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07-15-2003, 11:54 PM
okay fellas, here is the next chapter of WOW. thanks for the support that you have given and please, feel free to give your opinion on this saga. the characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com and Hollywood can be found at www.webkitten.com enjoy this next chapter.

Hollywood and the rest of the tWo entered their locker room, exchanging hugs and high fives. they were celebrating their latest conquest.

"Ooooh!!! that was just so SWWWWWWEEEEEEEEETTTTTT!!!!!" Hollywood crooned.

"Yeah, looks like the big, bad Riot just learned what it's like to be submissive!!!!" Chyna chimed in.

"Ladies, this is just going all so well. just think, this time next week, i will beat that chump Terri Gold and i will become the Women of Wrestling World champion. can you imagine the look on McLane's face when that happens?"

"Yeah, that little weasel would be so devastated. i remember when he wasnt too fond of me being the GLOW champion..." Ninothcka chimed in.

"Just too sweet. invading Mclane's new promotion and humiliating his team, then just plain taking over. the mere thought of it is just so.. exhilerating!!!!!" Hollywood moaned.

then there was a knock on the door. Hollywood and the others stared at the door with a curious look. Hollywood nodded her head to Francesca to open the door. Francesca went over to the door, opened it, and Ice Cold walked in.

"Hello ladies!!!!!" Ice Cold said with excitement in her voice.

"Can we help you?" Hollywood asked.

"Why yes you can!!! see, i have been watching you ladies for the last several weeks and i am impressed!!!! you have managed to come in, completely dominate the other WOW girls into a giggling, submissive mess. but the greatest thing you have ever done, was to make that whiny, snotty, arrogant bitch Lana Star cry like a little baby girl!!! then you made her bark like the bitch she is!!! i cant thank you enough for humiliating Lana Star like that." Ice Cold said.

"You're welcome..." Hollywood said shrugging her shoulders. "Anything else?"

"Why yes......" Ice Cold said with a sinister grin. "I want to join the tWo."

the members of the tWo looked at each other in disbelief. "You want to join us? why?" Hollywood asked.

"Well, because i want to be part of a group that can dominate WOW. i have been held back by Mclane for a long, long time. you never see me in title matches, but he gives those shots to Lana Slut and that bigger dope, Riot. like Mystery, i want to see Mclane suffer. so, can i join?" Ice Cold said with a pleading look in her eyes.

Hollywood looked at her group, particulary at Mystery, then nodded her head. "Okay. fine. you're in."

"YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!" Ice Cold said excited.

"Tonight, you can accompany Ninotchka and Daffney as they take on Beckie and Bonce Billie." Hollywood commanded.

"Oh yes, i would love to do that. i havent forgotten what they tried to do to me before!!! this is just so cool!!!! tWo RULES!!!!" Ice Cold exclaimed and left the locker room full of excitement, as Hollywood and the others stared at each other in amazement.

Julie Day sat on a couch with Terri, Beckie and Billie comforting her. she was still shaken and trying to sip some water.

"It's okay Julie, you're with friends now...." Terri said while comforting Julie.

"Yeah, Riot isnt around right now. in fact, i dont think Riot will be messing with you anymore, or anyone for that matter.." Billie said.

Julie looked up and smiled. she saw what happened to Riot a few moments ago. ".....that's what she gets....." she murmered.

"I have to know...what did she do to you?" Beckie asked.

"She.....she tickled me nonstop....she tickled every and i mean EVERY inch of my body. she just wouldnt stop...." Julie murmered with a shudder.

"It's going to be alright Julie. just sit here with me, and we can watch Billie and Beckie take on the tWo. you may not believe this, but they are a lot worse than Riot will ever be." Terri told her.

"Yeah Julie, these women are really good ticklers!!! but we discovered they are ticklish too. tonight, they get a taste of their own medicine." Beckie said with a lot of confidence.

"Let's go Beckie!!! time to round up some tWo!!!!!" Billie shouted. they both left the dressing room while Terri and Julie stayed there. they both hoped, they could beat the tWo.


the sound of NWO music hit and the tWo members Daffney and Ninotchka made their way down the ramp. accompanying them was Mystery and Ice Cold. Ice Cold put on a tWo shirt and displayed it proudly. the quartet made their way to the ring and when they entered the ring, proudly raised their arms in victory. Daffney was dressed in blue jeans, with black boots and a tWo shirt, and Ninothcka wore black tights, adorned with the letter tWo on the legs, with her red, spandex top. they waited in a corner of the ring, awaiting there opponents.

the country music began to play, and Bronco Billie and Beckie the Farmer's Daughter made their way to the ring. Billie was dressed in her blue cowgirl outfit, complete with lasso, while Beckie came to the ring dressed in her plaid top, with blue cut off jeans and white boots. the girls looked towards the ring, hi-fived each other and danced down the ramp. they were both full of confidence. they made it to the ring and entered the ring. they pointed and shouted towards Ninothcka and Daffney. they were both fired up and ready to do battle.

Beckie started the match with Ninotchka. they immediately locked up, and were at a standstill. Beckie then managed to clamp a headlock on Ninotchka. grinding the headlock out, Beckie had the Russian trapped. Ninothcka forced Beckie off of her and into the ropes, where Beckie bounced off, then shoulder blocked Ninotchka to the mat. Beckie hit the ropes again, Ninothcka dropped to the mat, Beckie jumped over her, hit the ropes again, the ducked under a clothesline attempt by Ninotchka, bounced off the ropes one more time, then executed a flying body press. she went for the cover. 1.....2....KICKOUT. Ninothcka got up quickly, but then Beckie connected with a drop kick, then another drop kick. then Daffney ran in the ring, and she was met by a dropkick, which sent her through the ropes onto the arena floor. Billie got in the ring, and her and Beckie whipped Ninotchka off the ropes and did a double dropkick, and that sent Ninotchka out of the ring. Beckie and Billie danced a little and glared at the ousted tWo members.

Ice Cold got on the ring apron, and began shouting at Billie and Beckie. the WOW girls were looking at Ice Cold with "Why?" looks. then they both turned around, ducked under clothesline attempts from Ninotchka and Daffney and delivered clotheslines of their own. the crowd was going nuts. it seemed as though Billie and Beckie were at the top of their games. Billie left the ring again, and it was just Beckie and Ninotchka in the ring. they tried to lock up again, but Ninothcka planted a boot in Beckie's midsection, causing Beckie to hunch over, then the Russian delivered a knee lift and Beckie hit the mat. Ninotchka tried to drop an elbow, but hit the mat as Beckie rolled out the way. Beckie went over to her corner and tagged Billie. Billie raced in there but then Ninotchka did a drop toe hold on her and Billie went crashing into the mat, her face bouncing off the mat. Ninotchka tagged in Daffney, who immediately began to stomp Billie with her boots. Daffney then picked up Billie by the hair, kicked her in the midsection, then executed a DDT on Billie. Billie was stunned. Daffney went for the cover. 1.....2....KICKOUT. Billie barely kicked out. she was in obvious pain. Daffney once again grabbed her hair and began shouting obscenities in her face, every once in a while, spitting on her her. she slapped Billie senseless. she grabbed Billie's ankle and dragged her over to her corner and tagged in Ninotchka. Ninotchka entered and began to stomp on Billie's back. she picked her up and suplexed Billie. Billie shouted in agony. her back was killing her now. Ninotchka rolled her over to her stomach and then dropped a knee in the small of Billie's back. Billie screamed in pain. planting a knee in Billie's back, Ninotchka then grabbed Billie's ankles, then underneath Billie's chin and bent Billie like a bow. Billie was screaming. Ninotchka had a look of delight in her eyes. she wanted to punish this woman. she released her hold and Billie's limbs slumped back to the mat. Ninotchka then wanted to tease Billie a little. she began to lightly run her fingertips along Billie's exposed sides and Billie began to chuckle a little. Ninotchka tickled some more and now Billie was squirming. Ninotchka then rammed Billie's head into the mat again. she tagged in Daffney.

Daffney then came in the ring and began to drop a few more elbows into Billie's back. then she looked at Ninothcka and then began to tickle Billie's sides again. again, Billie's body responded by squirming a little to the ticklish touches. Daffney's face cracked an evil smile and she continued her tickling touches. Billie tried to hold the giggles in, but Daffney's tickling touches were too much and she began to laugh more. Daffney grabbed her hair again and smashed her head into the canvas. she flipped Billie onto her back and stared at the smooth armpits. she began to tickle the armpits and Billie began to laugh again. Beckie ran into the ring and dropkicked Daffney off of Billie. she couldnt allow her partner to suffer. Daffney held her head and tagged in Ninotchka. Ninotchka glared at Beckie, then smiled at her.

"Don't want to see her get tickled? too bad!!!" Ninotchka taunted Beckie. Ninotchka slammed Billie, then straddled her. she began to run her fingers across Billie's exposed armpits and Billie roared in laughter. her legs began to kick, and her feet stamped the mat, trying to wiggle her way out of Ninothcka's tickling touches. Beckie again ran into the ring, but the referee stopped her. Ninotchka laughed, and got up off of Billie. she picked Billie up and tried to slam her again. when Ninotchka tried to slam her down, Billie managed to turn it into a small package type pin. 1....2...KICKOUT. Ninothcka kicked out and rushed Billie, Billie again ducked and when Ninothcka turned around, she was met by a dropkick. both women were on the mat. Billie used all of her remaining strength to execute the drop kick. both women slowly crawled over to their corners. Ninothcka made it first, and Daffney ran into the ring, but Billie had made the tag!! Beckie got into the ring and immediately pummeled Daffney. she tossed the Goth-style girl against the ropes and did a huge back body drop. Daffney hit the mat and sat up in pain. as she sat up, Beckie delivered a drop kick to the back of her head. Daffney was stunned. Beckie then went over to Ninotchka and delivered a drop kick, knocking Ninotchka to the arena floor. Mystery got on top of the apron, and Beckie slugged her. as Beckie turned around, she saw Daffney trying to attack her, planted a boot in Daffney's midsection and executed a DDT. she went for the cover, but Ice Cold then got on the ring apron. the ref was distracted by her, and there was no count. Beckie got up and went over to Ice Cold and slugged her. Ice Cold fell to the floor. Beckie was fired up!!! she then looked over at a prone Daffney, looked at Billie, then smiled. she grabbed Daffney's ankle and dragged her over to her corner. she then began to unlace Daffney's boot. one by one, the laces were undone and Beckie pulled the boot off, leaving Daffney's white socked foot exposed. Beckie clutched the socked foot and had a huge smile. she poked the sole of the foot and the foot responded. ah yes, Daffney was ticklish! Beckie then rolled Daffney over onto her stomach and put her in the ankle lock submission. immediately, Daffney yelled in pain, but then she would start laughing as Beckie stroked her foot. Beckie continued to apply pressure and tickle the foot. Daffney didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Beckie then went for the tickling. her fingers stroked up and down the socked sole and Daffney roared in laughter. her eyes bugged out of their sockets and she was pleading.


Beckie continued her tickling. she then grabbed the edge of the sock and rolled it off Daffney's foot, exposing the bare skin. Beckie took a moment to look at Daffney's foot. it was about a size 7, with pink soles with creamy white skin on the arches and under the toes. the toes themselves were on the pudgy side, very meaty. Beckie ran her finger up the tender sole, and it was like a shot of electricity shot through Daffney.


Beckie continued to tickle this tender foot. she remembered when her own precious feet were tormented by the tWo, she remembered all the victims of the tWo and now it was payback time. she tickled harder and harder. soon, she was in a trance like stake, just scrabbling her fingers all over Daffney's sole. Daffney was becoming exhausted from all the tickling. she felt her fat little toes being tickled and she couldnt take it. she was supposed to be doing the tickling, not Beckie. Ninothcka got back into the ring and tried to charge Beckie. but she was speared by Billie in the middle of the ring. the referee tried to get both other women out, and while he was distracted, Mystery got in the ring and hit Beckie from behind with a chair. Daffney laid on the mat, trying to recover her breath, while Beckie rolled on the mat in pain. Ninotchka and Billie made it back to their corners and each waited for the tag. Daffney began to crawl over to Ninothcka, as and she was crawling she passed by Beckie's ankle. deciding that she wanted revenge her and now instead of making a tag, she grabbed Beckie's ankle and unlaced the boot. Beckie felt this and used her other boot to kick Daffney in the side of the head. Daffney collapsed to the mat, and Beckie tagged in Billie, who went after Daffney's bare foot. it was her turn now. she tickled under the meaty toes, and Daffney again roared in laughter. her eyes bugged out and was reaching to make a tag to Ninotchka. Billie had a firm grip on the ankle and just went to town on the foot. Daffney tried to fight off the tickling sensations. it was no use, she collapsed to the mat in a ticklish fit. then Mystery again jumped on the ring apron and the ref was distracted again. Ninothcka came in and decked Billie. Beckie ran back into the ring and hit Ninotchka. Beckie and Billie then pushed Ninothcka out of the ring, then Billie pulled Daffney up off the mat, then delivered a bulldog on Daffney. Beckie went to the top rope. she was going to deliver a frog splash. but Ice Cold moved Beckie's ankle and Beckie lost her balance and her legs split the top turnbuckle. Billie saw this and dropkicked Ice Cold off the ring aporn. Ninotchka got in the ring with a chair and as Billie turned around, she was decked with the chair in the face. Billie hit the mat completely knocked out. Daffney rolled over on top on Billie. the ref turned around. 1.......2........3!!! the bell rung.

Ninotchka went over to an exhausted Daffney and raised her hand. Mystery and Ice Cold entered the ring to celebrate. Ice Cold then handed Ninothcka Billie's lasso. they all smiled at each other. it was playtime!!!! grabbing more rope, they managed to hog-tie both Billie and Beckie and left them in the middle of the ring. pulling off the boots and socks, the tWo wanted to torment those precious feet. Daffney was really fired up. she stared at her bare foot, then looked at Beckie's vulnerable bare foot. she immediately attacked it, tickling her fingers hard into Beckie's sole. Beckie roared in laughter ans she felt Daffney's fingers penetrate the soft crevices of her toes. Ninothcka kneeled down by Billie's feet and then slowly tickled them. Billie roared in laughter. Mystery and Ice Cold looked on and laughed at Beckie and Billie's plight. Ninothcka then looked at Ice Cold.

"Do you want to try?" she asked the cold one.

Ice Cold's eyes lit up. "Oh....oh yeah!!!" she then knelt down and began tickling Billie's toes. Billie shrieked!!! Ice Cold ran her fingers up and down the soft pink soles of Billie and was enjoying every moment of it. she was now a member of tWo and was enjoying it. she loved how her fingers dug into the tender arches of Billie. she loved how Billie's toes would clench tight as they were tickled. life was good.

Ninotchka and Mystery nodded at one another, then they attacked Ice Cold from behind!!! stomping and kicking Ice Cold. Daffney stopped her tickling of Beckie's feet and joined in. Ice Cold tried covering up, but the trio got the best of her. Daffney and Mystery held Ice Cold up, then Ninotchka began to punch her in the stomach. with Ice Cold hunched over, Ninothcka then performed the pedigree on Ice Cold, knocking her out. Ice Cold was then rolled over onto her back. Ninotchka put her face into Ice Cold's.

"you will NEVER be a member of the tWo!!!!! we dont need weak women like YOU!!!! tickle tickle Icey!!!!" Ninotchka taunted. she then nodded to Daffney and Mystery and they began to strip Ice Cold!!! Ice Cold wa snow in her sports bra and panties. Daffney used one of Ice Cold's boots and spanked Ice Cold with it. Ice Cold moaned in pain. she was in disbelief. then she felt her wrists being handcuffed to the bottom rope and her legs were pulled, making her body taut. again, Ninothcka straddled her. Ninotchka then plunged her fingers into Ice Cold's armpits. Ice Cold immediately roared in laughter. Ninotchka tickled the armpits with a passion and Ice Cold begged them to stop.


Ninotchka kept tickling. her fingetips outlined Ice Cold's armpits and across the collarbones. Mystery took a seat by Ice Cold's bare feet and began to tickle them. she went after a spot on Ice Cold's foot. the middle of the ball of the foot. that was Ice Cold's worst spot. Ice Cold went into silent laughter. Daffney went back to Beckie and began tickling the pink feet again. Beckie laughed harder. but she lost it when Daffney began to suck her big toe and scrabble the fingers on her sole. Beckie cried of laughter. Billie watched both Ice Cold and Beckie get tickled and shuddered because she knew she was going to be next. Beckie's head laid on the mat and she laughed. her toe was being sucked hard and it tickled so much. Ice Cold finally passed out. her feet and armpits were severly tickled. Ninotchka went over to Billie and began to tickle thoe feet again. she pulled out a hairbrush and scrubbed Billie's soles. Billie just laughed and laughed and laughed.

finally the tickling stopped. Billie, Beckie and Ice Cold laid there completely exhausted. Ninotchka, Daffney, and Mystery surveyed the carnage. the smiled at each other, raised their arms, and walked back up the ramp and the NWO music blared.

UP NEXT: TERRI GOLD vs HOLLYWOOD for the title!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay fellas, how was this one? the big title match is next. who will win? will Hollywood take control of WOW? or will the WOW girls finally make a turning point in this war against the tWo?? your feedback is always welcomed!!!