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07-14-2003, 11:14 PM
okay WOW fans, here is part 10. i'm glad you are enjoying the series as much as i am, and all of your feedback has been great. now, for the next chapter

"FANS!!!! COMING SOON!!! THE PAY PER VIEW YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!" David Mclane's voiced boomed during a voiceover before the show. "GET READY FOR UNLEASHED!!!!!!!"

Ice Cold is sitting in a chair, gazing at a pink boot. she is holding a bootlace and the boot is dangling in the air. she smiles while she is studying the pink object.

"poor Lana Star. now i have a boot of hers. maybe now she will learn to never mess with Ice Cold. her feet were SO ticklish too. i want her other boot!! and i will have it soon. soon, Lana Star will be my pet and bow down to me. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"

Poison entered the room and saw Ice Cold staring at Lana's boot. she had news for her partner. "Hey Ice, Mclane told me that you have a match against Charlie Davidson tonight."

"no matter. i can beat Charlie easily. in fact, i want to see if Charlie is too tough to have her feet tickled. we'll find out wont we?"

in another part of the backstage area, Lana Star was sitting in a chair fuming. she was humiliated last week and the blond bombshell was not in a good mood. Patti came over to console Lana.

"i'm so sorry Lana." patti cooed.

Lana rolled her eyes. "For what? sorry for not preventing Ice Cold from humiliating me like that? you should be sorry!!"

"But Lana, i did manage to prevent them from torturing you some more."

"but Patti, i was EMBARRASSED. i was HUMILIATED. that wench took off my boots. MY BOOTS. she exposed my barefeet and she touched my beautiful feet. i cant have that happen. I'M supposed to tickle, not have my own feet touched. i will get her back, and i will get her back tonight!!!" Lana threatened. Patti placed her hands on Lana's shoulders while Lana still fumed away.......

Jacklyn Hyde vs Jade

Jade made her way down the aisle in her red wrestling attire and her red boots. tonight she had to face the resident "wacko" Jacklyn Hyde. Jade's career has been on a downturn and she needed a victory to get her going again. she has usually been humiliated during her matches, losing easily and she wanted to turn it around. tonight, she thought, it starts with Jacklyn Hyde. then Jacklyn Hyde made her entrance to the ring, this time strapped in a strait-jacket, and escorted by her "psychologist". Jacklyn had her black and white wrestling garb, with a white nylon leg, and black nylon leg tights with mismatch black and white boots. she appeared subdued when she entered the ring. then the srait-jacket came off and the psychologist whispered into her ear. then Jacklyn's eyes popped wide open and into a rage. she immediately went after Jade and the bell sounded. Jacklyn tore into Jade with punches and kicks. Jade doubled over, and Jacklyn kneelifted Jade, who then crashed to the mat, flat on her back. Jacklyn then straddled Jade and tried to choke her. the referee made his count, and Jacklyn let go. she grabbed Jade's ankles, tucked them under her arms and then spun Jade around, then let go, sending Jade crashing and tumbling onto the canvas. she was in pain. Jacklyn kicked Jade in the back again, hard. Jade moaned in pain. Jacklyn then did a jog around the inside of the ring. as she was running around, Jade got up and as Jacklyn did her turn around the corner in the ring, Jade dropkicked her square in the chest, sending the nutcase crashing onto the mat. Jade then began to stomp the stomach of Jacklyn. Jacklyn was gasping for air. Jade then pulled up the woman by her hair and whipped her across the rope and followed up with a clothesline. she went for the cover, but Jacklyn kicked out. Jade was feeling confident though. she slammed Jacklyn again to the mat, and then went to the top rope. Jacklyn slowly got up, turned around and Jade leaped of the top rope, her legs grabbing Jacklyn's head and swings Jacklyn's body, flipping and crashing Jacklyn's body to the mat. (in other words, Lita of the WWF's move ofF the top rope). Jade went for the pin. 1....2....kickout!!!! Jade couldnt believe it. Jacklyn Hyde kicked out of her finishing manuever. she complained to the referee about a slow count, and Jacklyn Hyde got up and she had a look on her face, only the devil could love. she then stormed into Jade, like a possesed woman. she kicked, punched and clawed at Jade. after stunning the Asian beauty, she got out of the ring, looking for something. her "psychologist" held a doll and had a peaceful look on her face. Jacklyn calmed down a little and smiled. she then grabbed her strait-jacket and got back into the ring. she then placed the jacket on Jade, strapping her arms in. Jade couldnt get free. she struggled but her arms would not come undone. she was now defenseless. Jacklyn then kicked Jade in the thigh and Jade fell to the mat face first. Jacklyn the dragged Jade to the middle of the ring. with Jade laying on her stomach, Jacklyn placed Jade's lower legs, between her thighs. Jacklyn looked at the white rubber soles of Jade's boots and was grinning, like she had a new toy. she began to unlace the boots, and in a matter of moments, she took off Jade's boots, revealing the nyloned feet of Jade. Jacklyn then slid her thighs down, so now Jade's ankles were trapped and her soles completely exposed and very very vulnerable. Jacklyn poked the squirming sole and Jade let out a giggle. she poked it again and again Jade giggled.


Jacklyn again poked the nylon sole and stared at it. the nylons were a nude sheer type of stocking which showed off Jade's soles. she wore a six 6 and her feet were elegant. her soles were narrow, but widen going up from the heel to the ball of the foot, with her rounded, medium length toes looking almost symmetrical. her big toe was thick, and she had a nice curl going with her other toes. the fleshy undersides of the toes look inviting and Jacklyn began her torture tickle game.

"This little piggy went to market." Jacklyn said while corkscrewing the big toe. "this little piggy stayed home." Jacklyn proceeded to "piggy" all the toes, causing Jade to giggle and squirm every time her toe was corkscrewed. "and tttthhhhhiiiiiisssssssss little piggy went WEEEEEE...WEEEEEEE.......WEEEEEEEEEE.......ALLLLLL LLL....THE.... WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY.....HHHHHHOOOMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEE! !!!!!" Jacklyn screamed while wiggling Jade's baby toe and digging her fingers into the crevice of the baby toe and next toe.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA NNNNOOOOOO HA HA HA HA HA HA NNNOOOOOO HA HA HEE HE HE HE HE HE EH" Jade began to scream. her toes were very ticklish. Jade was in sheer hell. last week, she had Disciplinarian write on her feet, now her toes were being tormented this week.

Jacklyn Hyde went after Jade's moist, sweaty, ticklish toes with a vengeance. she then wanted Jade to match her outfit a little, so she tore open one nylon, exposing a barefoot and left the other foot enclosed in it's nylon protection. after alternating from tickling the nyloned toes, then the bare toes, Jacklyn then raked her fingers across the smooth, creamy sole of Jade. Jade broke out in hysterics. Jacklyn raked her fingers across the soles to the tune of "Mary had a little lamb." and "Twinkle, Twinkle, little star". Jade was losing it. she couldnt even tapped out, her arms were stuck in the strait-jacket, she was in silent laughter, and she kept shaking her head no because of the tickling. the referee thought she wasnt giving up, so Jacklyn kept up her torture. she bent back the nylon toes with one hand, exposing the plush, tender flesh of the toes and attacked the undersides with her nails. Jade's lungs filled with air, then let out a new, horrific scream.


the referee rang the bell, but jacklyn wouldnt stop. she now had a glazed over look on her face and her fingers moved at the same pace, never changing rythym. it was like she in a trance. she had these soft ticklish feet and didnt want to let go. Jade was begging and pleading, and the referee tried to pry Jacklyn's hands away from Jade's feet, but he couldnt. she had an iron-clad grip and her fingers kept on tickling the nylon covered toes. finally her "psychologist" entered the ring and snapped her fingers. Jacklyn came too and released the hold. the referee then began to unstrap the strait-jacket off of Jade, but then Jacklyn put Jade's ankles back into the hold and scraped her fingers across the soles. Jade's laughter resumed. after a few minutes, the srait-jacket was removed off jade and finally placed on Jacklyn. Jacklyn was then escorted out, while Jade laid in the middle of the ring, laughing and her feet wiggling, still sensitive to the tickling touches.........

in the back, reporter Julie Day was speaking to Riot. Julie was a little nervous, because she remembered what Riot did to her weeks ago.
"Riot, tonight you have a non-title match against Terri Gold. your thoughts?" she stammered out.

Riot noticed this and smiled. "What's wrong Julie? feet still a little sensitive?"

Julie giggled nervously "why...yes.."

Riot grabbed the microphone. "well, maybe i should tickle those precious, tender feet of yours hmmmm? but not tonight. tonight, i have a match with terri Gold. it should be a title match, but nooooooo Terri wanted a non title match. it doesnt matter. tonight i will beat Terri Gold and get my title shot next time. i will destroy Terri Gold. she will realize she cant beat the RIOT. and as for you Julie Day.......take off your shoes."

Julie was stunned. "No...Riot...come on, not again..."

"take them off or i'll take them off for you!" Riot threatened while holding her baseball bat.

Julie removed her high heels, exposing her barefeet. she was scared.

Riot looked at Julie's feet, then looked into Julie's eyes. "tickle... tickle......" she murmered with a smile.

Julie immediately broke out into laughter, and her body shook to the core. Riot laughed and walked away.

Ice Cold vs Charlie Davidson

Ice Cold made her way to the ring with Poison by her side. she smiled and waved to the crowd. in her hand though was the pink boot of Lana Star. she was going to show off her new prized possession. she entered the ring and Poison gave her a high-five. then Charlie Davidson made her way to the ring, accompanied by Thug and her tag team partner EZ Rider. Charlie was dressed in her biker chick gear, with a white shirt, a black vest, blue jeans and her black boots. she entered the ring and watched Ice Cold show her Lana's boot. Charlie and the others laughed. none of them like Lana either. the bell rung and the match started. Ice Cold got Charlie in a headlock. but Charlie pinched her fingers along Ice Cold's exposed sides and Ice Cold let go. she was shocked. she looked over at Charlie who began to mock her by saying "tickle..tickle". Charlie laughed and Ice Cold lunged at her. she missed and Charlie tickled Ice Cold's sides again, this time making Ice Cold laugh. but her face went from laughter to anger. she couldnt believe Charlie was actually trying to tickle her. she lunged, but then she changed in mid lunge and managed to kick Charlie in the stomach. she then goosed Charlie's sides. Charlie reacted by laughing. the two looked at each other again, and went at each other, Ice Cold got the upper hand and slammed the biker girl to the mat. she went for an elbow, but Charlie moved out the way and Ice Cold hit the canvas with a thud. Charlie tried to drop an elbow of her own but Ice Cold got out of the way. Charlie then hit the canvas with a thud. and Ice Cold began to choke out Charlie. she straddled her, then plunged her arms into Charlie's armpits. Charlie began to laugh violently, but Ice Cold continued her torment. EZ Rider got on the ring apron to distract the referee, and Thug entered the ring. Poison got in the ring and dropkicked Thug. Ice Cold got off of Charlie, grabbed her legs and placed her into the figure four leglock. Charlie screamed in pain, and Poison went over to EZ Rider to nail her. Ice Cold then looked at Charlie, who was screaming, and with a wink, she began to unlace the boot of Charlie Davidson that rested on in her lap in the figure four leglock. Charlie was screaming in pain, but she knew what was coming. the referee was distracted by what was going on outside the ring. Ice Cold unlaced the black boot, and pulled it off, exposing the white sock of Charlie Davidson. she had a hole in the big toe and her big toe was exposed. Ice Cold laughed and began to tickle the big toe. Charlie began to laugh. then Ice Cold ripped of the sock, exposing Charlie's bare foot. she wore a size 9 shoe and her feet were nice. she had long, unpolished toes, with the index toe as long as her big toe. her other toes descended in length, but still quite long. the sole of the foot had a slight pink color on the heel, the ball of the foot and the toe pads, but the arch and undersides of the toes were creamy. the skin was wrinkled in the arch area, but the heel and ball were smooth. Ice Cold began to dance her fingers across the wrinkled arch, sending Charlie into laughter. she was tapping immediately, but the referee was still trying to break up the outside commotion. then, out of the crowd came Lana Star and she entered the ring, and cracked Ice Cold over the head with her mirror. Ice Cold fell back to the mat, nearly unconscious. her figure four leglock was broken and Charlie got free. Patti Pizzazz meanwhile hit Poison with a mirror outside of the ring. she entered the ring with Lana looking at their prey. Thug entered the ring, shoved Lana aside, then splashed the prone Ice Cold. Charlie Davidson kicked Ice Cold in the gut with her remaining booted foot, and EZ Rider got her shot in. Thug, Charlie and EZ Rider looked at Lana Star and Patti, smiled, then left the ring. Lana Star then strutted around the ring. Ice Cold was laid out in the middle of the ring. Lana then took out a pair of scissors and began to cut the bootlaces of Ice Cold. Lana then pulled off both of Ice Cold's boots and laughed. Patti joined her and they each grabbed an ankle. they rolled over Ice Cold and headlocked the ankle under their arms. peeling off the socks, Ice Cold began to stir. she felt her socks coming off and began to scream.


Lana threw a sock across the ring, and so did Patti. Ice Cold's barefeet were now exposed. they were long, a size 11. her soles were flushed pink, with a high, creamy arch. the toes were medium length, with her big toe being longer and narrow, and her toes descending in length. the heel had slight callouses, but otherwise the skin was flawless. she also had silver polish, and her toes were wiggling. Lana then traced her fingers across the sole and Ice Cold lost it.


Patti began to tickle between the toe crevices, and Ice Cold was pounding the mat with her fists, laughing and crying. finally Poison got in the ring with a chair and Lana and Patti scrambled out of the ring. Lana grabbed her lost pink boot, but also took Ice Cold's boots. as she made her way up the ramp, Ice Cold looked up and saw her boots swaying in Lana's grip. Ice Cold looked pissed. Lana Star waved at her and saying "toodles!!!", then she made her way into the back. Ice Cold threw a tantrum in the ring. Lana had gotten her back, but oh, was she going to PAY!!!!!!

alright fellas, how was that one? this story is getting to be fun. any comments or suggestions?????