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thanks for the many comments on the last chapter. i really do appreciate it, and i am glad that so many people are enjoying this particular series. here is the next episode, let me know what you think!

Jennifer laid on her bed, face down, pants and panties still around her ankles, and cried. she was remembering her recent ordeal with Bertha. Bertha had tickled tortured her body in front of some inmates, forcing her to have an orgasm and laugh uncontrollaby in front of all those women. she felt so ashamed, so embarrassed. usually her torture was with one person, maybe 3 people at the most. but this time it was about 20 women laughing at her plight. Jennifer cried some more. she then felt a hand touch her shoulder gently. she turned her head and saw her friend Jade.

".....y-yeah...*sob*..." Jennifer mumbled.

"Jennifer, what happened to you? you look like a complete mess.." Jade asked as she sat down on Jennifer's top bunk.

"*sob* *sniff*...Bertha....." Jennifer cried again.

"Again??? i'm so sorry Jennifer....was it that bad?" Jade asked.

"YEAH!!!! she tortured me Jade!!! she tickled me in front of a crowd!!" Jennifer yelled, her eyes red and wet.

Jade hugged Jennifer's shoulders. "I'm so sorry Jennifer. damn, why cant they just leave you alone...."

Jennifer cried some more. Jade pulled up Jennifer's pants and panties and laid next to Jennifer, trying to console her. Jennifer cried the rest of the night then finally fell asleep with Jade next to her.

morning finally came and Jade woke up. she saw Jennifer laid out peacefully. it was probably the most peaceful moment that Jennifer had in a while. Jade felt bad for her. Jennifer was the prison tickle toy, exclusive property of Bertha, but also belonged to the Warden. Jade too felt the urge to tickle this beautiful, small blond woman, and she got to do it before. but, she felt close to Jennifer and decided that she couldnt join in on the fun anymore, although she loved hearing Jennifer's cute laughter. she loved how soft Jennifer's body was, especially her feet. Jade stared at Jennifer's form and wondered if she could sneak in a tickle. she didnt get the chance as some guards came by and raked their nightsticks against the bars, signaling that it was breakfast time. Jennifer woke up and saw Jade looking at her. Jennifer felt good that she had one friend in this hell called Shady Pines. she heard the nightstick and got up. she and Jade got ready and soon they found themselves in the cafeteria.

Jennifer had a rock hard roll dropped on her metal tray and sighed. she missed the cuisine meals she had before she was convicted of embezzelment and sent here. then she drop her head again as a gray substance was plopped on her plate, probably oatmeal. as she walked thru the line, with Jade right behind her, she saw a group of women staring at her. in that group of women were Latifah and Shonda. they started cat-calling Jennifer.

"hey snow princess!! why dont you sit over here? we want to hear your sweet giggles again!!" Latifah cried out.

Jennifer ducked her head in shame. she couldnt stand the fact that they were teasing her. she was reliving the humiliation again.

"hey tickle toes!!! we're over here!!!! show us those ticklish feet!!" Shonda teased.

"Leave me alone!!!" Jennifer shouted back.

"awwwwww, snow princess is getting upset!! you better remember the last time you got upset with us. you just might end up cumming in front of ALL of us!!" Latifah threatened.

Jade then had to interject at this point. she couldnt stand to see her friend laughed at, and threatened. "shut the hell up bitch!!" Jade yelled.

"who the f*** are you?!!!" Shonda shouted back.

"I'm your f***ing momma bitch!!!" Jade screamed.

the inmates in the cafeteria all turned their attention to this exchange. shouts of "fight!!" and "get that bitch!!" rang throughout the room. the guards quickly came into the room, and by this time, Jade and Shonda were face to face. the other women in the cafeteria were hyped at this exchange. here was a 5'0" tall Asian woman, standing in front of a much bigger opponent. the guards quickly came between them, and then the Warden entered the room.


the guards quickly began to clear the room, but the Warden had some guards hold Jennifer in handcuffs.

"what did i do?!!" Jennifer asked.

the Warden faced her favorite inmate. a cruel smile formed on her face. "i have you, because i KNOW you started it...." she purred.

"NO!!!! I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!! SHONDA STARTED IT!!!" Jennifer screamed. she knew what the Warden had in mind.

"Jennifer, i know you started it and my dear.......you need to be punished." the Warden smiled.

Jennifer's eyes popped open. she knew what was going to happen to her and she didnt want any part of it. "NOOOOO!!!! I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!!! I SWEAR!!! PLEASE DONT PUNISH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Jennifer screamed.

"hey Warden, why dont you leave her alone. she didnt do anything!!" Jade yelled out.

Warden Fiola turned her head and faced Jade. Jade was struggling with the guards in her handcuffs. the Warden smiled again. "well then, i think you need to be punished too......."

"NOOOO!!! LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!" Jennifer screamed.

"isnt that sweet!! look at the two of you trying to protect one another. i guess i have to punish you both. after all, i cant have you two starting fights in MY prison. guards, take them away....." Warden Fiola cooed.

the guards then began to drag away Jade and Jennifer. Jennifer knew what was coming and she also knew that Jade was just in much trouble as she was. the guards quickly subdued, then pinch a nerve in Jennifer's and Jade's neck, rendering them unconscious.

Jennifer awoke and found herself in a familiar place. the Warden's dungeon. she noticed that she was strapped to an X-frame and was in a standing position. she was relieved that she was still clothed, although she knew that wouldnt last too long. she looked up and saw that Jade was strapped on the floor, spread-eagled, with her ankles tied down to some stakes in the ground and her wrists above her head, also strapped down to some stakes. Jennifer remembered being in that position. she saw Jade awaken, and noticed the look of fear in Jade's eyes.

"Jennifer!!! W-where the hell are we?" Jade asked.

"remember that dungeon i told you about?" Jennifer asked.

"yeah..." Jade mumbled.

"well, here it is. Jade, i am so sorry i got you into this!!" Jennifer apologized.

"it's not your fault..." Jade replied.

the door of the dungeon opened and both women's eyes popped wide open. Warden Fiola walked in, but she wasnt dressed as a prison warden. she was dressed in a dominatrix type outfit. she wore a tight, leather top that exposed her cleavage, and wore a black leather skirt that could barely be called a skirt. she wore black, sheer nylons and on her feet, she wore black stilletos. she had bright red lipstick on her lips and her blond hair was tied back into a ponytail. she also wore black leather gloves. her lips were in a snarl and she walked with a purpose towards her two "slaves".

"good afternoon my pets....i trust that your little nap was refreshing." the Warden asked.

"what in the hell are you dressed in?" Jade asked.

"you will address me as your mistress from now on worm!!!" the Warden spat back and kick Jade in the ribs.

"DONT!!! YOU'RE HURTING HER!!!" Jennifer screamed.

the Warden walked over to Jennifer and grabbed her chin. "that's enough out of you!!! you want your turn now?!!" the Warden asked.

".......no...." Jennifer mumbled as she held her head down.

"No what?" the Warden asked. her cruel eyes focused on Jennifer's head.

"......no Mistress....." Jennifer replied.

"Mistress!!! are you some kind of freak?!!!" Jade shouted, still shocked at her surroundings and the Warden's attire.

the Warden turned towards Jade and slowly walked over to her bound form on the floor. she knelt down besides Jade's head and placed her face into Jade's. "you sure do have a lot of spunk!! tell me Jade, is your body ticklish like Jennifer's?" the Warden cooed.

AHAHAHA!!" Jade exploded in laughter.

the Warden began to run her nails on the sides of Jade's ribs. she dug her fingers in deeply and Jade screamed loudly. the Warden soaked in the laughter and continued her torture. she didnt like the orange prison shirt that Jade was wearing and quickly ripped it off, leaving Jade in her bra.

"now, let's see how ticklish this skin of your is!!! tickle tickle tickle tickle!!! the Warden laughed as she tickled Jade's exposed ribs. the Warden was delighted to find out that Jade's skin was so soft, so smooth. she felt the crevices of Jade's ribs and tickled harder. she liked how Jade was bucking and squirming, trying to keep her ribs away from the Warden's tickling fingers.


the Warden continued her torture. soon, she straddled Jade's upperbody and continued to tickle the ribs of Jade. Jade couldnt squirm now, so she had to feel the fingers probing and digging into her ribs. her eyes were now shut tight, and that was a good thing as she could have been staring into the Warden's cold, cruel eyes. Jade laughed and laughed and laughed. she had never been tickled this long in her life. usually she could escape someone tickling her, but she was never strapped down and vulnerable to a cruel woman's ticklish designs. minutes passed and the tickling of the ribs continued. Jade was now in silent laughter. the Warden enjoyed this moment. she knew that she had a super ticklish victim and she was going to exploit it. she never knew someone like Jade, a small Asian woman who was in prison for murder, could be so helpless and so exquisitely ticklish. she then stared at the exposed, hairless armpits. she just had to test those.

"i wonder if you're ticklish here....tickly tickly tickly!!!" the Warden taunted as she then scraped her glove tipped fingers across the smooth hollows. Jade exploded in laughter. she tried to arch her back, but the Warden continued to straddle her. the Warden began to drive her fingers deeper and deeper into the armpits and Jade cried out in agonizing laughter. Jennifer on the other hand watched the Warden torment her friend. she knew all too well what it was like to be tickle tortured by the Warden and she felt for her friend. but she also was aware that she was probably next, so she kind of hoped that the Warden would tickle Jade forever. after all, better Jade than her.

Jade continued to scream. she felt the Warden's fingers probe her armpits, then slide back down her sides and across her ribs. Jade's mind was racing a thousand miles per second. she wondered when this horrendous tickling would end. then her eyes popped open when she felt her bra pop open, exposing her small, but firm breasts. she gasped as the cool dungeon air carressed her nipples.

"ticklish boobies?" the Warden asked. she then began to tickle underneath Jade's breasts.


the Warden really enjoyed this laughter. in fact, she felt a little wet from it. she was really getting turned on by watching this cute Asian woman laugh her head off from her breasts getting tickled. she then began to squeeze the sides of the breasts and Jade only roared louder. the Warden began lightly squeezing, then plunging her fingers underneath the breasts and Jade roared. her breasts jiggled wildly, but they couldnt escape the Warden's tickling fingers. then Jade's eyes nearly rolled in the back of head when the Warden flicked her finger on the tip of Jade's nipple. the Warden continued to tease the nipples and Jade just giggled away. the nipples began to turn rigid at the teasing touch, and grew even more sensitive. the Warden then bowed her head and used the tip of her tongue to stroke the nipples. Jade's body went rigid and a huge laugh came out of her mouth after a huge moan. Jade was in hell now. she never had her breasts tickled before and now she was thankful she never did until know. she didnt know her breasts were this ticklish. she felt the Warden's tongue glide along her areolas, then her nipples and it drove her insane. Jade prayed that she would mercifully pass out. the Warden sensed this, then resumed her rib tickling. Jade once again exploded in delirious laughter. she squealed and whimpered like a school girl as the Warden continued to tickle her breasts and upperbody. what seemed like days, but was only an hour had finally passed and the Warden stopped. Warden Fiola stood up and walked over to Jennifer.

"now Jennifer my dear, where should i tickle Jade next?" she asked.

Jennifer, who just witnessed the horrendous tickling that Jade received was now being asked where to torture her friend. "i dont know......" she mumbled back.

"tell me Jennifer. tell me to tickle her feet, or i will tickle your sweet body right now!!!" the Warden threatened.

Jennifer knew she was going to be tickled soon. but not now. "Mistress...tickle her...." Jennifer started.

"tickle her what Jenny dear...." the Warden asked.

"tickle her....tickle her feet....." Jennifer gasped.

"did you hear that Jade? Jennifer here told me to tickle your feet. we cant let her down can we?" the Warden laughed.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Jade screamed.

the Warden knelt down by Jade's feet and easily pulled off the canvas shoe and tossed it across the room. she then removed the other shoe as well. grabbing the tips of the socks, she tugged them off of Jade's feet and exposed her vulnerable bare soles. the Warden giggled to herself as she stared at Jade's feet. they looked like a size 6, with short cute toes, and the soles were quite meaty and looked very tender. she removed one of her black gloves and slid a red polished fingernail up the length of Jade's sole. the impact was immediate.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Jade screamed like a banshee.

the Warden quickly ran her nails up and down Jade's ticklish sole and loved the reaction. she saw Jade's back arch up and come back down as she tickled the pudgy toes. Jade was absolutely beside herself. she couldnt stand having her feet tickled, and now she was trapped. she felt the fingers glide up and down the arch, then attacked the fleshy ball of her foot. she then felt the other hand attack her other foot, and soon, both feet were being tickled. Jade's head flopped back and forth, suffering the effects of foot tickle torture. the Warden grabbed the meaty big toe and pulled it away from the other toes. she stared down at the crevice and it look so soft, so inviting. she then plunged the tip of her fingernail in the warm crevice and felt Jade's body convulse as though electricity just shot through it. Jade's feet bucked wildly and the Warden had a hard time holding her finger in the toe crevice, but she managed. she tickled that toe crevice with a passion and was rewarded by Jade's hysterical cackling. she then began to attack all of the plump small toes and absorbed the laughter. this went on for minutes. the Warden loved tickling these toes, almost as much as tickling Jennifer. another 20 minutes passed and she stopped. Jade was breathing heavily and tried to suck in as much air as she could. her breath left her again as she felt her pants get ripped off, leaving her in her panties. then she pulled up a chair and sat it next to Jade's ribs.

"ah Jade, you are such a cutie! i am really enjoying this!! but you know, my feet are tired from being in these heels. maybe i should take them off...." the Warden purred. she then removed one of her stilletos, exposing her nylon covered foot.

Jade looked up and saw the Warden's nylon covered foot. the red polish showed easily through the sheer stockings, and she wondered what the Warden was up to. she then saw the Warden place her foot on her crotch. Jade moaned as she felt the warmth of the foot on top of her panty covered womanhood.

"oooooh, nice!!!!" the Warden moaned. "like my toes Jade? i hope you do...." the Warden teased. then she slowly ran the tip of her toes across the panties and felt Jade's body shiver. she then ran the tip of her toes up to Jade's belly, then used her toes to tickle the soft flesh.


the Warden continued to tickle Jade's belly with her toes. she stuck her big toe into the belly button and Jade went ballistic. her body writhed in ticklish spasms as the toe invaded her navel. Jennifer looked on and was mesmerized. she saw the Warden's toes tickle Jade's belly and wondered how that was going to feel on her. she snapped out of her trance and saw the Warden looking right at her!!

"your turn..........."

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