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04-24-2001, 11:33 PM
(a superhero’s ticklish girlfriend fantasy)



It was already a quarter past six and the tenacious “Daily Planet” news writer Lois Lane was still sitting at her makeup table staring at a photo of herself in the arms of “the man of steel” Superman. Tonight was Superman and Lois Lane’s one year anniversary of dating and the lovestrucked Lois wasn’t even close to getting ready for Superman to pick her up at seven o’clock. She was so in love with Superman. He was all she could think about as she tenderly stroked his image on the photograph with an enamored smile on her face.
She daydreamed about the first time she met the awesome superhero. After saving her from certain death when she was hanging from the side of a Metropolis skyscraper after a helicopter accident, it was love at first sight. She later got to interview the superhuman hunk on the balcony of her apartment. With every question Lois Lane asked of Superman, his answers, no matter how simple or silly made her tingle all over with fondness.
At the end of the interview, Superman led Lois to the edge of the balcony and the man of steel jumped up and they both took off, ascending into the heavens. Lois Lane couldn’t believe what she was doing as she clung onto to Superman. She was flying through the air with a “god”. As he took her across the Metropolis skyline, up into the clouds, and back down again, it was the most romantic thing in the world. And at that point Lois Lane realized she had met the man of her dreams.
Suddenly, the telephone in her bedroom rang, breaking Lois Lane out of her trance. She walked over to her nightstand and answered.
“I haven’t forgotten about our date tonight. I’ll be there to pick you up at seven o’ clock sharp.”
It was Superman. Lois panicked. She was so enthralled in her reverie she totally lost track of the time.
“Oh! Oh, Superman! I-I-I was just thinking about you. Sure, sweetie. I-I-I’ll be ready when you get here.”
“Great! I’ll see you at seven.”
“I love you.”
“I love you, too...bye.”
The phone clicked, but again Lois was stunned pondering the time she had to get ready for her big date she didn’t even think to put the phone down after the quick conversation was over. Then that ever so loud and familiar recording of the operator saying “If you’d like to make a call please hang up and try your call again” broke Lois Lane’s trance.
“Shit!” She whispered, frustrated and worried.
But then the committed and resourceful Lois rushed to get ready. She showered and shampooed her hair as fast as she could. Then she gave herself a quick little home done pedicure, making her feet nice and soft and extra sensitive. She painted her toenails, making sure she coated them with that sexy shade of deep red that Superman claimed to be his favorite.
It was now seven o’clock and the mighty Superman had arrived on time, landing on top of Lois Lane’s twentieth floor balcony. Lois expected him to show up promptly so she left the sliding glass door to her balcony unlocked. Superman went inside.
“Lois?” He called.
“I’m just finishing up in my bedroom. I’ll be out in a second.”
Superman was dressed in his costume with that famous “S” displayed proudly across his chest and his red cape hanging down his muscular back. He was well groomed and very handsome indeed. The eager Superman paced the living room back and forth as if he were nervous and holding some sort of important information or something.
“Should I tell her? No, maybe I should wait. Should I really tell her? She might think I’m a freak or something! Then maybe I should just keep it to my self. Oh, I just gotta tell her. I may nerve have the guts to do this again.” Superman whispered to himself. He clearly had something on his mind.
Suddenly, a drop-dead gorgeous Lois Lane emerged from her bedroom dressed in a very sexy, strapless mini-dress. The dress was black which matched her high-heel shoes and contrasted well with her soft, sensitive, milky-white skin.
“Tuh-Dahhh!” Lois said introducing herself and striking a very sexy pose.
Superman snapped out of his deep thought and turned to the incredibly beautiful brunette with raised eyebrows and raised other things as well.
“Lois! Wow, you look terrific, honey!”
“Thank you, Superman!” She said, strutting over to the man of steel with open arms and a great big smile.
They embraced and exchanged tender kisses. Superman was all smiles as well. He too was very much in love with Lois Lane.
“Our one-year anniversary,” Lois reiterated.
“And I wouldn’t have missed it for the world,” Superman reassured.
At last, Superman held Lois’ hand, gently caressing it as he led her out to the balcony. Lois just gazed at Superman with a dreamy twinkle in her eyes. He kissed the beautiful girl once more before Superman leaped into the air and they both ascended into the heavens. They continued to smile at each other like teenagers as they flew over the beautiful Metropolis sky. Luckily they had a full moon to enhance the setting. It was more romantic than Lois Lane could ever hope for. The two were headed for Superman’s place.
When they arrived at the “Fortress of Solitude” he showed Lois around the magnificent surroundings. Lois was astounded to see a structure of such superior architecture. It was definitely designed by someone who wasn’t of this world.
Well, the two had a very romantic candlelight dinner. Superman remembered Lois’ favorite year of Merlot as well as the veal cannelloni they had on their very first date. After dinner Superman escorted Lois to his very luxurious bedroom accommodations. As they walked hand in hand, Lois could tell something was on Superman’s mind but didn’t bother to ask what. She was too wrapped up in the romance of the evening and being in love with him.
Superman and Lois Lane sat down on Superman’s plush king-size bed. Superman continued to look at Lois Lane awkwardly as if he were embarrassed or something.
“What is it, Superman?”
“Um, Lois. We’ve been dating each other for a while now and I think it’s time that we truly are honest with each other about everything if we’re going to have a healthy and committed relationship.”
“Oh yes, Superman! I want us to be totally open and honest with each other,” she passionately replied with that familiar smitten sparkle in her eye.
“Um Lois, there’s something about me that you should know.”
“I hope you don’t take this the wrong way or think that I’m some kind of weirdo...”
Lois interrupted, “Superman, it doesn’t matter what you tell me about yourself it won’t change the way I feel about you. I’ll always love you.”
Superman was still very nervous and didn’t believe that Lois Lane really knew what she was getting herself into.
“Uh well, Lois I’ve had this little fetish for as long as I could remember that stimulates me sexually and I’ve never told a soul about it.”
Lois was getting hot and responded in a deep seductive voice “Well, tell me what it is, lover boy. I’m ready to for fulfill all of your sexual wishes.”
“Really.” She assured and then gave him a big wet kiss on the lips.
Superman was really nervous now. He didn’t want to break the mood. But he finally broke down and admitted what he had on his mind. “Lois, I’ve always had this fetish for tickling women. Just the thought of tickling a really ticklish woman turns me on. And that’s what I want to do you, Lois,” he said then got all red in the face.
When Lois Lane heard that she froze and gulped hard. Her mind suddenly returned back to her childhood. She remembered her parents and grandparents playing tickle games with her to make her laugh, the mischievous boyfriends she had in high school who never failed to find her most sensitive spots and exploit them, or the abdominal exam she had in the doctor’s office that drove her absolutely nuts. All those memories rapidly coming back to her made Lois explode in a fit of ticklish giggles. Lois Lane was still EXTREMELY TICKLISH.
“Lois, are you ready to be tickled?”
Lois squealed and slowly recoiled her body, curling her toes locked in the cutest little way. “BUT SUPERMAN, I’M A VERY VERY TICKLISH PERSON! THAT’LL BE TORTURE FOR ME!” She complained, giggling like a schoolgirl.
“You love me, don’t you Lois?”
“And you said you’re ready to fulfill all of my sexual wishes, right?”
But before the hyper ticklish Lois Lane could protest any further, Superman was already using his lightning speed to take off her dress and tie her to the bed in a spread- eagle position with soft velvet rope. Poor Lois, she hadn’t a clue what she had gotten herself into. And now she was about to get the most ticklish tickle she ever had the displeasure of feeling.
Now Lois Lane lay helpless on Superman’s bed, clad only in her bra, panties, and heels.
The terrified and pretty girl was breathing heavily and tugged at her binds, but to no avail. Then the man of steel hovered over Lois Lane’s gorgeous half-naked body, admiring all of her sexy curves. He smiled menacingly as he wriggled all ten fingers at the bound beauty.
“You’ll be fine, Lois. Tickle...tickle...tickle!”
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!” She burst, in ticklish anticipation.
Superman lowered his fingers on Lois’ vulnerable, sensitive belly and began to methodically seek out the most ticklish spots along her torso. He scrabbled his fingers all over her belly, belly button, and sides.
He prodded and poked throughout her especially ticklish ribcage, eliciting a delightful medley of hard belly laughs.
Superman went back and forth from rib massaging to side scratching to belly button stroking, driving poor Lois Lane absolutely mad. She pulled and tugged at her binds that held her fast and tossed her head from side to side. After about twenty minutes of this diabolical torment Superman gave Lois a well-deserved rest. Her chest heaved as she gasped to catch her breath.
Now Superman moved through the air and settled hovering over Lois Lane’s bare and vulnerable underarms. He rested his fingers on her soft, smooth forearms and began to slowly crawl a ticklish path toward the sensitive prizes that lay ahead. When Lois felt Superman’s hands working their way towards her helplessly exposed and incredibly ticklish underarms she panicked. Her eyes grew wide with fear and she struggled more fervently against her bondage.
But Superman paid no attention to Lois’ pitful cries as he gently nestled his fingers in the ultra sensitive hollows of her defenseless armpit.
Lois Lane went bonkers!
This was definitely one of Lois Lane’s most ticklish spots that Superman exploited mercilessly. She shook vehemently from head to toe, screaming in ticklish agony. After about fifteen minutes Superman granted Lois another rest to catch her breath. The man of steel giggled playfully, clearly getting aroused by the whole thing as he fluttered and hovered over her legs and started crawling his hands up Lois Lane’s inner thighs to her most intimate of areas.
Then Superman mercifully stopped, laughing impishly at her calamity.
Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Superman uses his “faster than a speeding bullet” movement to quickly untie Lois’ ankles from their spread-eagle position and retie them together, still leaving them absolutely vulnerable. At last, Superman began to slowly remove the sexy, black high-heels to reveal Lois Lane’s soft, smooth, and pretty bare feet. Lois began to really panic this time.
Again Superman ignored the cute brunette but he did pause to observe the deep shade of red polish that adorned her toenails.
“Mmmm, red toenail polish. My favorite. You remembered, Lois.”
Lois Lane flexed and wiggled and scrunched up her feet, curling her toes locked as she shrieked spasmodically in ticklish anticipation. Then Superman began to skillfully scratch and scrabble his fingers all over Lois’ vulnerable soles, seeking out those special tickle spots along the way. Ever so gently, he dug and poked under and between her super ticklish toes.
Lois Lane went berserk!
This torture went on for about twenty-five minutes then Lois Lane mercifully passed out. When she came to (only a minute later) she was untied and covered with sweat. She noticed Superman sitting on the edge of the bed smiling at her in the most endearing way.
Lois suddenly flashed back to her torment and screamed, curling into a fetal position.
“It’s okay, sweetheart. I’m not going to tickle you anymore.”
Lois sat up on the edge of the bed next to Superman, moving her hair out her sweaty face.
“Oh, I can’t believe you did that to me. You tickled me out of my mind.”
“You’re not mad at me, are you?”
“No...No, I’m not mad at you. In fact it was kind of exciting and fun.”
“Yeah, really.” She assured, not fully knowing what she really was saying to him.
Then the man of steel took the beautiful Lois Lane and held her in his arms tenderly.
“Oh, Lois. You’ve made me the happiest superhero in the world. I’m so glad you understand me. I love you so much.”
“I love you too, Superman.” She said wearily. She thought to herself, Oh my god. What have I gotten myself into. I hope I only have to satisfy this fetish of Superman’s once a year on our anniversary, because I don’t think I can’t take it more often than that.


04-25-2001, 02:30 AM
Rockauthor, I know no one else ever speaks out about it very much but I just want to say that I truly enjoy your stories and look foward to many more! Brilliant story!

04-25-2001, 08:55 PM
Thank you very much, friend. I tuly appreciate that. And believe me when I tell you that the best has yet to come.