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08-06-2003, 02:49 PM
okay fans, here is the next episode of WOW. i hope you continue to enjoy the series. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com Hollywood at www.webkitten.com Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com Francesca Le at www.missfrancescale.com

a video montage started showing clips of last weeks show. it showed Lana Star getting her feet tickled by Jungle Grrl, but Patti had the referee distracted. suddenly, Gorgeous George of the tWo ran into the ring and nailed Jungle Grrl with one of Lana's boots, knocking her silly. Lana made the cover and retained the WOW championship. then clips of Sable were shown. she made her way to the ring and introduced her new personal assistant, Stacy "the Kat" Carter, former WWE diva. the final clip showed all 4 women standing in the ring.

the pyrotechnics went off and the WOW show started. the capacity crowd went nuts, anticipating what was going to be a great show. tonight, the WOW tag team titles were on the line as Francesca Le and Col. Ninotchka defended their titles against Harley's Angels in a rematch. also, Chyna was going to take on Bronco Billie, Asian Invasion vs Gorgeous George and Daffney, and Hollywood vs Paradise. suddenly the music of "Money, Money, Money" (Ted Dibiase's old theme) blared across the PA system and the owner of WOW, David Mclane made his way down the aisle. wearing his trademark tuxedo and his trademark goofy grin, Mclane made his way into the ring to a half-hearted ovation.

"Hello Ladies and gentlemen and welcome to WOW!!!!!!" he screamed. the crowd cheered. "I have some major news for all of you fans. this is going to be huge news not only for you wonderful fans, but also to each and every wrestler here in WOW. i am going to announce that there is going to be a new........" Mclane was then interrupted.

the music of the WOW champion, Lana Star, blared across the PA system and the "Glamour Girls", Lana Star, Sable, Patti Pizzazz, and Kat made their way down the aisle. all of the women had huge grins on their faces, except for Lana. she looked a little upset. they entered into the ring and Lana immediately got into Mclane's face.

"Wait a minute you troll!!! what's this big announcement? more importantly, WHY didnt you tell me what is was? not only am i the STAR and EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of WOW, but i am also the CHAMPION. dont you know any important decisions must come through me FIRST!!" Lana screamed.

"Yeah, McTroll!!!" Sable said as she whacked Mclane in the back of the head.

"Now just wait a second here Lana. OW!!! tell Sable to stop hitting me!!" Mclane said as Sable hit him again. ".....anyway, like i was saying, i am the boss around here and trust me, even YOU, or perhaps Sable here will love this idea..."

Lana's eyes grew to slits and Sable got into Mclane's face as well. "Well McCheapo, what is it?" Lana asked.

"Fans, wrestlers, i am going to announce there will be a new CHAMPIONSHIP title here in WOW!!!!!" Mclane announced.

Lana was taken aback. "What??!!! you cant do this to me!!! i am the champion around here!!!"

"Lana, i am not saying that you arent the champ. you are the WOW WORLD champion. what i am talking about is another singles title. i am introducing the WOW Continental championship. the roster in WOW has grown big, so another singles title is needed. that's right fans, there will be an 8 woman tournament to crown the new champion." Mclane continued.

"Who's in it Davey?" Sable said, batting her eyes.

"..uh, i dont know yet. but i will hold a special lottery to decide the 8 women. only 3 women will not be allowed to participate. that is of course Lana Star and the Tag team champions. so ladies, feeling lucky?" Mclane said with a smile.

the Kat handed a mirror to Sable and she bashed it over Mclane's head. he fell like a sack of potatoes. the Glamour Girls walked over his body and left the ring.

Hollywood and the rest of the tWo watched the events on the monitor. Hollywood smiled and faced her group. "Looks like we're going to add another champion......."



the music of the NWO blared and the tWo enforcer, the 9th wonder of the world Chyna made her way down the aisle with her stone cold look plastered to her face. dressed in a leather top which accentuated her cleavage and exposed her firm tight belly, along with leather, low cut shorts and thick soled black boots, Chyna made it into the ring. with her hair tied back in a ponytail, Chyna was all business. after humiliating Riot several weeks before, she wanted to continue to torture the women of WOW. tonight, she was going to make an example out of her opponent, Bronco Billie.

some country music played and Bronco Billie made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in a white cowgirl hat, with a white blouse, covered by a blue shiny vest, blue shorts and her white cowboy boots, Billie made her way down the ramp. she was swinging her lasso and smiled for the crowd. her eyes darted towards the ring and noticed Chyna standing in the middle of the ring, arms crossed and a look that bore right through her soul. Billie began to get a little nervous. she knew how powerful and how strong Chyna is. but she had to get a grip, because she knew if she were to defeat Chyna, perhaps the tide of the battle for control of WOW would turn. she also knew Chyna was very ticklish, but unfortunately for her, so was she. she got into the ring and Chyna never moved. it was obvious that Chyna was trying to intimidate her. Billie swallowed hard and met Chyna in the middle of the ring. Chyna looked down at Billie and Billie stared up into Chyna's eyes. then the bell rang.

Billie began to get fiesty and started talking trash to Chyna. Chyna's expression never changed. then Billie got real bold and slapped Chyna. Chyna's expression still never changed. but, a smile began to form on her face. Billie's eyes popped open as she saw Chyna's hand raise up, then strike her across the face. Billie fell to the canvas, her cheek stinging from the hard slap. then Chyna yanked her up by the hair, scooped her up and slammed poor Billie onto the canvas. Billie clutched her back in pain. Chyna then planted her boot into Billie's exposed belly and the air went flying out of Billie. Chyna again pulled Billie up by the hair and prepared to suplex her. Chyna hoisted her up and held her up for what seemed like minutes, displaying her power. then she let Billie crash back on the canvas. Billie yelled out in pain. Chyna then pulled up Billie again, slung her across the ropes and tried to clothesline her. Billie ducked, bounced off the ropes and tried a flying body press. Chyna easily caught the woman and dropped forward like a powerslam. Billie was hurting. Chyna's power was unreal. as she laid on the canvas, Chyna then bounced off the ropes and delivered a leg drop across Billie's throat. Billie on all accounts was done for. Chyna went for the cover. 1......2......PICKUP. Chyna pulled Billie up off the canvas. she wasnt through with her yet. she then performed a back breaker on Billie and Billie screamed for mercy. Chyna laughed. this was starting to be fun. she then pickup Billie again, and this time prepared her for the powerbomb. she easily scooped up Billie and drove Billie hard into the canvas from her powerbomb. Billie was done.

Chyna smiled. now it was play time. she looked at Billie laid out on the canvas and stared at her belly. she knelt down next to the belly and began to lightly stroke her fingers across the belly. Billie's body began to jerk. Chyna continued her belly tickling and she heard a giggle come from Billie's mouth. she saw Billie looking back at her.

"......hehehehehehehehehe..please..hehehehehehe dont tickle me Chyna. please dont do this hahahahahahahahahahaha" Billie pleaded.

Chyna had a wicked grin and immediately grabbed Billie sides and tickled hard. Billie immediately broke into hysterical laughter. her body was in so much pain, but this tickling was even worse. she felt Chyna's strong hands and fingers tickle her sides and Billie's laughter flowed easily. her body writhed and squrimed, so Chyna straddled her hips. Billie's shoulders kept moving, so it wasnt a pinning situation. Billie laughed like a helpless school girl. Chyna's fingers danced over her ribcage, and Billie continued to cackle. Chyna then looked into her eyes. as she continued to tickle Billie's ribs, she spoke to Billie.

"Biiiiiiilllllllllliiiiiiiieeeeeeeee...." Chyna sang. "...are your feet ticklish too? why dont we find out....."


Chyna got up off of Billie, but Billie was too weak to move. she knew what was coming as she felt Chyna grab her ankle. Billie braced herself as she felt Chyna remove her boot and toss it out of the ring. she felt her other boot slip off her foot as well. she felt Chyna grab the toe of the sock and easily slipped off the cotton socks, exposing her tender barefeet!! Chyna then flipped Billie onto her stomach and trapped Billie ankles between her strong thighs. she stared at the soles and smiled again. the soles were so pink, so tender. the toes were a little short, but looked so delicate. she knew how ticklish Billie's feet are and couldnt wait to exploit this weakness. she didnt waste anytime and she began to stroke the bottom of Billie's feet and Billie exploded into laughter. Chyna's fingers zigzagged all over the soft feet and loved hearing Billie's little school girl laugh. her fingers probed the toes and Billie shrieked. she immediately began to tap on the mat, she couldnt take it anymore. Chyna was a little disappointed that Billie didnt hold out longer. the referee raised her hand and Chyna then went after Billie again. she grabbed Billie's own lasso and hogtied Billie. Billie felt so humiliated. she was hogtied with her own rope!! Chyna knelt down by the tied, helpless feet and began to tickle them again. but she also had a black ball point pen and began to scribble on Billie's soles, the letters "T.W.O. 4 LIFE". Billie screamed bloody murder as she felt the pen drag on her soles. Chyna finished her work and stared at Billie. she was a mess. her makeup was smeared from crying and she was in pain and out of breath. Chyna gave her one more kick to the ribs and left the ring.


David Mclane was in his office with a huge spinning cyclinder containing ping pong balls. with him stood the Glamour Girls and Julie Day. Lana and Sable were sitting in director type chairs while Patti brushed Lana's hair and Kat brushed Sable's.

"Do you four have to be here?" Mclane asked the Glamour Girls.

"Of course dipwad!!! we dont trust you. we want to make sure that one of us is in the tournament. like, i dont know why i put up with you!!" Lana said rolling her eyes.

"get this show on the road Mclane. we dont have all day!! you are the epitome of incompetence!!" Sable yelled at him.

"alright, alright. in this cylinder are the names of every WOW wrestler except Lana Star, Francesca Le, Ninotchka and Harley's Angels because the tag titles arent determined yet from their match. i will spin the wheel and i will pull out a ping pong ball. Julie Day will read out the name. we will pull out 2 balls." Mclane instructed.

"well, that's two more than you have!" Lana snickered.

Mclane rolled his eyes at that remark. he began to spin the cylinder, then stopped. with a huge goofy grin, he opened the hatch, and pulled out two ping pong balls. "want to touch the balls?" Mclane asked Lana.

"oh, you are like, so digusting!!!" Lana said, trying to avoid throwing up.

Julie Day reached for the balls. "i'll hold those balls..."

Lana and Sable looked at each other in amazement. this was getting to be too much.

"so, who are they?" Mclane asked.

"our 1st participant in the WOW Continental championship tournament is.......Beckie, the Farmer's Daughter!!" Julie announced.

"that goofball is in the tournament? i cant believe it!!" Sable said.

"Who's the second name Julie?" Mclane asked.

"the second name is........drumroll please!!!!.......Gorgeous George!!" Julie announced.

Lana and Sable looked at each other and stuck a finger down their throats to disply their displeasure. Mclane and Julie smiled.


the sound of soft Oriental music played on the PA system and the Asian Invasion, Jade and Lotus, made their appearance at the top of the stage. Jade, dressed in a red wrestling dress along with red boots and flesh colored nylons, was accompanied by her friend and tag team partner, Lotus, who was dressed in a yellow blouse that showed off her nice belly, a yellow skirt with yellow shorts underneath and her yellow boots. the Asian Invasion smiled as they walked down the ramp. tonight was their big chance for revenge. they havent forgotten how George and Daffney humiliated them. they asked for this match and they got it. they had to win. not only to save face, but they had aspirations of challenging for the tag team titles. they entered the ring and awaited their opponents.

the music of the NWO blared on the loudspeakers and the tag team combination of Gorgeous George and Daffney made their way down the aisle. George, was smiling after just finding out she was entered in the tournament. she wore a white tWo one piece bathing suit, along with white boots and had a feather boa around her neck. her partner, the unpredictable Daffney, wore a black tWo t-shirt, with blue jeans and black boots. the two of them smiled as they knew that they could beat Asian Invasion easily. they entered the ring and laughed at Jade and Lotus. then the bell rang.

George started off the match against Jade. as Jade tried to lock up, George kneed her in the midsection. Jade hunched over and George nailed her with a knee-lift and Jade hit the canvas. George began to stomp on Jade and Jade moaned in pain. she picked up Jade by her hair, then flung her across the ropes and delivered a clothesline. Jade hit the canvas in pain. George shook her head and tagged in Daffney. Daffney charged into the ring and straddled Jade. she then grabbed Jade's hair and then began to bash Jade's head into the canvas. Daffney let out a primal scream and slapped Jade. Jade was dizzy. Daffney hoisted her up and tossed her over to her own corner. Jade weakly made the tag and Lotus got into the ring. Daffney invited Lotus to get her. Lotus charged at her and Daffney speared her. Lotus rolled on the canvas in pain. Daffney grabbed an ankle and dragged Lotus over to her corner. she tagged in George and George went to work on Lotus' leg. she dropped her knee into Lotus' thigh and Lotus' screamed in pain. she then put her in a step over toe hold and Lotus screamed as her leg and ankle was wrenched. George couldnt help but laugh. she was amazed that these two Asian women had the audacity to challenge her and Daffney. it was time to punish these two. she then released her hold and scoop Lotus up, then slam her to the canvas. she dropped an elbow and went for the cover. 1......2....KICKOUT.

Lotus kicked out, but that only amused George. she trapped Lotus in the corner and began to chop her chest. the crowd went "WOOOOOOOOOH"! with every chop. she chopped Lotus 7 times and Lotus clutched her chest in pain. she sunk to her knees and fell forward onto George's legs, as though she was pleading like a dog. George shoved her to the canvas. she stared at Lotus' skirt, then raised it up, exposing Lotus' yellow shorts covering her behind. George smacked Lotus' ass really hard and she yelped in pain. George then went to the second rope and went to drop an elbow, but Lotus rolled out of the way. George crashed into the canvas and was in pain. Lotus then crawled her way to her corner and tagged in Jade. Jade ran into the ring and went after George. she pulled George up, then threw her against the ropes. Jade delivered a dropkick and the crowd went wild. Jade was getting excited. she scooped George up and slammed her. Jade pumped her fist. George laid on the canvas, writhing in pain. Jade climbed to the top rope. the capacity crowd rose to its' feet and Jade leaped off the top rope to drop and elbow. George rolled out of the way and Jade hit the canvas. Jade rolled on the mat in pain, and George tagged in Daffney who circled the hurting Jade like a vulture. she then looked over at Lotus and winked.

grabbing an ankle, Daffney began to unlace Jade's red boot. Jade was hurting too much to notice. Daffney plucked the strings loose and pulled off Jade's boot. a look of animal lust filled Daffney's eyes as she stared at the nylon covered piggies. she then bit Jade's toes. Jade screamed in pain as she felt Daffney's teeth sink into her delicate toes. Daffney stopped biting and immediately started tickling. Jade immediately bursted into laughter and Daffney went full force on Jade's nyloned sole. she tickled the delicate arch, the scratched her fingers along the base of the toes and Jade was in agony. her partner Lotus could only look on as Jade's foot was tormented. Jade's eyes were closed shut, trying to block out the ticklish sensations that shot through her foot to her body. she wanted to tap out, but she told herself she couldnt. she had to fight it off. Daffney's fingers invaded her toes, and managed to get to the crevices. Jade began to squeal like a pig as her own "piggies" were tormented. Lotus finally couldnt stand by any longer and jumped into the ring. she kicked Daffney in the side of the head and George came in, and clotheslined Lotus. she then tossed Lotus out of the ring and attacked her by slamming her head on the barricade and stomped on her helpless body. George climbed back onto the ring apron and saw Daffney making her way to the corner. Daffney tagged in George who then went to work on Jade's exposed foot. she mashed the toes, grabbed the ankle and started to tickle the sole again. Jade laughed hysterically. a worn out Lotus tried getting back into the ring, but Daffney intercepted her. the referee went over to Daffney and Lotus and tried getting them out of the ring.

the crowd rose to its feet as they saw a figure streaking down the ramp and into the ring. while George was still tickling Jade's foot, she didnt see Jungle Grrl enter the ring. Jungle Grrl tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around. George let go of Jade's ankle, stood up and Jungle Grrl kicked her in the midsection, then DDT George to the canvas. Jungle Grrl then dragged and exhausted Jade over George. the referee turned around after getting Daffney and Lotus out of the ring and made the count. 1......2........3!!!!!! the bell rang and Daffney turned around to see the referee raise Jade's hand. her gothic face turned even more evil and she got back into the ring. she then looked over at Jungle Grrl who was smiling as she made her way back up the ramp. Jade rolled out of the ring and she celebrated with Lotus. revenge was theirs!! they hugged each other and made their way back up the ramp, hi-fiving Jungle Grrl. George began to come to and looked up at a smiling Jungle Grrl. George's face turned into a scowl. Jungle Grrl was going to pay!!


David Mclane was spinning the cylinder again with his goofy grin. the cylinder spun around and around then finally stopped.

"Look McWorm, there had better be a Glamour Girl in the tournament!!" Lana yelled at him.

"Lana, it's the luck of the draw!!!" Mclane smiled back. he pulled out two more balls. "want to rub them for good luck?" he told Sable.

"If you dont get those things out of my face, we are going to replace them with YOURS!!!" Sable threatened.

Mclane looked shocked and quickly got them out of Sable's face. he then opened up the balls and handed Julie Day the paper.

"the next name to be entered is..........Jungle Grrl!!!!" Julie announced.

"C'MON MCLANE!!!! PICK MY NAME ALREADY!!!" Sable yelled.

"be patient. it's all the luck of the draw....." Mclane smiled. he prayed that Sable's name wouldnt be in the tournament. it was bad enough Lana was champ, but his life would be more miserable if Sable was also a champion.

"the next name to be entered is.........it's a Glamour Girl!" Julie announced.

Lana hi-fived Sable. "alright!! things are looking up for us!!" Lana exclaimed.

"uh....actually, it's.......Patti Pizzazz!!" Julie told them.

Lana and Sable both turned around and saw an obviously excited Patti Pizzazz. they both rolled their eyes in disgust.

"YAAAAAAYYYY!!! i'm in the tournament!!! i'm in the tournament!!!" Patti shouted.

UP NEXT: more names, plus the tag team titles are on the line, plus Hollywood!!!!

okay fellas, let me know how this one was. i truly appreciate any response and if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know. dont forget to check out the entire WOW saga in my archives.