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07-16-2003, 01:14 AM
here's another excerpt from the world of Kat. enjoy!

Ah, so you guys do want to hear what happened to poor Chona. she is such a cutie! she is only 5'1", about 100 pounds. she is a cute Asian girl, only about 19 years old. her black hair is always up in a bun, and she has such an infectious laugh! just to hear that sweet sound always made me so damn hot! i was dying to know if she was ticklish. just as ticklish as her laughter! so, one day she was sitting in a chair indian style. her sandals were off and i could see her sole peeking out from under her leg. ah, so cute! her soles were tanned, but what really stood out was her long toes. this girl's toes were LONG!!!! so, i walked up to her and "dropped" my pen. she looked at me and i then reached down to get my pen. as i was on my way up i quickly zapped my finger along the undersides of her toes! her reaction was immediate and deafening.

"DON'T!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ! that tickles!!!!" she cried out.

"I'm so sorry, it just looked so tempting. are you that ticklish?!" i asked.

her eyes popped open. "YES!!!! i am SO ticklish!!!"

"Really?" i asked, now getting very wet. "Where are you ticklish?"

"EVERYWHERE!!!! under my arms! my sides, ribs, belly, knees, my FEET!! even my eyes are ticklish!!"

i giggled at her response. "Man, are you really that sensitive?"

"Yes!!! you dont even have to touch me! all you have to do is wiggle your fingers and i am a complete mess! he he he he he he he he" she said with the cutest giggle.

SPLASH!!! that was the sound of me getting very wet and horny! i just had to torment this girl. she didnt realize it, but now i would make it a life goal to tickle torture this Asian cutie. i needed a plan. c'mon Kat!!! think of something! but what?:confused:

days went by, and i almost lost my mind again when i saw her playing with her friend. they were cracking jokes on one another. then i saw and heard the most interesting dialogue. Chona had put her foot up towards her friend's face, and then i saw her curl her toes, but leaving the middle one extended. she was flipping off her friend with her toes!

"Damn girl!!! you can make your toes do that?" her friend asked.

"Yeah!! cool huh? my toes are so long, they're almost like fingers!!!" she giggled back. then she started demonstrating the dexterity of her toes by picking up pencils and paper!!:wow: then i saw her friend reach out and stroke the bottom of her foot. she laughed loud and HARD. she quickly put her foot down and tucked it away.

"Dont do that!!!" she yelled at her friend.

"that's for flipping me off!!!" her friend cracked back. they continued their banter, but i just sat there drooling. i had to tickle those feet. any means necessary!!!!

then i had an idea. midterms were coming up soon, so i invited her over to study. we had economics together, so she accepted.:firedevil

like a innocent deer walking into a bear's cave, she followed me. we got into my room and she looked around. she noticed all the "girlie" stuff, like some hand crafted dolls and things like that. she also saw something peculiar sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall.

"What's this?" she asked.

"oh, that?" she was looking at my own crafted stocks, that i had someone make me. it wasnt a very big stocks, just a board with two ankle circles cut out in the middle, supported by blocks of wood to give it balance. it could open and close. "it's nothing, just something i made...."

"what does it do?" she asked curiously.

"not much. i got it as a decoration.." she would know what it was soon enough.

"Oh, okay...." she put them back down. she continued to look around the room.

i then dropped something and kicked it under my bed. "Damn!!!"

"what's wrong?" she turned around.

"I dropped my highliter and it rolled under the bed. i have to get it." i then dropped to my knees and tried to get under my bed. now my bed is very low to the ground. normally, i would just roll the bed around and retrieve any object that rolled under there. but, i had an ulterior motive. i tried reaching under the bed, and even tried crawling under it, knowing full well i couldnt. "dammit, i need that highliter!" i moaned.

"can you reach it?" she asked.

"Uh! NO!!!" i got up and looked at her. "Hey, you're small enough. can you try crawling under the bed and getting it for me?" i said so innocently:angel:

"Yeah, let me give it a try. i am so tiny anyway." she said and she got onto her belly and began to crawl under the bed. this girl was skinny! she wriggled her way under my bed and got very deep under there. "It's a little tight under here, but i think i can reach it." soon, she was under the bed, with just her calves and ankles sticking out from under the bed.

"Are you okay under there?" i asked. (he he he he he he he he he he)

"i got it!! but i think you need to pull me out. i think i'm a little stuck." she said. (he he he he he he he he he he he he he he).

"okay, i'll try." i grabbed her ankles and acted like i was pulling. i moved her a little, just to make her think i was trying, then i let her ankles drop. i started giggling.

"Hey, what's so funny?"

if she only knew what her fate was....poor poor child. "I'm just thinking how helpless you are in this position. so trapped, so vulnerable..." my wetness started coming. this was too good to be true.

"Get me out of here! Kat? keep pulling!!!" she struggled. if she actually kept trying she may have gotten herself out.

but we cant have that happen can we? i grabbed my makeshift stocks, then sat on her calves. i had to wipe some drool away, knowing i am so close to my goal in life!

"What are you doing? get me out of here! Kat!!!" she cried out.

i then placed her ankles in the stocks and clamped it shut. i padlocked it and now she was trapped. i got off her calves and faced her feet, sticking out of the stocks, while the rest of her body was under the bed. trapped!!!! her feet were pointing toes down and i stared at the bottoms of her shoes. i was getting dizzy just thinking about those precious prizes that awaited for me under those shoes and socks.

"Get me out of here!!! c'mon!! what are you doing?" she began to plead.

"You know Chona, you are in such a vulnerable position. you need to relax. stop struggling. i think you need to get comfortable though." i began to untie her shoelace slowly. i could feel the knot disappear while pulling on the lace. i did the same for the other shoe. her feet were wiggling, but i still dont think she knew what awaited her. i pulled her shoe off her heel, exposing the white socked heel and that cute little cotton ball just jiggled there.

"K-Kat? w-what are you doing? why are you taking my shoes off?" she asked. i could tell by the tone in her voice that she was nervous as hell.

"Nothing. just making you more comfortable. you know Chona.." i began as i removed both of her shoes and began to peel off the socks. "... i saw you the other day with a friend of yours and i noticed the most interesting thing...." i went on. the sock now came off her heel, exposing the tender skin. i slowly pulled the sock down when i saw her arch. "....you have such amazing toes. it's like a child's hand almost. i want to see these toes up close."

"K-Kat??? dont take my socks off...." she was really worried now.

I pulled the sock off, exposing her foot. i took a deep breath and looked at it's beauty. she's a size 7 foot, quite big for her size, her sole was tanned, the arch was low, but still well defined and her toes. OH_MY_GOD. her toes were divine. skinny, but yet so well shaped and so long. i then took another deep breath and pulled off the other sock, now exposing both of these narrow, tender, and i already knew just how sensitive feet! "You know Chona, i'm going to tell you what i'm going to do..." i said teasingly.

"W-what?! C'mon Kat, this isnt funny anymore!"

"i'm glad you mentioned 'funny'. because it will be funny when i am tickling your feet!!!"


"Oh, but i will. see i am going to tickle your feet. not a little bit, not a lot, but i am going to tickle your feet FOREVER!!!" i threatened.


"I'm going to tickle your heels, then your arches, then those tender balls of your feet, then i will torment, torture , and tickle the living hell out of these wonderful toes! then i will use my pen and S-L-O-W-L-Y write on your feet! then to clean them off, i will use my electric toothbrush!!!!" her feet were wiggling madly now.


"Then after i clean them, then i will taste them. hmmmmm chocolate syrup and toes taste great. i will use my tongue to lick up all the chocolate and then i have to wash your feet again! ready?" i asked.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! HA HA HA HAHA HA HA DONT DO THIS!!! DONT TICKLE MY FEET!!! I'LL DDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" she screamed as i raked my nails along her long narrow soles. this girl screamed her head off and i could see the bed moving from her struggles. her toes spasmed open and close and her feet wiggled wildly. my nails scratched against the tender soles at a rapid pace. i circled my index fingers on both of her heels, eliciting the most delightful laughter from her vocal cords. i LOVED her laugh, and she was going to laugh for me for a LONG time. it was Friday night. i had all weekend if i wanted to! let me tell you that she has the most ticklish heels one has ever touched. this girl wasnt lying when she said she was ticklish. the mere touch of my fingers sent this girl into unmerciful laughter. this was just her heels! i took about 5 minutes just tickling her heels. i stopped and she was still laughing. i stopped for a minute and she was still laughing. good! now it was time to tickle her arches. my fingers glided across the arch and she screamed louder. i think i touched a hot spot! my fingers went into spider walking along those arches and man did she roar!!!!! the way her feet wiggled and tried avoiding my tickling fingers were so cute! i tickled, teased and tickled her arches for over 20 minutes! my sadistic side crept in. i let her catch her breath, then i tickled those arches/insteps some more, scrabbling all over her skin. this went on for another 10 minutes and i stopped. i had to let the poor girl breath.

"oh God...oh God....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha *snort* *cough* please..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha stop tickling my feet." she said already exhausted.

i wanted to push this girl's limits. i looked at her feet wiggle and squirm although i finished tickling her a minute ago. i went to another room to collect my other toys. you know, pen, chocolate syrup, toothbrush. i felt she had a long enough rest. i then scrabbled my fingers wildly across the balls of her feet. again, maniacal laughter. she shriek, begged, cursed, laughed so hard, i began to wonder if she was becoming demon possesed. but all thoughts of feeling bad for her went out the window as i continued tickling these fleshy mounds of the balls of her feet. "Is Chona a ticklish girl? oh yes she is!!! she is so ticklish!!! tickle tickle tickle!!" i taunted. i saw my bed bounce up and down from her struggles to get free. it must suck being 100 pounds trying to move a bed that weighs more than her! a cool 20 minutes went by and i stopped tickling the balls of her feet i could hear her hoarse from all the laughter she's done. ah, poor baby! TOO BAD. now it was time for these toes! i stroked my finger across the undersides of the toes and did she scream!!! i thought she was too tired to laugh. guess i was wrong!

i tickled those toes good. i tickled the toe pads. i tickled the base of the toes. i held her toes back with one hand and teased the toe stems with the other hand. i attacked the soft, oh so delicate skin between the crevices of her toes. i felt her toes straining to close as i forced them open. i could hear her cry now. tough luck Chona!!! "Hey Chona, i have a proposition for you. if you can flip me off with your toes, i will stop tickling. deal?" i knew this girl was too weak. i love playing games.

"mmmmmm.......no more....he he he he he he stop......" she moaned.

"C'mon Chona! you can do it. just flipped your toes off and i'll stop. i promise!" :devil:

"he he he he he....no...more tickling..he he he he he he.." she moaned some more. then she did it! she managed to flip me off using her toes!!! it was so cute. i admired her determination. then the "horns" came out of my head!

"WHAT? you flipped me off?!!! why would you do such a thing?!!" i exclaimed. i attacked her toes!


she laughed and laughed and laughed. her toes were flailing wildly and i attacked her soles again. 10 minutes passed and i stopped. time to use my magic pen!!!! i took the pen (dark blue, my favorite!) and slowly dragged the pen down the length of her soles. she screamed like a banshee. it was nonstop, tortourous laughter as i wrote all over her feet. i made circles, i played tic tac toe. i wrote song lyrics. i made fast circles. i covered her feet completely in ink. even you toe stems were covered! i looked at these now blue wiggling feet and smiled. i dont think i saw any of her foot's natural color. i must say i did a great job! it took me 15 minutes to cover her feet. her shrill laughter was heavenly to me. now she was wheezing heavily. but was i done? NOOOOOOOOOOO. i couldnt leave her feet like this could i? what am i? an animal? i took that electric toothbrush and i cleansed her "soul". pun intended. she felt the whirring of the bristles clean each and every wrinkle of her feet. she was in that silent, wheezing laughter now. i could see the natural color of her feet again. the ink was coming off under all the soapy foam. i looked lovingly at her toe pads, seeing the "prints" come out. finally i was through!!! i dried her feet off and was pleased by the result. her feet were tinged a pink color, mixing with the tan color of her soles. her feet wiggled slowly. i loved watching them twitch.

"K-kat....please...no more he he he he he he no more....." she moaned.

"Oh no my cute little friend! time for me to really enjoy this. do you like chocolate? i do! escpecially chocolate covered feet!" i then took the Hershey's syrup bottle and squeezed the syrup all over her soles. the cold syrup made her laugh some more and i made sure her feet were properly doused in the stuff. then i bent down and slowly licked my tongue up the sole of her foot.

"NOOOOOOO DONT LICK MY FEET!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!" her second wind came back i guess. my tongue licked all the chocolate off her sole, and she went into hysterical cackling when my tongue went between her toes. i felt my tongue lap up the syrup from the toe stems, feeling her delicate toe skin on my tongue. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! tastes so GOOD!! i made slurping noises as my tongue sucked up the syrup from her soles. i began to suck her toes, making sure i got all of the chocolate. i heard her cry and moan and laugh hysterically. i was getting so aroused right now. my pants were soaked with my juices and i savored every last drop of the chocolate. her feet were so yummy! after 20 minutes (with chocolate seconds and thirds!!!!) i licked her feet cleaned. my head so was so dizzy from the erotic undertones, i could barely keep my senses about me. i saw her saliva glistened soles and got the toothbrush again. i cleaned the soles again, dried them off. then i planted a gentle kiss on both of her arches. she was beyond hysterical. her feet twitched nervously. i had to let her go now. i unlocked the stocks and took her ankles out. i grabbed both of her ankles and i pulled her from under the bed. she was a sweaty mess. she was so weak and so helpless. i just let her lay there. she went to sleep right there on the floor. i kissed her on the cheek and let her lay there. i looked at her feet once more, picked up a foot and kissed the pads of her big toes, which actually made her feet wiggle. and i had to go to the bathroom and "pleasure myself." then i fell asleep.........

the next morning, i woke up and i saw her sleeping on the floor still. poor girl. i let her sleep for a few more hours then i woke her up. she got up and sat down. the look on her face was so angelic.


"Yes Chona?"

"Why did you do that to me last night? i never been tickled like that before."

"Well, i couldnt help myself. i cant believe your feet were that ticklish. i'm sorry, i didnt mean to keep on torturing you like that. you're not mad are you?"

"well, at one point i was. but, after a while, i lost all emotion. i just laughed and laughed and laughed. i'm not mad at you, but that was still cold blooded."

"I know, but you have such cute feet. i just got caught up in the moment." i hugged her and apologized some more. she smiled and we had breakfast together.

"Just dont tell anyone about this okay?" she asked.

"Of course. it iwll be just our little secret okay? only you and me will ever know what happened (and the rest of the TMF!!!!!)".

so, that's what i did to poor Chona. she was very careful to keep her shoes on around me. i got to tickle her some more, but nothing like what i did before. oh man!!! she was so sweet!!! but wait till i tell you about what happened to Heidi! or, do you want to hear anymore stories?