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07-14-2003, 11:38 PM
well fellas, here we are at the last match. the main event. it has been fun writing this series so far. now that i have a new storyline, i can continue to write stories about WOW. thnaks for all the feedback you have been giving. like Vince McMahon, i try to give the fans what they want. by the way tk81, i didnt intend for you to look like a jackass. your intent was to let the match drag out as far as you could. you saw Lana's hand tap actually, but why stop the match there? anyway, i hope you guys enjoy the main event. all characters (except a few) can be found at www.wowe.com

TERRI GOLD vs RIOT (WOW championship title match)

Dave made his way back to ringside and put his headphones back on. "Did you miss me Lee?"

"Where have you been? the main event is about to start!" Lee asked.

"After that Lana-Ice Cold match, i had to get some fresh air. that was one hell of a match!!"

"It certainly was. but now it's time for the title match between champion Terri Gold against the #1 contender Riot. what are your thoughts?"

"Well, this match is going to be a classic. Riot is a dominating, powerful woman. she has left many an opponent lying helpless in the ring. remember, she beat Terri Gold in a non title match."

"You're right. she did beat the champ."

"And it was the WAY she did it. seems to be a common theme lately around W.O.W. let's get this match on!!!!"

Knightshade entered the ring and held the microphone with glee. he was really enjoying his job. "Ladies and gentleman!!!! this is the MAIN EVENT!!! Introducing our special guest referee, he hails from trom the TMF, here is The D!!!!!!!!!!"

The D made his way to the ring. dressed in his referee shirt, she skipped all the way to the ring with a huge smile on his face. he entered the ring, gave Knightshade a high five and leaned in a corner of the ring.

Iceman was in the back, trying to catch up to Riot. "Riot, hold up for a second."

Riot paused and walked towards Iceman. "What do you want?"

"Well, tonight you got Terri Gold. the moment has now arrived. any final thoughts?" Iceman said cooly.

"well, after tonight, I will be the new World Champion. but i will also beat, pummel, and destroy Terri Gold. i want to break her down, mentally AND physically. tonight i will hurt Terri Gold, then i will humiliate her."

"Are you going to tickle her tonight?" Iceman said with a grin.

"Like i said, tonight Terri Gold will be a humiliated, defeated mass of quivering flesh. she will realize that i am her mistress and she will owe her existence to me. tonight, she will submit to THE RIOT!!!!"

and with that Riot walked away. Iceman turned to the camera and gave a thumbs up.

"Now Ladies and Gentlemen!!! this next match is for the Women of Wrestling World Championship match scheduled for ONE fall, and it is a NO DISQUALIFICATION match. introducing first, from the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois, here is the RRRRRRIIIOOOOOOTTTTTT!!!!"

Riot made her way down to the ring. swirling her trademark baseball bat, Riot was focused. tonight, her shot of being the WOW champion was finally here. dressed in a white torn up "Riot" shirt with, with black shorts and her long black boots with red flames, she entered the ring and chased everyone out of the ring, including the camerman, Knightshade and The D. she paced in the ring like a caged animal. she was ready.

Julie Day was speaking with Terri Gold. "Terri, its time for your match. any final thoughts?"

"Yes. I'm tired of hearing Riot's mouth running. she is nothing but a big bully. after tonight, i will teach the bully a lesson she will never forget. i will retain my title and Riot will finally be put in her place!!" Terri Gold then walked away. Julie Day looked at her and whispered to her "Good luck".

"Now introducing the Champion, from Danbury Conneticut, Ms. Fitness herself, the Women Of Wrestling World Champion.......TERRRRRRRIIIII GGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDD
DD!!!!!" Knightshade bellowed.

Terri Gold made her way to the ring to a huge ovation. dressed in her trademark blue tank top, with spandex blue shorts, complemented by her blue regulation wrestling boots, Terri made her way to ringside. strapped around her waist was the Title belt. she took it off and handed it to The D. The D held up the title belt for all to see, and to let everyone know what was on the line. Terri stared at Riot in the ring. Riot motioned for the champ to enter the ring. Terri Gold tried to enter, but then Riot would push her back off the ring apron. Terri tried again, and Riot did the same thing. Terri tried a third time, but this time she hit Riot square in the jaw, sending Riot reeling backwards. Terri Gold hopped over the top rope and landed a boot in Riot's chest, sending Riot to the canvas. Riot got up quickly and stared Terri down.

"So, she wants to put up a fight huh? good, that's what i like." Riot thought to herself. she rubbed her jaw, then charged towards Terri again. Terri responded by doing a drop toe hold and Riot went face first into the canvas. Terri got up and bounced up and down motioning for Riot to get up. Riot got up and walked over to Terri Gold. they stood eye to eye. Terri then slapped Riot across the cheek. Riot's eyes turned to rage and Terri Gold ducked under a swinging Riot, kicked her in the stomach and did the "Famouser" to Riot. she rolled Riot over and went for the cover. 1...2....KICKOUT. Riot got up, charged Terri again, and the champ slid under her legs, stood back up and drop kicked Riot. Riot rolled out of the ring, frustrated. Terri was bouncing back and forth on her feet, motioning towards Riot to "Come and get it." Riot entered the ring again and put her hand up for a test of strength. Terri looked at the crowd and then put her hand towards Riot's hand. they clenched hands, but Riot kicked Terri in the adomen and Terri fell to her knees. Riot then kicked Terri right in the sternum and the champ fell backwards. Riot dropped an elbow and went for the cover. 1...2...KICKOUT. Riot then grabbed Terri by the hair and put her in the corner of the ring. she begin to chop Terri's chest. the slaps were very hard, and the crowd was chanting "WOOOOOOOO". Riot kept chopping away, and Terri's cleavage turned red. Terri leaned back in the corner. Riot then poked her finger into Terri's exposed belly button. Terri giggled. Riot did it again, and Terri giggled more.

"stop....dont...." Terri moaned, already exhausted from the chops.

Riot kept tickling Terri, then she reached and began to tickle Terri's exposed ribs. Terri cackled, then drop down to her knees and scurried away through Riot's legs to the other side of the ring. Riot looked over at Terri and smiled. Terri shook away the cobwebs. she knew she had to stay away from Riot's tickling fingers. they locked up again, but Terri then put Riot into a headlock and squeezed. Riot then forced the champ off of her and into the ropes. Riot tried to clothesline Terri, but the champ ducked and did a standing drop kick. Riot got up again, and Terri hit her with another dropkick. Riot got up again and for the 3rd time, another dropkick. Terri then picked up Riot and threw her across the rope so she could execute another dropkick. but Riot held onto the ropes and Terri went crashing into the mat. Riot then straddled Terri and began punching her in the head. then she stuck her fingers into Terri's armpits and Terri squealed like a little girl. her body was thrashing around and Riot was just grinning at her. Terri managed to kick out of Riot's straddle, and got out of the ring. Riot stood in the ring and was laughing at her.

"Come heeeeeeerrrreeee ticklish Terri..." Riot taunted.

Terri had to gather herself. she realized that Riot was trying to humiliate her. she knew she couldnt get trapped and tickled tortured. it would be the end of her title reign. she got back into the ring, and Riot again charged her. Terri did an armdrag take down and when Riot stood up, Terri kicked her in the stomach and then did a Stunner!!! Riot's body shook in pain and she was down. Terri went for the cover. 1....2.....KICKOUT. Terri shook her head. she picked Riot back up by the hair and slammed her to the canvas. she dragged Riot to the middle of the ring, then she scaled to the top rope. she was going to execute her finishing manuever, "the Perfect 10". she leapt over backwards and crashed her body down on top of Riot's body. (imagine a moonsault). The crowd went nuts. Terri went for the cover. the crowd counted along. 1.........2.........KICKOUT!!!! Riot had kickout of the perfect 10!!!! Terri was stunned.

"I...I dont believe it." Lee stammered.

"Riot just kicked out of the perfect 10?" Dave said in shock.

"No one has ever kicked out of that move!!! Terri must be shocked!!" Lee continued.

Terri Gold looked at Riot. she couldnt believe Riot had kicked out. Terri picked up Riot again, slammed her and went back to the top rope. she was going to try it again. she leapt off the top rope again, but this time, Riot moved out of the way. Terri went crashing into the mat, stomach first. both ladies were laying on the canvas. Riot crawled her way to Terri, rolled Terri onto her back then went for the cover. 1......2.....KICKOUT. Riot then got up, picked Terri up by the hair then bodyslammed the champ. again, she went for the cover. 1........2.....KICKOUT. the crowd went nuts. Riot's facial expression turned into a snarl. she picked up Terri one more time, and then she went for her finishing manuever, a Powerbomb. she hoisted Terri up and with all of her might, she slammed Terri to the canvas. Terri's head bounced of the mat like a rubber ball. she was out. Riot then went for the cover. 1.......2.....PICKUP!!! Riot picked up Terri's head. she wanted to really embarrass the champion. she Powerbombed her again. she went for the cover. 1.....2.....KICKOUT.!!!! Riot couldnt believe it. then she smiled. she scooped Terri one more time and did a running powerslam to the champ. she rolled Terri back onto her stomach. Riot pointed towards the champ's feet. she walked over to where Terri's feet laid and sat down. she grabbed the limp ankle and began to unlace the boot. lace by lace came undone, then Riot slipped the boot off Terri's foot, leaving the thick white gymsock on. Riot noticed how the outline of Terri's foot was defined in the sock. then she began to peel Terri's sock off. she was going to enjoy this. Terri's tanned ankle was exposed, then her pink tender heel. the sock continued its slide off her foot, revealing her pale, well defined arch, then the sweet, tender, pink ball of the foot was exposed. finally, the pink toes were exposed. her toes had a slight curl to them and were of medium length. the descended perfectly. Riot liked how Terri's foot looked. she liked how pink it was, with the arch being pale. she liked how soft and delicate the skin was. she trapped the foot between her legs and slowly traced her finger from the tender heel, down to the arch, off the ball and of the big toe. Terri's foot jerked and her toes wiggled a little. Riot did it again and Terri began to stir.

Terri then began to realize her predicament. she felt the warm arena air on her foot and noticed it was pinned between Riot's legs. panic set in. her body then froze. it was as though she was paralyzed. then she felt Riot's fingers dance across her foot. she immediately burst into laughter.


Riot continued to tickle the foot. she loved how her finger sank into the tender skin. she spider walked all ten fingers down Terri's sole, causing Terri to laugh like a hyena. she then put her fingers between Terri's toes and tickled the soft crevices. Terri's toes clenched, but that only trapped Riot's fingers between her toes and Riot continued her torture. Terri was shaking her head a violent "NO". Riot continued to tease Terri.

"Come on ticklish Terri, give it up!!!! tickle, tickle tickle. i could tickle you ALL...NIGHT....LONG......." Riot taunted Terri.

Terri was in hell. tears were coming out of her clenched eyes. her foot was being tortured. panic was setting in. "just quit Terri, then it will be all over..." a voice was saying in her head. she shook her head no. Terri couldnt quit. she kept trying to fight off the ticklish feelings. but then she felt Riot's fingers "dancing" in her arch. more streaming maniacal laughter came pouring out. she laid her head on the mat, laughing away.

Riot kept up her assualt. then she stopped. Terri was trying to catch her breath. Rit simply grabbed Terri's other ankle and began to unlace that boot. she felt Terri's body go rigid. Riot knew this would happen. she remembered that every time Terri's feet were going to be tickled, Terri's body would freeze up like a deer in headlights. she knew this was easy pickings. she continued to unlace the boot.

Terri began to panic again. she felt the laces come undone, then felt the boot slide off her foot. then she saw the boot land right in front of her on the mat. she looked at the blue boot and fear overtook her mind again. then her sock was peeled off, then it too landed in front of her eyes. Terri looked at her boot and sock in front of her. then she felt the newly exposed foot, getting trapped with her other foot between Riot's legs. she shut her eyes tight. she knew what was coming.

Riot stared at Terri's upturned soles and smiled. she looked at those perfect soles and went for broke. she scrabbled her fingers violently across the pink ticklish flesh of the champ. Terri Gold screamed in laughter. Riot continued her torture. she then went after the toes. Terri Gold was screaming like a banshee. her head was shaking violently, her arms were flailing everywhere, and her toes wiggled wildly. she felt Riot's finger go deep into the crevice of her baby toe and next toe. she roared!!!! Riot tickled every nook and cranny of Terri's toe crevices on each foot. then she plunged her fingers into the undersides of the meaty toes. Terri was hysterical. her strength was leaving her. then she felt Riot tickle that spot right below the big toe, where the ball of the foot meets the big toe. Terri cackled again. she was about to give up. she looke dup and saw The D asking her if she wanted to quit. the fight was beginning to leave her. she tried to hold on. then she closed her eyes. she opened them one more time and looked up the ramp. she saw a shadowy figure at the top of the ramp. she then felt Riot's fingers tickle the base of her toes. she screamed more. she opened her eyes again, and saw the figure getting closer to the ring. the crowd was going nuts. it was Julie Day!!!!!

Julie Day made her way to ringside and began beating her hands on the ringapron. "Come on Terri!!!! Dont give up!!! you can do it!!! fight!! i believe in you!!!!" Julie screamed at Terri.

Riot saw Julie day and couldnt believe it. she kept tickling Terri, but was also getting very pissed. Terri Gold was laughing harder and harder as Riot tickled her harder. but she also looked at Julie Day's eyes and saw the belief and encouragement. Terri began to fight back. she tried pushing up her body. then she collapsed again, Riot tickled the ball of her foot. she tried lifting herself again, but Riot tickled her baby toe. Julie Day then stood on top of the ring apron, and The D went over to talk to her. Riot got real pissed. she released the hold and walked over to Julie.

"What the hell are you doing here??!!!!!!!" Riot screamed.

"Stop tickling her!!!" Julie shouted back.

Riot then smiled. "You know Julie, after i'm done with Terri Gold, i am going to torment your sweet little body. i am going to tickle torture you in places you didnt even know tickled. you will be my tickle slut!!!"

Julie's eyes opened wide, then she reacted. she slapped Riot!!! Julie also realized what she did and covered her mouth with her hands. she was shocked. Riot turned her head and with a look of rage, palmed Julie's face and shoved her off the ring apron, and Julie went crashing into the ringside mats. Riot shouted a few more obscenities, turned around and Terri Gold was about to do "Sweet Chin Music" (a la Shawn Michaels). but Riot caught Terri's ankle and twisted it hard. Terri crumbled back to the mat and Riot put her in the ankle lock, and continued her tickle torture. she went after Terri's arch and ball of the foot. Terri laughed again. Riot had the hold on tight and she was tickling Terri's foot hard and very tenderly, alternating the style to keep Terri off balance. Terri couldnt take it anymore. there was always another day. she raised her hand to tap, then......

CRACK!!!!!!!!! Riot fell over in a heap in agonizing pain. Julie Day now stood in the ring holding Riot's baseball bat. she had took a swing of the bat and nailed Riot dead center in the back. this time Julie Day was fired up. she was pointing at Riot yelling. Terri rolled over and saw Julie Day screaming at Riot. she couldnt believe what she was seeing. she saw Riot get up, then attack Julie Day. Riot grabbed Julie by her hair and flung her to the canvas. Riot grabbed an ankle and easily whisked away Julie's high heel. when Riot was about to tickle Julie's foot, Terri Gold came from behind and yanked Riot back down to the canvas. with Riot now on her stomach, Terri put Riot in the crossface crippler (a la Chris Benoit). Riot was in pain and in the middle of the ring. Julie got up and walked over to Riot's faced and shook her finger at Riot. then a light bulb went off in Julie's mind. she walked over to Riot's legs and began to unlace Riot's boots. Riot was in pain, but she also realized her boots were being taken off. she felt her boots come off, the felt her long white socks get peeled off. Julie Day managed to peel the socks off, revealing Riot's size 11 feet. Julie was amazed that Riot's feet looked nice. they were long and slender, and the toes were very long. they resembled fingers. the soles were pale and the arch was very low, almost flat-footed. Julie then trapped Riot's feet between her legs and waving her fingers in the air, she pounced on Riot's barefeet.


Terri held onto the crippler and let Julie go to town on Riot's feet. Julie attacked Riot's feet with a passion. she was amazed that the skin was so soft and supple. who would have thought that Riot would take care of her feet. her fingernails zigzagged across the tender flesh and Riot's body was convulsing. when Julie got in between the toes, the "wild one" lost it.


The D pointed towards the bell to be rung. the crowd went nuts. Terri released the crippler and jumped in the air with her arms raised. she turned and saw Julie still tickling Riot's toes. Julie stopped and stood up. Terri gave her a big hug. Riot slowly crawled out the ring.

"the winner of this bout and STILLLLLLLLLLLL Women of Wrestling World Champion.......TTTTTTEEEERRRRRIIIIIIIIII GGGGGOOOOOOOLLLLLDDDDDD!!!!" Knightshade bellowed.

Riot started to walk away. she looked in the ring one more time and had a look that could kill. payback is going to be a BITCH.

Terri Gold hoisted her title belt high in the air, celebrating in the ring. she raised Julie's hand in the air and Julie blushed. Terri gave her another hug and continued to celebrate in the ring. she was still champion!!!!

okay fellas, how was that one? this is not the last chapter of the PPV. we still have post match comments, PLUS the "no cameras" tickling session between Lana and Ice Cold. your thoughts are always appreciated. hope you enjoyed!!!