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okay fans, here is the next chapter of WOW. also, coming real soon, a combined story between myself and Korn_ste will appear. it will have his federation, the TTF (Tickle Torture Federation) VS my federation, WOW. should be real exciting and look for it soon!! anyway, enjoy this next chapter as the storyline is building towards the PPV. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com Hollywood at www.webkitten.com and Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com enjoy!!!


the upbeat music of Roxy Powers blared over the PA System and Roxy Powers made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in a green with yellow trim sports bra, along with yellow shorts and green boots, she made her way down the ramp to a nice ovation. Roxy knew this was a big match for her. she would be taking on the leader of the tWo, Hollywood. she has been fortunate not to cross paths with the tWo, but knew what they were capable of doing. she was a little nervous, but knew if she wins this match, it would elevate her status in WOW and possibly get her a title shot at Lana Star. she got into the ring and demonstrated her knowledge of kickboxing by doing a few kicks to the crowd's delight. she bounced around, getting herself pumped up.

the music of the NWO blared and the leader of the Tickling World Order, Hollywood made her appearance at the top of the stage. wearing a black with white trim sports bra that had the word "HOLLYWOOD" written across the chest, along with tight spandex shorts and black boots that had the letters "T.W.O." on them, Hollywood had a smug look on her face as she walked down the aisle to a chorus of boos. she was a little upset that she had to wrestle Roxy Powers instead of Lana Star. she still felt she should be the #1 contender, but if Mclane was going to play games with her, so be it. but she was going to humiliate and destroy everyone put before her. she got into the ring and laughed at Roxy Powers. Hollywood raised her arms in the air, then pulled them down and flipped Roxy off.

the bell rang and Roxy Powers didnt like being flipped off. she charged towards Hollywood, who simply sidestepped her and she went crashing into the turnbuckles. Hollywood followed up with a clothesline and Roxy stumbled towards the mat. Hollywood shook her head and reached for a handful of Roxy's hair. she easily pulled her up, scooped her up and slammed her to the canvas. Hollywood went for the nonchalant cover. 1......2......KICKOUT. Hollywood laughed and continued to pummel Roxy. she slapped her hard across the face a few times and then whipped her into the turnbuckles on the opposite side of the ring. Hollywood charged in, but Roxy put her boot up and nailed Hollywood right in the jaw. Hollywood reeled backwards, and Roxy charged out of the corner and speared Hollywood. the crowd went nuts. Roxy went for the cover. 1........2....KICKOUT. Roxy began her offensive assault on Hollywood. she slammed her, then suplexed her, then chopped her on the chest, right on the word "Hollywood". Hollywood clutched her chest in pain and Roxy whipped her against the ropes. Roxy then nailed Hollywood with a reverse kick and Hollywood went crashing to the mat in pain. Roxy again went for the cover. 1.....2.....KICKOUT. Roxy then began to get a little frustrated. she picked up Hollywood again and tossed her against the ropes. Hollywood bounced off the ropes and Roxy nailed her with a back body drop. Roxy was pumped up. she got into a corner of the ring and began to stomp her foot.

Hollywood was in pain. she began to stagger to her feet, and when she turned around, Roxy nailed her with "Sweet Chin Music", a superkick, and Hollywood fell backwards like a tree and hit the mat. Roxy was excited. she just nailed Hollywood with her finisher. victory was a mere moment away. she went for the cover and even hooked the leg. the referee made the count. 1..........2.........kickout!!!! the crowd moaned as the count was so close to three. Roxy couldnt believe it. she had a bewildered look on her face as she just knew she had the match won. she yelled at the ref, who told her it was only a 2 count. his hand was mere inches from hitting the 3 count. Roxy looked over at Hollywood. then an idea popped into her head. if she couldnt beat Hollywood from conventional means, what about getting her to submit? Roxy stared at Hollywood's bare belly. she wanted to see for herself how ticklish Hollywood is. she began to lightly run her fingers around Hollywood's navel. Hollywood began to react. Roxy then wrapped her legs underneath Hollywood's waist and straddled her waist. she then reached up and plunged her fingers into Hollywood's stomach.


"tickle tickle Hollywood!!!" Roxy laughed back as she continued to tickle Hollywood's belly.

Hollywood continued to squirm as her belly was tickled. she felt Roxy's fingers probe her belly button and she couldnt hold it anymore. she roared with delirious laughter and tried to slap Roxy's figners away. Roxy continued her tickling assault and enjoyed watching Hollywood squirm. Hollywood squirmed a lot, so her shoulders were never really pinned to the mat, so the referee couldnt count, but it didnt matter to Roxy. she was enjoying watching Hollywood laugh. this just seemed like poetic justice as the leader of a faction that tickled their opponents was now getting a taste of her own medicine. a light bulb went into Roxy's head. she leaned closer to Hollywood's face.

"you're just so ticklish arent you Hollywood? well, i wonder if your feet are just as ticklish. let's find out......" Roxy teased.

Roxy released her hold and grabbed Hollywood's ankle. she began to unlace the boot. as she continued to pluck the strings loose, Hollywood realized what was going on and nailed Roxy in the head with her other boot. Roxy stumbled backwards and Hollywood quickly speared Roxy. Roxy began to groan in pain as she rolled on the mat. Hollywood re-tied her boot and had a look of rage on her face. she picked Roxy up and did a pile driver, knocking Roxy senseless. as Roxy moaned in pain, Hollywood began to smile. it was payback time. she trapped Roxy's legs between her thighs and began to unlace the boots. she quickly pulled the laces out and pulled the boots off, one by one. she tossed the boots across the ring and then flipped Roxy over onto her stomach. she trapped the ankles again and stared at the socked soles of Roxy. pinching the toe of the sock, she pulled the sock off. Hollywood smiled as she saw the heel, then arch, then the ball of the foot, then finally toes get exposed. she then grabbed the toe of the other sock and did the same. she now had both of Roxy's size 9, tanned soles exposed and vulnerable to her wicked designs. as Roxy began to stir, Hollywood zipped her index finger down the sole and Roxy yelped.

"EEEEEEEP!!!! DONT DO THAT!!!! please Hollywood!! dont!!!!" Roxy screamed as she tried pulling her legs free to no avail.

"dont do what?" Hollywood teased.

Roxy didnt answer as she knew if she says it, Hollywood would definitely tickle her. she was ticklish everywhere and her feet were definitely a sensitive area. she only braced herself for the impending torture.

"let me guess.......you dont want me to TICKLE your feet? too bad...." Hollywood teased as she then raked her nails all over the soles of Roxy's feet.

Roxy immediately roared in laughter as her soles were tickled by Hollywood. she felt her fingers probe in between her toes and she couldnt stand it. she was used to pain from kickboxing, but wasnt really tickled before. she began to pound the mat in frustration, but not submitting. she laughed and laughed and laughed. Hollywood continued to trace her fingers all over the tender soles. her fingernail would scrape the middle of the ball of Roxy's foot and she heard Roxy scream like a banshee. she then began to tickle the soft, mushy undersides of Roxy's delicate toes and Roxy continued to laugh. out of all the members of tWo, Hollywood was the most ruthless. she tickled everywhere on Roxy's feet. she tickled the heels rapidly, then tenderly, but cruelly tickled the soft insteps and arches. soon, Roxy was a mess. her head laid on the canvas and all she could do was laugh. she tried reaching for the ropes, but when Hollywood dug her fingers in between her toes, all her momentum stopped. Roxy's eyes filled with tears. she didnt want to submit, but the tickling was bad. Hollywood wasnt going to stop until she did. Roxy couldnt take it anymore and began to tap the mat. the bell rang.

Hollywood's hand was raised in victory as the music of the NWO played over the loudspeakers. as she moved her hair aside from her face, Hollywood looked at a defeated, but still giggling Roxy Powers. now it was time for a little fun. she grabbed Roxy's boots and pulled out the laces. she then used the laces and tied Roxy's wrists behind her back, and used the other lace to bind her ankles. she rolled Roxy over onto her back. she then grabbed a ball point pen and sat on Roxy's waist. Roxy's eyes grew wide open as she saw the tip of the black pen go to her bare belly. Hollywood then began to draw the letters "T.W.O." across the belly of Roxy. Roxy roared in laughter as the pen drew its cruel path on her skin. soon, her belly was inked with the letters and Hollywood admired her handiwork. chewing on the cap of the pen, she then grabbed Roxy's ankles and hoisted them up, exposing the soles to her. she began to write on Roxy's soles and Roxy again exploded in laughter. her toes wiggled wildly as the pen drew on her soles. when she was finished, Hollywood had wrote "property of the T.W.O." on one foot and "Mclane, give me my title shot!!!!" on the other. she dropped Roxy's ankles and raised her arms in victory once more. she left the ring to the music of the NWO and then cameras panned over Roxy's body. the cameras showed her tear soaked face, then down to her belly, then another camera showed the bottom of her soles as her toes wiggled, letting the fans in the arena and at home read Hollywood's messages.


Julie Day stood by for her next interview. this interview was going to be special. standing with her were the new tag team champions, the Asian Invasion, Lotus and Jade. both women stood there with their title belts around their waists and smiling as though they won the lottery.

"Lotus, Jade, congratulations on becoming the Women Of Wrestling Tag team champions!!!! this must be so special for you two." Julie asked.

"Oh yes!!! thank you Julie and we are definitely happy to be the tag team champions of WOW!!" Jade replied.

"yeah, holding these titles is an amazing accomplishment for us. i hope the fans are proud of us as well." Lotus said, while the roar of the crowd was heard.

"You know ladies, i think everyone is in shock that you are the champions. you two faced many difficulties during your time in WOW." Julie told them.

"You're right Julie..." Jade started. "....we faced so many challenges here. all of the other women looked at us as weak. they always figured we were the easy win...." Jade finished.

"but we always believed in ourselves and each other. now, we are the tag team champions and we plan to stay that way." Lotus said, her eyes brimming with a new found confidence.

"these titles mean everything to us and we will defend them to the best of our ability..." Jade tried to say.

Harley's Angels walked into the interview area and stood face to face with Asian Invasion. EZ Rider, Charlie Davidson and Thug began to clap their hands.

"Well, well, well. congratulations Asian Invasion!!" Thug said.

"yeah, congratulations on winning the titles. but you do know that it was because of us that you won those titles." EZ Rider chimed in.

"what do you want?" Jade asked.

"we want a title shot. only seems fair...." Charlie told them.

"but this time, we wont help you. we will destroy you, then tickle your weak little bodies into submission...." EZ Rider threatened.

"fine!!! you want a shot. we will give it to you next week!!" Lotus exclaimed.

"see ya next week!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha" Thug laughed as Harley's Angels walked away.

Lotus and Jade looked at each other and nodded their heads. they knew next week, they were going to be in a real challenge. but, they felt confident in themselves that everything was going to be okay.

"Can you believe that??!!! the nerve of those two!!!" Francesca yelled.

"Da!!! we should be the champs!! those hookers cost us our belts!!" Ninotchka added.

Hollywood looked at the both of them and nodded her head. "your'e right!! those bitches need to pay for what they did to you two. next week, after they destroy Asian Invasion, you will get your shot and i want them finished off. they have been a thorn in our side for way too long. Chyna?"

"yes?" Chyna asked while pounding her fist into her hand.

"you get Terri right now. finish that goody two shoes off!!" Hollywood told her.

"trust me Hollywood. after tonight, Terri Gold will be a broken down, humiliated, laughing goo of mess. i cant wait to get my hands on her. you will never have to worry about her again....." Chyna told her as she began to walk out the room.

Hollywood smiled and sat down in her chair. the rest of the tWo sat down and all faced the monitor. this was going to be good.


the music of the NWO blared again and the 9th wonder of the world, Chyna stood at the top of the stage. dressed in a black, tWo, leather top that showed off her massive muscles and her firm belly, along with black leather shorts and huge black boots, she walked down the ramp with a chiseled look on her face. her hair was tied back into a ponytail and Chyna looked like she was ready for business. not only did she want to destroy Terri Gold for Hollywood's benefit, she also wanted to do it for her own. after going to battle with Riot, she wanted to still show everyone that she was the most powerful woman in WOW. she waited in the corner of the ring, awaiting Terri Gold.

the music of Terri Gold played and the crowd went nuts. Terri Gold then appeared at the top of the stage as her pyrotechnics went off. smiling big, Terri began to walk down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans. wearing her trademark blue top with yellow trim, blue shorts and blue boots, Terri made her way into the ring. the crowd was rocking as they saw her raise her hands. Terri turned and faced Chyna. Terri knew just how big this match was. not only did she have to beat Chyna to keep her chances on becoming #1 contender alive, she also wanted to show Chyna that she wasnt intimidated. Chyna recently attacked her and tried to intimidate her. Terri knew that Chyna was going to try to humiliate her, so she had to be real careful. the bell rang.

the two women met in the middle of the ring and stared each other down. Chyna still had a emotionless face and Terri began to talk to her, showing that she wasnt afraid. Chyna then took the palm of her hand and placed it on Terri's face and shoved Terri's head. Terri staggered back and then tried to slap Chyna. Chyna easily blocked the attempted slap and punched Terri in the face. she then scooped up a dazed Terri and slammed her hard to the canvas. Terri yelled out in pain. she had never been slammed that hard before. she was now realizing just how strong Chyna was. she stood up and Chyna drove her knee into Terri's gut. Terri hunched over and Chyna quickly put her in a suplex position. she hoisted Terri up and held her in the air. the crowd buzzed on the strength of Chyna as Terri was in the air upside down. Chyna held her there for a remarkable full minute, then finished the suplex. Terri groaned in pain as her back hit the canvas. Chyna didnt hesitate. she picked up Terri again and executed a powerslam. Terri's oxygen went out of her lungs and she was in pain. Chyna went for the cover. 1...........2.......KICKOUT. Terri still had some fight within her. Chyna only smiled and pulled Terri up by the hair. she whipped Terri into the corner turnbuckles so hard, Terri bounced out of the corner, walked forward and Chyna nailed her with a "clothesline from hell". Terri nearly flipped all the way over as she hit the canvas. Chyna again went for the cover. 1..........2........KICKOUT.

Chyna smiled again. she liked the fact that Terri had fight left in her. she pulled Terri up by the hair and chopped her across the chest. Terri immediately stumbled backwards and Chyna followed up with another clothesline. she grabbed Terri's ankles and did a monkey flip, which sent Terri crashing into the corner of the ring and as she stumbled out of the corner, Chyna again scooped her up and nailed her with another powerslam. the crowd was in awe of Chyna's power. Terri's body looked like a rag doll. Chyna went for the cover again. 1...........2.....kickout. Terri kicked out, but barely. now Chyna was getting upset. she then whipped Terri into the corner again and charged forward. Terri this time raised her foot and nailed Chyna in the jaw. Chyna stumbled backwards, but turned around and charged again. Terri then used whatever strength left and charged out of the corner and nailed Chyna with a clothesline. Chyna fell to the mat and Terri went for the cover. 1......2......KICKOUT!!! Chyna kicked out with such authority, Terri went flying off of her. Chyna got to her feet and as Terri faced her again, tried to kick her in the gut. Terri grabbed Chyna's ankle and twisted it hard. Chyna fell to the mat in pain and Terri put Chyna into the ankle lock. Chyna screamed in pain as Terri twisted the ankle. Chyna made her way to the ropes and Terri released the hold. Chyna sat on the mat by the ropes and stared at Terri. Terri stood there motioning her hand as though she was saying "Just Bring it!!".

Chyna stood up and charged Terri. Terri sidestepped her and as Chyna turned around, Terri dropkicked her. Chyna stood up again and Terri chopped her chest. the crowd chanted "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" with every chop. Chyna stumbled backwards into the corner and Terri continued to chop. as Chyna reeled, Terri stared at Chyna's bare belly. tempted, she then "goosed" Chyna's ribs.

"EEEP!!!" Chyna exclaimed.

Terri continued to goose Chyna's ribs and Chyna began to laugh. Chyna then began to hop around in the corner like a helpless girl. Terri enjoyed watching Chyna hop around. she then whipped Chyna into the opposite corner and charged forward. Chyna held out her thick soled boot and Terri's face went crashing into the boot. Terri stumbled backwards and Chyna kicked her in the stomach, causing her to hunch over, then delivered a DDT. Terri was face down on the canvas in pain. Chyna shook off the earlier tickling sensations and dragged Terri to the middle of the ring. she put her mouth next to Terri's ear.

"so....you want to start tickling people huh? well, i'll show you what tickling REALLY is!!!!" Chyna threatened.

Chyna then picked up Terri and put her in the abdominal stretch. Terri moaned in pain. Chyna then looked at Terri's now exposed ribcage and side. she then began to tickle Terri's ribs, causing the former WOW champion to scream.


Chyna continued to tickle Terri's sides and Terri continued to laugh hard. Chyna's powerful fingers continued to stroke Terri's belly and ribcage. she felt Terri writhing in the hold and from the tickling. the referee asked Terri if she wanted to give up. she refused. the tickling was horrendous, but she couldnt give up. Chyna continued her tickling and loved it when she tweaked Terri's ribs. she felt Terri's legs go limp and relased the hold. Terri fell to the mat like a lump of goo. Terri rolled over onto her stomach and Chyna straddled her. she then plunged her fingers undrneath Terri's armpits and tickled hard.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Terri screamed.

Chyna continued her torment and dug her fingers deeper into Terri's smooth armpits. she loved how Terri squirmed under her body. Terri was beginning to get weaker. she tried squirming out of Chyna, but Chyna was too big too powerful. her head then laid on the mat and just endured the relentless tickling. Chyna dug harder, making sure she didnt miss a spot on Terri's armpits. Chyna then saw Terri go limp and figured any moment Terri would submit. but Chyna didnt want her to submit just yet. she got off of Terri and walked over to Terri's feet. grabbing an ankle, Chyna began to unlace the blue boot. Terri realized this and suddenly her body went stiff. it was happening again. everytime her feet were about to be tickled, her body froze and she was always helpless to avoid getting her feet tickled. Chyna saw Terri's body freeze up and knew she had her now. Terri's eyes popped wide open as she felt Chyna pulling off her boot. she felt the arena air hit her socked foot, then felt the tugging of her other boot. Chyna pulled that boot off and then trapped Terri's ankles between her massive thighs. she then peeled Terri's socks off, revealing Terri's soft, pink, tender soles.

"........please dont tickle my feet...please Chyna..." Terri begged.

"just give up and i wont...." Chyna teased.

".....i.......i....i cant....." Terri sobbed as she realized her feet were now going to be tickled.

"have it your way...." Chyna sang as then raked her nails all over Terri's soles.


Chyna continued to tickle Terri's feet and loved the reaction she got. she knew how ticklish Terri was on her feet. Terri lost her title to having her feet tickled by Hollywood. now Chyna was going to enjoy this moment. she was amazed at how soft, how tender these feet were. she smiled as she continued to torment these soft sensitive feet. Terri closed her eyes and screamed. she felt Chyna's fingers, delicately tickling her arches. she couldnt even wiggle her feet. she stared at the ropes, but they were so far away. she knew she had to try otherwise her chance to Lana would probably fade away. she heard the crowd chanting "Terri!!! Terri!!! Terri!!!" and tried to use that energy to get her through this. Chyna heard the crowd and tickled harder. her fingers probe through Terri's toes and Terri went into silent laughter. Chyna loved tickling Terri's warm, sensitive toes and saw Terri's head lay on the mat.

"that's right Terri....submit to me little girl.....tickle tickle tickle!!! i love your ticklish feet!!!" Chyna taunted.

Terri could only laugh harder. it tickled so bad. tears poured from her eyes as she realized that she might have to submit. her toes were so ticklish and Chyna was finding all of the right ticklish spots on her toes. she again looked at the ropes and tried to reach for them. Chyna laughed at Terri's feeble attempts for the ropes. she just continued to tickle Terri's feet.

at that moment, music began to blare on the PA system. the song "Enter the Sandman" by Metallica played and the crowd rose to its feet. Chyna continued to tickle Terri's feet, but also looked around when she heard the music. she knew who's music this was and looked at the top of the stage. the pyrotechnics went off and Riot made her appearance at the top of the ramp. the crowd went nuts as the heavy metal grappler walked down the aisle with baseball bat in hand. Chyna saw Riot coming down the ramp, then released her hold on Terri's feet. Terri laid on the mat exhausted as Chyna walked towards the ring apron. Riot stood on the outside of the ring and began to point at Chyna. Chyna began shouting obscenities towards Riot and the two engaged into a shouting match. the referee began to admonish both women. Riot pointed her bat at Chyna and Chyna flipped Riot off. Riot laughed and pointed to something behind Chyna.

"I'M NOT FALLING FOR THAT BITCH!!!!" Chyna screamed.

Riot shrugged her shoulders and before Chyna realized it, Terri Gold had come up from behind and rolled her up. 1..........2........KICKOUT. Chyna got up and charged towards Terri. Terri ducked and Chyna bounced off the ropes. as Chyna hit the topes, Riot nailed her with her bat and Chyna staggered forward. Terri then nailed her with the DDT. Chyna was groggy. Terri, although exhausted, climb to the top of the ropes and went for ther finishing manuever, the "perfect 10" (a moonsault). she landed on Chyna and the crowd went nuts. 1........2........3!!!!!! the crowd erupted in cheers as the referee raised Terri's hand in victory. Terri could barely stand, but smiled as she realized she defeated the 9th wonder of the world Chyna. Riot got into the ring and raised Terri's hand. the crowd went nuts. Terri then grabbed her boots and left the ring to a huge ovation. however in the ring, Riot stared at Chyna. Chyna stood up and then Riot nailed Chyna across the head with the baseball bat. Chyna fell to the mat like a tree and the crowd screamed even louder. Riot began to dance around the ring then pointed to Chyna's feet. the crowd got even louder as they saw Riot removing Chyna's thick black boots. Riot stared at Chyna's socked feet. she began to motion her fingers in a tickling motion. she pulled the socks off, revealing Chyna's barefeet. she couldnt wait to tickle these feet. Riot then looked up the ramp and saw members of the tWo coming towards the ring. she then quickly left the ring as the tWo got into the ring. Riot ran through the crowd with "Enter the Sandman" playing and the crowd going nuts.

Chyna looked up and saw Riot playing "air guitar" to the music and taunting her. a look of evil formed on Chyna's face and she vowed in her mind that Riot was going to pay!!!!!


UP NEXT: the semifinals of the WOW Continental tournament!!! Sable vs Jungle Grrl and Gorgeous George vs Beckie, the Farmer's Daughter!!"

okay fans, how was this episode? i hope you enjoyed it and there is more to come. feedback is always welcomed. plus, dont forget the combined story of Korn_ste and mine is coming soon. more great wrestling/tickling action is on it's way!!! any thoughts on that project?