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07-14-2003, 11:02 PM
hey fans, thanks for the comments, and i loike how you guys suggest other characters. trust me, almost all the women will be involved one way or another. i think Lana Star just developed a new "hold"....he he he he...here's the next installment!! again, you can find the characters at www.wowe.com

Ice Cold vs Farah

Lana Star was in the back room after defeating Heather Steele. Patti was simply bubbly, just handing out compliments like they were government cheese.

"Oh Lana, you are just so wonderful!! that was so exciting what we did to Heather. she really got it tonight!!" Patti giggled.

"Well, OF COURSE i am wonderful!! i AM Lana Star, the executive producer of this show!!! But i'm not through yet. it seems like all the WOW girls are ticklish. i wonder if Terri Gold is...." Lana said to her sidekick.

hidden in the corner was Ice Cold. Ice Cold hated Lana Star and would have loved nothing more but to humiliate the blonde star. "Damn that Lana Star!! she thinks she is so cute!!! i cant wait to get her back. who do she thinks she is? one day, i will teach her a lesson. although i do like her new move. maybe i should try it out. after all, anything she can do, i can do better!!! in fact, i wonder if Lana is ticklish?" Ice Cold thought to herself.

soon, it was time for Ice Cold's match. tonight she was facing Farah, the Persian princess. Farah made her way into the ring in her traditional belly dancing type outfit with her gold regulation wrestling boots. quite an attractive woman, she still had a hard time winning matches. if she beat a solid contender like Ice Cold, then she had a chance to turn her career around. then came Ice Cold. a tall, slender woman, clad in a silver skirt with silver shorts underneath, with a silver top and her long silver boots. she entered the ring and grabbed the microphone.

"Lana Star!!!! listen up you slut!! i will get you. and once i get my hands on you, you will never forget the name of Ice C-oooooooolllldddddd!!!!" Ice Cold tried to say as Farah dropkicked her from behind. Farah immediately attacked the stunned warrior and drop a few elbows into Ice's back. Farah then picked up Ice and slammed her to the mat. Farah was so proud of herself that she walked around the ring, waving to the crowd. but, once again, she made a cardinal mistake and Ice Cold came from behind and bulldogged her into the canvas. Ice Cold was not pleased. she stomped the young woman over and over and twisted her helpless body in a series of holds. Ice was getting restless. the only thing on her mind was Lana, and she wanted to end this match quickly. unfortunately for her, Farah wasnt going to give up. so Ice Cold wrapped her legs around Farah's waist in a scissors hold. Ice Cold could see Farah's exposed belly. while Ice Cold squeezed the air out of Farah, she thought of Lana again and her "new" manuever. she began to lightly stroke Farah's belly. Farah's eyes popped wide open!!!

"what's the matter Farah? ticklish?" Ice taunted.

because Farah was gasping for air she couldnt answer, but the ticklish sensations were overwhelming her. she began to giggle and Ice continued to tickle her. then Ice let go some of the pressure of the scissors hold but kept tickling. Farah exploded into laughter.


Ice continued her tickling. after a while, she wanted to try another part of Farah. she released her hold but then rolled Farah onto her stomach and then placed her hands into Farah's armpits. Ice tickled hard. Farah's body was squirming like mad. after 2 minutes Ice stopped tickling. she simply turned around on Farah's body and brought an ankle up to her chest. then she started to unlace the boot. Farah knew what was coming and began to kick her other leg. unfortunately she couldnt connect with Ice. but she squirmed her legs enough so Ice couldnt continue to untie her boot. Ice got frustrated and got off Farah. she then picked her up, then piledrived Farah into the mat. Farah was dazed. Ice Cold went right back to the boots and continued to unlace the boots. Farah had high boots, so it took a while to unlace. once they were, Ice removed the boots, taking a quick whiff of them. she crinkled her nose and went back to the socked feet of Farah. she rolled Farah back onto her stomach and again, brought an ankle back up to her chest. with a single finger, she traced the outline of Farah's socked foot, causing it to wiggle. farah was coming to and she felt her helpless foot in Ice Cold's possession.

"please not my feet!!! i'll die!!!"

Ice continued her outline and Farah was starting to giggle. she couldnt escape and she knew her feet were in trouble. Ice Cold then pinched the toe of the sock and tugged at the sock, peeling it off Farah's heel, exposing the soft skin. Farah's heel was fleshy and very tender. Ice then did figure 8's with her index fingernail on Farah's heel driving Farah wild

"he he he he he he he he he he!!! stop that!!! it tickles!!!"

Ice Cold continued. then she tugged the sock a little more exposing the tender arch. again she began to tease and tickle the smooth and tender arch skin. she also teased right on the instep. Ice Cold could feel Farah's body shiver beneath her. she knew Farah was very sensitive to this kind of torture. she tugged the sock a little further revealing the fleshy mound of the ball of the foot. again farah begged.

"Ice Cold!!!!! please please PLEASE dont tickle me anymore...."

Ice Cold simply continued by "spider walking" her fingers across the ball of the foot. Farah's laugh broke outof the damn!!

OOOOOO!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!" Farah laughed and laughed and laughed. her foot wiggled and squirmed but Ice Cold had a firm grip on her ankle.

then Ice Cold simply plucked the rest of the sock off, revealing, Farah's long, slender, perfect toes. Ice noticed that the undersides of the toes look warm and soft. she dug her fingers into the toes and Farah screamed loud like a banshee. she was pounding the mat over and over. she submitted!!! the bell rung, but Ice Cold wasnt through. she continued to tickle the toes, tickling Farah's big toe pad sending the defeated warrior into screams. she wanted to torture Farah real good. she then slapped the foot back to the mat and grabbed the other ankle and stripped off the sock, then started right on the toes!!!!! then Farah's sometime tag team partner, Paradise, came running out to save her friend. she dropkicked Ice Cold off of Farah and Ice Cold got out of the ring. Ice Cold grabbed one of Farah's boots and held it up in the air. she was going to keep the boot as a souvenier. she glared at Paradise. Paradise helped Farah up, and Farah was still giggling, scrunching up her toes. she saw Ice Cold leave back up the ramp with her gold boot.

Lana Star was livid!!!! she couldnt believe that Ice Cold used her move!!! she stormed out of the lockeroom to go find Ice Cold. then she ran into Beckie the Farmer's daughter who was being interviewed by Julie Day.

"So, Beckie, tonight you face Jacklyn Hyde. any words?"

"well, Julie. tonight Jacklyn Hide is going to learn the true meaning of defeat. she cant beat me and i'm going to send her back to the mental----- hey!!!!!!" Beckie exclaimed as Lana accidently bumped her. "Watch where you're going!!!!"

Lana looked at Beckie and warned her. "look tramp, right now is not the time." Lana then put her hand in Beckie's face.

Beckie pushed her hand out of the way. Lana and Beckie then stood face to face. then Beckie was nailed from behind with a hand held mirror by Patti. Beckie hit the ground moaning in pain. Lana and Patti then jumped on top of Beckie. Patti sat on her back, pinning her down and Lana went straight for her white boots. she unlaced them quickly and pulled them off. Beckie tender pink barefeet were exposed and Lana began tickling them. Beckie burst out in laughter. Lana began to taunt Beckie.

"since you're from the farm, i think its time to torture your piggies!!! no one and i mean NO ONE ever messes with Lana Star!!"

Beckie broke out in hysterical laughter, and fortunately for her referees broke up the attack. Lana got up and so did Patti. Lana looked down on a still giggling Beckie and gave her a warning.

"Next time, i wont be so nice!!!!" Lana walked away and went to look for Ice Cold. she wanted to get her back for "stealing" her move.


how was that one? trust me folks, this is only the beginning!!! stay tuned for our next exciting WOW adventure. feedback is ALWAYS welcome. is there any characters you want to see get it next