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07-16-2003, 12:03 AM
okay fans, time for the next segment. it appears the tWo is on a losing streak. can they turn it around, or will they WOW women gain more momentum? enjoy the next episode. i appreciate all the positive feedback so far for this series. remember, characters from WOW can be found at www.wowe.com and Hollywood can be found at www.webkitten.com visit these sites out to check out the action!

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Hollywood was still livid. she just watched Mystery lose to Boom Boom because of interference from Lana Star. last week, Gorgeous George and Daffney lost to Harley's Angels. this was not a good trend. she was especially upset over Lana Star. Hollywood glared at the other members of the tWo. all of them had angry looks.

"I cant believe this crap!!! how can Lana Star do that?!!" Francesca asked.

"That bitch, and all of them will pay!!! they really think they're smart. i know they are planning something tonight! we have to be careful. ah! i have an idea! let's go see McWorm!!" Hollywood told the rest of the tWo.

the group walked out and Mystery caught up to them. she joined them and they all stormed to McLane's office and barged in. McLane was on the phone, and when he saw Hollywood, he smiled and told whoever he was talking to that he would call them back. he then hung up and had a huge, cocky smile on his face.

"Hellooooooo Hollywood. how can i help you today?" Mclane asked her, still grinning.

Hollywood sat down in a chair and drop her title belt on his desk. "Need i remind you McTwerp, i AM the WOW champion. you will get that goofy grin off your face, and you will hear what i have to say."

"Oh i dont know Hollywood...after all, i mean the tWo is on a losing streak. why should i listen to those who are losing?" he then sat back in his seat, grinning from ear to ear.

Hollywood leaned forward on his desk. "Look you worm! Lana Star cost my teammate a match. tonight, Gorgeous George takes on Bronco Silly and i am a little concerned that your deadbeats may do something stupid. so, i figure, why not have the tWo and your groupies all together in one spot?"

"What are you getting at Hollywood?" Mclane sat forward and his face and Hollywood's were a mere few inches away from another.

"Mclane, ever hear of Altoids? you REALLY, REALLY need one." Hollywood told him while shutting her eyes, then sitting back in her chair. the rest of the tWo laughed.

McLane tried smelling his breath and looked at Hollywood with contempt. "What do you want Hollywood?"

"Well, i was thinking. tonight's match between George and Billie should be a...........LUMBERJACK match." Hollywood told him, her eyes slanting.

"A lumberjack match? hmmmmmmm. sounds good. okay, let's do it. we will have the tWo and my group of WOW girls surround the ring, and if George or Bronco Billie gets thrown out....." Mclane tried to say.

"...she gets tickled for a minute by the lumberjacks, then thrown back in. let's call it a ticklejack match." Hollywood finished.

Mclane smiled. "I like it. i like that idea. a ticklejack match! you're on!!" Mclane announced.

Hollywood got up out of her chair, picked up her belt, and she and the rest of the tWo walked out. Hollywood high-fived her cronies. she had a plan.........

Julie Day stood with Bronco Billie, ready to begin her interview. Julie looked at Bronco Billie, and began her interview. "Billie, tonight you take on tWo member Gorgeous George. we just found out that it will be a lumberjack match. but this is no ordinary lumberjack match. it is a ticklejack match. tWo vs WOW. what are your thoughts?"

"Well, i was ready for Gorgeous George. but now that it is a ticklejack match, i am really looking forward to the match! i mean, we get the tWo in one spot. we can keep an eye on them. we also get a chance to dish out the same torment they have been giving us. i got to go Julie!!! i am so excited!" Billie said, then walked off.

Julie Day watched Bronco Billie walk away, and she smiled. looks like things were turning for the WOW women. then she saw shadows coming towards her. she gasped! Hollywood and the tWo approached her and surrounded her.

"Hi Julie....." Hollywood almost sang. "We need a warmup tonight. girls..."

Chyna held Julie Day from behind and Julie struggled. Chyna clamped the full nelson on Julie Day. Julie tried kicking, but there was no escape. Daffney and Mystery each grabbed a leg. now the reporter was helpless. Hollywood got closer to her then wiggled her fingers into Julie's belly. Julie tried holding in the laughter, but couldnt hold on much longer. Hollywood dug into her ribcage and Julie exploded in laughter!


Hollywood then ripped off Julie's blouse, exposing her bra, and her bare skin. Col. Ninothcka then joined in and began to scrape her nails on the smooth hollows of Julie's armpits. her body was bucking, but she couldnt get free of the iron grip that the tWo had on her. the sensations that pulsed through her body was maddening. her mind flashbacked to all the memories when Riot had tickled her body down to her soul. now, it was happening again. Julie's body became limp and she endured the tickling torture. Hollywood motioned Gorgeous George to tickle Julie's ribs. Hollywood then walked over to where Julie's feet were. she simply plucked the heels off and Julie's soft, and very sensitive feet were exposed. Hollywood took out her ball point pen and wrote the letters of T-W-O all across the soles. Julie passed out. the tWo laid her on the ground and laughed. they would come back for her later.


The music hit and Bronco Billie came out to a standing ovation. twirling her lasso, Bronco Billie walked down the ramp in a confident manner. she high-fived a few fans and finally made it to the ring. dressed in her blue cowgirl wrestling outfit, with white cowboy style boots, Billie waved to the crowd. then the music of Beckie the Farmer's daughter hit and Beckie came out dancing a two-step to the delight of the crowd. she made her way the ring and stood on the ring apron. then Ice Cold came out and was surprised at the ovation she got. she figured all must be good as long as it isnt the tWo. she made her way to the ring, and Beckie actually high-fived her. Ice Cold looked at her in shock, then smiled. then Riot made her way out. swinging a baseball bat, she also was shocked to hear the reaction of the crowd. she made it to the ring and nodded towards Bronco Billie. deep down, she didnt like anyone in WOW, but now she needed to be a part of the "team". Lana Star's music then hit and the blonde bombshell and her personal assistant, Patti Pizzazz made their way to the ring. when Lana and Patti made it to the ring, Ice Cold stood in their way. Ice Cold extended her hand, and Lana stared at her. Patti then shook Ice Cold's hand, then implored Lana to do the same. Lana shook Ice Cold's hand, although reluctantly. there was no love lost between those two. then finally, the music of Terri Gold hit and the former WOW champion made her way to the ring to a huge ovation. she got in the ring and she patted all of her teammates on the shoulder and gave Billie a hug. tonight, the WOW girls make their stand.

then the music of the NWO hit and the tWo made their entrance. Hollywood appeared first, the title belt firmly around her waist. then the others made their appearance. they all walked down the ramp, smiling, pointing, taunting the WOW girls who stood in the ring. Hollywood and the others made it down to the ring, and Gorgeous George then stepped into the ring. dressed in a tight, revealing tWo shirt, with cutoff black jeans and black military style boots with a thick heel on them, she made her entrance. she rolled her eyes at Bronco Billie and the WOW girls got out of the ring. Beckie, Terri, and Lana stood on one side of the ring, while Ice Cold, Riot and Patti stood on another side. for the tWo, Hollywood, Mystery and Daffney stood on one side, and Chyna, Ninothcka and Francesca stood on the final side. in the ring, George and Billie stared each other down. the bell rung.

they immediately tore into each other. George tried punching towards Billie, but Billie blocked the shots then slapped George across the face. George reeled, then Billie followed up with some chops against George's chest. the crowd chanted "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" with each slap. Billie then whipped George off the ropes and followed up with a hard clothesline. George hit the mat and writhed in agony. Billie picked up George by her blond hair then promptly tossed her over the top rope onto the side where Beckie, Terri, and Lana stood. the three immediately grabbed George and held her. Terri held her arms and Lana and Beckie dug into her ribcage and underarms.

"HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE NOOOOO!!!!" George giggled.

the trio continued to tickle George, then when a minute was up, they tossed her back into the ring. Hollywood and the tWo were screaming, but it was all part of the rules. Billie then straddled George and began slapping her across the face. she picked up George by the hair again, then scooped her up, then slammed her. Billie went for the cover. 1.....2....KICKOUT! Billie then grinned again, then tossed George over on the side where Riot, Ice Cold and Patti stood. again, George was pounced on. as she laid on the floor, Riot held her arms down and Patti plunged her nails into the exposed armpits, while Ice Cold played with her belly.


the WOW girls took full advantage of their minute of free tickling, then tossed George back into the ring. Billie again went after George. she hoisted the blond up into a suplex, then George's body crashed into the canvas. Billie went for the cover again. 1...2... KICKOUT!! Billie looked over at her friends and was about to toss George again, but this time George began to punch Billie in the stomach. when Billie hunched over, George took advantage quickly and pushed Billie out of the ropes where Hollywood, Mystery and Daffney stood. they attacked Billie like wolves to a deer. Mystery tickled under Billie's arms while Hollywood tickled her ribcage. Daffney began squeezing Billie's thighs, causing the brunette to shriek!


the tWo continued there tickle torture. the minute was up, but they got in a few more seconds of tickling, then tossed Billie back into the ring. the other WOW girls were screaming about the extra time, but the referee crew that was present just shrugged. insults and threats were being yelled across the ring. the situation was getting tense. meanwhile back in the ring, George was putting the boots to Billie's tummy. Billie clutched her belly in pain. George then picked Billie up, then body slammed her, much to the delight of the tWo, who cheered her. George pointed over to Chyna and then tossed Billie into the waiting arms of Chyna. this time Francesca, Ninotchka and Chyna tormented Billie, tickling her upperbody. the minute was up and right before they tossed Billie back into the ring, Chyna sucker punched Billie in the jaw, then they tossed her back in. this immediately prompted a shouting match between all the ticklejacks. Billie was a little dazed and George then delivered a DDT. Billie laid prone on the mat. George went for the cover. 1......2....kickout. Billie barely managed to move her shoulder up. George slapped the mat in frustration. she then rolled Billie onto her stomach, then straddled her back. she then began to glide her fingers along Billie's sides, causing Billie to giggle. the giggles turned into snickering, then a slow stream of laughter came out, then full blown torturous laughter came out. she wiggled on the mat, trying to get away, but George sat on her and wasnt going to let her tickle toy get away. Billie's legs were kicking and her body wiggled wildly. when her feet laid on the mat, they were in arms reach of Chyna. Chyna reached in and tried to remove the boots. the referee crew admonished her and Chyna released her grip of Billie's boot. the WOW girls again yelled threats. George continued her tickle torture. every once in a while, she would run her finger along Billie's spine, sending a chill down Billie and causing her to shriek in hysterical laughter.

Billie's eyes filled with tears. the tickling was unbearable. but she saw Beckie and Terri cheering her on. she knew she had to keep fighting. she tried crawling towards the ropes, but George just tickled harder, tickling her right where her waist and back meet. Billie lost it. she laughed harder. this was getting to be too much. George looked over at Hollywood and winked. she stood up and then sat back down facing Billie's feet. she removed Billie's boots with ease. Billie was exhausted. the boots were then tossed out of the ring. George quickly took off the socks, exposing Billie's pink, tender barefeet. she then picked Billie up by the hair, then tossed her out of the ring on Hollywood's side. the tWo pounced. this time. Daffney and Mystery each held an ankle and presented Billie's soles to Hollywood. Hollywood then scrabbled her nails all across the ticklish soles and Billie went into hysterics!!! her toes wiggled wildly and her feet thrashed about. the minute was up and Billie was tossed back into the ring. George grabbed an ankle and dragged her foe to the middle of the ring. George then hit the ropes and tried to deliver a legdrop, but Billie managed to move out the way. George clutched her rear end and moaned in pain. Billie then started to kick George. George laid back on the mat and Billie collapsed on the mat right by George's feet. Billie sucked in some more air, then realized where she was. she reached over and began to unlace the boots. lace by lace got undone and she could hear the WOW girls cheering her on. she also heard the tWo yelling at George to get away. George recovered and kicked Billie in the head. she stared at her unlaced boot and got pissed. she then picked up Billie and tried to toss her out the ring, but this time it was Billie hitting George in the midsection, then as George hunched over, Billie delivered a DDT. Billie didnt apply the move perfectly, but she still managed to have George's head bounce off the mat. she then saw George stirring on the mat in pain. she knew she had to get those boots off. she crawled over to George's feet and finished unalcing the boots. she pulled each one off and looked at the thin white cotton socks on George's feet. she peeled them off quickly, but by this time George had recovered. she began to get up and noticed her feet were bared. she got pissed and pushed Billie into the ropes. she slapped Billie a few times across her chest, then went against the opposite ropes so she could clothesline Billie out of the ring. George didnt realize she was on the WOW side of the ring and when she tried to deliver the clothesline, Billie did a back body drop on George and George went flying out of the ring. Riot, Ice Cold and Patti then went after George, tickling the newly bared feet. George was in hysterics. her soft feet were once again being tickled. she screamed but there was no mercy. Riot attacked those feet with vigor. the minute was up, but Riot got in a few more tickles, then tossed George back into the ring. Billie then grabbed George and then went for her bulldog move. when she started running, George pushed her off and Billie crashed to the mat. Billie then got back up, then was met with a flying dropkick right in the mouth. she felt George's soft feet connect solidly on her chin. she was dazed. George then looked at Hollywood and Hollywood gave the throat slash sign.

George then folded Billie's legs and crossed the ankles. then she folded them against Billie's own rear end. she then began to stroke the bottoms of Billie's feet. Billie laughed immediately.


George continued tickling the feet of Billie. she tickled the soft short toes and Billie was convulsing. she tried reaching for the ropes, but she was in the middle of the ring and her feet were being tickled. she felt George's fingers probe her toes. Billie wanted to quit. the tickling was way too much.

outside the ring, the ticklejacks were shouting towards each other. then Daffney and Ice Cold stood eye to eye and were screaming obscenities towards each other. the referees tried breaking them up and putting them on their respective sides, but then Daffney sucker-punched Ice Cold. Ice Cold retaliated, then soon they were fighting. the other ticklejacks then joined in on the melee. in the ring, George just kept tickling Billie's feet, grazing her nails across the soft balls of the feet. Billie began to tap. BUT the referee in the ring was distracted by the commotion on the outside so he never saw Billie tapping. George just continued her tickling and Billie kept tapping. then out of the melee, Lana Star managed to crawl into the ring with her mirror. she then cracked George in the back of the head with the mirror. George was laid out. Lana then dragged Billie on top of George and got out of the ring. the referee turned around and counted. 1......2.......3!!!!!!!

the bell rung and the commotion outside of the ring stopped. each respective side realized who won. the tWo was pissed. the WOW girls then celebrated. Billie then rolled out of the ring when the tWo members got in the ring. the WOW girls cheered and celebrated on the outside of the ring. Billie was being held up by Beckie, while Lana, Ice Cold, Riot, and Patti taunted the tWo. Hollywood was beside herself. 3 losses in a row and two in one night!!!! as the WOW girls made their way back up the ramp. Hollywood just glared at them. this has gotten way out of hand!!!!!!

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