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08-21-2001, 11:07 PM

I am willing to make a file in Word with descriptions of the mainstream TK files on Aimster (and here) so those with little time, little disk space and little patience can better manage their downloads. This will let people know not only if they want to download it, but if they already have it (under a different name) as well.

I want to use the "universal names" that have been given to these files first. Something like this:

RICH TV - Jamie Lee Curtis gets briefly tickled on the couch (3-4 secs) in the show "Anything for Love". Reaction really good. Quality isn't that good, but a worthy download

CANDID_1 - A woman on the street is asked to "volunteer" for a foot massage from a bowl of worms in the show "Candid Camera", and she says she's extremely ticklish. Reaction OK. Quality OK. Running Time: 32 secs (Same as "WormTickle")

WINGS - Crystal Bernard (Helen) is quickly tickled by Fay on her underarms. Reaction really good. Quality good too. Running Time: 8.6 seconds

Is there a need for such a thing? Of course, some aspects (such as reaction) are subjective. If I do it, I would have to contact some of these users with the files, so that I can update this list. Let me know


08-22-2001, 12:04 AM
I still have the mainstream lists on my system. If that will help you cataloguing items, let me know.

dig dug dog
08-22-2001, 12:29 AM
Is that true about Crystal Bernard on Wings? I'd love to see that one. She's a hottie--very cute.

08-22-2001, 04:47 PM
That would be GREAT, Latin Boy! Terrific idea!!


08-22-2001, 05:11 PM
What a splendid idea!
I'd do it!

08-22-2001, 07:32 PM
What is your aimster name!