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Part 2
"Aunt Vivian!" Linda ran across the living room and hugged her mother's sister. "I had no idea you were coming." She had just returned from the movies.
"It was a surprise, Linda," said her mother.

Her brother Bobby was in the room, as was her father with his head buried behind the paper. Linda saw that her aunt was holding the Midtown Reader in her hand.

"Oh, no. I have never been so embarrassed in my life!" Her picture was right smack dab on the cover, which wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been a photograph of her chained to a wall in a spaghetti-strap sundress. To make matters worse, her little brother and his creepy friend Eddie were standing on either side of her and tickling her under her arms. She looked at her parents and aunt with a defeated look.

"I can't go anywhere in this town without people laughing and pointing at me. How could you show it to her, Mom?"

"It is a good picture, Dear. Come on, have a sense of humor."

"Yes, Linda," said her father, "Attendance at the museum doubled today--people were asking where the girl in the Reader was."

"Well, you can tell them I'm not setting foot in that museum again, especially not in the dungeon. I spent an entire day chained to that wall with people walking through and staring at me."

"Yeah," said Bobby with pride. "Linda was being tortured."

"And you and your bratty friend Eddie did your best to help."

"I only wish I had been there to give you a good tickling myself," said Aunt Vivian. "Remember when I used to tickle you and your sister when you were kids?"

"Yes," giggled Linda. "Whenever we wore our bathing suits, you'd tell us to come over so you could tickle us. You always said that little girls in bathing suits deserved a good tickling." She smiled as she remembered how she and Karen had shyly approached Aunt Vivian and ran away squealing as she tickled their ribs with her long nails, only to come forward again for some more. And Linda saw that Aunt Vivian's nails were longer than ever, and painted bright red. That was fun.

"Obviously your little brother thought you needed a good tickling too. I don't know the story behind this, but I m sure you deserved that."

"I don t think anybody deserved that," said Linda. "God, it's warm in here." "Why don't you go change into your bathing suit?" asked her mother.

"Oh, no. Uh uh." Linda said with a laugh. "I'm too big for a tickling from Aunt Vivian."

"You're never too big for that, Linda," said her aunt. "That's wonderful idea your mother just had. I've missed tickling my niece." She sat down on the couch.

Her mother said, "Oh, come on, be a sport. What do you think, George?"

"Hmmm," was all he said. He didn't approve of Linda s bathing suits. "We don t need her running around here damn near naked."

That decided it for her. "Oh, all right. What harm would it do anyway?"

It really was quite hot in here, after all.

As Linda walked up the stairs to change, her mother and aunt exchanged conspiratorial glances. Turning off the air conditioner had worked.

A half hour later--it always took Linda forever to change clothes--she emerged from her bedroom in a strapless black bikini to find her mother waiting outside her door.

"It took you long enough."

"Oh, Mom." Then she saw that her mother was holding a length of rope in her hand. "What s that for?"

"Turn around and put your hands behind you."


Her mother raised an eyebrow, and said, "You said you were too big for a tickling, so I thought it might make it easier for your aunt if your hands were tied."

"That isn t necessary."

The raised eyebrow inched higher. Linda sighed and turned around, placing her hands behind her back. "Oh, well," she thought. At least her hands wouldn't be above her head this time, and it would surely get a reaction from her father.

Her mother wrapped the rope around her daughter's wrists and tied a square knot. Then, she wrapped the remaining lengths a few times between her wrists, effectively forming the bonds into two separate loops. She tied another knot. "There, that will hold you. Vivian used to tie me up and torment me all the time when we were kids."

"Really?" She was surprised at this revelation. "Didn't that bother you?"

"No, I didn t mind. Sometimes she took my clothes off first. That's when I got a really good tickling."

Linda smiled at the thought of her mother being stripped, tied, and tickled by Aunt Vivian. "I wish I could have seen that. Didn't you ever tell Grandma?"

"No, I never did." She placed her hands on Linda s bare shoulders. "Let's go."

Linda couldn't help giggling at this, being tied up in this bikini in front of her family. It was better than being chained up in front of strangers, like she had been at the museum. She tried working free, but it was impossible.

Her mother took Linda by her arm to steady her and guided her down the stairs, and into the living room. "Hi, Daddy," she said, giggling some more.

Her father looked up from the newspaper, shook his head, and returned to reading the sports section.

Delightedly, Aunt Vivian stood from the couch, clasped her hands, and said, "My, my. If there was ever a girl asking to be tickled, that is it."

"Come over here, girl, and I ll give you something to giggle about."

Linda hesitated, then thought what the hell, it had been fun when she was a child.

Bobby saw the rope holding Linda's hands behind her back and said, "Linda's tied up!"

No kidding, Einstein, how'd you figure that one out?" she answered, slowly approaching her aunt, extremely conscious of her bare midriff and her inability to protect herself.

"Come a little closer...that s it." Aunt Vivian reached toward Linda's sides with her long nails, but before she could even touch her niece, Linda stepped back out of reach with a yelp.

Anticipating this, her mother had moved behind her and blocked Linda's retreat by placing her hands on her bare back. Now, now. There'll be none of that.

Again, Linda approached Aunt Vivian, and this time, she touched Linda's sides, tweaking them gently. She shrieked, bent over forward, and retreated, only to be stopped again by her mother who grabbed the back of her bikini strap.

Now, Linda, if you insist on running away like that, I m going to remove your top.

"You wouldn't," Linda said uncertainly. My, God, her father and brother were in the room!

Her mother pulled on the two loose ends, untying the knot, and the two straps fell free. The only thing preventing the top from falling off completely was her arms holding it against her sides.


"Now, are you going to let Aunt Vivian tickle you?"

"Okay, okay, just tie it back on!"

Her mother tied the top back on, then reached around Linda's bound arms and tickled her stomach, causing her to lurch forward and fall on the couch next to Aunt Vivian who didn't pass up the opportunity. She placed both hands on Linda's bare upper chest and pushed her down onto her back; then, she straddled Linda's hips and dug her fingers into her sides.

The screaming was unbelievable. Aunt Vivian scratched her fingernails up and down Linda s sides, across her stomach, sometimes using her soft fingers instead, always changing the style and direction of the tickling. Linda tried to sit up or throw herself off the couch, but the tickling rendered her so helpless, she was powerless to resist.

Her father and brother got up from their chairs to stand over and watch the two women on the couch. This was fascinating.

Linda's eyes bulged and her breath came in gasps. She struggled against the rope holding her hands, but her mother had tied the knots well. Aunt Vivian was working her way up and down Linda's sides, but had kept the tickling confined to the area between the two pieces of her bikini.

It was when her fingers wandered above the bikini top and scratched Linda s upper sides that Linda did the unthinkable. With a scream, she lifted both bare legs, clamped Aunt Vivian's shoulders between her calves, and threw her onto the floor where she landed unceremoniously in a heap.

"Linda!" shouted her mother as she bent over Aunt Vivian, who was struggling to get up.

"I m fine, don t fret over me."

Her brother Bobby said, "Linda's real ticklish up there."

Aunt Vivian, back on her feet and brushing herself off, said, "Oh, she is, is she?"

Linda, her hands still bound securely behind her, had rolled into a fetal position, trying to recover her breath.

"That was terrible, Linda," said her father.

"Untie me, somebody." Linda was still curled up on her side, moving both arms in a futile attempt to get free.

"Not so fast, young lady. What in the world are we going to do about this?" said her mother. Then she got that smile, that diabolical smile, that Linda new all too well. It was that annoying smile of satisfaction her mother got when she had decided on a punishment that she knew Linda wouldn t like one little bit.

to be continued

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This was a great series. It was one of the first that I read on this website when I first joined.