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08-18-2003, 07:01 PM
Sometime during the last days of shooting, "Party of Five" stars Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love Hewitt visited Lacey Chabert in her dressing room. She welcomed them with a chipper, "Hi guys! What's up?" She didn't notice the grin they exchanged as they entered.

"Aww, Lace, we were just thinking that we don't have many days left altogether on the set," Neve said, circling around her.

"And we just couldn't pass up one last chance to . . ." Love said, trailing off and letting Lacey realize for herself what was coming.

Lacey looked from one to the other, suddenly scared. She knew what they were going to do, the same thing they -- and just about everyone else on the set -- were always doing to her. "Oh, guys, no!" she cried, and screamed outright when Neve grabbed her wrists from behind and pulled her arms back. Love laughed, made claws out of her hands and wiggled her fingers at Lacey. Lacey's screams dissolved into giggles before she was even touched, as just the anticipation was enough to send ticklish sensations through her body.

But of course when Love's wiggling fingers made contact with her stomach and waist, those sensations escalated. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! No!!"

This was nothing new to Lacey. Tickling was a daily occurance on the PO5 set, everybody doing it to everybody else. And even though the other girls were every bit as ticklish as she was, Lacey somehow became singled out as the favorite victim.

Neve raised Lacey's arms high over her head, pulling the bottom of her t-shirt up over her belly button and making her whole torso even more vulnerable. She tried to slip her hands out of Neve's grip, but Neve was much stronger and Lacey was already weak from laughing. Love skittered her fingers up Lacey's sides and into her underarms, eliciting another fit of giggles from the young teen. "Ahhhhh!! Quit it!! Eeeeeeheheheheheheheheheeee!!!" Lacey shrieked, squirming madly. Love grabbed her around her waist to hold her still and tickled the sides of her bare stomach.

She was too weak to struggle as Neve pulled her over to the nearby couch and laid her down, Love's tickling fingers following all the way. Neve sat on Lacey's hands and added her own ten-finger assault to Lacey's over-stimulated sides. With four hands tickling now, Lacey's laughter got even louder.

"Get her feet!" Neve urged. Love sat on Lacey's legs and pulled her sneakers off.

"No!! Hahahahahaha!!" Lacey pleaded. "Please!! Not the feeheheheheheeet!!"

Love stripped off Lacey's socks and began scratching her fingernails all along the poor girl's naked soles. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahahahahahahahhahaaaa!!!" Lacey laughed. She curled her toes but it did little to protect her from the tickling. Meanwhile, Neve was poking and pinching all around her ribs, making her bounce up and down on the couch as much as she could.

"EEEEEEE!!! Stop! Hehehehehehehehahahahahahahahaha!!! No more no more no more!!!" Love was playing with Lacey's toes and Neve was concentrating under her arms. "Oh please stop!!! Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!"

After about ten or fifteen minutes the girls did stop and let her up. They knew that was as much as she could really take, and after all they didn't want to be too cruel.

Neve had to leave right away to go do a scene. Love stuck around to chat with Lacey while she recovered from the tickle attack.

"God, I hate when you guys do that!" Lacey grumbled.

Love just laughed. "It was Neve's idea, you know," she said.

"Whatever," Lacey said, not really caring who's idea it was.

At least not until Love said, "Wanna get her back?"

She was grinning mischievously. Lacey looked up at her and grinned back.


As she was relaxing in her own dressing room later, Neve didn't hear anyone sneaking in. She leaned back in her chair and let her arms fall to her sides. At that moment she suddenly felt someone grab her wrists and pull them together behind the back of the chair, stretched out not quite to the point of discomfort. That was immediately followed by a clicking sound and the quick realization that she had been handcuffed.

"What the hell?" she exclaimed, straining to see over her shoulder.

"Ha!" Lacey spouted, popping up into view. "Now let's see how you like it!" With that, she let her little fingers go to work on Neve's vulnerable sides. Neve immeidately began to shriek with laughter and twist from side to side. "Aaaaaahhhh!! No no no no!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!"

Lacey just smiled at her and wiggled her fingers even faster, dancing them over every inch of Neve's ribcage. "Not so much fun on the receiving end, is it?" she teased.

"Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! N-nahahahahaht f-fair!!!" Neve sputtered. "W-where did you ahahahahahahaha get cuffs? Ohhahahahahahahaha!!!"

"From me," Love smiled, walking in to join Lacey. "A friend gave them to me." She knelt down beside Neve's chair and raked her nails over Neve's sensitive stomach. Her deep, throaty laughter redoubled. She slid down in the chair as far as she could, which only served to arch her back and expose her sides even more.

Lacey crawled over to Neve's bare feet and wrapped one arm around her legs, holding them in place. She teased around Neve's toes and arches at first, tickling with one finger for a few seconds and then jumping somewhere else. Neve wiggled her feet helplessly and streams of giggles interspersed with her full-bodied guffaws.

"Ahahahahahahaha!!! Lacey, I'm sahahahaharry!! Come on hahahahaha let me go!!"

"What was that?" Lacey said. "I can't hear you."

Love, meanwhile, was crawling her hands up Neve's quaking sides like two menacing spiders, creeping closer and closer to her most dangerous spot.

"Oh God!" Neve cried. "Love hahahahahahahaha no!! Anywhere but ahahahahahahaa there!!!!"

When Love reached Neve's upper ribs it sent her into convulsions of laughter. Then she let her fingers wander around towards Neve's back, tickling just under the shoulder blades. That was her worst spot, and Neve threw her head back and screamed in ticklish agony. Her body shook all over; she kicked her legs so hard that they managed to momentarily break free of Lacey's grasp.

"Gaaahahahahahahahahahahahaad!!!! Nooooooooo!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! PLEASE!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

"All right, that's enough," Lacey finally said, releasing Neve's feet and unlocking the cuffs. With her arms free Neve quickly pushed Love's tickling hands off her and jumped out of the chair. She rubbed her sides, trying to wipe away the lingering tickling sensations.

"That was downright mean!" she groused.

"Hey, you had it coming," Lacey retorted.

"Well I wasn't the only one tickling you, was I?" Neve said, and both she and Lacey turned on Love.

"Uh, now, wait a minute," Love stammered, taking a step backwards. "Let's just forgive and forget this time, okay?"

They both shook their heads. Love screamed as they lunged at her. Lacey tackled her to the couch and cuffed her hands together around the armrest at one end, while Neve grabbed a few scarves and tied her ankles to the armrest at the other.

"Guys hahaha please!" she was already beginning to laugh despite the fear in her eyes. Neve and Lacey hovered their hands over Love's stretched out body, and with grins on their faces started tickling very slowly. They lightly grazed her underarms, ribs, sides, and stomach, over her belly button and under her breasts.

Love exploded in a torrent of girly giggles. Her bonds allowed her some freedom to thrash around but Neve's and Lacey's fingers followed her movements precisely. She would roll one way to try and protect her side, but that would only expose her other side to attack, making her roll back the other way.

"Hehehehehehahahahahahahahahehehehee!!! Stopstopstopstopstopstopstopstop!!! Oh nooooooo heheheheheheeee!!!"

Lacey stepped up her tickling, vigorously digging into Love's sides as Neve yanked off her boots and attacked her feet. Lacey's small hands crept up Love's shirt. She used her nails to lightly scrape the sensitive skin as her fingers poked and prodded in between each rib. At the same time, Neve stroked Love's soft soles with alternately fast and slow tickles.

She squirmed and shook and ached with laughter. Her eyes squeezed shut, shaking her head madly, face flushed and beaming as she giggled and squealed through a wide smile. "Ohhhh pleeeeeeheheheheheheheheheease!!!!! No more!!! I c-c-can't ahahahahahahahahahaa!!!! Merceeeeeeeee!!!!"

Her ticklers were especially merciless, since both of them had revenge on their minds. Neve switched between rapid, five-finger scratching and tracing slow, delicate lines all over the surface of Love's hyper-ticklish feet. Lacey got the strongest reaction when she focused her tiny tickling fingertips on the smooth skin in the hollows of Love's underarms, her most ticklish spot. Love screeched and tried to pull her arms down, but the cuffs allowed her only enough slack to make her think she could get free even though she couldn't. It was maddening.

"Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Please!!! I'm s-s-sahahahahahahahahahaharry!!! Ahehehehehehehehahahahahahaha!!!!! I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'm sorreeeeeee!!!! No more!!!"

"Think she's had enough?" Neve asked, letting up for a moment.

Lacey looked at Love's red, laughing face and ceased tickling. "I think we've tickled her enough," she said, "but I can't help but wonder if anyone else might wanna have some fun with her."

"Well, it doesn't seem fair to let them miss out on this oppurtunity," Neve agreed.

"Oh no!" Love cried, gasping for breath. "You can't be serious!!"

Neve and Lacey just smiled at her, then sauntered out the door. "Hey, guys!" Neve called out. "Who wants to have some fun with Love?"

"Neve! Lacey!" Love yelled after them, as much as her strained voice could manage. Her body still tingled with ticklish feelings throughout her feet and upper body. "Come on guys, I know you're just kidding around! Right? Let me up, ok? Neve? Lacey? Guys!"

She gave up. She decided to save her breath. She had a feeling she was going to need it.