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okay fans, time for the next installment of WOW. thanks for the replies to this series, as it keeps me writing more. it's tournament time and a lot of things are coming. remember, characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com Hollywood at www.webkitten.com Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com please visit these sites!!!

a video recap of last week's show was displayed on the tv screen. David Mclane, owner of WOW, was pulling names out of a cylinder for his new WOW Continental championship, the second singles title in WOW. he pulled the names of Gorgeous George, Ice Cold, Jungle Grrl, Mystery, Hammerin Heather Steele, Beckie the Farmer's Daughter, Patti Pizzazz and he prayed that someone like Sable, Hollywood or Chyna was missed. he pulled out Sable's name as the last entry and a look of disappointment crossed his face as Lana and Sable celebrated.

the pyrotechnics went off and the fans went off. there was a buzz in the air as some of the 1st round matches for the tournament was going to take place on this show. soon, the music of "Money, Money, Money" (Ted Dibiase's old theme music) blared across the loudspeakers and the owner of WOW, David Mclane walked down the aisle towards the ring. dressed in his usual tuxedo and his trademark goofy grin plastered across his face, he entered the ring and the crowd cheered and booed. grabbing a microphone, he began to address the crowd.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to WOW!!! fans, on today's show you are going to see some first round matches of the WOW Continental championship!! as you can tell by the footage, we have our 8 participants. it was done fairly, as it was done by a lottery. but, it goes to show you that you dont always win when you play the lottery. women like Sable, can be entered and have a chance to become the 1st ever Continental champion. but, she is only ONE woman. now, enough about her. it is time to show you wonderful fans, the brackets for the tournament. if you would all turn your attention to the WOWvision screen....." Mclane told the capacity crowd.

the fans turned towards the huge WOW vision screen and a graphic of the Continental tournament brackets were displayed. whenever a woman's name was going to be announced, her picture would be shown on tv.

"...we have four 1st round matches. in the upper bracket, we have Gorgeous George taking on Ice Cold!! another first round match is Beckie the Farmer's Daughter vs Patti Pizzazz. in the lower bracket, we have Jungle Grrl taking on Mystery. and the final 1st round match, we have Sable vs Hammerin Heather Steele. fans, this tournament will have excitement personified with all these great matches. the lady who wins 3 matches will be the 1st ever Continental champion!! enjoy the show!!!" Mclane finished as he exited the ring.

Hollywood sat in her chair in the tWo dressing room and she and the others watched what Mclane had to say. nodding her head, she turned towards the group when Mclane's promo was finished.

"Well ladies, it is time for the tWo to make another statement. we won the tag team tournament, now we have this Continental tournament. George, Mystery, you both have been entered and are on opposite sides of the brackets. win your matches and make it a tWo final. that way, we are guaranteed the title." Hollywood told them.

"dont worry Hollywood, i look forward to this tournament. i have an opportunity to prove to everyone that i am a great wrestler and i will become the 1st ever Continental champion.." George said with confidence.

"it's good that you have confidence, but i too will get past that witch Jungle Grrl and whoever is next, and i will see you in the final George. but it is I, not you who will become the 1st ever Continental champion." Mystery rebutted.

Hollywood could only smile. "Ladies, i dont care which one of you becomes champion, as long as one of you BECOMES the champion. Francesca and Ninotchka are still the tag team champs, and it is only a matter of time before i become the WOW champion again. that bitch Lana cant run from me forever. and, i will see to it that Sable doesnt become the Continental champion. i still owe that bitch for turning on us. her days are numbered as well......."

the tWo looked at each other and nodded. it was time for them to display their power once again, and to get the attention away from the WOW girls and the Glamour Girls.


WOW Continental title tournament 1st round match

the music of the NWO blared across the PA system and Gorgeous George made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in her white, one piece bathing suit with the letters T.W.O. across the chest, and her white boots, she began to walk down the aisle to a round of boos. she had a scowl on her face, as she was focused at the task at hand. she was usually in tag team matches with her friend Daffney, but this was an opportunity to do something as a singles wrestler. she was the most improved wrestler in WOW and wanted to prove that to everyone. she also thought of Jungle Grrl. she cost her a match along with Daffney against the Asian Invasion. she wanted to get rid of that bad taste. what better way than to advance in the tournament. she got into the ring and awaited her opponent.

the music of Ice Cold played over the loudspeakers and Ice Cold made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in her white, sleeveless top, with a silver skirt that covered her silver shorts, and her long silver boots, she began to walk down the aisle. her white gloves covered her hands and she had a look of determination on her face. she was excited to be a part of the WOW Continental tournament, but she also remembered her last match. she was stripped and tickled by Sable in front of a capacity crowd. she had never been more embarrassed. she also knew that Sable was in the opposite bracket and nothing would be sweeter than to meet her in the final. but, she had to take care of George first. she got into the ring and was immediately attacked by George.

the bell rang and the two women began to trade blows. finally Ice Cold got George into a headlock, but George forced her off and threw her into the ropes. when Ice Cold bounced off the ropes, George tried to shoulderblock her, but Ice Cold got the better of it and knocked George to the canvas. Ice Cold then bounced off the ropes again, jumped over George and hit the ropes again. George stood up and tried to dropkick Ice Cold, but Ice Cold stopped in her tracks and George hit the canvas with a thud. Ice Cold then dropped an elbow and went for the cover. 1......2....KICKOUT. Ice Cold grabbed George's hair and pulled her up from the canvas. she scooped her up and slammed her to the canvas. she went for another cover, but George kicked out after the count of two. Ice Cold tried to scoop up George again, but George then managed to roll Ice Cold up into a small package pin and the ref made the count. 1.........2.......KICKOUT. Ice Cold stood up and George began to chop her against the chest. the crowd screamed "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!" with every chop and Ice Cold was backed into a corner. she clutched her chest as the chops were stinging. George then began to kick Ice Cold in the stomach and Ice Cold slumped to the mat. George then grabbed her ankles and dragged her to the middle of the ring. she bounced off the ropes and did a leg drop. she went for the cover. 1.......2....KICKOUT. George slapped the mat in frustration. she then did a throat slashing signal and picked up Ice Cold. she then nailed Ice Cold with a pile driver. she then went for the cover. 1........2.......kickout.

George couldnt believe it. she thought she had the match won. then the frustrated look on her face turned into a smile. she remembered what happened in Ice Cold's last match. she then picked up Ice Cold by her hair and lead her to the ropes. she did another loud chop across the chest and Ice Cold stumbled backwards and fell into the ropes. the way she fell, her arms got trapped in the ropes and now she was at George's mercy. Ice Cold lifted her head and saw George coming her way. she tried getting out of the ropes, and even kicked her legs towards George, who simply sidestepped the kicking legs and got to her side.

"Icey Wicey, you look soooooooooooo ticklish! i wonder if these ribs are just the slightest bit ticklish?" George asked. she then began to run her fingers all across Ice Cold's exposed ribs and it didnt take long for Ice Cold to start laughing.


George continued to tickle Ice Cold's ribs and loved Ice Cold's violent reactions to the tickling. the referee began to count George to free Ice Cold. George screamed at the ref and allowed him to release Ice Cold out of the ropes. she didnt waste anytime and placed Ice Cold into an abdominal stretch. staring at Ice Cold's exposed rib cage, she continued her tickling. Ice Cold's body writhed with ticklish sensations. she tried blocking out the tickling, but George's fingers scribbled all over her ribs, then went into her belly. Ice Cold roared in laughter. the ref asked her if she wanted to give up, but Ice Cold refused. she had to fight her way out of this, but the tickling was getting to be too much. her legs turned into limp noodles and George had to use her own strength to hold Ice Cold up. George began to smile as Ice Cold's body was totally limp. she admired Ice Cold from not giving in to the tickling, but also realized that victory was soon going to be hers. she let go of the hold and Ice Cold crashed to the mat, exhausted and still giggling. George then smiled to herself and decided to finish off Ice Cold. she went to the top rope and jumped. she was going to deliver an elbow, but Ice Cold moved out of the way and George hit the mat hard. she moaned in pain and Ice Cold began to recover. she saw the injured George and began to get into a rage. she didnt appreciate being tickled, and George was going to pay for it.

she grabbed George by the hair and dragged her over to a corner. she banged George's beautiful face into the turnbuckle several times and George collapsed to the mat. Ice Cold grabbed her ankle and dragged a hurting George into the middle of the ring. Ice Cold then put George into the anklelock. George screamed in pain, but she began to panic as she felt Ice Cold loosen her bootlaces. Ice Cold plucked the laces free and easily whipped off George's white boot, leaving her in her white cotton sweatsock.

"please Ice Cold.....dont do this...dont tickle me....." George begged.

"tickle you? i wasnt going to, but since you brought it up....." Ice Cold teased as she then took off George's sock. Ice Cold was impressed with what she saw. George had beautiful feet. tanned on top, the sole was nice and creamy and very soft. she liked how the nails were painted a shade of silver. Ice Cold wanted to tickle this foot badly and didnt waste any time. she began to scratch her glove covered nails across the soft skin and George went berserk!


Ice Cold tightened her grip on George's ankle and continued her foot tickling. she then went for the ball of the foot and George screamed even more. Ice Cold's fingers slid all over the ball of the foot and George's toes wiggled wildly. the referee asked George if she wanted to give up, but George refused. becoming Continental champ meant too much to her, but this foot tickling was bad. soon, Ice Cold's fingers invaded George's toes and George's eyes bugged out of her head and she began to scream even louder. her feet were very ticklish, but her toes were devastatingly ticklish. she looked at the ropes and tried to drag herself to the ropes. Ice Cold noticed this and tickled even harder.

"kootchy kootchy KOOOOOOOOO!!!! George has ticklish toes!!! laugh for me BITCH!!!!! GIVE IT UP!!!!!! TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE!!!!" Ice Cold taunted.

George couldnt take the taunting. this tickled so bad and her body began to go limp. she again tried reaching for the ropes, but the tickling of her foot was making her weak. she looked up again towards the ropes and her head fell back to the mat. Ice Cold knew the end was near. in a way, she hoped it wouldnt be over. she was enjoying tickling the foot of George. it had been a long time since Ice Cold tickled the foot of an opponent and won the match. before the tWo, she was one of the most feared ticklers in WOW. it was to her advantage that opponents forgotten that fact. she looked at George's form and noticed it was only a matter of time before George passed out. she then took matters into her own hands and began to suck on the big toe of George. George's eyes again bugged out and hysterical cackling poured from her mouth. she also sensed the end was near. soon, the crowd began to stand up. someone was walking down the aisle. it was the Disciplinarian! the newest member of the tWo made it to ringside and got into the view of Ice Cold. she stood there, shaking her head at Ice Cold. Ice Cold looked at her and wondered why she was there. the Disciplinarian stood on the ring apron and the referee went to admonish her. Ice Cold continued to tickle the foot of George and soon George began to tap her hand. the foot tickling was too much for her. but, the referee never saw it. he was to busy getting the Disciplinarian off the ring apron. Ice Cold got pissed and walked over towards the ref and Disciplinarian.

Ice Cold began to scream at her and the Disciplinarian flipped her off. Ice Cold shoved the ref out of the way to get at Disciplinarian and while the ref's back was turned, Ice Cold lunged at the Disciplinarian. the Disciplinarian in turn whacked Ice Cold on the head with her yardstick. Ice Cold fell backwards to the mat knocked out. George slowly crawled over towards Ice Cold's fallen body and made the cover. 1.......2........3!!!! the bell rang and the referee raised the hand of Gorgeous George. the Disciplinarian got into the ring and she and George began to attack a knocked out Ice Cold. they kicked her and stomped on her. then they decided to strip Ice Cold. this was going to be the second time this happened to Ice Cold. the peeled away her boots and socks, then her skirt, and her top. Ice Cold laid in the ring, with only her sports bra and thong underwear. she began to stir and realized her predicament. her face grew red with shame, then she felt the Disciplinarian and George attack her again. holding down Ice Cold's ankles between her thighs, George pointed at Ice Cold's upturned soles. the Disciplinarian then grabbed her ball point tWo pen and began to scribble all over Ice Cold's soles, writing tWo "standards" across the soft foot flesh. Ice Cold cackled in laughter as she felt the pen scribble across her soles. the message read "Ice Cold is a naughty girl. she needs to be punished. her feet are now property of the T.W.O." across both soles. Ice Cold laid on the mat, laughing and utterly humiliated. George and Disciplinarian celebrated at the win while the music of the NWO played on.

Julie Day stood by, ready for her next interview. she was going to interview the Asian Invasion, Lotus and Jade. both Lotus and Jade were smiling brightly.

"Ladies, you two are coming off a big win over the tWo, how do you feel right now?" Julie asked them.

"you know Julie, it feels so wonderful right now. that win was huge for our confidence!!!" Lotus told her with her beautiful smile.

"yeah, we feel we can do anything if we set our minds to it!!" Jade chimed in.

"what's next for Asian Invasion?" Julie continued.

"well, we are so confident right now, we want a title shot against Francesca and Ninotchka!!" Lotus said with such enthusiasm.

"you two are ready to take on the champs?" Julie asked. even she was taken aback by their challenge.

"That's right Julie. we want a shot at the champs!! we know we can beat them!! get ready fans, Asian Invasion will become the next tag team champions!!!" Jade said excitedly.

the two Asian women then left and Julie looked at them. she wished them luck, but knew they were in over their heads.

Lana and Sable sat in chairs while Patti and Kat brushed their hair. both women were sitting in the chairs very confident. now that Sable was in the Continental tournament, it was only a matter of time before they both were champions.

"Sable, i am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited that you are in the tournament!! that rat Mclane tried his best, but it is destiny that you win the Continental championship!!" Lana said with happiness.

"Thanks Lana! i am extremely excited that i am in the tournament. we both know that i will become the 1st ever WOW champion. tonight, i face that ditz Heather Steele, so it shouldnt take too long.." Sable replied.

"but what about me?" Patti asked.

Lana and Sable looked at each other. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!! are you kidding? you? champion? oh my sweet little Patti, you are like, so funny!!!!" Lana told her.

Patti began to look sad. "but i think i would make a great champion."

"Patti, dont get me wrong. i want you to win your first two matches. i want you to beat Beckie, then beat George. that way we can have an all Glamour Girl final." Sable told her. "...then i will beat you and we ALL win. okay?"

"...i guess so......." Patti said, a little dejected.

"Patti, you will okay! i believe in you!" Kat told her.

"Thank you!!! i feel better already!!" Patti said.

"GOOD!!!! now stop flapping your gums and keep brushing my hair!!" Lana scolded her.


WOW Continental championship tournament 1st round match

the music of Hammerin Heather Steele played over the loudspeakers and the WOW version of the "tool time" girl, Hammerin Heather Steele made her way down the aisle. dressed in cutoff blue jean shorts, a white t shirt, and brown boots, Heather smiled at the fans. this was a huge moment for her. it was an honor for her to be in the tournament, and couldnt believe her name was pulled. she wanted to make a good showing to everyone and prove that she belonged in this tournament. she knew she had her hands full tonight, but what an upset it would be if she beat Sable. she got into the ring and awaited her opponent.

Sable's music played and the cocky blonde bombshell made her way towards the ring. accompanied by her new "personal assistant" Stacy "the Kat" Carter, Sable was dressed in a black spandex shorts with a tight revealing top that accentuated her cleavage. she wore black boots, but they were covered with foam shinguards that went up to her knees. the Kat held the ropes open for her and she entered the ring. walking around the ring cocky, she eyed Heather. she chuckled to herself and reached for a microphone.

"shut up for a minute and listen to me!!" she told the fans who responded with boos. "....Hammerin Heather Steele..... you look so adorable in your cute little outfit. but you, myself and the ENTIRE world know that you dont belong in this tournament. so why not just lay down, let me pin you and let's get this over with. it's funny. you are the construction woman around her but you cant 'NAIL' any man. what's up with that?" Sable laughed.

Heather got pissed and dropkicked Sable. the microphone went flying out of the ring as Sable hit the canvas. the bell rang and Heather tore into Sable. she slapped the blond vixen and banged her head into the mat. she pulled her up by the hair and threw her against the ropes and nailed Sable with a scoop slam. she went for the cover. 1......2......KICKOUT!!! Heather pulled up Sable and tossed her against the ropes and prepared to deliver a back body drop. as she drop down, Sable stopped and kicked Heather in the face. Heather hit the mat in pain. Sable had a look of rage in her face. she couldnt believe Heather tried to attack her. she picked up Heather and slammed her to the canvas. Sable was seething as she stared at Heather's writhing body. she then put Heather in position for a Sable Bomb. she hoisted her up and nailed her with her finishing manuever. Heather was out, but Sable wasnt content. she wanted to humiliate her. she wanted to tickle Heather. she then sat on Heather's thighs and stared at Heather's belly. she waited for Heather to open her eyes, then she unbuttoned Heather's jeans. she tugged open the jeans a bit to reveal the top of Heather's panties. she then stared at the smooth skin underneath Heather's belly button and above the panty line. she then placed a "claw" on that surface and Heather immediately cackled in wild laughter.

HEHEHEHEHEHE!!! WHAT ARE HAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH YOU DOING????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Heather roared. she couldnt believe how much this tickled. this seemed worse than her feet.

Sable continued to use that claw and put even more pressure on the claw. Heather was a cackling fool, and it didnt take long for her to start tapping the mat. the bell rang and Sable stood up. this match went how she wanted. she didnt want to spend too much time in the ring. the Kat got into the ring and Sable hugged her. she then whispered into her ear. the Kat's eyes got real big. Sable then went to the corner and sat on the top turnbuckle. the Kat began to stomp on Heather, then flipped Heather onto her belly. she trapped Heather's ankles between her thighs and stared at the soles of Heather's boots. she began to unlace the boots, then finally managed to get them off. she peeled the socks off and Heather's bare soles were now exposed. she saw the feet flex, and the Kat had a huge smile. this was going to be her first time tickling a woman in WOW. she quickly scrabbled her nails across the pink soles and Heather laughed hard. she hated having her feet tickled and now she felt Kat's fingers tickling her. she felt so humiliated, having her feet tickled by a "personal assistant". she tapped the mat, but the match had already ended. the Kat tickled under the pudgy toes and Heather could only laugh harder. Heather laid her head on the mat and laughed herself into unconsciousness. the Kat stood up and was happy. she made Heather pass out from her foot tickling. Sable joined her and patted her on the head. Sable then placed her foot on Heather's head and raised her arms in victory!

UP NEXT: Terri Gold back in action!

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