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hey fellas, thanks for the responses. i greatly appreciate it. this will always be a foot tickling dominated series, but there will be more upperbody tickling. i hope you enjoy not only the tickling, but the storyline as well. Sceej56, i already have your idea in mind, and i will use that idea. probably at the PPV. thanks for the support. anyway, here is the next episode and if anyone has suggestions, comments or any ideas, feel free to let me know. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com Hollywood at www.webkitten.com Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com Francesca Le at www.missfrancescale.com

David Mclane had just pulled out the name of the next WOW Continental tournament participant and it was Patti Pizzazz. Patti was still ecstatic.

"WOW!!!! i cant believe I AM in the tournament!! i have a chance to be a champion too!!! i am sooooooooo excited!!!" Patti shouted with glee.

"I'm so happy for you Patti!!! at least we got one Glamour Girl in the tournament!!" Kat replied.

Lana rolled her eyes. "Patti Pizzazz is in the tournament?!! well i guess that's okay, but c'mon, you HAVE to put Sable in the tournament McDweeb!!!"

"It's about the luck of the draw Lana. there is still 4 more names to put in the tournament. cross your fingers!!!" Mclane replied to her.

Sable fumed. "I BETTER be in that tournament Mclane, otherwise i will have your head!!"

"tsk tsk!! Sable, you are here watching me pull the names. this is fair and square. you still have a chance..." Mclane continued.

Sable continued to pout and Lana consoled her. Patti was still jumping for joy with Kat. she felt good about her chances.


beautiful tropical music played over the PA system, then Paradise, the attractive island woman made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in her floral print bikini top, with matching floral print shorts, and her green wrestling boots, she made her way down the aisle, smiling and waving to the crowd. she was a little nervous about her match, but still had confidence. she had a chance to defeat the tWo leader, Hollywood. Paradise had faced Hollywood before when Hollywood was champion and she came very close to beating Hollywood. if it wasnt for the fact that tickling can bring her orgasms, she might have beat Hollywood in that non-title bout. tonight, she was determined to win. she entered into the ring and leaned in a corner. she knew Hollywood would try to humiliate her tonight, so she was ready.

the music of the NWO blared over the loudspeakers and the leader of the tWo made her appearance at the top of the ramp. Hollywood, former WOW champion, had a cocky smile on her face as she surveyed the crowd. the boos rained down at her, but she only laughed. dressed in a black tWo sports bra, black spandex shorts and her black boots, she walked down the ramp with her eyes focused on Paradise. tonight, she wanted to make an example out of Paradise that she was still the most dominant woman in WOW. she also knew that she had to win, just so she can keep her chance of getting a title shot at Lana Star. she hated the fact that she was no longer champion, and wanted to prove to everyone, she is the true champion. she made it to the ring and entered it, making threats towards Paradise. Paradise only looked back at the former champ and smiled. she knew Hollywood was trying to play head games. the bell rang and the match started.

Hollywood met Paradise in the middle of the ring and the two combatants eyed each other. Hollywood verbally taunted Paradise, but Paradise didnt back down. then Hollywood slapped her. Paradise reeled back, then attacked Hollywood. she slapped Hollywood back and Hollywood had a stunned look on her face. how dare this woman do that to her? they locked up and Paradise managed to get her into a headlock. she wrenched the headlock and Hollywood cried out in pain. Hollywood then forced Paradise off of her and threw her into the ropes, where Paradise then shoulderblocked Hollywood to the canvas. Paradise then hit the ropes, jumped over Hollywood and hit the ropes again. this time, she was met by a dropkick from Hollywood. she then went on the offensive by pulling Paradise up by the hair, scooping her up, then slamming her. she repeated the manuever and Paradise rolled on the mat in pain. Hollywood stomped on her with her boots and Paradise clutched her stomach. Hollywood then took the weakened woman and placed her in the corner and began to chop at her chest. the crowd chanted "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!" with each chop. Paradise's chest was stinging, then she was whipped into the opposite turnbuckle. Hollywood charged towards Paradise, but Paradise put up her boot and Hollywood's face ran right into it. Hollywood hit the canvas and Paradise took advantage. she picked up Hollywood by the hair and dragged her over to the corner. she began to ram Hollywood's head into the turnbuckle and the crowd counted along. they reached the 10 count and Hollywood stumbled backwards and fell to the canvas. Paradise was fired up. she hit the ropes and dropped a leg across Hollywood throat.

1.......2........KICKOUT. Hollywood kicked out, but Paradise continued her assualt. she then suplexed Hollywood. Hollywood cried out in pain. Paradise then went on the German Suplex Hollywood three times, like Chris Benoit. she was tired, but Hollywood was getting worn out. Paradise dropped an elbow and went for the cover. 1.....2.....KICKOUT. Hollywood still kicked out. Paradise pulled Hollywood up, then kicked her in the gut. Hollywood hunched over and Paradise delivered a DDT. the crowd roared as Hollywood's head and face bounced off the mat. her body went motionless. Paradise rolled Hollywood over onto her back, then climbed the top rope. with the crowd rising to it's feet, Paradise leapt off the top rope and delivered a flying elbow to Hollywood. a huge smile came over her face. this was it!! she went for the cover. 1........2......kickout!! Hollywood BARELY kicked out as the referee told Paradise that it was only a 2 count. Paradise shook her head. she stared at Hollywood laying on the mat, then a wicked smile formed on her face. she had the leader of the Tickling World Order at her mercy. she remembered how brutal the tWo is. now was her opportunity to deliver some tickling back, and she KNEW that Hollywood was also VERY ticklish. she then straddled Hollywood's waist and eyed Hollywood's vulnerable armpits. they looked so smooth, so soft. Paradise began to lightly drag the tips of her fingers along the smooth hollows. Hollywood's body began to twitch, then a small smile formed on her face. Paradise then plunged nails deep into Hollywood's armpits and Hollywood shrieked. her body began to writhe, her mouth wide open with laughter pouring out. she looked at Paradise and Paradise had a very evil look in her eyes. Hollywood knew she was in trouble. the referee asked her if she wanted to give and Hollywood refused. Paradise only tickled harder and Hollywood laughed harder.

since Hollywood was on her back, she couldnt crawl over to the ropes. her shoulders moved a lot, so she wasnt in a pinning predicament. she was just trapped and vulnerable to Paradise's tickling desires. Paradise loved the way Hollwyood laughed. she remembered how Hollywood tortured her before, so now she was going to make Hollywood lose to tickling. in fact, Hollywood has NEVER lost a match since she entered WOW. she lost her title in a triple threat match, and she wasnt involved in the decision. how humiliating it would be if she lost now, to tickling, and especially to Paradise. Hollywood shut her eyes and tried thinking of a way out. her concentration kept getting broken as Paradise only dug deeper into her armpits. Hollywood then used her legs. she reached up her legs and managed to hook them on Paradise's shoulders. she then pulled Paradise down to the mat and had a pinning situation. 1......2......KICKOUT. Paradise easily kicked out and tried to go back after Hollywood. she couldnt let her big chance get away. she grabbed an ankle of Hollywood, but the former champ used her other foot and kicked Paradise in the head. Paradise fell to the canvas, clutching her head in pain. Hollywood then looked at Paradise as she recovered from the tickling that she received. this bitch was going to pay. she grabbed Paradise by the hair and managed to slip her head between her thighs. she then delivered a pedigree and Paradise was motionless. Hollywood didnt want to pin her, she wanted to humiliate her. as Paradise laid there on her stomach, Hollywood straddled her lowerback and stared at Paradise's legs. she looked at Paradise's green boots, but remembered an even more sensitive spot. she then began to lightly run her fingers on the back on Paradise's thighs.

Paradise began to panic. her thighs were highly sensitive and she went crazy. she felt Hollywood's fingers tickle her inner thighs and the back of her legs. her legs thrashed about, but Hollywood continued to tickle the legs. she loved the soft skin of Paradise's inner thighs and really tickled her there. Paradise began to panic. she knew what Hollywood was trying to do. she began to laugh harder, but also moan. she felt the sensations building up inside of her. as Hollywood's fingers scraped her inner thighs, close by her shorts, Paradise felt the sensations, then it released. Paradise had a massive orgasm rip thru her body and she shivered from the feelings. Hollywood felt Paradise's body go limp and smiled. she knew what happened, and she knew the crowd probably didnt know what happen. she then rolled Paradise over onto her back and made the cover. 1.......2.......3!!!! the bell rang and Hollywood stood up. the referee raised her hand and she smiled. the crowd booed, but Hollywood didnt care. she looked down at an exhausted Paradise and another idea hit. since she knew Paradise had an orgasm, her body would be real sensitive right now. she wanted to "brand" Paradise's soles. she walked over to the helpless boots and unlaced them. she pulled the boots off, and peeled the socks off, revealing Paradise's smooth, soft soles. Hollywood loved how Paradise's soles looked. they were tanned and about a size 9. the toes were long, and well shaped. she then took her ball point pen and began to scribble on Paradise's feet, causing Paradise to shriek in laughter. Hollywood wrote "T.W.O. 4 LIFE" across both soles and Paradise passed out as she felt the pen's tip scratch across her sensitive soles. the music of the NWO played and Hollywood raised her arms in triumph. all she could think about was Lana Star. it was only a matter of time......


"round and round and round they go!!!! who's name is pulled nobody knows!!!" David Mclane sang as she spun the golden cylinder.

Lana and Sable stared at him like he was out of his damn mind. the cylinder stopped spinning and he pulled out two more balls. he handed the first one to Julie Day.

"the next participant in the tournament is........Hammerin Heather Steele!!!" Julie exclaimed.

"Heather Steele??!!! Hammerin Heather Steele is in the damn tournament??!!! has she EVER won a match?!! dammit Mclane i BETTER be in that tournament!!" Sable shouted.

"relax Sable, like i said, every name is in there. Hammerin Heather Steele now has a chance to turn around her career..." Mclane tried to say.

"Hammerin Heather Steele is a complete loser McDork and YOU KNOW IT!!! pick Sable's name already!!!" Lana screamed at him.

"Will you two have patience..we still have another name to announce right now. Julie?" Mclane smiled. he was praying that Sable would be left out. that would totally make his day.

"the next name is.....drumroll please!!!!" Julie said.

"You are such a DORK!!! JUST SAY THE NAME ALREADY!!" Lana shouted.

"it is........Mystery!!!!! oooooohhhh!!!" Julie said.

Sable and Lana both rolled their eyes. this was getting a little scary for them now.

"well Ladies, that's six names already. 2 more to go!!!" Mclane said with his goofy grin.

W.O.W. Tag Team title match

heavy metal biker music played and the challengers for the WOW Tag Team titles made their appearance at the top of the ramp. Charlie Davidson and EZ Rider walked down the ramp with a purpose in their eyes. accompanied by their manager, the behemoth Thug, they had their focus set on winning the titles tonight. they beat Francesca Le and Ninotchka the last time they faced, but it was by DQ. this time however, the winner of the bout, no matter what the decision was, would win the tag titles. Charlie was dressed in a black top with faded blue jeans and black boots, while EZ Rider was in a white t-shirt, deep blue jeans and black boots. they entered the ring and howled towards the crowd. their adrenaline was flowing and knew they were going to win this match and become the Women of Wrestling Tag team champions. they awaited their opponents.

the music of the NWO played and the WOW Tag Team champions, Francesca Le and Col. Ninotchka made their appearance at the top of the ramp. both women looked quite upset. they really wanted to destroy Harley's Angels and completely humiliate them. wearing their tag team belts around their waists, they began walking towards the ring. Francesca was dressed in a black tWo bikini top, with black shorts, and white boots. her partner Col. Ninotchka was dressed in a black tWo spandex top, with black tights, and black boots. they made it to the ring and stared at their opponents. they were very close to losing the titles the last time they faced and were determined that this would be different. the referee held up the white-strapped tag team belts high into the air to signal that this match was for the titles. the bell rang and the match began.

Francesca started the match against Charlie Davidson. the two began jawing each other and met face to face in the middle of the ring. Charlie shoved Francesca to the mat and laughed as she hit the canvas. Francesca was pissed off. she stared at Charlie and nodded her head. that bitch was going to pay for that. they were about to lock up, but Francesca quickly kneed Charlie in the gut, the clotheslined her hard to the canvas. Francesca then pointed at Charlie and laughed. Charlie then got pissed off and charged Francesca. Francesca side-stepped a charging Charlie and Charlie went crashing into the corner turnbuckles. as she bounced off the turnbuckles, Francesca nailed her with a dropkick. Charlie quickly got up, and Francesca nailed her with a drop kick again. and again, and again. Charlie got pissed even more and when she charged one more time, Francesca easily back body dropped her and she went flying high into the air and crashed to the canvas. Charlie moaned in pain. Francesca tagged in her partner Ninotchka and she went on the offensive. she began to chop at Charlie's chest and Charlie reeled. Ninotchka then whisked off the ropes and nailed her with a clothesline. Charlie was hurting. Ninotchka then went for an ankle lock and Charlie screamed in pain. EZ Rider ran into the ring and nailed Ninotchka with a punch. the referee quickly tried to prevent Francesca from getting in the ring and Harley's Angels took advantage. they double teamed Ninotchka by whippingher into the ropes and when she bounced off the ropes, they performed the "3D" manuever and Ninotchka was hurting. the referee turned around and made the count.

1......2......kickout. Ninotchka barely kicked out and Harley's Angels were stunned. Charlie then officially tagged in EZ Rider and EZ Rider then began to bang Ninotchka's head into the canvas. she then suplexed the Russian competitor and went for another cover. Ninotchka again barely kicked out after a count of two. EZ Rider banged her fist in frustration, then put an abdominal stretch on Ninotchka. the Russian's sides were aching and the referee asked her if she wanted to quit. Ninotchka yelled "Niet!!" and EZ Rider continued to stretch her. EZ Rider then winked at Francesca, then put a "claw" on Ninotchka's outstretched side and Ninotchka immediately laughed.


EZ Rider was having fun. she applied her claw more aggresively and tickled Ninotchka harder. Ninotchka continued to scream and felt her body getting weaker. her legs began to turn to jelly, and all she could do is feel EZ's fingers digging into her sides. Francesca ran into the ring and nailed EZ Rider who let go of the hold. the referee forced Francesca to get out of the ring, but the damage was done. both Ninotchka and EZ Rider laid on the canvas. both women started to crawl towards their respective corners, desperate to make a tag. EZ Rider made the tag and Charlie charged into the ring. she tried to grab Ninotchka's ankle, but the Russian tagged in her partner Francesca. Francesca and Charlie traded blows, but then Francesca got the tupper hand by raking Charlie's eyes. she then managed to nail Charlie with a bulldrog pile driver and went for the cover. 1....2....KICKOUT. Francesca then chopped Charlie's chest, then whipped her against the ropes. Charlie held onto the ropes and Francesca charged her. Charlie then did a back body drop to Francesca and she went flying over the top rope and onto the arena floor. Francesca howled in pain. she also had the unfortunate mistake of landing where Thug was. Thug then attacked her as Charlie distracted Ninotchka. Thug threw Francesca into the ring post. Francesca laid out on the arena floor and Thug then splashed her. Francesca moaned in pain. Thug laughed and grabbed Francesca's ankle. she quickly got the laces undone and pulled off the boot. she repeated to the procedure for the other boot, then pulled off the socks. Thug then picked up a now barefoot Francesca and tossed her back into the ring. Charlie dragged Francesca into the middle of the ring and crossed her ankles. staring at the bare soles of Francesca, she started to tickle them. Francesca started to giggle as her arches were teased. Charlie grabbed a hold of her big toe and began to scratch in the crevice.


Charlie didnt let up. she continued to tickle the small toes of Francesca and enjoyed listening to the loud laughter. she knew it was only a matter of time before Francesca submitted. her fingers scribbled all over Francesca's soles. Ninotchka ran into the ring and hit Charlie on the side of the head. EZ Rider ran into the ring and was also clocked by Ninotchka. Ninotchka then got out of the ring and waited for the tag. Francesca crawled her way to the corner and made the tag. Ninotchka then went after Charlie. she threw Charlie against the ropes and delivered a dropkick right to the jaw. EZ Rider went after her again and Ninotchka tossed her out of the ring, right onto Thug. they both crashed to the floor in a heap. Ninotchka then walked over to a groggy Charlie and put her in the figure four leglock. Charlie screamed in pain, and Ninotchka had other ideas. she began to unlace the boot that rested in her lap. Charlie knew what was happening.


Ninotchka tugged the laces loose, then pulled of the boot. she saw Charlie's white sweatsock and laughed. grabbing the toe of the sock, she easily pulled the sock off and Charlie's wide foot was revealed. Charlie laid back down onto the mat, anticipating what was about to occur. Ninotchka stared at the thick toes of Charlie and tugged at each one.

"is big, bad tough Charlie ticklish on her toes??? let's see da?" Ninotchka teased.

she began to tickle the toe pads and Charlie began to giggle. a wicked gleam hit Ninotchka in the eye and she went full throttle on the foot. she nails tickled the sole of Charlie and Charlie roared in laughter. Ninotchka teased each toe and made sure she tickled the webbing between the toes. Charlie screamed in agony. her feet were never tickled this long before. her eyes closed shut and she prayed the EZ Rider would save her. she saw EZ get into the ring, but her hopes were dashed when she saw Francesca plant her barefoot into EZ's head, knocking her out of the ring again. Francesca then got outside the ring and grabbed a chair. she nailed Thug on the head with the chair, then EZ rider. back in the ring, Charlie was pleading for her sanity. the figure four was taking it's toll and her feet were deathly ticklish. minutes passed and Charlie was sweating and exhausted from all the laughing. she hated it when Ninotchka would tease the base of her toes. Ninotchka then just went into a rhythm and slowly scratched her nails up and down Charlie's sole. up and down. up and down. up and down. Charlie could take no more and tapped out.

the bell rang and Ninotchka gave a few more tickles before she released the hold. she stood up and she and Francesca hugged each other, then the referee raised their hands. clutching their belts, they smiled for the camera. they looked at each other and set their plan into action. Francesca got out the ring and nailed Thug again with the chair, knocking her out. but, she threw EZ rider back into the ring. they pulled out some handcuffs and shackles and hogtied the Harley's Angels. they then removed their boots and stared at the 4 naked feet before them. like their teammates did earlier, then pulled out their ball point pens and scribbled on the soles of Harley's Angels. on Charlie's feet, the message "i am a ticklish little girl" appeared on one sole and "property of the T.W.O." appeared on the other. on EZ Rider's feet, the message "i am a ticklish bitch" appeared on one, and "T.W.O. 4 LIFE" appeared on the other. Charlie and EZ Rider each screamed bloody murder as the pens stroked their soles. after they finished writing, Francesca put her barefoot on top of EZ Rider's head, and Ninotchka put her boot on top of Charlie's and they posed. holding up their tag belts, they wanted to show everyone that they were indeed the champs and they humiliated probably the toughest tag team they will ever face in WOW. the music of the NWO blared and the champs continued to celebrate.


"alright ladies, ONE more spin and the final two names will be entered into the WOW Continental tournament. who will they be? the suspense, the intrigue, i cant wait to find....." Mclane tried to say.


Mclane was taken aback. he stopped spinning the cylinder and pulled out the final two balls. he handed them to Julie Day. Julie opened up the ball and pulled out the piece of paper.

"the next participant will be........Ice Cold!!!!" Julie announced.

"ICE COLD???!!!! THAT BITCH IS IN IT TOO!!!! Damn you Mclane!!!" Lana screamed.

"what? it's the luck of the draw. there is one more name and Sable, it looks like you are going to be left out..." Mclane said with a huge grin. he prayed that Sable's name was picked.

"the final name in the tournament will be....i love saying this!! drumroll please!!!!!" Julie said.

"SAY THE NAME BIMBO!!" Sable yelled.

Mclane gave a drumroll and had a huge grin. his tournament was about to be completed with the names and he enjoyed the fact that Lana and Sable was pissed. he was also excited that Hollywood's or Chyna's name werent picked so far either.

"the final name is..................Sable...." Julie said with a little disappointment in her voice.

"let me see that!!!" Mclane shouted as he grabbed the ball. he looked at the paper and balled it up. it did indeed read Sable's name.

"HA HA HA HA MCLANE!!!! i told you i was going to be in. get ready for your brand new Continental champion!!!" Sable bragged. she and Lana hugged each other.

Mclane's head dropped. if Sable won the title, and if Lana is still champion, he could imagine the headache he would have.


UP NEXT: the pairings of the Continental tournament.

okay fans, how was this episode? any guesses who will be the 1st ever WOW Continental champion? feedback always welcomed. also, dont forget to catch old episodes in my archive!!!