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07-16-2003, 08:26 PM
thanks for all the great feedback!! this series has been fun. what happens to poor Jennifer in this episode? read on!!

"I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!" Jennifer pleaded as she was being dragged down the long, dark corridor. she knew where she was going and she pleaded with everything she had.

"i suggest you shut up Jennifer, otherwise your punishment will be MUCH WORSE...." Warden Fiola warned Jennifer. the Warden was enjoying this moment. she now had another chance to play with Jennifer. she was going to savor this opportunity.

"please.....please Warden! i didnt do anything!! it was Bertha!!" Jennifer continued to plead.

Warden Fiola simply smirked at her. the guards led Jennifer into a dark room. Jennifer noticed that it wasnt the Warden's office. she didnt know where she was. she knew it didnt bode well for her. the light was clicked on and Jennifer's eyes grew wide open with fear. in the room, it looked like some kind of dungeon. it had an X-frame, a bird cage like cell and lots of chains that hung from the ceiling. the guards placed Jennifer in the bird cage type cell and left. Warden Fiola stared at her captive. Jennifer cowered in the cage, frightened of her predicament. she saw the Warden stalking towards her like a cat. the Warden made her way to the cage and stared at Jennifer.

"so my sweet little Jennifer, what should i do with you hmmmm?" the Warden purred. "you have been a naughty girl. what should i do to a naughty girl like you?"

Jennifer started to cry. this was getting to be too much for her. this had to be the longest, most horrific day in her life. she had been tortured all day long. it was only a few hours earlier she was in the Warden's office. now she was back in the clutches of this woman. this woman who loved to torment not only her body, but her very soul.

"goodnight my sweet Jennifer....tommorrow, we being your punishment.." the Warden told her. she then actually dropped a long blanket type covering over the cage as though Jennifer was actually a pet bird.

inside the cage grew dark and Jennifer just closed her eyes. she was so thankful that she wasnt going to get tortured tonight, but knew that tommorrow was going to a long, long day. she curled up on the floor on the cage and cried herself to sleep.

Jennifer woke up startled. the blanket over the cage had been removed and a bright flashlight was in her face. she squinted her eyes trying to make out the figure holding the flashlight. a voice came out and it didnt take Jennifer long to figure out who it was.

"wakey wakey my sweet Jennifer.....rise and shine!!" Warden Fiola told Jennifer very sweetly.

Jennifer woke up and immediately began to plead. "please Warden!! can i please go back to my cell. i promise i will behave!!! i promise!!"

"it's too late for that Jennifer. i saw you abusing and trying to torment another inmate. i will not tolerate that in my prison. now be a good girl and tell me what you were trying to do to poor, defenseless Jade." the Warden instructed her.

"she started it!!! she wrapped me in a blanket and she...she..."

"she what?" the Warden asked licking her lips.

"she tickled me!!! she tickled my feet!!!" Jennifer blurted out.

"so, what were you doing to Jade's feet?" Warden Fiola asked.

"i....i...i was tickling them. but, Bertha made me do it!!" Jennifer yelled.

"i saw Bertha standing there. i didnt see Jade tickling you. i didnt see Bertha tickling you. i saw you tickling Jade's cute little feet. now, i cant have you abusing inmates for your pleasure. that is MY job. it's play time Jennifer!!!" the Warden told her. she then opened the cage and grabbed towards Jennifer. Jennifer tried backing away, but she was trapped. the Warden smiled and snapped her fingers.

two guards came in and reached into the cage and grabbed Jennifer. Jennifer was pleading, begging, doing anything she could to set herself free. but, she was so small, these strong guards had no problem grabbing her and dragging her to the X-frame, that now laid horizontal to the ground. strapping Jennifer's wrists and ankles to the tips of the frame, Jennifer was now bound and trapped. while the guards were strapping Jennifer down, the Warden went into another room. the guards finished strapping Jennifer down and left. Jennifer was alone and her mind was racing. she was spread-eagle on the X-frame and there was nowhere she could run or hide. she heard a door open and what she saw scared her even more. it was warden Fiola. only this time, she wasnt dressed like the Warden. she was dressed like a dominatrix. Warden Fiola was dressed in all black, with long black leather boots, long black leather gloves, skin tight leather pants and a leather blouse with her cleavage appearing as though it would just bust out of the seams. Jennifer shook her head. this couldnt be happening.

"now my pet!! now i will truly abuse you. as you can tell, i love dominating women. that's why i became a Warden. i wanted to have my way with you criminal women, so that i can dominate them. mnake them do my bidding." the Warden told Jennifer. she then kissed Jennifer on the forehead. "you have to be the most beautiful plaything i have ever had. i will really enjoy this Jennifer. let's begin!!" the Warden said with excitement.

Jennifer was now scared out of her mind. the Warden was some crazy dominatrix bitch that used her power to torment prisoners. Jennifer felt chills go up her spine. she saw the Warden slowly walk towards her upperbody. she saw the black glove fingertips of the Warden unbuttoning her prison shirt. one by one the buttons fell open. soon, the Warden opened up the shirt and exposed Jennifer's bra and her bare belly. she felt the cold tips of the fingertips carress her stomach.

"hehehehehehehehehe stop!!!! c'mon!!! not again!!!" Jennifer began to giggle.

the Warden continued her teasing of Jennifer's belly. she drew lazy figure 8's with her fingertips on the soft skin of Jennifer. Jennifer began to giggle more. the Warden then poked Jennifer's ribs.


the Warden then plunged her fingers into the ribs, making sure she touched each and every one. Jennifer's body began to thrash about and laughter poured out. the dungeon was soundproof, so Jennifer could scream as loud as she wanted. the tickling continued for 5 minutes, then the Warden stopped. she put her head down and used the tip of her tongue to poke Jennifer's belly button. Jennifer laughed some more. she felt the wet tongue swirling in her belly button and it felt maddening. the Warden's tongue then ran a path from Jennifer's belly button, up her stomach, all the way to the outskirts of the bra. the Warden looked into Jennifer's eyes.

"i think we need to get rid of this bra...." she purred. she then grabbed some scissors. Jennifer's eyes popped open, then realized that the Warden was going to cut open the bra.

*snip* the bra was cut right in the middle. the Warden smiled as she removed one side of the bra off Jennifer's breast, then the other, revealing Jennifer's beautiful breasts. the Warden rubbed herself between the legs. she loved the pink nipples that were there before her. she loved how Jennifer's breasts were nice and melon shaped. they looked so soft, so tender, so ticklish!! she then began to fondle Jennfier's breasts and began to lightly tickle their undersides. Jennifer's breasts then began to jiggle under the tickling torment.

"tickle tickle tickle!!! are these titties ticklish? YES THEY ARE!!! YES THEY ARE!!! TICKLE TICKLE!!! OOOOOOH, TICKLISH TITTIES!!!" the Warden teased.

Jennifer screamed in laughter. her breasts were definitely ticklish and there was nothing she could do. she felt the leather tips stroking her bosom. she could feel the hands squeezing her chest, tickling every sensitive nerve in her breasts. her nerve endings hit the roof when she felt the Warden's lips nuzzling her pink nipples.


the Warden then began to lick the very tip of the nipple, causing it to grow rigid. she then began to lightly bite the nipple, pulling and tugging at it. she repeated the procedure with the other one. Jennifer was a mess. she felt the Warden straddle her, and when she opened her tear soaked eyes, she saw the Warden holding a feather. an stiff owl feather!!!! her voice left her as the tip of the feather slowly made it's long cruel path on her breasts, circling the nipples. Jennifer lost it. her eyes clamped shut and she just let the laughter pour out of her mouth. minutes passed and the feather tickling continued. the Warden made sure she got each and every inch of ticklish breast skin. she then turned her attention to the exposed armpits of Jennifer. they look so soft and inviting.

"tell me sweet Jennifer....are your armpits ticklish too?" the Warden asked. she didnt even give Jennifer a chance to answer.


that would be a "yes" to the Warden's question. Warden Fiola plunged her fingers deep into the hollows of Jennifer's armpits. she then stopped. she removed one of her black leather gloves. she wanted to feel the skin herself. she slowly grazed her fingertips on the surface of the ticklish hollows and she noticed goosebumps appearing on Jennifer. she then attacked away at the hollows, causing Jennifer to roar in torturous laughter. the Warden soaked in the laughter. every shrill sound Jennifer made only made the Warden hungrier for more. she looked at Jennifer's face and a twisted smile formed on her face. she then took her owl feather and used the tip to tickle the nostrils of Jennifer. Jennifer shrieked as she felt the owl's tip tickling her nose. this was more of an annoyance, than torture, but she couldnt even move her head. the Warden held her head still with one hand, and used the other hand to tickle her nose with that damn feather. the feather outlined her entire face, tickling her eyelids, her nose, her lips, her ears and her cheeks. Warden Fiola was going to tickle each and every sqaure inch of Jennifer. Warden Fiola looked at Jennifer's tormented face. Jennifer looked so helpless, so vulnerable. as Jennifer continued to laugh with reckless abandon, the Warden then began to kiss Jennifer. Jennifer's mind went ballistic. she felt the Warden's tongue invading her mouth, playing with her tongue. she didnt know what to think. she didnt know what to do. this sadistic woman was going to torment her every way possible. the kiss finished and Jennifer looked up into the Warden's eyes. she could see they were filled with lust.

"mmmmmmm.....delicious!!! i love playing with you Jennifer. you are just so sweet. i just want to eat you up!!! in fact, i think it's time we work on your lowerbody........" the Warden cooed.

sorry fellas, i have to break it here. after all, i hope you guys want a part 9, just to see what happens when Warden works over the rest of Jennifer. comments always appreciated.