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09-15-2003, 03:48 AM
okay fans, here is the next episode of WOW. as for news, i read that GLOW is making a comeback, i also read that CRUSH should air soon, and David Mclane inked a TV deal with Stereovision and might bring back WOW. it seems like a woman's federation should be coming soon! anyway, i hope you enjoy this episode and feedback i always welcomed. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com Hollywood at www.webkitten.com and Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com

"FANS!!! COMING SOON!!! the next Women of Wrestling pay per view event, VENDETTA is on it's way!!! the drama!! the excitement!! the action!!! it will all be a part of VENDETTA!!! stay tuned in the next few weeks for details!!" a David Mclane voiceover said as the show began.

the pyrotechnics went off and the WOW show started. the crowd was in a frenzy as they awaited the action packed show. the featured matches were the remaining 1st round matches of the WOW Continental tournament and the WOW tag team titles were on the line as Francesca Le and Col. Ninotchka defended their belts against Lotus and Jade, the Asian Invasion. the cameras then went to the backstage area as Patti Pizzazz prepared for her big match. Stacy Carter was there with her.

"I AM SO EXCITED!!! Patti, i know you are going to win tonight!!" Stacy told her.

"i'm excited too!!! just think, Patti Pizzaz, the WOW Continental Champion!!! i like the sound of that!!" Patti said with a huge smile.

"not so fast Patti. that belt belongs to Sable...." a voice said.

Patti turned around and saw WOW champion, Lana Star, and Sable approach her and Stacy. "Hi Lana!!!! did you come to wish me luck!!"

"no. i just want you to remember the plan. Sable is going to be the 1st Continental champion in WOW." Lana told her.

"but i want to be champion too!!!" Patti whined.

"there there Patti..." Lana said while patting her head. ".... i KNOW you are going to make the final of the tournament. i know you are going to go out there and humiliate that hog farmer Beckie!! i believe in you Patti!!! now GO GET HER TIGER!!!" Lana told Patti.

"thank you Lana!!!! i'll do it!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" Patti growled as she clenched her fists and stormed towards the ring area.

Lana shook her head in disbelief. "that woman is like, such a DORK!!" she told Sable.

they both laughed as they saw Patti running towards the entrance area. they then went back to their dressing room to watch the match.

BECKIE, the Farmer's Daughter vs PATTI PIZZAZZ (Glamour Girls)

WOW Continental tournament 1st round match

Patti's theme music hit and Patti Pizzazz came charging out of the backstage area and ran down the ramp. dressed in her pink cheerleading top with a white skirt and pink boots, Patti had a look of determination on her face. she wanted to make a name for herself. since Lana was WOW champion, she couldnt get any title. but this was her big chance now. she wanted to prove to everyone she was more than Lana's "personal assistant". she wanted to show she was one of the better wrestlers in WOW. she waited in a corner and focused on her opponent.

some country music played and Beckie, the Farmer's Daughter made her appearance at the top of the stage. wearing her bandana style print blouse, cutoff blue jean shorts, and her white boots, Beckie made her way down the ramp to a tremendous ovation. Beckie was really excited to be in the tournament as this was her chance to win some gold in WOW. Beckie was already one of the better wrestlers in WOW and she wanted to prove that in this tournament. since she and Bronco Billie have failed in recent attempts to win the tag team titles, she decided to focus a little more on her singles matches. she knew Patti Pizzazz was tough, but she knew she was the favorite. she entered the ring and looked over at Patti. she knew what Patti was capable of and wanted to do her best to get this match over with quickly.

the bell rang and the two locked up. Patti then raked Beckie's eyes and Beckie hunched over in pain. Patti seized the opportunity and scooped up Beckie and slammed her to the canvas. she was so proud of herself she started doing cheerleader kicks in the ring. Beckie saw this and nodded her head. the two locked up again, but this time Beckie kneed Patti in the gut, then scooped her up and slammed Patti to the canvas. Patti got up quickly and was slammed again. Beckie slammed her for a 3rd time and Patti rolled out of the ring. clutching her sore back, Patti looked in the ring and saw Beckie mocking her by doing cheerleader kicks. Patti stood up on the ring apron and before she got into the ring, Beckie nailed her with a dropkick and Patti went flying off the ring apron and onto the arena floor. Beckie got out of the ring and grabbed Patti by the back of the hair. she then rammed Patti's head on the outside barricade and Patti was woozy. Beckie tossed her back into the ring, and once inside, bounced off the ropes and delivered a legdrop. she went for the cover. 1......2.....KICKOUT.

Patti kicked out, but she was in trouble. Beckie then snapped-suplexed Patti to the mat and Patti moaned in pain. grabbing an ankle, Beckie then dropped an elbow right on Patti's knee. Patti shrieked in pain and Beckie began to twist her ankle. the referee asked Patti if she wanted to give up, but she refused. Beckie held onto Patti's ankle and twisted even more. Beckie smiled at Patti and wanted to play head games with her. with Patti looking on, Beckie began to unlace Patti's boot. Patti began to panic. she knew Beckie was going to go for her ticklish foot. she used her other leg and kicked Beckie in the knee and Beckie fell to the mat and clutched her knee. Patti quickly retied her boot and went on the attack. she grabbed Beckie by a ponytail and took her over to the corner. she rammed Beckie head on the turnbuckle several times and Beckie collapsed to the mat. Patti then slammed Beckie one more time and went to the second rope. she lept from the second rope and delivered an elbow drop onto Beckie's chest. she went for the cover. 1.......2....kickout. Beckie was gasping for air, but managed to kick out. Patti then grabbed her by the hair once more and put her in a headlock. she then nailed Beckie with a bulldog piledriver and Beckie was motionless. Patti rolled her over onto her back and went for the cover. 1..........2.......kickout. Beckie barely kicked out and Patti pleaded with the referee.

Patti then saw a nearly motionless Beckie lying on the mat. a smile formed on her face and knew she could finish Beckie off. she grabbed Beckie's ankle and headlocked it. she then began to tug at the bootlaces of Beckie's white boot. she quickly unlaced the boot and pulled off the boot. Patti smiled as she examined the boot, then she tossed it out of the ring. she stared at Beckie's barefoot as Beckie didnt wear socks tonight. Patti placed her hand on Beckie's foot and it was very warm and quite soft. Patti stared at Beckie's toes and giggled to herself. seh knew Beckie was quite ticklish and she was going to truly enjoy this. she then began to drag her nails along the sole of Beckie's foot and Beckie immediately began to scream.


Patti continued her tickling and loved how her fingers sank into the soft flesh of Beckie's arch. Beckie was cackling louder and begging Patti to stop tickling, but Patti continued on. she wanted Beckie to submit to her. Beckie's eyes began to roll into the back of her head as she felt Patti's fingers invade her toes. her pink sole squirmed wildly as Patti fingers tickled her toe crevices. the referee asked Beckie if she wanted to give up, but she refused. Beckie didnt want to quit, but the tickling was horrendous. tears began to form in her eyes as she laughed and laughed and laughed. Patti knew she was in control. she knew it was only a matter of time before she submitted. Patti in a way hoped Beckie wouldnt give in just yet. she enjoyed tickling this soft foot and could tickle it for hours. Patti yelled at the ref to ask Beckie if she wanted to quit. Beckie still refused. she then looked at the nearby ropes through her tear soaked eyes and reached for them. her hands were so close, but yet so far. Beckie tried to focus on reaching that bottom rope, but she would lose concentration when Patti tickled her foot in different spots. she felt Patti's fingers tickle her toes, then her arch, then the ball of the foot, back to the arch, then the heel and back to the toes. Beckie was becoming very woozy. she was going to pass out if she didnt reach the ropes. with her last remaining ounce of strength she reached for the ropes and grabbed a hold of the bottom rope. the referee told Patti to break the hold and Patti jumped up thinking the match was over.

the referee pointed to Beckie, telling Patti the match was still on. Patti began to throw a tantrum. she thought the referee saw Beckie tap. she then grab Beckie's ankle again and dragged the exhausted woman to the middle of the ring. Patti then bounced off the ropes, to deliver a legdrop. Beckie managed to roll out of the way and Patti landed right on her keester. she clutched her sore bottom and Beckie made it to her feet. Patti stood up again and charged a wobbly Beckie. Beckie sidestepped the charging Patti and Patti rammed her body into the turnbuckles and stumbled backwards. Beckie caught her and delivered a German suplex to Patti, making her land on the back of her head. Patti was stunned. Beckie went for the cover. 1......2......kickout. Patti kicked out, but barely. Beckie stared at her barefoot, then smiled. it was her turn to get Patti. she grabbed Patti's ankle and dragged her to the middle of the ring. she flipped Patti over onto her stomach and proceeded to cross Patti's ankles and folded them against Patti's rear end. Beckie felt a surge of adrenaline flow through her body. now it was time to give Patti a taste of her own medicine. she untied the pink boots and managed to remove both of them. she then peeled off Patti's pink cotton socks and exposed her soft, tender barefeet.

"please......dont tickle my feet..please Beckie....." Patti moaned. she knew she was in deep trouble.

Beckie smirked and began to scrape her fingers all over Patti's soles. Patti went hysterical as she felt the fingers tickling her soft soles. she cackled wildly like a hyena as she felt the fingers tickle her toes. Patti hated being tickled. every once in a while, Lana would tickle her feet, just to keep in "tickling shape" as Lana would put it. she remembered her embarrassing loss at the last pay per view, TOTAL CONTROL, as she submitted to being tickled and was covered with honey and feathers. now, this was her big chance in the tournament and her weak spot was being tickled. she saw the ropes, but they looked a few planets away. Beckie played with each and every toe, causing Patti to shriek even louder. the referee asked Patti if she wanted to give up, but Patti refused. the tickling was horrible and it sent shivers up her spine as her feet were tickled ruthlessly by Beckie. Beckie continued to tickle the tender balls of Patti's feet and smiled. she knew it was only a matter of time. she then poked her fingers into the toe crevices of Patti's baby toes and noticed Patti scream even louder. Patti tried reaching for the ropes, but it was no use. Beckie had her locked in and her the tickling was never going to stop. soon, she raised her hand to try to reach the ropes. Beckie saw this and then scrabbled all of her fingers on Patti's feet very fast and Patti broke. her hand tapped the mat wildly and the referee called for the bell. Beckie jumped in the air, excited that she just won the match. she now was going to face Gorgeous George in the next round. she left the ring and hi-fived the fans on her way back up the ramp. in the ring, Patti stood up and began to pout. not only was she sad she lost, she knew Lana was not going to be happy. she grabbed her boots and walked back up the ramp, her head hanging in disappointment.


Julie Day was standing by with Hammerin Heather Steele. Heather had asked Julie for this time and she granted it.

"Heather, you asked for this time to say something. what is it that you have to say to the fans of WOW?" Julie asked.

"well Julie, this isnt for the fans. this is for that tramp Stacy Carter. how dare she come into WOW and humiliate me like that. it was already bad enough i lost my match to Sable, but why did she have to get involved? if she wants to get into the ring and deal with a wrestler, then i am challenging her to a match." Heather challenged.

"a match? but Stacy isnt a wrestler. she is an assistant to Sable. she's not like Patti Pizzazz." Julie replied.

"i know Julie. but if she wants to get involved, then settle it in the ring. Stacy you tramp, i am going to embarrass you like you never been embarrassed before." Heather said while the camersa faded to black.

Beckie made it back to the dressing room where she was hugged by Bronco Billie and Terri Gold. "thanks guys!!" Beckie told them.

"great job!!!" Billie told her.

"yeah, we are so proud of you!! soon, you will be the 1st ever WOW Continental champion." Terri chimed in.

"i really appreciate it girls. and soon Terri, you will be the WOW Champion again." Beckie told her.

"it's just a matter of time before Lana has to give me a title shot. and when she does, i will become champion again." Terri said with confidence.

"but what about Chyna? what's her deal?" Billie asked.

"i think it is Hollywood's way of trying to keep me away from focusing on Lana. she knows i can beat Lana." Terri said.

"well, be careful. Chyna is no joke. you saw what she did to Riot a few weeks back." Beckie warned Terri.

"and to me......." Billie added as she remembered her own tickling humiliation at the hands of Chyna.

"dont worry girls, Chyna isnt going to prevent me from rising back to the top!!" Terri told them. the group then sat down and enjoyed Beckie's big win.

Patti Pizzazz was walking through the backstage area with her head down. she held her boots in one hand and looked as though she wanted to cry. her walk was cut short as tWo member Mystery stood in front of her.

"well, well, well. look who we have here! a big LOSER!!!!" Mystery taunted.

"leave me alone...." Patti replied.

"you are such a LOSER Patti!! when was the last time you won a match? huh?" Mystery chuckled.

"leave me alone....." Patti repeated.

"LOOOOOOOOOSER!!!! LOOOOOOOOOSER!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOSER!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! now watch how it's done. watch me advance in the tournament!" Mystery told her. she then pushed Patti aside and walked away.

Patti looked at her and scowled. it was bad enough she lost and still had to face Lana, but to be laughed at by Mystery. Patti walked off in anger.


WOW Continental championship tournament 1st round match

the music of the NWO blared across the loudspeakers and Mystery made her way down the ramp. dressed in a black, sleeveless top and black spandex shorts, Mystery made it to ringside. with the letter tWo across her chest, her black boots and her black hood and mask, Mystery paced in the ring. this was a big match for her. since Gorgeous George won her match, she knew she had to win hers to avoid a tongue lashing from Hollywood. the tWo had to reassert itself in trying to maintain its dominance in WOW. beating a new nemesis of the tWo, Jungle Grrl, was a mandatory requirment to Mystery. she paced in the ring, awaiting her opponent.

the sounds of tribal jungle music blared on the loudspeakers and Jungle Grrl appeared at the top of the stage. dressed in a leopard print type dress with shorts and barefoot, she began to walk down the ramp. Jungle Grrl was excited to be in the tournament. this was her chance to win some gold. she got to the ring and stared at Mystery. she entered the ring and was immediately attacked by Mystery.

the bell rang and Mystery continued her attack. she knew she couldnt waste anytime with Jungle Grrl. she threw Jungle Grrl against the ropes and tried a clothesline. Jungle Grrl ducked, bounced off the ropes and delivered a flying body press. 1.......2.....KICKOUT. Mystery kicked out and when she stood up, Jungle Grrl delivered a standing drop kick. Mystery stood up again, and Jungle Grrl scooped her up and slammed her. she dropped a quick elbow and went for the cover. 1.......2..........KICKOUT. Jungle Grrl grabbed Mystery by the back of the hood and rammed her head into the turnbuckles. Mystery staggered a bit, then Jungle Grrl quickly climbed to the top rope. a groggy Mystery turned around and Jungle Grrl did a flying body press off the top rope. Mystery saw this and ducked as Jungle Grrl crashed to the mat in a heap. Jungle Grrl rolled around in pain as Mystery began to recuperate. she dropped a quick elbow onto Jungle Grrl and went for the cover. 1........2......KICKOUT. Mystery then grabbed Jungle Grrl's hair and pulled her up. she then scooped her up and did a running powerslam. all of the air went out of Jungle Grrl and Mystery went for the cover again. 1........2......kickout. Mystery banged her fist on the mat in frustration. she managed to suplex Jungle Grrl and again went for the cover. 1.........2.......kickout.

now Mystery was getting upset. she tried to set up Jungle Grrl for a piledriver, but Jungle Grrl stood up and flipped Mystery over her back. Jungle Grrl saw Mystery laying on the mat and dropped a knee into Mystery's chest. Mystery clutched her chest in pain as once again,a weary Jungle Grrl went to the top rope. she lept of the rope to try and deliver a flying headbutt. but once again, Mystery rolled out of the way and Jungle Grrl's head rammed into the mat. Mystery quickly rolled Jungle Grrl over and went for the cover. 1.........2..........kickout. Jungle Grrl barely kicked out. Mystery couldnt believe it. she then picked up Jungle Grrl and slammed her again. she went for another cover. 1.........2......kickout. Mystery was now frustrated. she then had an idea. she looked at Jungle Grrl's barefoot and wondered if it was ticklish. since she couldnt beat Jungle Grrl physically, maybe she could force Jungle Grrl to submit, tWo style. she then remembered that everyone who tried to tickle Jungle Grrl's feet were unable to make her laugh. Mystery figured it was her turn and she could get Jungle Grrl to laugh. she rolled Jungle Grrl over onto her stomach and trapped Jungle Grrl's ankles between her thighs. the soles were facing up and Mystery stared at the soles. despite the fact that Jungle Grrl wrestled barefoot, her feet were still tender. there were some callouses, but her feet still looked nice. Mystery then began to run her fingers along the soles of Jungle Grrl's feet hoping to get a reaction. she got none. she continued to try and tickle the soles, but still nothing. she figured it had to be the toes.

Jungle Grrl felt Mystery trying to tickle her toes. in her mind, she thought here was another woman trying in vain to tickle her feet, when they werent ticklish at all. Jungle Grrl used this time to recover. Mystery continued to try and tickle between the toes and still no reaction. frustrated, she released her hold and tried to roll Jungle Grrl over onto her back. when she attempted to roll Jungle Grrl over, Jungle Grrl struck. she chopped Mystery in the throat and quickly got to her feet. Mystery clutched her throat in pain, then Jungle Grrl kicked her in the midsection. as she hunched over, Jungle Grrl delivered a DDT. Mystery was laid out. Jungle Grrl then scaled the top of the ropes and lept off the ropes once again, but this time nailed Mystery with a frogsplash, her patented finisher. she went for the cover. 1.......2.......3!!!!!

the bell rung and Jungle Grrl was pronounced the winner. Jungle Grrl actually smiled and stared at Mystery's exhausted form. she then walked over to Mystery and straddled her chest. she leaned her face into Mystery's mask.

"so, you wanted to try and tickle me huh? well, here is a little message for the Tickling World Order. i'm not ticklish!!! but i will show you how it should be done!!!!" she screamed. she then began to plunge her fingers deep into Mystery's exposed armpits and tickled hard.


Jungle Grrl continued to tickle Mystery's armpits and she felt Mystery's body writhe and squirm beneath her. Jungle Grrl tickled harder and Mystery laughed even louder. she was going to punish Mystery. minutes passed and Mystery began to weaken. her body became limp and she just submitted to the tickling. she felt Jungle Grrl's strong fingers tickling her armpits and she just laid there laughing. soon, Jungle Grrl stopped and placed her foot right on top of Mystery's mask. the referee raised her arm in the air while her music played. Jungle Grrl's mind then focused on her next opponent..... Sable!!!!!

UP NEXT: the tag titles on the line as Asian Invasion takes on the tWo.

okay fellas, how was this episode? feedback always welcomed.