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07-14-2003, 11:16 PM
hey fellas, sorry about the delay, but i am ready for the next installment. again, i appreciate all the feedback you guys have given me, and TK81, your card idea is close to what i had in mind. thanks for your patience and now, here is the next installment of WOW. enjoy. again all characters (except a few) can be found at www.wowe.com

Disciplinarian vs Tanja

the Disciplinarian made her way to the ring, strutting, and looked at the fans like they were little children, just waiting for her to discipline them. she entered the ring and took off her jacket, revealing her purple top, and she had her black tights on, complemented with her black boots. she grabbed the microphone.

"Listen up, you spoiled women of WOW. i am sick and tired of all the naughtiness going on. it is time to teach you all some manners!! tonight, i will make an example of this poor student named Tanja, and she will be disciplined!! Class is now in session!!"

Tanja's music hit and she made her way to the ring. Tanja was a tall woman, about 5'11", and her wrestling attire made her resemble Xena, the warrior princess. although her won/loss record wasn't great, Tanja fought hard in every match, and she knew she would have to fight that much harder to beat the Disciplinarian. she got into the ring, and immediately the Disciplinarian attacked her. the bell rang and Disciplinarian nailed Tanja with chops, kicks, and punches. she threw Tanja against the ropes and tried to clothesline her. Tanja ducked and bounced off the ropes again and did a flying body press. the Disciplinarian kicked out on the count of "2", and tried to go after Tanja. Tanja was ready for her though, she scooped her up and slammed the Disciplinarian onto the canvas. she followed up with a few elbows, and went for the cover. 1...2....kickout!! Tanja wanted to stay on top of her opponent. she couldnt let Disciplinarian gain any advantage. she decided to try and make her submit. grabbing the Disciplinarian's ankles, she then put her into a boston crab. Tanja applied the pressure, but Disciplinarian wouldnt quit. she dragged herself over to the ropes, forcing Tanja to break the hold. Tanja once again grabbed an ankle, dragged Disciplinarian to the middle of the ring and tried to apply the figure four leglock. when she tried to wrap around, Disciplinarian kicked Tanja in her ass, sending her into the turnbuckles. Tanja was stunned, stumbling backwards and Disciplinarian was back on her feet, spun her around, kicked her in the midsection, and set tanja up in the pedigree. she connected with the hold. she went for the cover. 1...2....3!!! Disciplinarian raised her arms in victory, but she had a scowl on her face. she went outside the ring, grabbed a chair, some rope, and the microphone.

"now, Tanja. you will learn some discipline. no one ever tries to make me submit. now, i think you need to learn a lesson. in fact, i think you need some STANDARDS!!!" Disciplinarian then went over to Tanja's prone body, flipped her over on her stomach and proceeded to tie Tanja's hands behind her back. then she opened up the chair, and placed it near Tanja's feet. she sat down and grabbed both ankles, and placed it between her thighs. she started to unlace the boots. after succeeding, she took the boots off, revealing Tanja's socked feet. she then peeled the socks off and again, trapped Tanja's ankles between her thighs, with tanja's soles facing the ceiling. Tanja's soles were huge. she wore a size 11 boot. her soles were pink on the heels, the balls and her toes. her arch was high and well defined, and the skin of her arch was creamy and smooth. the toes were long, and almost symmetrical, except her baby toe was noticeably shorter than the rest of the toes. the big toes were squared off, but had a nice thickness to them. Tanja began to come to, and noticed her feet were bared. she began to struggle, but her ankles were trapped between the Disciplinarian's very strong legs. with her hands tied behind her back, she couldnt escape. the Disciplinarian took out a ball point pen and waved it to the crowd. but she wanted a little fun first. she zapped her finger across the long length of Tanja's soles sending the "warrior princess" into a fit of giggles.

"no..he he he he he he he he he he he he he...dont tickle my feet. please dont he he he he he he he he tickle he he he he my he he he he feeeettttt"

the Disciplinarian continued her attack. scraping her nails across the balls of both feet, Tanja was thrashing wildly, but couldnt escape. she felt the Disciplinarian's fingers go between her toes and she couldnt stand it. she was bucking, laughing, screaming, and trying to pull away from the vise grip of Disciplinarian but couldnt. the Disciplinarian didnt even have a look of joy on her face. she looked like she was upset that Tanja wasnt laughing hard enough, so her torture continued. she spider walk her fingers across the tender skin, sending her victim into shivers and screams. then she grabbed her pen and began to write the standards, writing down the sole, across the width of the sole. she began to write "i...will..learn.. to.behave...i...will...learn..to..behave...." the Disciplinarian wrote in smooth, long strokes, making sure she covered every inch of ticklish skin. Tanja was losing it. she felt the pen's tip writing across her skin. her eyes bugged out, her laughter was silent and her toes were wiggling wildly. when the pen wrote on her arch, she lost it.


the Disciplinarian just ignored Tanja and kept writing. finally, she was through. both of Tanja's soles were covered in ink, and lettered beautifully. Tanja was motionless as her body was trying to gather oxygen into her lungs. The disciplinarian grabbed the microphone.


Julie Day stood outside Lana's locker room and knocked. Patti opened the door and allowed Julie Day to come in. when she walked in, she saw Lana standing there holding both of Ice Cold's boots, with a huge grin.

"Lana, earlier tonight you got a little payback against Ice Cold. is it over for you two?"

Lana looked at Julie Day as though Julie Day just asked her if the sun is yellow. "Over? Over? Julie, you fake boob moron.."

Julie looked at Lana in disbelief and shock, but Lana continued.

"Of course it isnt over. I only have her boots. i didnt get to tickle those..i hate to admit it, smelly feet of hers. i want her to suffer for touching my boots, and dare trying to tickle my beautiful feet. she put her grubby, disgusting COLD hands on my perfectly pedicured feet and tried to tickle me. she tried to embarrass the STAR of WOW. you see Julie, this is only the beginning. Ice Cold is jealous of beautiful, stunning me, Lana Star. who is the star of WOW?"

"YOU ARE LANA!!!!!" Patti interjected.

"Who is the most beautiful woman in WOW?"


"And who is it that started tickling the feet of every woman in WOW?"


"As you can see, my personal assistant knows and so does Ice Cold. She wants to be like me, but she cant. If she thinks i'm through with her then she does have ice cream for brains. oh yeah, Ice Cold. i have 3 words for you. pe..di....cure. now leave you small chested troll, i have things to do...." and with that, she waved Julie on out the door.

Terri Gold vs Riot (non title matchup)

Riot made her grand entrance. she walked to the ring with her baseball bat and was ready for action. this was her big chance. beating Terri Gold would surely earn her a title shot. possibly at the huge pay per view. she banged her bat on the ring canvas awaiting the champ's arrival she grabbed a microphone.

"Terri CHUMP!!!! I dont have all day!!! bring your miserable self out her so i can beat the living hell out of you!!!!"

Terri Gold's music hit and she made her way towards the ring with a huge ovation. but before she could enter the ring, Riot attacked her as she was shaking some fans hands. Riot threw the champ against the barricade, and Terri was in pain. Riot began to stomp on the champ, kicking her repeatedly in the stomach. she then pulled Terri Gold up by her hair, scooped her up and slammed her onto the concrete floor. Terri was in pain. Riot then dragged Terri Gold towards the ring, picked her up again and tossed her through the ropes into the ring. Riot got into the ring and the bell sounded. Riot then took off the championship belt and placed it around her waist. she then attacked the champ again. she had Terri sitting in the corner, against the bottom turnbuckle and placed her size 11 boot across the champs throat. after holding her boot there for a 4-count, she took it off. she then took the championship belt off and held it against Terri's face.

"this will sooon be mine!!!" Riot told Terri. she then picked the champ up once again by the hair, but this time Terri tried to punch Riot in the stomach. Riot laughed it off, threw Terri Gold across the ropes and picked her up and did the "sidewalk slam" to the champ. Riot was laughing. she was having an easy time. she shook her head in disbelief, then picked up Terri again, and was about to powerbomb her. while Terri's head was between Riot's legs, awaiting to be picked up, then powerslammed, Riot began to poke Terri's sides, causing the champ to giggle and squirm. Riot then laughed again, picked Terri up and powerbombed her. Terri was nearly out, but Riot didnt go for the cover. she wanted to embarrass Terri Gold and she knew exactly how. she rolled Terri onto her stomach and sat on Terri's ass, grabbed her ankle and pulled it up to her. she unlaced the boot and pulled it off, whisking the blue boot across the ring. she rolled off Terri's sock, exposing Terri's soft, tender, warm barefoot. Riot began to squeeze the big toe, then simply began to rake her fingers up and down Terri's sole. Terri's eyes popped wide open and her body froze. Riot was going to tickle her foot. she felt the index finger of Riot circle the ball of her foot and she began to laugh.


Riot was smiling and laughing herself as she furiously tickled Terri's foot. she loved how the foot squirmed and tried to wiggle away from her fingers. she watched Terri's toes clinh together, then open back up. she raked her nails harder and faster causing the champ to squeal. Riot began to tease the line where the big toe meets the ball of the foot and she heard Terri gasp. she continued on that spot and Terri howled in laughter. Riot never gave a break in tickling. she went from toes, to ball to heel, back to ball, then arch then ball, then heel, then toes, to arch, to heel, to arch, to heel, to arch, to heel, to toes and just kept tickling, without pausing. Terri was cackling like a hyena. Riot's random tickling kept her off guard, and Terri was growing weak. Riot had her, and was exploiting her weak spot. Terri then decided to tap out. she couldnt take the tickling anymore. the bell rang and Riot jumped for joy. Riot had done it. she made Terri submit!!! Terri lied there on the mat with her head buried in her arms. she couldnt believe she just lost. she then felt Riot drop the belt on her back.

"Next time, the belt will be mine!!!!" Riot laughed while she left the ring. Riot walked up the ramp and looked back at the ring. she saw a beaten terri Gold. she knew she was going to get her title shot. Terri got up, grabbed her boot and her belt. with a sad look, she walked back up the ramp knowing the next time she could lose her belt.............

end show

how was this one? we are getting closer to the pay per view. it is sure to be a tickle fest. by the way, does anyone know why WOW isnt on anymore? i wish i could meet some of them. i want to see if they are ticklish.