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07-14-2003, 11:05 PM
here is the next chapeter in this series. i'm glad everyone is enjoying it. i really do appreciate the comments. feedback is always great!! anyway, here is the next chapter. once again, all characters (except a few i discovered) can be found at www.wowe.com

after the Ice Cold/Poison-Beach Patrol match, reporter Julie Day caught up with Riot who earlier that evening beat Caliente. Riot wasnt in a good mood.

"Riot, earlier tonight you defeated caliente. your thoughts on the match." Julie asked her.

"well after i squashed the little girl, i just have one thing to say. Terri Gold you're next!! and i can GUARANTEE it. i WILL BE the next world champion. because NO ONE can beat THE RIOT!!"

"well Riot, during your match, it looked like Caliente had you there for a while. she began to tickle you. she took off your boot and tickled your foot. is that a weak spot?"

Riot glared at the reporter. "NO. i dont have ANY weak spots. that little tramp Caliente just surprised me that's all."

"But it looked like you were laughing."

Riot was getting visibly upset. "Look Julie Day. i dont like people touching my feet. you saw what happens to people who want to touch my feet."

"but you looked awfully ticklish...."

Riot grabbed the microphone from Julie Day. "look Julie. i dont like people touching my feet. i'm not ticklish. weak people are ticklish. in fact Julie Day, you look very weak. would you like it if i touched your foot? huh?" Riot began to poke Julie in the shoulder. Julie Day began to back up, but Riot kept asking. "Huh? how would you like it if someone were to touch your feet? much like THIS!!!" and with that Riot pushed Julie to the ground. Julie tried to get away, but then Riot picked her up and then bent her over her knee. with a quick smack on Julie's behind, Julie's legs began to kick. Riot grabbed an ankle and brought it up to Julie's behind. she casually flipped of Julie's high heel exposing her bare foot. Riot then began to dance her fingers across the real soft arch of the hapless reporter, sending her into hysterics.


after a few seconds Riot stopped tickling. she threw Julie back to the ground, and Julie laid there on her belly trying to catch her breath. she picked up the microphone again and simply said, "see. it isnt very fun having your feet touched now is it. stupid bitch!!" Riot then dropped the microphone onto Julie's back and walked away.


Lana Star/Patti Pizzazz vs Terri Gold and mystery partner.

"Ladies and gentlemen!!! this is the main event. first, introducing Lana Star and Patti Pizzazz!!!!!!!" the announcer screamed into the microphone.

the music hit and Lana Star and her partner, Patti Pizzazz made their way to the ring. they wore matching pink boots, but Lana had her trademark pink shorts and pink top, and Patti had a white skirt with white shorts along with her pink top. Lana made her way into the ring and was simply looking into the mirror that Patti Pizzazz brought admiring herself. this was her chance to get the champ. it didnt matter who Terri Gold's partner was, tonight Terri was going to suffer!! then Terri Gold's music hit and the WOW champion made her way to the ring with a standing ovation. she got into the ring and received the tremedous ovation with open arms. then she grabbed the microphone.

"tonight i will face Lana Star and her sidekick Patti Pizzazz. but i am not doing this alone. introducing my partner.........Beckie, the Farmer's daughter!!!!!!!!" the champ announced.

Lana looked stunned. it wasnt long ago she attacked Beckie. surely Beckie was looking for revenge. Beckie came out to the ring wearing her "Farmer's" outfit and her white boots. she was all smiles until she saw Lana Star. her smile turned into a look of disdain. she remembered how she was embarrassed last time she saw her, and tonight it was payback time!!! the two teams got to their respective corners and the bell rung. to Patti's surprise, she started the match against Beckie. Beckie tore into Patti, slamming her, throwing her around and just beating the crap out of Patti. Patti would try to tag, but then, Lana would be "distracted". Patti was getting her clock cleaned. Terri and Beckie worked like a well oiled machine. they had the upperhand most of the match, until Terri had her back turned and Lana struck her with the mirror. the referee was busy talking to Beckie, so he didnt see it. Patti finally tagged in Lana would assualted Terri. she was destroying the champ with series of holds and body slams, but the champ wouldnt quit. finally, it got to the point of the match when Terri made that heroic tag and beckie came in and was beating up both Lana and Patti. Beckie knew she had them. she went for her frog splash off the top rope, but Lana moved out of the way and Beckie hit the canvas hard. then Patti ran over to Terri and hit her with another mirror. Terri laid outside the ring and Beckie was hurt inside the ring. the Lana and Patti decided to assualt poor Beckie. with Patti holding Beckie's wrist above her head, Lana straddled Beckie. her armpits were exposed and Lana struck by stroking her fingers across the hairless skin.

"no no no no no no no....please..please...dont tickle me..please Lana, DONT TICKLE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!" Beckie screamed as Lana tickled Beckie's armpits. she drew figure 8's all over the soft skin. Beckie was cackling away. the referee actually counted to 3 as Beckie's shoulders were pinned to the mat. the bell rung, but Lana kept up her torture. she was going to get this woman GOOD!!!. she then began to drag her fingers across the cleavage of Beckie. Beckie'e eyes popped wide open. her breasts were very sensitve. Lana knew she couldnt bare the breasts, after all it was on TV, but she knew how to get enough of the breasts to torture Beckie. then she began to tickle Beckie's midriff. Beckie was beggining to buck. Lana motioned to Patti to get the rope. when Patti let go, Beckie's arms immediately went to her sides, but Lana "trapped" her hands in her armpits and tickled away, Beckie roared with more laughter.


Beckie began to cry tears of laughter. she was getting weak from the tickling and whenever she opened her eyes, she just saw Lana with this evil smile on her face. she knew she was getting tortured. Patti returned with the rope and they dragged a winded Beckie over to the ropes where they tied her wrists to the bottom rope and stretched her body taut. the Lana moved over to her body like a cat stalking its prey. Patti held her ankles and Beckie couldnt escape. Lana then plunged her fingers into Patti's exposed ribs, "tickling" them like a piano. Lana even began to act like she was playing the piano by moving her head like Stevie Wonder.

"I just called (tickling her ribs), to say (tickling the ribs) I'M TICKLING YOU!!! (tickling the ribs) and i mean it from (tickling her ribs) the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!" Lana sang while tickling Beckie's ribs HARD. Beckie's face was beet red. she couldnt stand the torture, then Lana made her way to her bare belly and dug her finger into the belly button. new laughter erupted out of Beckie. at that moment Terri Gold finally got up off the ring floor and got in the ring to help her partner. she made her way to Lana and pulled the woman up by her hair. Terri then picked Lana up for the slam, but then Patti hit Terri from behind and Terri hit the canvas, dropping Lana. Lana got up and grinned. here was Terri Gold at her mercy. she then "pedigreed" Terri into the canvas and rolled the hapless champ onto her back. Lana looked down at Terri and rolled her eyes over to the champs boots.

"Now, let's get a look at her feet!!" Lana merrily said. she walked over to Terri's feet and began to unlace the right boot of Terri Gold. Terri was groggy, and Lana pulled out enough strings, so the boot could slide off easily. Lana pulled the boot off, revealing Terri's socked foot. the champ wore a size 9 boot and Lana sat at the foot and placed into her lap, carressing the socked foot. then she grabbed the top of the sock and began to slide it down the leg, off the ankle and then off the heel. Lana was going to savor this moment. she saw the pink heel of Terri and then anxiously peeled more of the sock, exposing the pale arch. she dragged a fingernail across the arch, causing the foot to jerk. Terri was coming too, but still a little weak. she managed to look at Lana taking off her sock, and froze like a deer in the headlights. she knew what Lana was up to, but yet felt powerless to stop her. the sock then made its way off the ball of her foot, and finally......

Terri then kicked Lana in the face with her left boot sending Lana to the canvas. Terri got up and pulled her sock back on. she looked over at Beckie was was begginning to have her boots pulled off by Patti, but she ran over and tackled Patti. Lana got back up and tried to attack the champ but Terri dropkicked her out of the ring. Lana hit the outside floor in a heap. Patti tried to go back to Beckie's feet and pulled a boot off revealing the ticklish barefoot of Beckie. Terri once again dropkicked Patti while Patti sat at Beckie's feet and it sent her sprawling out of the ring. Lana looked at her highly upset. then Lana simply smiled and pointed at Terri's socked right foot. she motioned her fingers in a tickling fashion. Terri simply glared back at her. Lana and Patti made their way back up the ramp, while Terri untied Beckie. Terri Gold knew she had a close call. Beckie just kept mumbling to Terri, "i'm glad they didnt get my feet."


when we come back from commercial, reporter Julie Day caught up with Lana and Patti. "Lana Star, what happened in the match?"

Lana looked at Julie with a look of amazement. "what happened? like, i totally won the match!!! dont you ever pay attention? Terri Gold got away from me this time, but next time she wont. i will get her good and i will be the next champ. but i am like, SO MAD, i didnt get to tickle any feet today." Lana then looked at Julie.

"you did manage to get her boot off and you were about to...uh..Lana? why are you looking at me like that..no...NOOOOOO!!" Lana then grabbed Julie Day and with Patti's help dragged the helpless reporter into their dressing room and tied her face down on table. Lana walked over to where Julie's head was and smiled.

"looks like i am going to tickle some feet today. tell me, Jules. are your feet, well, let's say, TICKLISH???????"

Julie gasped as Lana made her way over to her feet. being tied down, she was unable to escape. she felt her high heels being pulled off. the air hit her freshly bared feet and she knew she was in trouble. Lana sat in a chair next to the feet and began to scribble across the soft, soles. she liked these soles. nice and long, slender, and pale with just a touch of pink in the heels, balls of the feet and the toe pads. Julies toes were long and were wiggling from her tickling touch. Lana then began to scraped her fingers from the heel, all the way down the soles to the tip of the toes in a rapid fashion. Patti gagged the reporter, and walked over to the feet and began to tickle Julie's toe pads. Julie screamed and screamed and screamed. her night of torture just began!!!!!!


how was that? sorry there wasnt enough tickling, but i'm building story lines and trust me, there will be a lot more tickling going on in this saga. let me know how i'm doing, thanks!!!! also who do you think should get it next????