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okay fans, here is the next installment of the WOW series. i do want to take the time out to thank all of those who have been following this series. i also want to give a special thanks to those who reply to these stories. trust me, when i see your responses, it only inspires me to continue to write. i will put all of you in the story at one point (probably the PPV) as a way of saying thanks. anyway, here is the next episode. again characters from WOW can be found at www.wowe.com and Hollywood can be viewed at www.webkitten.com

David McLane sat at his desk, drumming his pencil on a stack of paper. his eyes were focused on the women that were in his office. he look around. sitting on a couch were Beckie and Bronco Billie. next to them in a chair sat Ice Cold. Riot leaned against a wall, arms folded. Lana Star sat in a plush chair and her "personal assistant" Patti Pizzazz was also present. last, but not least, sat former WOW champion, Terri Gold who still had a look of sadness on her face. David needed to get this meeting started.

"Welcome ladies to this special meeting. as you all know, Hollywood and the rest of the tWo have invaded and so far, completely dominated our promotion....." Mclane tried to say.

"Dominated? tsk! sorry Mclane, but no one dominates me. i am the executive producer of this show you know!!!" Lana blurted out.

"But wasnt that you barking like a poodle that one night?" Riot cracked.

"Like, WHATEVER!!! i also remember you Riot with Hollywood's toes shoved in that big mouth of yours!!!" Lana cracked back.

"But she made you bark to music! how embarrassing is that?" Ice Cold threw out.

"Lana barked only because she had too! i do remember you Ice Cold getting tickled into putty by Mystery. she set you up like a deck of cards and knocked you over!!!!" Patti laughed.

"Just like you were fetching kibble!" Ice Cold replied back.

"Dont talk to Patti like that!!! after all, wasnt that the SECOND time someone has forced you to become a ticklish pile of goo? Ice Cold? more like wet puddle!!!" Lana cracked.

"Why you bitch! i outta......" Ice Cold tried to say

"SHUT UP!!!! LANA!!! PATTI!!! ICE COLD AND RIOT!!!! this is important!! stop acting like children!" Mclane shouted.

"Why dont you shut up McLane!" Riot yelled.

"Look Riot, why dont we hear what he has to say?" Terri mentioned.

"You should talk miss FORMER CHAMP!!!!" Riot shot back.

Terri bowed her head in shame. it hurt deeply that she lost the title. Mclane was getting frustrated.

"Ladies!!! look, Hollywood has embarrassed me and made you her tickle slaves. every last one of you has felt her wrath! it is time to set aside our petty differences and work together. that is the ONLY way we can beat Hollywood!! this is OUR promotion. it is time we made a stand. we need to stand together. are you with me?" McLane asked.

Hollywood and the tWo walked through the backstage area laughing and carrying on. with the title belt wrapped around her waist, Hollywood walked with a strut. the others walked with an air of arrogance as well. as they passed personnel thru the hallway, they would sometimes push a make-up girl, or a caterer, laughing and threatening them. then as they walked past a trio of people, Gorgeous George pushed one of them in the back, and the group kept walking.

"HEY!!!! BLOND BITCH!!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'RE PUSHING?" the person yelled.

the group stopped and turned around. who dares talk back to them? they looked at the trio. it was Thug and Harley's Angels. Gorgeous George shoved Charlie Davidson in the back. the group made their way back to the Angels, ready for confrontation.

"What did you just say?" George asked.

"I said, HEY BLOND BITCH!! YOU (poke in George's chest) DO (poke) YOU (poke) THINK YOU'RE PUSHING?!! (poke, poke, poke)" Charlie replied.

"Tell me she just didnt do that...." George said in a Booker T type manner.

"You know tWo, you have been going around humiliating women in WOW. but we also noticed you havent even touched us!! we are not some weak women like the other sluts you have been dominating. afraid of Harley's Angels?" Charlie crooned.

Hollywood walked up to Charlie. "Harley's Angels. look Charlie ho, why dont you take EZ Slut and that fat hippo over there to a bar and stay out of our business before you regret it." Hollywood threatened.

EZ Rider stepped up. "Why dont you get out of our way, before YOU regret it!"

the tension builded as the two groups stood face to face. Hollywood then cracked a smile. "Since you two are so fired up, let's have a match tonight. why don't you whores take on Gorgeous George and Daffney in a tag team match tonight?" Hollywood proposed.

Harley's Angels looked at each other and smiled. "Sure we will. but believe me, tonight the tWo will pay a dear price for messing with us." Charlie remarked.

Hollywood smiled. "good, then it's settled. tonight the world will see Harley's Angels turn into Hollywood's slaves....."

the tWo walked away while Harley's Angels stood there and steamed. tonight, they wanted to teach the tWo a lesson they will never forget.

Mclane sat back in his chair, with his hand across his face. here he was trying to rally the troops with the best that WOW offered and they all sat in his office bickering with one another. he started thinking how his promotion was going to sink because the best of WOW couldnt get together. he just sat back and watched them fight.

"You couldnt even beat Terri Gold!!! you let some corny, idiotic reporter tickle the hell out of you! and you say that we were dominated? tell me Riot, how did Hollywood toes taste anyway?" Lana said with disgust.

"I outta hit you with my bat and crack your head open! but then again, nothing will come out anyway!" Riot quipped back.

"SHUT UP!!!!!!!!" a voice boomed. the women stopped bickering and looked at the figure in shock. it was Terri Gold! she stood up from her chair and faced the others. "I AM SICK AND TIRED HEARING YOU GIRLS FIGHT!!!! Can't you see what is happening? Hollywood is taking over this promotion and we're fighting?!!! i know i lost my title, but dammit, i will refuse to let this promotion go under tWo control. i will get my title back. i am willing to do it alone if i have to. but, i need all of your help. Beckie and Billie exposed them. they're ticklish too!!! why dont we give them what they have been dishing out? Lana, you are one of the best in WOW. you too Ice Cold. Lord knows Riot is one tough SOB. girls.....LADIES...we need to ride together. i am letting you know that i will have your back, will you have mine?" Terri spoke with a sense of command in her voice.

"I'm with you Terri!" Beckie spoke.

"Count me in too. let's go get them." Billie joined in.

Terri faced the others. "What about you Ice Cold? you in?"

Ice Cold rolled her eyes. "Sure, count me in."

Terri walked up to Riot. "Riot, i know we are not the best of friends. but i need your support. i know you want to. remember right before my match with Hollywood? you told me to win. can i count on you?"

Riot shook her head. "Yeah...count me in. but after we get rid of tWo, i will destroy everyone here."

"Fair enough....Lana?" Terri faced Lana.

"I WILL!!!! I WILL!!!!" Patti chimed in.

Lana looked at all of her adversaries and looked at Patti Pizzazz with a goofy grin on her face. she rolled her eyes. "Oh alright!!! i will join you."

"Good...girls, together we can defeat the tWo. David, let's rock!!" Terri smiled.

David McLane's face turned to joy. he got what he wanted, now it was time to take action........


Harley's Angels walked down the ramp to a chorus of cheers. the roughest tag team in WOW now had their shot at the tWo. it was true, the tWo havent faced a deadly tag team like the Angels. tonight, they had to prove that the WOW girls werent weak. with Charlie Davidson wearing her white T-shirt covered with a black vest, wearing her blue jeans and black boots she was ready. EZ Rider was dressed in a leather top with faded blue jeans and black boots. she too was ready to rumble. Thug followed them and was there for muscle. they entered the ring holding up pool cue sticks they stole from a bar.

the NWO music hit and Gorgeous George and Daffney made their way down the ramp. accompanied with Chyna, Gorgeous George wore a skimpy black tWo cut off T-shirt and cut off blue jeans with white wrestling boots, while Daffney came out in her black tight tWo shirt, blue jeans and black boots. they entered the ring and stared intensly at Harley's Angels. tonight, the Angels were going to learn a hard, cruel lesson. there was concern however as George and Daffney were not accomplished grapplers. but they figured didnt think too highly of Harley's Angels, so it didnt matter. plus Chyna was there with them.

the bell sounded and Daffney started with Charlie. locking up, Charlie then shoved Daffney to the canvas with ease. Daffney landed flat on her ass and Charlie mocked her.

"damn you are one weak bitch!!!" Charlie screamed at her.

Daffney got up and bull rushed Charlie. Charlie quickly did a drop toe hold and Daffney crashed to the canvas. Charlie then quickly folded Daffney's ankles up towards her rear end and sat on them. she then grabbed the back of Daffney's head and rubbed her face into the mat, then slapped her. she slapped her several more times, then she stood up. Daffney got up and was pissed. Charlie stood there laughing. again, Daffney rushed Charlie and Charlie scooped up Daffney and slammed her to the canvas. then she planted a boot into Daffney's stomach. she went over to tag in EZ Rider. EZ Rider came in and quickly stomped on Daffney's gut. she then grabbed Daffney's ankle and dragged her over to a corner. she sat Daffney's foot on the bottom turnbuckle, then stood on the second rope. she then jumped down on Daffney's leg, causing the Goth chick to scream in pain. Daffney quickly clutched her knee. EZ Rider shook her head and grabbed Daffney's ankle again. she then dropped an elbow into Daffney's knee over and over again. she then held onto the ankle, and tagged in Charlie again. Charlie kicked into Daffney's knee as EZ Rider held the leg up. the referee ushered EZ Rider out and Charlie went to work. she twisted the ankle which also twisted Daffney's knee. Daffney hollered in pain. George finally ran in and struck Charlie. Charlie let go of Daffney's ankle and faced George. George stared at Charlie then slapped her hard. Charlie responded by nailing George in the head with a punch. George went reeling out of the ring and when Charlie turned around, Daffney punched her in the gut, the put Charlie's chin on top of her head, then dropped to her knees. Charlie's chin bounced off Daffney's head and she hit the mat in pain. while Charlie clutched her jaw, Daffney went over and tagged George.

George got back into the ring and began to kick Charlie in the ribs. Charlie rolled over in pain. George then rolled Charlie onto her stomach and straddled her back. she then put Charlie into the camel clutch. George reached back as hard as she could and Charlie screamed in pain and her legs kicked. EZ Rider then came in and kicked George in the back, forcing her to release the hold. George was in pain, but quickly got back onto Charlie. facing Charlie's feet, she folded Charlie's feet and brought them to Charlie's rear end. she sat on them, and she slapped Charlie. she then looked at Charlie's upperbody, then decided to slowly graze the sides of Charlie with her fingers. Charlie began to chuckle a little. George began to smile as she realized that Charlie was ticklish. she continued to tickle Charlie's ribs and more giggles came out. George then went into a full tickle assault and Charlie laughed louder. she was dreadfully ticklish! especially her sides and ribs. George exploited that weakness and Charlie just roared in laughter. EZ Rider came in again and knocked George off of Charlie, but as the referee ushered EZ back out, Daffney entered the ring and they dragged Charlie over to their corner. pulling Charlie's legs out of the ring, divided between the ringpost, George went over to the Angels' corner and began to taunt EZ Rider. while the referee was busy trying to prevent EZ Rider and George from fighting, Daffney was unlacing Charlie's boots. Thug rushed over to the other corner, but was greeted by Chyna. the two barked threats at each other, while Daffney managed to unlace one boot and pulled it off, leaving Charlie's sock exposed. Charlie began to recover, noticed her boot was off and saw Daffney trying to take her sock off. she quickly used her other foot and kicked Daffney right in the mouth. she scrambled up and came behind George. she rolled up George from behind and the referee made the count. 1.....2.....KICKOUT. George kicked out and as soon as she got up, she was clotheslined by Charlie. Charlie then made the tag to her partner and EZ Rider came in guns blazing. she clotheslined George again and when Daffney tried to interfere, she was greeted with a dropkick to the mouth. Daffney rolled out the ring, and EZ Rider picked up George by the hair. she then tossed her against the ropes, then delivered a back body drop. George's body went high into the air, then crashed to the mat. EZ Rider was pumped up. Chyna got on the ring apron and EZ dropkicked her right back off. EZ Rider then picked up George, planted George's head between her legs, then executed a powerbomb on George. George laid there motionless. EZ Rider looked at the beautiful George and smiled. she didnt want to pin her. she rolled George onto her stomach. she crossed George's ankles and folded them against her rear end. she then began to unlace George's boots. she plucked the strings out and removed the white boots, leaving George's socks on. she then pulled off the white socks, revealing George's barefeet. they were about a size 7, long and narrow. the toes were also long and her silver nail polish covered her perfectly pedicured toes. the tops of her feet were a nice golden tan to match the rest of her body, while the soles were a light shade of pink, except her arches and under her toes which were a creamy white. the skin was flawless, so smooth and soft. EZ Rider wiggled her fingers in the air and attacked the targets in front of her. she zipped her fingers up the soles and got an immediate reaction.


EZ Rider continued her tickling. she furiously began to stroke the high arches and George was bucking hard. EZ forced more of her weight on George's legs and held a firm grip on the crossed ankles. she then went for the toes. George's toes wiggled madly, trying to avoid the ticklish torment they were now receiving. Daffney saw this and got into the ring. Charlie ran back in and attacked Daffney. EZ Rider continued to tickle George.

"LAUGH FOR ME BITCH, LAUGH FOR ME!!!!!" EZ Rider taunted. her fingers attack the soft creamy crevices of George's wiggling toes, causing the blond to scream even more.


EZ Rider continued. she was enjoying tickling George's feet. she loved how soft the skin felt against her fingers. she attacked the balls of the feet, another hot spot for George. Chyna then tried to interfere, but Thug came over and attacked Chyna. George was trapped. the sensations were too much. but when EZ Rider slowly began to scrape her nails against that one spot right above the heel, just below the arch, she then lost her mind. silent laughter poured out of her. EZ Rider then raked all of her nails up and down the soles of both feet. George was begging.


EZ Rider went back to the toes and assualted along the crevice where the toes meet the ball of the foot. she felt George's body shudder beneath her. George laughed and laughed and laughed. she looked over and saw Daffney fighting Charlie. she saw Chyna and Thug mix it up. there was no one to save her. there was nothing to stop her tender tootsies from being tickled. and oh how they tickled. she began to cry tears of laughter. she felt EZ Rider's finger tickle every crevice of her ticklish feet. she tried to reach for the ropes, but she was in the center of the ring. she had to reach the ropes! then she felt EZ Rider's fingers stroke along the tender instep of her feet. she lost it. she tapped. she tapped out hard!!!!!

the crowd went nuts!!! EZ Rider tickled a little more and jumped for joy. Harley's Angels has just defeated the tWo!!! this was the group's first loss. Charlie ran into the ring and hugged EZ Rider. Thug joined them and the crowd went nuts. George laid there exhausted. Harley's Angels were celebrating in the ring, when Chyna entered the ring and nailed Thug in the back with the chair. then EZ Rider and Charlie Davidson were both hit with chairs. Chyna rolled the massive Thug out of the ring. she picked up EZ Rider and powerbombed her. she picked up Charlie and did the same. the duo laid motionless in the ring. Daffney was in the ring screaming like a mad woman. George began to recover. Chyna then went outside the ring and hit Thug with a few more chair shots, knocking her out. she got back in the ring. she commanded George and Daffney to tie the Angels up. they proceeded to do so. she barked orders to remove their boots. George happily removed EZ Rider's boots, while Daffney removed Charlie's. the socks were ripped off and both Angels were barefoot. George began to tickle the wide soles of EZ Rider, causing her to shriek. Daffney quickly scrabbled her fingers across the long soles of Charlie. the duo kept tickling the Angels' feet. EZ Rider laughed hardest. her feet were insanely ticklish. she shook her head furiously laughing to her tickle torture. meanwhile, Chyna then grabbed some scissors and began to cut the clothes off of both Angels'. soon, they both laid there in their sports bras and shorts, having their feet tormented by the tWo. Chyna then joined in the fray byt tickling their underarms and taunting them. Charlie and EZ just laughed. the fingers on their feet were real bad and now they had trouble breathing. but then they felt Chyna's fingers tickle their inner thighs. this tickling sensation drove them through the roof. Chyna enjoyed tickling this new soft skin. she also knew what she was doing. she nooded to George who then began to suck on EZ Rider's toes. EZ Rider was now in pure hell. Chyna continued to tickle her inner thighs and George's tongue swirled along her toes. soon, she felt that feeling building up. she screamed more knowing that they were trying to force her to an orgasm on television!! they did it discreetly (or at least discreetly as tv can be) so that no one knew what was actually happening. Chyna's nails flicked along the thigh muscles and when George sucked real hard on the big toe, EZ Rider's body betrayed her. she felt the orgasmic sensation grip her body, laughed one last hard laugh, then passed out.

Charlie saw this and noticed Chyna was coming over to her. she laughed harder as Daffney tickled her toes, but she didnt want to be forced to have an orgasm too.


"So, you wanna be a tough girl huh? think you're something special by beating us? now we're going to completely control you...." Chyna whispered into her ear. Chyna began her tickling of Charlie's inner thighs. Daffney then began to rake her nails across the ticklish feet and George came over and began to suck the toes. soon, the erotic sensation ran through Charlie's body and she passed out as well. the member of the tWo looked at their victims. soon, Thug got back into the ring. Chyna hit her with a chair and scooted the lifeless body back out the ring. there was no way in hell they wanted to tickle Thug. so, she got a pool stick and cracked Thug upside the head once more, busting her wide open. then she got back into the ring and with a ball point pen, she scribbled the letters T.....W.....O across the soles, which still twitched from the pen. they then stood up and had a sour look on their faces. tonight, they tasted defeat for the first time. there was going to be hell to pay.........................

UP NEXT: a turning point?

how was that fans? is WOW making a comeback? please let me know what you think. comments ALWAYS appreciated. oh yeah, Krokus, i like the NWO picture in your signature. cool man, real cool