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07-15-2003, 11:50 PM
okay fellas, the next chapter of W.O.W. is here. Phreakadelic, thanks for replying. i noticed that it was your 1st post since you registered on this account, and i am honored your first reply has been to my series. thanks for your ideas. Knightshade, same with you. i wanted to thank you again for actually giving me the idea of having a "tWo". to all the others following this series, if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions, feel free to write. i love hearing your ideas. like Vince McMahon, i try to give the people what they want. anyway on to the next chapter!!!


"Lana, are you ready for this?" Patti asked nervously.

"Well of course i am ready!!! what kind of question is that?" Lana replied while rolling her eyes.

"It's just that...well...you know what the tWo does to us women. they tickle us!!!! what if Hollywood tickles you?"

Lana looked angrily at Patti. "First of all, my production assistant, you should have enough faith in me to know that i will beat Hollysleaze. second, who was the one that brought tickling into WOW?"

"You Lana..." Patti replied with her head hanging low.

"Who is the one that managed to tickle the living daylights out of Ice Cold?"

"You Lana...."

"Who is the executive producer and STAR of this show?"

"You Lana...."

"Who will beat that silly slut Hollywood, then go on to beat that bigger idiot Terri Gold, becoming the World Champion?"

"You Lana.......you."

"Don't ever forget it!! now, let's go to the ring and get this over with. just think Patti, after tonight, i will finally get my shot at being on top. and Patti.....i want to thank you for helping me."

"R-really Lana?" Patti's eyes perked up.

"Of course!!! with you by my side, i can't lose. now i am giving you a big assignment. make sure that the rest of the tWo doesnt interfere, okay? you can handle that right?"

"No problem!!!! Yaaaaaaaay Lana!!!" Patti exclaimed.

Lana rolled her eyes in disgust, then returned to her smile. "Let's go."

the NWO music hit and Hollywood made her appearance at the top of the ramp. accompanied by Chyna, Hollywood looked over the audience. dressed in black, form fitting spandex shorts, with a black tWo shirt with a knot in the middle, exposing her firm, taut belly, complemented by black wrestling boots, she looked at the fans with an air of confidence. this was her moment. not only was it her first match, but it was for her chance to be put in position to get a shot at Terri Gold's title. she slowly walked to the ring, with Chyna behind her. Chyna's face was expressionless, looking ready for combat herself. Hollywood entered the ring and sat on top of a turnbuckle, anxiously awaiting her opponent. she knew all about Lana Star. in fact, Hollywood thought she was a cheap rip-off of former GLOW member Tiffani Mellons. Lana was one of Hollywood's intended targets when she invaded WOW, and now she had her shot. this was going to be fun!!

Lana's music hit and the blond bombshell made her way down the aisle accompanied by a peppy Patti Pizzazz. Lana, dressed in her usual pink wrestling attire had a look of determination on her face. she knew what this match was for. plus, she despised Hollywood. how dare this woman invade her promotion and have the audacity to challenge for what she felt belongs to her. to make matters worse, her band of followers are using a strategy that she invented!!!! Lana had a lot of confidence. like Ice Cold learned, Hollywood will learn that Lana is one of the best wrestlers and tormentors in WOW. Lana entered the ring and handed Patti her "make-up" purse. she stared across the ring and saw a cocky looking Hollywood sitting on the turnbuckles with a grin on her face. Lana was burning up inside.

Chyna and Patti both left the ring, and the bell rung. Hollywood came off her perch and strutted to the middle of the ring, where she was met by Lana. the two women stared into each other's eyes with a look of confidence. Hollywood then reached her hand back and swung it towards Lana's face. Lana blocked the slap and tried to retaliate with a slap of her own. Hollywood blocked Lana's attempt, then kicked Lana in the stomach. Lana hunched over, and Hollywood bounced off the ropes and tried to deliver a knee lift, but Lana dodged, and when Hollywood realized she missed, she was greeted by a standing clothesline by Lana. Hollywood hit the mat and Lana pounced on her. straddling her, Lana began to slap Hollywood in the face. after 5 slaps, Lana stood up and then stomped a foot into Hollywood's stomach. Lana then began to taunt Hollywood, then reached down and picked up Hollywood by her hair. she then went on to pick up Hollywood and slammed her to the mat. Hollywood winced in pain as she held her back. Lana began to kick her some more. Hollywood managed to roll over onto her stomach then get into a "crawl" position, facing Lana. Lana reached down to grab Hollywood's hair, but this time Hollywood punched Lana in the stomach, then grabbed both of Lana's ankles and pulled them towards her, causing Lana to fall backwards onto the mat. still holding Lana's ankles, Hollywood then dropped her legs between Lana's legs, and Lana yelled in pain.

"you want to play rough bitch?!!! fine, i will show you what rough is!!" Hollywood yelled. she grabbed Lana's ankle again and dropped an elbow right into Lana's knee. Hollywood did the same manuever several times, and Lana hollered in pain. Hollywood held Lana's ankles again, with Lana's leg in the V-shape. she then kicked Lana in her crotch. Lana rolled over in pain. while Lana was laying on her stomach, Hollywood sat on Lana's back facing her feet. she grabbed an ankle and pulled Lana's ankle towards her chest, putting Lana in a sort of Boston crab. Lana yelled in pain, but she didnt want to quit. Hollywood jerked the leg more, then pulled the bootlace loose. she was going to save it for later. Hollywood stood up, and sat back down on Lana's prone body, putting Lana into a camel clutch. Lana was in severe pain. her legs were kicking and her arms flailing. Hollywood bent Lana's face up, so she could stared into Lana's eyes.

"Give it up Lana. submit to me, or i will break you!!!" Hollywood taunted.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Lana grunted. she was not going to give up, but this camel clutch was excruciating. Hollywood then let go, and forced Lana's head to slam into the mat. Hollywood then began to strut around the ring, even giving high fives to Chyna. she walked back over to Lana and picked her up by the hair. Lana stood up and Hollywood forced her to a corner of the ring. she then slammed Lana's head 3 times into the turnbuckle, then Lana collapsed back to the mat. Hollywood then climbed to the second rope and went to drop an elbow. Lana moved out of the way and Hollywood crashed into the mat. Lana managed to stagger to her feet to capitalize, but Hollywood was a step quicker. she managed to stand up and execute a running clothesline. Lana hit the mat again. Hollywood walked around her victim. she pulled Lana up by the hair, put her head between her legs, then using her strength, managed to powerbomb Lana. Lana laid limply on the mat. Hollywood "dusted" off her hands and laughed. she looked at Chyna.

"Should I?" she asked Chyna.

Chyna nodded a yes and Hollywood rolled Lana onto her stomach. she straddled the weak woman's back the began to lightly drag her finger on the undersides of Lana's armpits. Lana's body flinched. Hollywood kept it up and she heard some giggles. then she went full force, plunging her nails into Lana's armpits, forcing Lana to close her arms, trapping Hollywood's fingers in her armpits. Lana began to squeal.

"he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he nooooo noo he he he he he he he he"

Hollywood continued the torture and she felt Lana's body squirm beneath hers. Lana's laughter grew louder and Hollywood kept tickling. Hollywood then managed to slip her hands out of Lana's armpits and began to stroke the ticklish sides of Lana. again Lana broke out in laughter. Hollywood enjoyed watching and feeling Lana's body writhe beneath hers. she had this bimbo right where she wanted. then she remembered the bootlace. she remembered how sensitive Lana's feet were. but first she had to render Lana helpless. she stood up, and while Lana was trying to recover, grabbed a handful of hair, picked her up and slammed her to the mat again. this time, she put Lana in a figure four leglock, trapping Lana's legs. Lana's pink boot rested in Hollywood's lap and Hollywood's eyes met Lana's. with a knowing look, she began to unlace the boot. Lana went into a panic.

"NOOOOOO!!!! DONT!!!!!!!! NO PLEASE!!!!!!!"

Hollywood kept unlacing. every once in a while, she would apply pressure on the figure-four to keep Lana in check. after unlacing the boot, she pulled it off, hearing that "popping" sound when a boot is removed. just a thin white sock was left. Hollywood stared at the white sock, watching the toes wiggle underneath of the fabric. she heard Lana plead some more, but Hollywood wanted this foot. this oh so ticklish foot. as she began to peel away the sock, she also felt a surge in Lana's body. in fact, Lana was trying to turn the figure four over. Hollywood's concentration on removing Lana's sock was broken, as she began to try to resist Lana from turning over the figure four. Hollywood tried using all of her might, but Lana was surprisingly strong and turned the figure four over, thereby putting all the pressure on Hollywood's legs. Hollywood screamed in pain, as Lana was now applying the pressure. Hollywood let her legs loose, freeing Lana. Hollywood grimaced for a while, and Lana recovered. with a new wind, she pounced on Hollywood. she slapped Hollywood hard. looking at her socked foot, Lana got even more pissed. she picked up Hollywood by the hair and slammed her. she dropped a few elbows and stood up. she placed her socked foot over Hollywood's face.

"Kiss my foot you tramp!!!!" Lana rubbed her foot over Hollywood's face. Lana had a look of determination on her face now. Hollywood tried to humiliate her, now it was her turn. she ripped Hollywood's shirt off, leaving Hollywood in a bikini bra. straddling her, she plunged her fingers into Hollywood's armpits and Hollywood reacted by closing her arms and Lana tickled the pits HARD.


Lana enjoyed watching Hollywood laugh. after all the tickling that the tWo has done, here was their leader laughing her fool head off. she buried her hands deeper into the tender flesh and Hollywood went into silent laughter. tears were beginning to flow. Hollywood was getting weaker. her shoulders were pinned to the mat, and the ref started his count. 1.....2....ROLLUP. Hollywood managed to roll a shoulder up, only then to be tickled again. Lana then slipped her hands out and attacked the firm belly of Hollywood. the belly became mush as Lana's fingers probed and kneaded the belly and ribcage. Hollywood screamed some more. her legs were kicking, her shoulders rolling up and down on the mat, her eyes shut tight and her mouth fixated in an open "Joker" type grin with the most beautiful laughter flowing freely. Lana watched Hollywood's chest jiggle around, and she had a desire to tickle the breasts, but this was on T.V. in front of a live audience. maybe later she thought. but she continued her torment. she felt Hollywood's body becoming more and more limp. then Lana looked into Hollywood's eyes.

"are your feet ticklish?" Lana taunted.

Hollywood's eyes popped open. she did not want Lana to find out if her feet were ticklish or not. she tried to struggle again, but Lana tickled her belly again. the laughter flowed like champagne and even got louder when Lana's finger probed Hollywood's belly button. Hollywood was losing it. she couldnt take it anymore. then Chyna got on top of the ring apron. the ref went over to admonish her, and Patti went over as well. Lana kept tickling and Hollywood's head was nodding "yes" as though she was submitting. Lana looked around but saw the ref talking with Chyna. she stopped her torment and walked over to Chyna and slugged the powerful woman. Patti clapped and cheered Lana on. then Col. Ninotchka ran down the ramp and Patti greeted her with a chop. the two battled out there and Chyna again tried to interfere, but the ref got in her face. Lana went back to Hollywood's body but something caught her eye. at the top of the ramp she saw a shadowy figure dressed in a black hood and had a cape. the figure moved her way down the ramp. Lana smiled. it was a WOW girl. it was Mystery!!!!! Mystery went over to Chyna and pulled her off the ring apron. she slugged Chyna in the face with an elbow and Chyna fell to the floor. Mystery went over to Lana's "make-up" case and took out Lana's mirror and a feather!!!

Chyna saw this and tried to stop Mystery but again, the referee got outside of the ring and tried stopping Chyna. Patti Pizzazz and Ninotchka was still dueling it out, rolling on the ground grabbing each other's hair. as Hollywood laid on the canvas still, Lana walked over to the ropes. Mystery stood on the ring apron and offered Lana a feather. Lana grabbed the pink feather and she was going to put it to good use. this firm pink tickling tool was going to find it's way to the soles of Hollywood's feet. Lana took the feather, high fived Mystery, then turned around towards Hollywood. as she turned, Mystery held up the mirror and CRACK!!!!!!! Lana Star was leveled in the head by her own mirror. the crowd held its breath in shock. Lana collapsed to the mat. an exhausted Hollywood crawled over to Lana and rolled her over. Hollywood draped her body on Lana's and Chyna pointed out the pin to the referee. the ref slid back into the mat and made the count. 1....2.....3!!!!!! the bell rung. Chyna, Ninotchka and Mystery entered the ring and Hollywood stood up, raising her arms in victory. Patti Pizzazz was also knocked groggy on the outside of the ring. the other members of the tWo made their way to the ring and high fived and hugged.

"the winner of the bout and the new #1 contender for the Women of Wrestling title.....HOLLLLLLYYYYYYWOOOD!!!!" the ring announcer yelled.

the NWO music hit and Hollywood strutted around the ring. she looked at Mystery and hugged her. Mystery ripped off a shirt, showing off a tWo shirt underneath!!! Hollywood and the others laughed and raised Mystery's arms. Hollywood then looked over at Lana's unconscious body and nodded to the others. Patti and Lana were both brought to the middle of the ring. Hollywood grabbed a microphone and Daffney, Francesca and Chyna held Lana, while Ninotchka and Gorgeous George held Patti. Lana awoke and saw a laughing Hollywood and Mystery standing in front of her. Lana couldnt believe what she saw.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!!!!! hellllloooooooo LOSER!!!! you are now looking at the #1 contender. not Lana Star, but Hollywood!!!" Hollywood taunted.

Lana struggled, but couldnt get free. Patti also tried, but same result.

"I bet you're wondering what happened huh Lana? you thought Mystery was out here to help you? you dumb, dumb blonde. here Mystery, tell her what's up?"

Mystery grabbed the microphone and using a voice "changer" (like Kane used before in WWF) spoke to Hollywood. "You see Lana, i never liked you. always strutting around her like you own the place. you always ignored me. ALL OF YOU IGNORED ME!!!"

"of course we ignored you!!! WHO are you?" Lana spat back.

"that's exactly waht i mean. David Mclane ignored me. where was my time? how come i wasnt at the Pay Per View. he has these pathetic wrestlers like Jade and Lotus get on the card, but not Mystery? i am the best wrestler here, and no one pays attention to me. i had it with WOW!!! now i am with the tWo, a group of great wrestling names!!! and soon, Hollywood will rule WOW and i will help them bring it down!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!" Mystery then gave the microphone back to Hollywood, then slapped Lana across the face and Patti.

"Now Lana, it's time you learn who you belong to. ME!!!! girls, strip them!!!!"

the tWo members then began to strip Lana and Patti, with the help of their newest member Mystery. leaving Lana and Patti in their bikini bras and thongs, they then began to tickle both of them. Chyna dug her fingers deeply into Lana's armpits, while Francesca tormented her belly. Mystery then began to knead Lana's inner thighs, and Lana roared in laughter. Ninothcka tickled Pattis' belly, while Daffney wiggled her fingers in Patti's armpits. George was squeezing the kneecaps and Hollywood looked on in delight. the tormet continued. the Hollywood spoke again.

"present Lana's feet for me!!!!" Hollywood commanded while holding the pink feather.

Chyna and Mystery each headlocked an ankle, while Francesca sat on Lana's chest. Lana's creamy soles faced Hollywood. Hollywood licked her lips in anticipation. Lana definitely had the most beautiful feet she has seen in WOW. she took the feather and gently rubbed its fronds across the undersides of Lana's toes. Lana's laughter hit an ear piercing level.


the feather found its path along the pads of the toes, then across the tender, smooth balls, the well defined arches, then across the tender heels of both feet. Lana's legs wiggled widly, and Chyna and Mystery had a hard time holding on. Hollywood held back Lana's toes and used the feather to attack the ticklish skin and crevices of Lana's toes. as she got bored with the feather, she then ran all ten of her fingers up and down the soles of Lana. Lana's laughter hit a fever pitch. this torment went on for 5 minutes non stop and Lana was getting to be out of breath. Hollywood then stopped.

"so you want me to stop Lana?" Hollywood asked.

".......yes......please...no more......too...too..ticklish...not my feet anymore.....please....." Lana panted.

"then crawl like a dog to me...."

"go.....to.....hell bitch....."

Hollywood resumed her tickling, and this time she scrabbled madly across the soles. Lana's soles then turned a nice shade of pink and Hollywood tickled ever nook and cranny of Lana's feet. Lana has never been tickled this long on her feet before. she was losing her mind.

"Crawl to me!!!!" Hollywood threatened as she plunged her finger between Lana's big toe and index toe.


Hollywood smiled. the great Lana Star was going to crawl like a dog. Chyna and the others let go and Lana slowly rolled over onto her stomach. she managed to get up on her knees and looked over at Hollywood. she couldnt do it. her pride was too great!!! she shook her head no.

"stupid bitch!! get her girls!!"

the tWo members attacked Lana again. Chyna went after the soles and Mystery went for the inner thighs. Francesca tickled her armpits again. after a few minutes, Lana shook her head yes.

"Crawl to me!!!!"

Lana began to cry. she didnt want to crawl, but she didnt want to be tickled anymore. she looked over at Patti who was nearly unconscious from her own tickling hell. there was no one to help her. she got on all fours and began to crawl to Hollywood. this was so humiliating. as she crawled, Chyna would lightly tickle her rear end, causing Lana to crawl faster. when she made it to Hollywood, Hollywood laughed.

"ha ha ha ha ha. now kiss my boot!!!!"

Lana began to cry again. Francesca gave her a quick tickle on her ribs and Lana immediately went down and planted a wet kiss on the toe of Hollywood's boot. Lana hung her head in shame.

"I'm not done with you yet. in fact you will bark like a dog now. c'mon my pink poodle. bark for me."

"arf!! arf!!" Lana muttered while again sobbing.

Hollywood laughed again. "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. very good. now, i am going to sing and you will too. i am going to sing 'who much is this doggy'. when i get to that certain spot, you bark okay?"

Lana sobbed again. Mystery squeezed her sides and Lana nodded yes. she wanted to die right about now.

"How much is that doggy in the window?" Hollywood sang.

"arf!! arf!!!" Lana replied at her cue. her head hung real low now.

"How much is that doggy is for sale?"

"arf arf!!!" Lana then just broke down.

Hollywood and the others laughed heartily. "okay i'm done with you for now. now let's watch Patti!!!"

"NOOOO!!!!" Patti yelled. it was her turn.

"Now Patti, we are going to play a game of fetch okay? see this here? this is Lana's sock. go fetch!!!" Hollywood threw the sock across the ring and Patti, crawled over and retrieved it in her mouth. she could taste the sweat. Hollywood took the sock out of her mouth and proceeded to do this game 3 more times, and Patti retrieved them all.

"Now roll over!!!!" Hollywood commanded. Patti rolled over.

"Play dead!!!" Hollywood commanded. Patti played dead.




Patti then crounced down and panted and begged like a dog.

"Good girl!!! now here's a treat!!" Hollywood then threw actual doggie kibble towards Patti and Patti caught it in her mouth. Patti's mouth and face turned in disgust, but Daffney tickled her soles and Patti swallowed the kibble. she then broke down and cried. "alright girls, enough of this. let's wrap this up!!!"

the tWo members held Lana and Patti down, flat on their stomach and their soles were held up. Hollywood then took a black ball point pen and scribbled the letter T....W....O on Lana's and Patti's soles. they both roared in laughter as the pen tip rolled over their skin. soon they were finished and then Patti and Lana collapsed to the mat in exhaustion. Hollywood put her foot on Lana's back, and held her hands in the air. the rest of the tWo did the same and the music hit!! was there anyone to stop them???

okay fellas, feedback on this one. this story is now unfolding. there is a lot more on the way!!!! thanks for the support and please, let me know what you think. plus and ideas, comments or suggestions are always helpful.