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07-16-2003, 08:36 PM
okay fans, i finally found a chunk of time for me to write. i hope you enjoy this next chapter in this series....

Jennifer's eyes went wide when she saw the Warden walking towards her. she was still strapped in a standing position on an X frame. she had just finished watching Warden Fiola tickling her only friend in this prison, Jade. she saw the Warden strip Jade, and torment her delicate Asian body. she cringed when she saw the Warden tickle her feet, as she knew what it felt like to get tickled. now she saw the Warden stalking her, with lustful eyes. as soon as the Warden was close, Jennifer closed her eyes and dropped her head.

Warden Fiola approached Jennifer and loved the reaction her pet gave her. she got close to Jennifer, then used the tip of her fingers and placed them under Jennifer's chin. she lifted Jennifer's chin, so now Jennifer's face was looking into hers. she saw tears forming in Jennifer's eyes. she knew she was in complete control. "My sweet little Jennifer....you are soooo adorable!!" the Warden cooed into Jennifer's face.

"please Mistress.....please dont do this....." Jennifer mumbled.

"i cant RESIST!!!" the Warden shouted. she then grabbed the neckline of Jennifer's shirt and easily ripped the front of the shirt open, exposing Jennifer's bra. she slid the ripped shirt off, then she pulled the bra off, revealing Jennifer's ample, but very soft, very sensitive breasts. her fingers touched Jennifer's pink nipples, and Jennifer's body shuddered. then the Warden began to lightly drag her fingers along Jennifer's sides and noticed Jennifer started to squrim in place.

"hehehehehe...please dont....hehehehehahahaha...stop!! that tickles!!" Jennifer giggled.

"i know it does....kitchy kitchy koooooo!!!! i want to tickle YOU!!" the Warden laughed as she continued her tickling of Jennifer's upperbody. her fingers scurried across the smooth tender belly of Jennifer and Jennifer lost it.


The Warden continued her torture. her fingers loved feeling Jennifer's soft skin. she then plunged her nails deep into Jennifer's bellybutton, which only sent Jennifer into hysteria. the Warden LOVED hearing Jennifer's laughter. it was so sweet, so innocent, so very intoxicating. it only fueled her more, and she then attacked Jennifer's ribcage. Warden Fiola tickled each rib individually, including the spaces between each rib. a wicked smile formed on her face when she saw Jennifer's mouth wide open, showing all of her perfect white teeth and her laughter pouring out like fine wine. she loved how Jennifer would squint her eyes, and tears falling down her cheeks. she loved how Jennifer's laughter would change when she would tickle another part of her body. she would tickle under Jennifer's breasts and Jennifer would have a very shrill laugh. she would tweak and tickle the ribs and a giggly laugh would come out. silent laughter comes out when her belly button is played with. Warden Fiola wanted to tickle Jennifer forever. and she would tonight.


the Warden turned her head and saw a defiant Jade staring at her. Jade was worse for wear, but still had fight left in her. the Warden's eyes closed to slits. Jade felt bad for Jennifer. she felt the Warden's tickling fingers, but she knew she wasnt as sensitive as poor Jennifer. she had to do something.

"so my sweet little Jade, you feel bad for my pet? tsk tsk! remember, she was the one who told me to tickle your feet!! now, you have pity for her?" the Warden asked.

"YOU made her tell you to tickle my feet!! leave her alone! cant you see she's had enough already!" Jade yelled.

"Jade, my sweet Jennifer knows this is nothing!! this is only the beginning. but, i do have to admit she may be a little uncomfortable. i should have her lie down!!" the Warden said.

Jade watched as the Warden began to unchain Jennifer from the X frame. Jennifer was weak already and she collapsed into the Warden's arms. she dragged Jennifer's helpless form over to a table, that resembled a stretch rack. she strapped Jennifer's wrists and ankles, then used stretched out her form. Jennifer began to moan in a little pain. her body was now completely taut.

the Warden licked her lips. Jennifer looked so appealing, so vulnerable, so inviting. she then turned her attention to Jade, who was still strapped onto the floor. she went over to a wall and pushed a button, then some prison guards came in to assist her. they unstrapped Jade from the floor, and Jade began to struggle. but the guards easily overpowered her, then strapped her to the wall, where Jennifer used to be. Jade struggled against her bonds. the guards left, leaving the Warden alone with her two prisoners.

"now Jade, you get to watch Jennifer laugh some more. admit it, you know you love watching Jennifer get tickled. i do recall you tickling her as well......" the Warden told her.

Jade dropped her head. the Warden had a point. she did in fact tickle Jennifer before, and loved the way Jennifer would beg and plead for mercy. she felt bad for her friend, but deep down, she wanted Jennifer to get tickled. she wanted to see Jennifer get tickled, and tickled sexually.

the Warden went over to Jennifer's feet. she began to pull off the canvas shoe, when Jennifer began to realize what was happening. her eyes grew large when she saw the Warden holding her canvas shoe.

"NOOOO!!! PLEASE, OH PLEASE MISTRESS!!!! NOT MY FEET!!!!" Jennifer begged, still surprised that she had called the Warden "mistress".

Warden Fiola's eyes only grew more lustful. she tossed the shoe aside, then peeled off the sock, revealing one of her favorite spots. Jennifer's feet. she loved looking at the small, size 5 (or was it a 4 1/2?), tender, soft, pink ticklish foot. she loved the short little toes. she loved how the arch was a little creamy white, while the rest of the foot was a nice shade of pink. the Warden could feel herself drool. she then quickly pulled off the other shoe, and sock, then stared at the other exposed foot. she saw Jennifer's toes curl tightly, anticipating their torture. she loved how the wrinkles formed on Jennifer's soles when she would scrunch her toes. she drew her face closer to the bottoms of Jennifer's feet.

"*sob* please mistress.....please please please dont tickle my feet... *sob*" Jennifer began to cry. the tickling was getting to her. she hoped the Warden would have some mercy on her. her feet were still sensitive to the last tickling she received.

the Warden then took the tip of her fingernail and placed it on the ball of Jennifer's sole. she felt Jennifer's body tense up. Jennifer's body was stretched so tight, the Warden knew she wouldnt be able to squrim. she would just have to take it. there was no escape for what she wanted to do to Jennifer's body. the then slowly slid the finger down the length of Jennifer's sole and was hoping to get a good reaction. she wasnt disappointed.


hearing Jennifer's laughter set something off in the Warden. she furiously attacked both soles, having her fingers scurry over the soft skin. she was rewarded with horrendous laughter coming from Jennifer's lungs. she tickled the heels and Jennifer roared. her fingers inched their way up the soles, not missing a single inch of ticklish flesh. Jennifer wanted to explode. she was so helpless, she couldnt even squrim or move her body. all she could do is flex her toes or scrunch them. her eyes were closed shut and her mouth agape, and laughter flowing freely. the ticklish sensations drove her crazy as the Warden's fingers zig zagged across her feet. she then felt the Warden peeling her toes back on her right foot, forcing her sole to be taut, only to feel the Warden's "evil" fingers stroke and tickle her sole. the ticklish sensations coursed through her body like electricity. the shock got worse when she felt fingers invading the crevices of her toes. a new batch of delirious laughter came out as her precious toes were tormented.

"tickly tickly tickly toes!!!! my Jennifer has tickly toes!! she does, doesnt she?!! ooooh, she is just soo ticklish on her toes!! tickle tickle tickle these sweet toes!!!!" the Warden taunted.

Jennifer wanted to buck her body, but she couldnt. she felt the fingers probe even deeper into her toe crevices. what made it worse was when the Warden taunted her. Jennifer was hoping she would pass out or something. anything to make this torture stop. then the tickling stop. Jennifer began to suck in precious oxygen.

"do i EVER just LOVE your feet!!! i could play with these feet forever my pet!! what about you Jade? wouldnt you just love to tickle these feet?" the Warden asked.

Jade was in lust. she felt bad for Jennifer, but watching Jennifer's feet get tickled made her hot, and she started to get wet. she wished she could tickle those feet.

"how about it Jade? would YOU like to tickle these feet?" the Warden asked with an evil grin.

Jade wanted to shake her head no. but her lust wanted her to say yes. she began to imagine touching Jennifer's feet. she imagined how soft they are, and how ticklish they are. a battle was going through her mind. should she, or shouldnt she?

"while you think about it, i think i'll play with another part of Jennifer......." the Warden cooed as she approached Jennifer's hips. while staring at Jade, she began to seductively pull down Jennifer's pants, revealing her underwear. the Warden pulled the pants down to the ankle straps and stared at Jade. she saw lust in Jade's eyes. she smiled to herself. then she went back to the underwear and touched Jennifer's womanhood right through the underwear. Jennifer's body tensed up. the Warden then began to peel Jennifer's underwear down, exposing her womanhood. soon, the panties were also at Jennifer ankles, and her womanhood was exposed and vulnerable to the Warden's wicked designs. the Warden walked back to the vulnerable spot and began to lightly drum her fingers through the golden hair that was there.

"hehehehehehe.....oooooohhhh......heheheheheheheheh ehe" Jennifer giggled. her vagina was really sensitive.

"such pretty curls!!! but, i think they should be removed!!" the Warden announced.

Jennifer's eyes popped opened. did she just hear the Warden right? she wasnt going to...nah, she didnt possibly mean.... "please dont shave me....." Jennifer begged.

"ah yes, what a good idea! i think i will shave you bald!!" the Warden laughed. she then walked over to her bag of tricks and pulled out a razor, and some shaving cream. she sprayed some cream into her hand and began to lather them up.

"please dont....i dont want to be shaved!!!" Jennifer pleaded.

the Warden only smiled at her. she then began to lather up Jennifer's "curls", making sure the foamy cream got all of her pubic hair. she felt Jennifer tense up, as the cold cream was massaged deeply into the pubic hairs. Jade on the other hand licked her lips. the scene unfolding before her only made her really horny. the Warden noticed this and laughed.

"like what you see Jade? then watch closely......." the Warden said as she then began to apply the razor to the foamy area.

the razor was easily shaving away, and Jennifer began to cry again. this was so humiliating for her. losing her pubic hairs was probably the most humiliating thing that could happen. it meant that the Warden had control of her body, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. she felt the razor take her hair away. soon, the Warden began to wash the remaining foam away and when she was done, her eyes filled with lust as she saw the freshly shaved womanhood of Jennifer. now, she was completely vulnerable. she stared at the pouting lips, exposed, and quite inviting. the Warden was really going to enjoy this. she then took and owl feather and brushed it lightly across the shaven skin.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Jennifer screamed. shaving her only made her even more sensitive down there.

the Warden loved the reaction and continued to tickle the area with her feather. Jennifer's screams were proof to her that she was 100 times more ticklish now. the tip of the feather tickled and teased the outer "lips" and Jennifer screamed like a banshee. the ticklish sensations were a lot worse. every single nerve in her body was on high alert. she felt the feather's cruel tip tease her womanhood. she then felt it tickle her lips, going further into her vagina. Jennifer could only scream.


the Warden continued her feather torture. she then used the quill end to drag above the vagina, right on the sensitive skin where pubic hair used to be. she loved just how soft Jennifer's skin was in this area. as she continued to tickle Jennifer's womanhood, she then lowered her head, used the tip of her tongue and flicked it against the very sensitive clit of Jennifer. Jennifer almost exploded from that touch. her mind turned to mush as the tickling continued, along with the Warden's tongue teasing her. the Warden continued to tease the area, making sure she got each and every inch of sensitive flesh. she kept tickling and tickling and tickling. Jennifer's body was on fire. then she felt a wave of sensations build up, and when the Warden tickle her clit one more time, she exploded. she came, and she came HARD. the Warden looked on as the love juices flowed freely from Jennifer. she then used the tip of her fingers and tickled the smooth sensitive skin above the vagina again, only sending Jennifer into hysterical laughter. the Warden knew from experience that Jennifer grew even more sensitive to tickling after she had an orgasm. she was going to truly enjoy torturing Jennifer. she then turned her head and looked at Jade. Jade's face was staring right at Jennifer. the warden now wanted to make it real interesting.

"want a turn?" she asked Jade.

Jade let her head drop, then finally, her head nodded yes.......

how was this one folks? will poor Jennifer ever have mercy? feedback always welcomed.

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I read the whole series so far and it has me transfixed. Keep up the Fabulous work!