, we have just started!!!" Svetlana cooed back. she then ripped the rest of Anna's top off, now Anna's full upperbody was exposed. Svetlana licked her lips in anticipation of the smooth, hairless, vulnerable armpits. she immediately flicked her nails across the smooth skin and Anna exploded in laughter. Svetlana's fingers danced across the armpits, touching each and every inch of the delicate skin. Anna's eyes were clamped shut and tears were beginning to come out. Anna's mind raced. she hated being tickled. she remembered a time when Sergei Fedorov tickled her, and she slapped him so hard, he never even thought about doing it again. now, she was trapped, and her sensitive body was being tormented by this crazed woman, who showed no mercy. then she felt the fingers plunge deeply into her pits, sending her into orbit. the tickling was so intense, Anna's mouth was wide open, but no sound came out. the fingers plunged so deep, Anna thought it was going to touch bone.

"Is my little Anna ticklish? oh yes she is!!! she is just so so ticklish!!! tickle tickle!!! tickle tickle tickle!!!" Svetlana teased.

Anna finally let out a scream. her armpits were tormented severly. this went on for at least half an hour, the fingers never stopping, the tickling never ceasing. finally, it did stop.

"*cough cough* please....no more.. i can take it anymore....pleeeeeeaaassseeee..... no more tickling..." Anna wheezed.

"Not yet my darling. we have other spots to explore." Svetlana teased. she then cut loose Anna's bra, exposing Anna breasts. she then used her finger to outline the swollen aerola of the breasts, tickling Anna again. Svetlana then began to fondle the soft breasts, causing Anna to cackle again. her breats were very sensitive and quite ticklish. again, Anna went into silent laughter as Svetlana tickled every inch of her breasts. every once in a while, Svetlana would tweak the nipples, sending Anna into moans. then the tickling resumed. Svetlana stared at her prey. she was enjoying this. tickling and teasing the body of Anna Kournikova was definitely something she was going to remember. did she love her job!!! she then nodded to the guards who ripped open Anna's pants and tore them off, leaving Anna in her panties, and shoes and socks. she walked over to the legs and stared at them in amazement. the legs were very toned, very firm. then she scratched her nails along Anna's panty line and the skin right above it on her waist. Anna roared in laughter again. this tickling sensation was also turning her own. her body began to betray her as her nipples grew hard and her mound becoming moist. this teasing by her panties was driving her crazy. she no longer thouhgt about the tickling, she was beginning to thin about release. suddenly her mind went back to tickling as Svetlana began to squeeze her inner thighs.


Svetlana kept up the tickling. she loved how smooth the legs were and how soft her inner thighs were. she also noticed the wet spot forming on Anna's panties and she knew it wouldnt be much longer until she broke the tennis star. then her head turned and stared at the white canvas shoes. she smiled.

"Now my darling, i always wanted to see the precious feet of Anna Kournikova........"

Anna shook her head no. not her feet. not her precious feet. she felt the shoelaces being undone, then felt her left shoe pop off. her sock was sticking to her foot from the sweat. she felt Svetlana grab the toe of her sock and the sock wouldnt pull off. so, Svetlana then began to peel the sock off her ankle, and peeled it right off, revealing the tender bare foot of Anna. she gasped at the sight. she saw a perfectly formed foot, with long toes and a creamy soft sole. the nails werent painted, but they were perfectly trimmed. she laughed at the sock lint that was stuck to the sole and began to pick it off. the foot wiggled upon the slightest touch, and Svetlana knew that this foot was sensitive. she gently blew on the toes and Anna already began to laugh. she then raked her nails fast, and furiously across the tender sole. Svetlana's fingers sunk into the soft flesh and Anna completely lost it. her foot wiggled and her toes flexed, trying to avoid the tickling fingers. but there was no escape. the fingers crawled over Anna's arch, then attacked the tender ball of the foot. Anna cackled like a bashee now. her eyes were popped wide open. her face twisted into evil laughter, and she was losing her mind. Svetlana grabbed the toes and pulled them back, making Anna's sole very taut. she then simply raked up and down the baby soft skin, sending Anna into hysterics. she could feel the trapped toes straining to get free. but she continued raking. up and down. up and down. up and down. side to side. side to side. side to side. up and down. up and down. Anna was losing consciousness. then the tickling stopped.

Anna began to gasp for air. then her breath left her again, when she felt the other shoe coming off, then the sock. her eyes looked on in horror as she saw Svetlana tie her big toe and baby toe to the socks. her foot was now stretched taut and her toes partly opened, exposing their crevices. she couldnt move her foot at all!!!!!! Svetlana grinned at her and revealed a white stiff owl feather.


Svetlana placed the feather between the big toe and index toe of Anna's right foot. the mere sensation alone brought Anna into bales of laughter. then she sawed the feather between the toes, making sure the stiff fronds touched every inch of her soft toe crevice and toe stems. Anna screamed to the top of her lungs as the feather teased and tickled every toe crevice. the feather tickled the base of her toes and Anna laughed some more. but she went back into her silent laughter when the quill of the feather traced up and down her sole, making circles in her delicate arch. this feather tickling went on for an hour straight. Svetlana tickled both feet with the feather and made sure she got every inch of skin on these precious feet. she looked at Anna and loved her view. a near completely naked Anna, sweating profusely, chest heaving, mouth gasping for precious oxygen. she noticed that Anna's panties were very wet. it was time. she cut open the panties and now Anna was completely naked. Anna began to cry.

"now Anna, we will learn to obey me da?"

"yes..." Anna began to cry profusely. "da...."

"Good. tomorrow we hit the court. but remember, every time you make mistake, it is an hour of tickling. every double fault, every unforced error, any mistake will have tickling consequences. understand?"

"da!!!! DA!!!!!!"

"Good, now get some rest. tomorrow will be enjoyable....." Svetlana then slid the feather over Anna's exposed mound. all it took was one touch to sent Anna into orgasmic bliss and she passed out peacefully.

"I cant believe it!!! Anna Kournikova just won the U.S. Open!!! defeating Venus Williams in straight sets. ever since Wimbledon, she has not lost a tournament yet. she hasnt even lost a set yet since then!!! what a remarkable turn around!!!" Mary Carillo said during on television.

"You arent kidding. i know Russia must be tickled pink at this turn around!!!" John McEnroe commented.

sitting in a chair, watching the screen was Svetlana. she was holding a glas sof ice tea, enjoying what was said. "Oh yes Mr. McEnroe, we are quite tickled.....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!"