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08-20-2001, 07:32 PM
i vaguely remember seeing parts of an episode of this show a while ago where sabrina was pen pals with a jewel thief. the jewel thief framed her and the witch police captured her two aunts (one of them is caroline rhea, the thread in tickish celebrities reminded me) and one other guy (who cares) and tied the 3 of them to chairs. he started asking them where sabrina was and they wouldnt tell him or didnt know or something so he asked his assistant to come out or something. some guy came out with a drill (but without the actual blade) and held it up and started spinning it. there was a shocked look on all their faces. they went to a difference scene but later they came back to a scene of the three of them laughing and it showed the drill again with a feather attached to it. the guy was tickling them with the drill feather in the sides from behind. i cant really remember that much from it though. does anyone remember this or have pictures or something?

08-20-2001, 10:22 PM
This sounds like a great seen. I may have to start watching that show. I haven't seen Fungus post in a while. Definitely a worthy return.

Lady Tickler
08-20-2001, 10:34 PM
Anybody got a clip of this actually?

08-20-2001, 10:48 PM
I remember this. The guy with the drill starts spinning it and the guy says something like "i hope that's for the crink in the table" & faints. A lil while later, Sabrina is looking for them & hears them screaming and says "oh no, they're being toruted" and runs in to find them being tickled. The actress who plays Zelda says something like "help us, Sabrina, they've been tickling us mercilessly" & thats about all i can remember.

08-21-2001, 11:33 AM
i remember seeing this. it was a pretty good scene!

08-21-2001, 12:35 PM
I remember that scene too. I 've been watching the show lately hoping they would air it, but so far no luck. Only one thing through, tickling the ladies from behind is not as good as tickling them from the front, or at least by their feet. I wonder if their reactions were real? :cool:

08-22-2001, 04:12 AM
I have that on tape, when I get some time I'll make a clip of it and post it.

08-22-2001, 06:07 AM
Zathras! Thanks alot!!!

08-23-2001, 02:14 AM
Is Zelda played by Beth Broderick or Caroline Rhea? Personally, I'd prefer to tickle Beth Broderick, I've always thought she was a good-looking older lady.

Tickling Rookie
08-23-2001, 12:40 PM
Piker2, Caroline Rhea plays Hilda, not Zelda. I don't remember who plays Zelda. Bootman, their laughter sounded pretty real to me. Maybe they had some guys under the table tickling the feet of the girls.

08-23-2001, 12:48 PM
Wish I was that guy doing the tickling.:)

09-01-2001, 12:46 PM
Anyone can please post the name of the episode the scene was in???

09-01-2001, 03:10 PM
Not meaning to seem mean (as a stiff-upper-lip owner and all that), but quite frankly (having seen the stuff in question - sorry, STILL no episode name), it's really NOT ALL THAT, as we say on MY shores. You've got both of the (quite tasty) aunts in a situation where anything goes, and what happens?!! A plastic power-drill that performs about 2 spins per minute whilst bearing a plasticised "feathery" payload with about as much chance of putting a smile on those present as a vastly increased wage check. I remember catching the episode in question, and thinking that I could have spent my time doing pretty much ANYTHING ELSE and still had more fun.

Don't get me wrong - mainstream stuff, at least IMHO, is still very much WHERE IT'S AT - just not in this case.

Love you guys. Peace.