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07-16-2003, 07:58 PM
okay fans, glad you enjoyed the 1st episode, now it is time for part 2!! again, i appreciate all of those who liked this series. if you have any story ideas, feel free to let me know. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com Hollywood can be found at www.webkitten.com and Lana Star can be found at www.absolutelana.com check them out!!

Hollywood paced inside the tWo locker room. she was pissed that she didnt get back at Lana for hitting her with a mirror. Lana moments before escaped out of the arena with Patti Pizzazz in a limo, and Hollywood was just inches away from nabbing her. the other members of the tWo stood by and watched their leader fume while pacing.

"Hey Hollywood, dont worry about it. we will get Lana Star and that ditz Patti." Chyna told Hollywood.

"Yeah Hollywood, Lana's time will come and you will be champ again." Daffney chimed in.

"I WANT THE BITCH NOW!!!! it just burns me up that she is champ. she didnt even beat ME for the title. she beat that washed up has been Terri Gold!! if Terri wasnt such a damn wimp, i would still be champ right now!!!!" Hollywood yelled.

"hehehehehehehehehehe, ah Hollywood....." Sable laughed.

Hollywood looked at her with an angry look. "What's funny Sable?"

"Nothing....." the blond bombshell replied.

Hollywood then got into her face. "answer me! is there something funny that you want to share with the rest of us?"

"it's you Hollywood!! look at yourself. you are on a rampage over Lana Star!!! Lana freakin Star!!! the tWo is in control remember? by the way you're acting, Lana is in control. get a grip will you?" Sable replied.

Hollywood fumed. how dare this newcomer tell her how she should feel. "Lana is NOT in control!! I AM!!!!" Hollywood said very firmly.

"then act that way. look, you will get another shot at her. just be patient. when the time comes, she will get what she truly deserves. but for now, let's concentrate on a plan to get her back. let her have her laugh now, but let's focus at the task at hand." Sable said very calmly.

Hollywood began to cool down. she hated Sable already, but she did have a point. "you're right. Lana's time will come. payback will be a bitch!! i think we need to teach her a lesson though........" Hollywood told the group.

the tWo huddled closer together as they began to formulate a plan of revenge against the new WOW champion, Lana Star.


ICE COLD vs FARAH the Persian Princess

Farah the Persian Princess made her way down the aisle to a decent ovation. dressed in her gold belly dancing outfit, that exposed her bare belly, and her long, gold wrestling boots, she made it to the ring and waved to the crowd. Farah was intense for this match. she was proud of Ice Cold when she took on the tWo, but now she is an opponent and she also never forgot the time when Ice Cold humiliated her by tickling her and then stealing one of her boots. Farah had payback in mind.

Ice Cold's music hit and the "cold one" made her way down the aisle. dressed in a silver top, silver skirt and her long silver boots, Ice Cold made it to the ring. tonight, she wanted to send a message to the tWo, particulary Mystery and Sable. at TOTAL CONTROL, she was embarrassed and humiliated at their hands. she wanted to show Mystery and Sable that no one messes with her. the bell rang and she immediately went after Farah. Farah saw Ice Cold charging her way and planted her boot into Ice Cold's midsection, causing her to hunch over. Farah then did a knee-lift and Ice Cold hit the canvas. Farah followed up with an elbow, then went for the cover. Ice Cold kicked out after a count of 1 and when she stood up, Farah dropkicked her and Ice Cold fell out of the ring. Ice Cold slapped the ring apron in frustration. she looked back into the ring and saw Farah motioning for her to get back into the ring. Ice Cold got back into the ring and Farah slapped her. Ice Cold went into a rage and as she charged again, Farah did a drop toe hold, causing Ice Cold's face to bounce off the mat. Farah then put Ice Cold into a headlock and wrenched hard.

Ice Cold struggled, but finally made it to the ropes. Farah broke her headlock, stood up and began to kick Ice Cold on the back. she then picked Ice Cold up by the hair and flung her across the ropes. Farah tried to deliver a clothesline, but Ice Cold ducked, bounced off the ropes and then did a flying body press on Farah. 1....2....KICKOUT. Farah kicked out and stood up, but this time she was greeted by a clothesline from Ice Cold. Ice Cold looked down on the fallen Farah and snarled. she then began to kick Farah's belly repeatedly. Farah curled into the fetal position and Ice Cold grabbed her long hair. picking up Farah, she then scooped her up, and slammed her HARD into the canvas. Ice Cold was annoyed by Farah. she then picked up Farah again and slammed her again. Ice Cold knew she could finish off Farah shortly, but then she smiled. she wanted to humiliate Farah. she then grabbed Farah's ankle and then put on the figure four leglock. Farah screamed in pain. the ref asked Farah if she wanted to quit, but Farah refused. she saw the crazed look on Ice Cold's face, but she tried to fight it. then she felt the pressure lessen. she looked up and noticed that Ice Cold began her boot that rested in Ice Cold's lap.

"NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! DONT!!!! PLEASE!!!!" Farah screamed.

Ice Cold chuckled. she loved playing with her victims. she pulled the laces free and then began to pull off the golden boot of Farah. she then casually tossed the boot across the ring. she stared at Farah's socked foot. she grabbed the tip of the big toe and smiled.

"my my my!!! what do we have here? what's under this sock huh? i wonder what this sock is hiding...." Ice Cold taunted.

"PLEASE DONT!!!!!!!" Farah begged.

Ice Cold then began to peel off the sock of Farah. the sock was pulled off the soft heel, then the sole, and finally off the toes. Ice Cold laughed when she saw the wiggling toes of Farah. Farah's foot was beautiful. it was about a size 7, with high arches. her foot was tanned like the rest of her, but the sole was a flush tan and pink. the skin looked so soft and tender. the toes were medium length and had a slight plumpness to them. Ice Cold then began to play "this little piggy" with Farah's feet.

"this little piggy went to market!!! this little piggy stayed home!! this little piggy had roast beef!! this little piggy had none!! and thiiiiiiiiiissssss little piggy, just like the rest of the foot is TICKLISH!!!!!!!!" Ice Cold sang, then she raked her fingers across the delicate foot bottom of Farah. her fingers sank into the tender flesh and Farah went into hysterical laughter.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Farah laughed hard.

Ice Cold was enjoying herself. she loved watching the laughter pour out of Farah's mouth. she loved hearing Farah's screams. she loved the way Farah's foot wiggled wildly, trying to avoid her tickling fingers. she found a sweet spot, just under Farah's toes that really caused Farah to scream. the referee asked Farah if she wanted to quit and Farah began to tap the mat. she couldnt take it anymore. the bell rang and Ice Cold tickled the foot a little bit more. finally she broke the hold and Farah laid on the mat, crying and humiliated. Ice Cold's hand was raised and she grabbed Farah's boot. she was going to keep it as a trophy. Ice Cold then look to the ramp and saw Sable standing there. Ice Cold's face turned into rage and she started yelling obscenities towards Sable. Sable simply smirked, then began to walk down the ramp. Ice Cold was egging her to get into the ring. Sable made it to the ring floor and stood there. Ice Cold was begging her to get into the ring. Sable smiled at Ice Cold.

suddenly, Mystery got into the ring and attacked Ice Cold from behind. Mystery began to stomp and kick on Ice Cold. Sable got into the ring and began to kick Ice Cold with the pointy tip of her high heels. Mystery then held up Ice Cold and held her arms. Sable then slapped Ice Cold across the face. Mystery then took the stunned Ice Cold and performed a pedigree on Ice Cold. the cold one was dazed. Sable and Mystery high fived each other. then they each grabbed a boot of Ice Cold and began to unlace it. they then pulled off the long boots and then peeled off Ice Cold's long socks, exposing her barefeet. with each woman holding an ankle, they then each slowly traced an index finger along the barefeet of Ice Cold. Ice Cold reacted with hard laughter, but then Mystery and Sable let go of Ice Cold's ankles. Ice Cold sat up and saw Mystery and Sable get out of the ring smiling. they each held a boot of Ice Cold and then left, taking the boots with them to the music of the NWO. Ice Cold sat in the ring, looking at her barefeet, then looking back at them. at the top of the ramp, Sable and Mystery held Ice Cold's boots high into the air like trophy's, then left to the back.


Julie Day stood next to Terri Gold, ready to do her interview. Julie cleared her throat and began. "Terri, at TOTAL CONTROL, you had the chance to regain your world title. unfortunately, things didnt go your way and it was you who tapped out to Lana Star. Terri, what are your thoughts about your match?"

Terri looked at Julie, then looked into the camera, then back at Julie. her demeanor was still of heartbreak. "You know Julie.... that match at TOTAL CONTROL was crushing. i had a chance to become WOW champion again, and i failed...." Terri then began to choke on her words.

"it's okay Terri. i just want to let you know that you tried your best, and there is no shame in that. a lot of us here in WOW still feel that you are the true champion." Julie told her, almost forgetting that she was supposed to be doing an interview.

"thanks Julie. i just want to let the fans know that i am really sorry that i let you down. but, i promise. if i get another shot at the title, i will once again become WOW cham-...." Terri tried to say.

Hollywood entered the interview session. "Terri, Terri, Terri. do you know just how much of a loser you are?"

"What do you want Hollywood?" Terri asked, seething.

"you are a failure! why are you telling the fans that you're sorry? they already know that you suck and once again, LOST another big match. gee Terri, when will you stop choking?" Hollywood taunted.

"Listen Hollywood, i outta...." Terri tried to say.

"You outta what? submit again? everyone knows your weakness and how you submit. those big ticklish feet of yours are easy targets. you cant beat anyone." Hollywood told her.

"a lot of us are ticklish, including YOU. as for beating anyone, i know i can beat you!!" Terri exclaimed and then got into Hollywood's face.

"hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!! oh really? do you honestly believe that? you have never beaten me. you couldnt beat me in a non title match, then you lost your belt to me. face it Terri, i OWN you. you cant beat any of the tWo. in fact, how about you against Gorgeous George next week?" Hollywood challenged.

"You're on!!!!" Terri replied.

"See you next week loser......." Hollywood then walked off.

Terri stood there fuming. her pride was challenged and she knew next week was going to be a big showdown.

okay fellas, how was this episode? again, sorry there wasnt more tickling, but i do have to build the story. dont worry, once the overall storyline is created, then there will be longer matches and a lot more tickling. i hope you enjoyed it so far!! feedback welcome.