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08-14-2003, 11:20 PM
here's another idea that just popped into my head. hope you enjoy, and feedback is always welcomed.

Vanessa was on her way home, driving in her Hummer SUV, frustrated at her day. she was a stock-broker, and today, she saw the market go topsy-turvy and she lost a lot of money. she was yelling on her cell-phone and just missed hitting another car.

"WATCH IT ASSHOLE!!!" she screamed to the top of her lungs. Vanessa was a strkingly beautiful woman. she stood 6'2" tall, about 150 pounds, but she was in GREAT shape. as a former basketball player, Vanessa was always in shape and she worked hard to keep her figure. she was a little intimidating to women, and some men, but she was also a real down to earth person. only her quick Italian temper was a flaw. her long blond hair kept falling into her eyes and she kept moving it out of the way. after she finished her phone conversation, she slammed her phone down and took a deep breath. this was a LOOOONG day. she finally made it into her neighborhood and relaxd a bit. she pulled up to the gates of her condo, and with a quick press of a button, the gates to the driveway opened up. her Hummer pulled into the driveway and she parked. she grabbed her briefcase and some other things and got out the car. she stretched her long legs and walked up to her door. time for her to relax.

she opened her door and walked inside. she flipped on a light switch and tossed her keys down on the counter. she slipped out of her high heels and looked down at her size 12 aching feet. her soft barefeet touched the plush carpet and it felt so soothing. she walked up the stairs and made it into her bedroom. she saw her bed and just plopped down on it. she sighed and her bed felt so good. she just wanted to lay there forever. then the thought of a warm shower filled her mind and sounded so good. she stood up again and walked towards the bathroom. she stopped. she looked over towards her window and noticed that it was open.

"Funny, i dont remember leaving the window open.." she thought to herself. she walked over towards the window and noticed something on the carpet. it looked like a footprint. a small footprint, but a footprint nonetheless. her mind began to race. did someone break in? what did he take? did he leave? or is he still here? Vanessa began to get nervous. she turned around and surveyed her surroundings. nothing looked like it was missing. she tip toed through her home and went into the study room. there, she noticed that her desk drawer was open and looked as though someone went through it. she reached for the phone but then felt a sharp pain on her hand. she looked down and it looked like a tranquilizer dart was injected into her hand. the room went black.....

Vanessa woke up and realized that she was still standing up, but her arms were tied above her head and she was standing in the doorway. she looked up and saw that someone had put some form of spikes with hooks into her ceiling and her wrists were bound by rope. she also noticed that her ankles were bound together and she began to sway.

"Whoever you are, please dont hurt me!!! what do you want?" she shouted. she was expecting to see some huge burly figure come out. instead, she saw a small person come out of the shadows and walked towards her. the figure was dressed in a ninja type outfit. it was black from the hood all the way down to the burglar's feet, which was dressed in what looked like "ninja soft shoes". but what really shocked her was the eyes. these were the eyes of a woman!!!

"y-you're a woman??!!!" she shouted to the catburglar.

the catburglar shook her head yes. "yes, i am a woman, but i am a powerful woman. now i will get the information i need for my client." she spoke in her soft voice.

"client? who sent you?" Vanessa asked.

"it will be me that asks the questions!! now, my client says that you have some information regarding a possible investment that could bring in millions!! what is the name of the company?" the catburglar asked.

Vanessa gasped. she knew exactly what the catburglar was asking. she couldnt reveal the identity of the company. this was her investment!! she could rake in a ton of money! "i dont know..what investment??" she lied.

the catburglar then walked up to Vanessa and put her hands on Vanessa's shirt. she ripped it open, then off, leaving Vanessa in her bra. her huge breasts were straining against the bra, ready to burst free.

"i have ways of making you talk! cruel, painful ways!!!" she told Vanessa.

Vanessa winced. she didnt want to be tortured. "please!! i dont know what you are talking about!!"

the catburglar then pulled out a knife. she was going to cut Vanessa on her belly. she hated beautiful blond women, and now she had an opportunity to do some damage. as she walked closer, Vanessa thought quickly. she remembered that even though her legs were tied together, they werent bound to the floor. she quickly kicked her legs up and her feet nailed the catburglar under the chin. she saw her head snap back and hit the floor. Vanessa then strained as hard as she could and pulled the spikes out of the ceiling, and she freed her hands. she looked down at her intruder and a wicked smile formed on her face.

the catburglar awoke and realized that she was tied down, spread eagle on a bed. she tried to struggle, but realized she couldnt move. her eyes went wide with panic and saw Vanessa walking towards her.

"looks like somebody is awake." Vanessa purred.

"Leave me alone!! set me free this instance!!" the catburglar replied back.

"Oh no....i wouldnt do such a thing. you see, you were about to really hurt me, and i cant have that. you wanted me to give you sensitive information, but now it is my turn to ask the questions!!" Vanessa threatened.

the catburglar's eyes grew wide with fright. she saw Vanessa approach her with her own knife! "...please dont hurt me...." she pleaded as she closed her eyes.

"Hurt you? of course not! i just want to ask you a few questions. like, who do you work for?" Vanessa said with a wicked grin.

"i cant tell you!!" the catburglar spat back.

"tsk tsk tsk. i guess you have to do it the hardway. you see, when i was little, my friends had ways of making me talk. they didnt hurt me, but they found a real exciting way to get me to talk. i always wanted to do that to someone, especially a woman! i think you will do nicely!" Vanessa told her.

the catburglar watched in horror as Vanessa used the blade and began to cut away at her clothing. she saw her make two huge cuts on her top, then watched Vanessa peel away her top, leaving her in a bra. Vanessa then used the blade and cut open the pants, then peeled them away. Vanessa looked down and saw ther intruder laying there helpless, with only her mask, a bra, panties, her shoes and black socks. she could tell this was an Asian woman by the skin tone. she looked at the tone, smooth body and wicked thoughts entered her mind. this was going to be fun!!

"tell me my sweet little Asian catburglar....." Vanessa began to taunt. ".....are you just the slightest bit.......ticklish?"

the catburglar's eyes popped wide open. "w-what??!!! ticklish? uh, no!! no i'm not!!!" she lied.

Vanessa sat down between her legs and reached her arms forward. she then began to lightly stroke the ribs of the catburglar and noticed the body beginning to squirm. oh yes!! this woman was ticklish!! Vanessa knew this was going to be great fun.

"tickle tickle tickle......" Vanessa taunted as she began to tickle the ribs.

the catburglar began to giggle. she tried holding in the laughter, but Vanessa's fingers were getting to be too much. her body began to writhe and squirm, then finally she let it out.


"tell me who you work for......" Vanessa sang as her fingers continued their tickling ways.


"fine then....kitchy kitchy kooo!! i have a ticklish burglar dont i??" Vanessa continued to taunt.

the catburglar began to thrash in her bondage. she felt Vanessa's fingers probe all over her midsection and belly. she felt her ribs being probed, her bellybutton being violated. she had never been tickled for information before. she always prepared herself for a painful torture, but there was no way she could prepare for this. she wished she was in pain. anything to stop this humiliating torture. she felt the fingers stop tickling and noticed Vanessa moving up on her body. she saw Vanessa's fingers getting closer and closer to her armpits!!!


"aaaaaaahhhhhh, is someone ticklish in her armpits? is my catburglar a ticklish little girl?" Vanessa continued to taunt. she was enjoying this.


Vanessa laughed herself. she had this catburglar right where she wanted. she dug her fingers deeper and deeper into the smooth shaven hollows and LOVED how her victim's body reacted. the catburglar's body began to buck up and down on the bed and Vanessa then applied her body weight on top of the intruder to hold her down. her fingers tickled and tickled and tickled the hollows and she watched her victim's face twist in pure agony. then another thought crossed her mind.

"hmmmmm...i wonder if your feet are ticklish?" Vanessa said.

"NOOOOO!!!! NOT MY FEET!!! NOT MY FEEET!!!!!" the catburglar begged.

Vanessa smiled at that reaction. she slid her body down the bed and was right next to the wiggling feet. she stared at the soft shoes and couldnt wait to see what was under them. she figured there were probably some real soft feet just waiting to be tickled!! she tugged at the heel of the shoe and she felt resistance as her victim clenched her toes, trying to keep the shoe on. Vanessa smiled at her futile attempts, and managed to get the shoe off her heel. she peeled the rest of the shoe off, leaving the black sock vulnerable. she liked how the toes clenched open and closed in the sock, then she grabbed the toe of the sock. she felt the catburglar's leg and foot tense up as the sock was slowly pulled off. she saw the pale skin of the heel come into view. then the arch, then the ball of the foot, then finally the toes. Vanessa looked at the toes and was impressed. they were cute little toes, no polish, but so cute!! the big toe was a little plump, and the other toes were skinny. she stared at the rest of the foot. the arch was nicely defined, and the skin look so soft. she then looked at the other foot, still in it's shoe and sock and went after it. soon, both feet were bared and Vanessa looked into the eyes of the catburglar. she saw fear in her eyes and she brought her fingers up and rested them on the arches of each foot.

"i'm going to give you one more chance. who sent you?" Vanessa said, praying that she refused to give the information.

"i....i...i cant tell you....." the catburglar moaned out. she knew she was in for it now.

Vanessa smiled. she got the answer she was looking for. she then scrabbled her nails all across the soft ticklish skin and like she guessed, these feet were VERY ticklish.


Vanessa continued to tickle the barefeet and enjoyed the hysterical laughter she was hearing. her fingers danced over the arches, then the balls of the wiggling feet, then finally in between the toes. she saw the catburglar shaking and bucking wildly, the toes clenching open and close, feet wiggling, trying to avoid the tickling fingers. Vanessa wanted to tickle these feet all night long. the skin felt so good on her fingers. she loved the cute toes, and just wanted to tickle them forever. minutes passed and she looked up at her poor helpless victim. another wicked idea crossed her mind. she stoo dup and looked at the sweating, exhausted, and beautiful body of the catburglar. she still had her mask on, but she only wore a bra and panties. Vanessa now wondered what was under her undergarments. she grabbed some scissors and snip the front clasp of the bra. then carefully peeling away the bra, she gazed at the breasts of the intruder. they werent very big, an "A" cup to be exact, but looked so adorable. she flicked her nails across the nipples and got a wonderful response.

".......hehehehehehehehehehe..noooooooooooo..leave me alone..." the catburglar moaned.

Vanessa then began to tickle the small breasts and the sweet sound of laughter once again filled the room. her hands massaged under the sensitive breasts and the catburglar was in agony.

"tickly tickly little breasts!!!! ah kootchy kootchy KOOOOOOOO!!!" Vanessa taunted as she continued to tease and tickle those sweet little breasts.

the catburglar was beside herself. she had never been tickled this long and she had never been tickled on her breasts before. this was so humiliating for her. she was supposed to be the interrogator, not the prisoner. she felt Vanessa hands fondle and tickle her breasts and she just laughed and laughed and laughed. soon, the tickling stopped and she breathed a sigh of relief. but, her relief went away as she saw the scissors go towards her panties. she saw the scissors snip open her panties and watched Vanessa peel away her panties, exposing her womanhood to Vanessa. now her shame was complete. she felt her face get red from embarrasment. she saw Vanessa looked lustfully at her womanhood, with slight pubic hair and also slightly wet. Vanessa chuckled to herself. this was going to be fun!!

"so, are you going to tell me who sent you, or are you going to let me tickle your pussy?" Vanessa asked.

the catburglar was in a state of shock. words couldnt come out of her mouth. she laid there in stunned disbelief that her most personal spot was about to be tormented. Vanessa took the silence as a negative answer. she had a cheshire cat type grin and then used her fingers to tickle the pubic hair of the intruder. she saw the catburglar writhe and she continued her torment. she played with the pubic hairs, then tickled the "lips" of the catburglar's mound. the intruder didnt laugh, but moans came out of her mouth. she moaned even more when Vanessa decided to tease her womanhood with her tongue. the wet, warm tongue licked her everywhere and finally licked over her clit. throes of lust consumed the catburglar's mind as her body reacted to the teasing. she was trying to fight off the lust. she couldnt orgasm in front of Vanessa as that was be the ultimate shame. but the tongue felt so good and when it slide over her sensitive clit one more time, she exploded. her mind and body was in orgasmic bliss as Vanessa continued to lick her sensitive mound. her mind was spinning as she felt shame come over her. Vanessa broke her will and she wanted to cry.

"mmmmmmmm...that was real good...i can do this to you all night. tell me who sent you...." Vanessa warned her.

the catburglar moaned again. she knew that she was beaten. "....it was Karina Toscano. she sent me......" the catburglar said as she passed out mercifully.

Vanessa's eyes went wide with shock! Karina Toscano? that bitch has been trying for weeks to undermine her clients and her investments. she untied her victim and carried her nude body towards her car. she was pissed. she drove to where Karina lived and dropped the still nude catburglar on Karina's doorstep with a message tied to her, that read: "Nice try bitch!!! you are going to pay for this!!!" Vanessa drove off with an evil smile. she couldnt wait for revenge and knew just how she was going to get it!!!!

THE END??????

so, tell me what you think. thanks for reading. feedback is greatly appreciated.

08-15-2003, 01:23 AM
i hope it is not the end....:devil:

08-18-2003, 08:01 PM
That was awsome, I think it would make a great comic. I'd definetly like to see that cat burglar get tickled more!:D

Darth Vegeta
10-31-2003, 12:01 PM
Excellent! A great story!