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07-20-2003, 02:18 PM
okay fans, here is the next episode of WOW. i also want to let everyone know that i have my own story archive up, so if you ever wanted to read how this whole wrestling/tickling started, go to the archives. you will see how tickling first started in WOW and all the events that lead up to now. you will also find all my other stories that i have written. dont forget to visit!! now on with the new episode. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com Hollywood at www.webkitten.com and Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com

Julie Day got ready for her next interview. tonight's show was action packed and she knew she would be busy. standing next to her was the newest member of the "Glamour Girls", Sable. Julie began her interview. "Sable, tonight you take on Ice Cold, an old enemy of Lana Star, and your first victim since you entered WOW. are you worried about tonight's match??"

Sable looked at Julie liked she was the dumbest woman on Earth. "Worried? what kind of stupid question is that? Lana was right, you are a moron!!"

"Sorry, i just thought i ask you-" Julie tried to say.

"Fine!! i'll answer your stupid question. am i worried about Ice Cold? does the phrase, HELL NO, mean anything to you? Ice Cold is nothing more than a walking puddle. like you said bimbo, she is an old enemy of Lana Star. it was poetic justice that the first bitch i got to torture was her. now she is looking for revenge. hmmmph!! this will be a walk in the park....." Sable replied cooly.

"But Ice Cold is also a very good tickler." Julie retorted.

"Julie, Julie, Julie. is there a hamster running on the wheel in your head? Ice Cold will be a submissive slave when i'm done with her, and i do have a surprise for everyone. as we all know, the WOW champion Lana Star has a personal assistant, Patti Pizzazz. so will i after tonight. who knows, it just might be Ice Cold......" Sable said as she walked off.


the music of the NWO blared across the PA system and the Disciplinarian made her appearance at the top of the ramp. wearing a black business type coat, covering her purple sleeveless top, long black tights and black boots, her hair up in a bun and complemented with eyeglasses, she strutted down the ramp to a chorus of boos. she had a scowl on her otherwise beautiful face. she also carried with her a yardstick, and when she entered the ring she looked upon the capacity crowd as though she looked at a classroom full of kids. tonight, class was in session and she wanted to teach Boom Boom a lesson. ah yes, tonight Boom Boom will be another disciplined child.

some Hawaiian drumbeats sounded and Boom Boom made her way down the aisle to a good ovation. Boom Boom was one of the stronger women in WOW and was looking for this opportunity to display her power in this match. she was also looking for a big victory as she also thought about challenging Lana for the title. wearing a purple spandex top, with yellow shorts covered by a grass skirt and yellow boots, she made it to the ring and waved to the crowd. as she turned to face the crowd she was attacked from behind.

the bell rang and the Disciplinarian was all over Boom Boom. she punched her several times, then threw her against the ropes. Boom Boom bounced off the ropes and was floored to the canvas by a vicious clothesline. she writhed in pain as she felt the Disciplinarian grab her ankles and split her legs apart. the Disciplinarian then dropped an elbow into Boom Boom's crotch area and she screamed in pain. the referee admonished the Disciplinarian, but she only smiled at the ref. she then dropped a knee into Boom Boom's gut. she casually made the cover. 1.....2...KICKOUT. Boom Boom kicked out, but she knew she was in trouble. the Disciplinarian grabbed Boom Boom's hair and pulled her off the mat. she then tried to whisk Boom Boom against the ropes, but Boom Boom reversed it and it was the Disciplinarian who bounced off the ropes and ducked under a clothesline, bounced off the ropes again and tried a flying body press. but, Boom Boom caught her, then powerslammed her to the canvas. the Disciplinarian was in pain. Boom Boom bounced off the ropes and delivered a splash. she went for the cover. 1......2.....kickout. the Disciplinarian barely kicked out. Boom Boom then scooped her up and slammed her to the canvas again. Boom Boom looked at the helpless Disciplinarian and laughed. thoughts began to go through her mind. she then began to taunt the Disciplinarian.

"why Miss D, you are always so angry!! you should lighten up!! in fact, i think you need to laugh more!!" Boom Boom announced as she then went to Disciplinarian's feet. she grabbed an ankle and rested it against her leg. she then began to unlace the long black boot, and finally unlaced it. she then pulled the boot off and stared at the black sock of Disciplinarian. the crowd went nuts. Boom Boom then tried to peel the sock off. she managed to get the sock off the heel, but Disciplinarian realized what was happening, and using her other leg, kicked Boom Boom in the knee, causing the powerful woman to fall to the canvas clutching her knee. the Disciplinarian rolled her sock back up and had a very angry look on her face.

the Disciplinarian then went on the attack. she attacked Boom Boom's knee, by stomping on it with her one boot, and also drop a few knees into the joint. Boom Boom hollered in pain, as her knee was bent, twisted and pummeled. the Disciplinarian then applied a step over toe hold and Boom Boom screamed. then the Disciplinarian began to unlace Boom Boom's boot. she quickly plucked the strings loose and then pulled of the yellow boot. Boom Boom screamed in pain from her knee, but also screamed when she realized her boot was removed. she knew what was coming. panic set in her eyes as she saw her sock being peeled off. she felt it go off her heel, then her arch, then the ball of the foot, then the toes. her wide size 10 foot was exposed. the Disciplinarian stared at the massive sole. she looked at the meaty pudgy toes and the fleshy sole.

"now you stupid fool, let's hear you laugh!!!" the Disciplinarian yelled. she then ran her fingers along Boom Boom's sole and Boom Boom lost it. she roared in laughter as she felt fignernails dancing up and down her meaty foot. she went into hysterics as she felt fingers invade the crevices between her toes. Boom Boom hated being tickled and especially on her feet. she still felt the painful pressure on her knee, and the tickling was devastating. she didnt want to be humiliated further so she tapped out. the bell rang and the Disciplinarian looked pissed. she didnt want the match to end already. she really wanted to torture Boom Boom.

the referee raised her hand and she quickly went after Boom Boom again. she managed to get Boom Boom up, then kicked her in the stomach, causing her to hunch over. she then pedigreed Boom Boom, and Boom Boom was out. the Disciplinarian then went to Boom Boom's feet and then pulled off the other boot, then the sock, leaving Boom Boom completely barefoot. she then grabbed her yardstick and smacked Boom Boom across her behind, causing Boom Boom to stir. she then grabbed a black marker and went back to Boom Boom's feet. trapping the feet between her thighs, the Disciplinarian then began to scribble a message on the bottom of Boom Boom's feet. Boom Boom laughed hard as she felt the marker's tip drawing on her tender soles. the Disciplinarian took her time writing each letter. she made sure the marker tip pressed deeply into Boom Boom's flesh, causing Boom Boom to shriek and beg in laughter. finally the message was complete. it read: "I am a bad girl!!" on one foot and "T.W.O. for life!!!!" on the other. the Disciplinarian released Boom Boom's ankles from her thighs and stood up. as the music blared, she raised her arms in triumph.


Francesca Le and Col. Ninotchka looked at Hollywood. Hollywood was not in a good mood. Francesca and Ninothcka were still champs, but they didnt win the match.

"what happened out there?" Hollywood asked them.

"things got out of control a little." Francesca replied.

"Da! we didnt take those stupid wenches seriously." Ninotchka chimed in.

"Ladies, we really need to step up. as the only champions in tWo, you have to send a message that we are still the most dominating force here. and as soon as i get my rematch with Lana, then we will be still the most dominating force. now you have to give those trolls a rematch. we cant even interfere. you can lose your titles on a DQ. you are on your own next time. get the job done." Hollywood told them.

"Dont worry Hollywood. next time we face Harley's Angels, they will learn what it is like to be broken completely....." Francesca replied. she and her partner knew that if they dont finish off Harley's Angels, their championship would be a memory.


Sable's entrance music hit and the crowd rose to it's feet. the sultry member of the Glamour Girls was making her entrance. dressed in her black sports bra and a t-shirt covering it and black, tight, spandex shorts, Sable made her way down the aisle. her black boots shined and her sunglasses covered her beautiful eyes. her hair was in a pony tail and went down to the small of her back. there was a cocky smirk on her face as she entered the ring. the crowd booed her heavily and she just simply laughed. she grabbed a microphone and the crowd went silent.

"look at all you people out there!! i have always wondered why there are so MANY ugly women out here tonight. i mean, it is as though the SWAT team came out tonight and beat all of these women with ugly sticks." Sable laughed. the crowd booed, especially the women. ".... and from the looks of it, they did a damn good job with those sticks!!!" the crowd booed even harder. "now now, dont be jealous. because we ALL know the men came here to see me and the women just want to be me!!!" Sable told the crowd while gyrating her hips.

then the music of Ice Cold hit and the crowd went wild. they wanted to see Ice Cold really give it to Sable. Ice Cold made her appearance at the top of the ramp and was actually a little suprised by the crowd reaction. with a smile she walked down the ramp, towards the ring. dressed in her white top and silver shorts, covered with a silver skirt and her long silver boots, Ice Cold focused on Sable. this was the woman who humiliated her at the PPV, TOTAL CONTROL. this is the woman who later stripped her and tickled her naked body. this was the woman who is friends with Lana Star, her old arch enemy. Ice Cold wanted to defeat and humiliate Sable as a way to get back at Lana. she never forgotten that it was her and Lana who really started the tickling craze in WOW. now, she was going to remind everyone that she was just as ruthless as a tickler. she entered the ring and Sable and herself stood eye to eye in the middle of the ring.

the bell rang and the two women were still jawing each other in the middle of the ring. then Sable slapped Ice Cold and Ice Cold slapped her back. Sable tried to slap her again, but Ice Cold blocked it and began to punch Sable. Sable started to reel, then Ice Cold slung her off the ropes and tried a clothesline. Sable ducked and bounced off the other ropes, but then she was met by a dropkick. Sable quickly got up off the mat and was met by another dropkick. then another. then another. then another, until she finally decided to step out of the ring. Ice Cold was fired up and motioned to Sable to get back into the ring. Sable was getting frustrated but she kept her cool. she used to be a women's champion during her days in the WWF, and she was not going to lose control. she calmly got back on the ring apron and waited for Ice Cold to attack. Ice Cold did attack and tried a roundhouse right, which Sable ducked, then she planted her shoulder into Ice Cold's gut through the ropes and as Ice Cold hunched over, Sable then flipped over the top rope into a sunset flip. the referee made the count. 1......2...KICKOUT. Ice Cold stood up and was slung back to the canvas by an armdrag take down. she stood back up and Sable grabbed her arm and twisted it into an armbar. Ice Cold moaned in pain as Sable twisted her arm. Sable laughed, then noticed Ice Cold's exposed armpit. she then poked her fingers into the armpit and Ice Cold giggled.

Sable had released the hold and winked at Ice Cold. Ice Cold was furious. she couldnt allow Sable to tickle her. the two locked up and Sable managed to put Ice Cold into a headlock. Sable wretched the hold and Ice Cold was in pain. she then reached up and goosed Sable's sides. Sable laughed in suprise and released the hold. Ice Cold winked back at her. now Sable started to get angry. she was not going to let Ice Cold tickle her. Sable then let Ice Cold charge her and speared Ice Cold. Ice Cold now laid on the mat in pain. Sable looked at her hurting opponent and smiled. she then pulled Ice Cold off the mat by her hair, then scooped her up and slammed her to the canvas. Sable didnt want to pin Ice Cold, she wanted to humiliate her. she stood over her and slapped her. Sable then pulled Ice Cold up by her hair again, but this time applied the abdominal stretch to her. Ice Cold moaned in pain as she felt her midsection stretching. she then heard Sable's voice in her ear.

"Icey baby, are you ticklish right here?" Sable whispered in Ice Cold's ear as she then slid her fingers along the exposed skin of Ice Cold's ribs. Ice Cold's body jerked a bit and she tried to stifle a giggle. Sable knew she had her and continued to stroke the soft skin. soon Ice Cold began to giggle, and when she did that, Sable then went full force on her ribs. her fingers tweaked each rib and Ice Cold roared in laughter. her fingers then invaded the belly button and Ice Cold's legs turned to mush. she was getting weaker, but refused to submit when the referee asked her. Ice Cold has been tickled before, but somehow when Sable tickled her it was a lot worse. Sable felt Ice Cold's body get more and more limp, then released the hold. Ice Cold crumpled to the mat like a sack of potatoes. Sable then began to strut around Ice Cold's weakened body. Sable's eyes then lit up as she had an idea. she forced Ice Cold over onto her stomach and ran her nails into the hollows of Ice Cold's armpits. again, Ice Cold laughed and laughed. her legs kicked the mat, and her body writhed in ticklish agony. soon her legs stopped kicking and her body calmed down as the tickling wore her down. soon she was just laughing nonstop as Sable continued to tickle her armpits. Sable noticed Ice Cold's body being limp again and laughed. she then began to pull off Ice Cold's top. Ice Cold felt her top coming off, but she was too weak to stop it. Sable stripped off her top and twirled it out of the ring, leaving Ice Cold in her bra. Ice Cold's face turned red with embarrassment. Sable then began to seductively trace her finger down Ice Cold's back and goosebumps formed. as Sable tickled the small of Ice Cold's back, Ice Cold shivered, then she started giggling again.

"...hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe stop tickling me you bitch...." Ice Cold giggled.

"Someone has a naughty mouth!! time for naughty girl to be punished!" Sable taunted. she was definitely enjoying herself. she continued to tickle Ice Cold's ribs and sides and Ice Cold just laughed harder. minutes passed, then Sable stopped tickling Ice Cold. she got up off off Ice Cold and stared at her.

Ice Cold felt so weak. she has never been tickled like this before. Sable was a damn good tickler. she had to figure out a way to get her back before she does become submissive. she started to get up, but then she felt Sable grab her head and hoist her up into a DDT position. Sable delivered the DDT and Ice Cold was barely conscious. Sable then wanted to continue Ice Cold's humiliation. she then unbuttoned Ice Cold's skirt and pulled it off of her, leaving her in her shorts. Sable then winked at the crowd and slowly pulled off Ice Cold's shorts, leaving her in her thong panties. the crowd went nuts as they watched Sable strip tease Ice Cold. Ice Cold began to come to, then realized she had been stripped down to her bra and panties. she grew with shame as she tried to cover herself up. Sable then hoisted up Ice Cold onto her shoulders and delivered a Sable bomb (a la Lesnar's F-5). Ice Cold was now out cold. she laid on the mat, nearly naked. Sable stood over her and gyrated her hips. she stared down at Ice Cold's boots. she snapped her fingers like she had forgotten something. she then went down and unlaced Ice Cold's boots. she then easily slipped off the boots and tossed them out of the ring. she then peeled off the long white socks and tossed them out as well. now Ice Cold wore only her bra and panties. she wanted to remove those, but remembered, this is on TV. she now wanted to play with Ice Cold's size 10 feet. she rolled Ice Cold over onto her belly and folded her ankles against her behind. Sable then straddled Ice Cold's shins.

Sable then stroked her fingers up and down Ice Cold's tender sole. the feet twitched. she did it again and the feet twitched some more. she then tickled the arches hard and Ice Cold awoke and laughed her head off.


Sable laughed to herself as she tickled these soft feet. she then attacked the toes and Ice Cold went ballistic. Sable made sure she got in between each toe, causing Ice Cold to shriek even louder. then she tickled the most ticklish spot on Ice Cold's feet, the balls of the feet. Ice Cold went into silent laughter as Sable tickled her there. Ice Cold was in tickle hell. the referee asked her if she wanted to give up, and she refused. she didnt want to lose, but she wanted the tickling to stop. her whole body was alive with ticklish sensations and feeling Sable's fingernail on the ball of her foot was driving her nuts. minutes passed and Sable continued to tickle Ice Cold's feet. soon, Ice Cold began to pass out. her head rested on the canvas and all she did was giggle. she giggled endlessly, as her feet were tickled. Sable saw Ice Cold passing out and laughed to herself. she stopped the foot tickling and got up. she rolled over Ice Cold onto her back and put her foot on her chest. the ref made the count. 1......2.......3!!!!! the bell rang and Sable was declared the winner. Sable had easily defeated Ice Cold and barely broke a sweat. she looked at Ice Cold's exhausted sweaty body and smiled. she knelt down and kissed Ice Cold on the forehead, then left the ring. she grabbed Ice Cold's clothes and walked back up the ramp. Ice Cold was still knocked out in the middle of the ring, only in her bra and panties. when she woke up, she realized her predicament and left the ring in shame as she heard the catcalls. her barefeet touched the cold steel ramp as she walked. she was so humiliated, but revenge was also formulating in her mind. she made a vow that Sable will pay for this humiliation.

UP NEXT: Lana defends the title against Jungle Grrl!!!

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