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okay fans, here is the next chapter of WOW. the pay per view is coming up real soon, and i hope to use some of you in that pay per view. thanks for the support, and i hope you enjoy this next chapter. also, dont forget to check out the combined story between myself and Korn_ste, as we have a WOW vs TTF story. it doesnt revolve around our respective storylines, as it stands out on its own. please check it out! characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com Hollywood at www.webkitten.com and Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com

David Mclane sat in his office and was about to take a bite out of a monster burrito. his teeth sank into the burrito and he took a big bite. he started chewing his food, enjoying it, when suddenly Hollywood bursted into his office, suprising him. he began to choke on the burrito, scrambling for his soft drink. Hollywood stood there, looking at him trying to drink down the burrito piece.

"will you stop horsing around and look at me!" Hollywood shouted.

"i.....i cant...breathe......" Mclane choked.

Hollywood went behind him and slapped him hard on the back. Mclane swallowed the piece of food and gasped for air.

"*gasp* thank...thank you......" Mclane wheezed as he tried catching his breath.

"are you done playing around now? i have important business to discuss!" Hollywood said, obviously annoyed.

"Cant you see that i almost choked to death!!" Mclane yelled back.

"damn! you mean, we were this close from not having to listen to that whiny voice of yours anymore? you know i would have been dancing on your grave!" Hollywood smiled.

"funny Hollywood, very funny. what do you want anyway?" Mclane said.

"simple you dork!! i want my title shot! i beat Roxy, whatever her name is, and i deserve to be the #1 contender!" Hollywood.

"is that so?" Mclane replied.

"yeah!!! Lana NEVER beat me! she beat Terri Gold in that triple threat match! c'mon Mclane, give me my shot!!" Hollywood demanded.

"look Hollywood, i know Lana isnt my #1 choice to be the champ, but the thought of you wearing the strap is too much to bear..." Mclane said smiling.

"look you little rat bastard! you know i can beat Lana, and if yopu continue to play this game with me, i will see to it that i get a weed whacker and take liberties with your family jewels! capice?" Hollywood told him with a sinister smile.

Mclane gulped and his hand reached down under the desk. "why do you want to hurt the 'awesome twins' and 'big daddy'? i'll tell you what. Terri Gold has also been on a tear and she deserves the #1 ranking as well. how about next week, you vs Terri Gold. the winner is the #1 contender and gets their title shot at VENDETTA?"

"first of all, the 'awesome twins'? 'big daddy'? you are one strange man Mclane, REAL strange!" Hollywood said, while rolling her eyes. "....second, you got a deal. i would LOVE to face Terri Gold. i LOVE tickling those big barefeet of hers! then after i finish making her submit, then i get my crack at Lana Star and i will make her squeal like the pig she is!" Hollywood then walked out of Mclane's office.

Mclane sat there and realized that he may have given an opportunity for Hollywood to win back the WOW title. that would only give him a bigger headache than Lana ever was. he hoped Terri Gold would win next week, to give him hope. he then started to finish his burrito again.

Julie Day stood there, ready for her next interview. she was about to interview Jungle Grrl. Julie held the microphone up and began her interview.

"Jungle Grrl, tonight you have a huge opportunity to advance to VENDETTA for a shot at the Continental title. but, you have to face Sable. your thoughts on this big match." Julie asked.

"my thoughts are this. see, Sable is nothing but a beach blonde, silicon chested, stuck up, rotten bitch!! i have seen how she walks around like her stuff doesnt stink! well tonight Sable, you will learn the laws of the jungle! you may have swallowed up the competition, but there's always a bigger animal out there to devour you. welcome to my jungle!" Jungle Grrl growled as she walked away.

SABLE (Glamour Girls) vs JUNGLE GRRL
WOW Continental title tournament semifinal match

Sable's music hit and the crowd turned their attention to the top of the ramp as Sable appeared. with a huge arrogant smile, she began to walk down the ramp to a chorus of boos. accompanied by her personal assistant, Stacy Karter, she was dressed in a tight black top, with tight spandex shorts with black boots, covered by kickboxing leggings. she got into the ring and raised her arms in victory. she walked around the ring confidently and then grabbed a microphone.

"i know all you people can here to see me!!!" Sable told the crowd as they responded with boos. "....tonight, i will beat Jungle Bitch and at VENDETTA, i will humiliate Gorgeous George and become the 1st ever, Women Of Wrestling, Continental champion!! i am destined to wear that belt and to all the bitches here in the audience, shut up, so your men can admire a REAL woman!!!" Sable said as she dropped the microphone.

the sounds of drums began to beat, then the song "Welcome to the Jungle!" blared over the loudspeakers and Jungle Grrl made her appearance at the top of the ramp. the crowd went nuts at Jungle Grrl's new theme music and watched as she walked down the ramp. dressed in a leopard print wrestling dress, with black shorts underneath, and barefoot, Jungle Grrl got into the ring and looked at the crowd. she was enjoying this moment. this was her chance to win some gold here in WOW. she looked at Sable with disgust and nothing would please her more than to destroy this stuck up bitch. the bell rang and the two stared each other down.

Sable looked at Jungle Grrl, then blew her a kiss. she then began to gyrate her hips and Jungle Grrl simply laughed. Sable then got pissed when she saw Jungle Grrl gyrating her hips, mocking her. she lunged towards her and Jungle Grrl immediately planted her barefoot into Sable's belly and tried to deliver a DDT. Sable pulled out quickly and backed up. Jungle Grrl taunted her some more, but Sable stood there. the two then locked up and Sable got the upperhand by placing Jungle Grrl into a headlock. Jungle Grrl then threw Sable off of her and against the ropes. she then delivered a dropkick to Sable and Sable fell to the mat. Jungle Grrl then dropped a few elbows and went for the quick cover. 1........2.....KICKOUT. Sable got back to her feet and got clotheslined by Jungle Grrl. Jungle Grrl then pulled Sable up by the hair, then scooped her up, and slammed Sable to the mat. Jungle Grrl then bounced off the ropes and delivered a splash. she went for the cover again. 1...........2.........KICKOUT. Sable got up again and Jungle Grrl then hip tossed her, then with an armdrag take down, Jungle Grrl clamped on Sable's arm. Sable moaned in pain and tried to get her arm free. Jungle Grrl looked down at Sable and noticed her armpit was exposed. she smiled to herself and ran a finger down the hairless, smooth armpit.

"EEP!!!" Sable shouted as she realized her armpit was tickled.

Jungle Grrl continued to tickle Sable's armpit, and soon she was laughing. Sable then rolled her body over to get Jungle Grrl to release the hold. she stood up and was shocked that Jungle Grrl tickled her. a look of anger filled her eyes and the two tried to lock up again, but this time Sable planted a boot in Jungle Grrl's abdomen and quickly DDT'd her. Sable then went for the cover. 1......2......KICKOUT. Sable managed to pick Jungle Grrl up, then dropped Jungle Grrl's belly on her knee, forcing the air to leave Jungle Grrl's body. Sable then grabbed Jungle Grrl's ankles, and dragged her to the middle of the ring. she then folded the ankles and stared at Jungle Grrl's bare soles. she was still pissed that Jungle Grrl tickled her, so now it was payback time. she then ran her fingers along Jungle Grrl's soles. no reaction. Sable continued to stroke the surprisingly soft feet, then went after the toes. still no reaction. Sable went in between the toes, determined to find a tickle spot. still no reaction. Sable released her ankle hold and stood up. she knew there had to be a ticklish spot somewhere. she then tried to pull Jungle Grrl up by the hair and on her way up, Jungle Grrl "lowblowed" Sable and Sable fell over. Jungle Grrl then scooped Sable up and slammed her. she then suplexed her, then powerslammed her. Jungle Grrl was feeling the crowd's energy. she knew she had to finish off Sable.

she climbed to the top rope and was ready to deliver her finishing manuever, a 5 star frog splash. she saw Sable's motionless body and was ready to leap. but Stacy on the outside held on to her ankle as she tried to leap and Jungle Grrl fell over and onto the mat, banging her head. Stacy was proud of herself. she was clapping to herself, when the crowd went nuts. storming down the ramp was Hammerin Heather Steele! Heather attacked Stacy from behind and began to slap her. she then scooped her up and slammed Stacy to the arena floor. grabbing an ankle, she ripped off Stacy's high heel and stared at the pink soft sole. she then began to rake her fingers along Stacy's sole, causing Sable's "personal assistant" to scream hysterically. this felt real good to Heather as she remembered when Stacy tickled her soles. meanwhile Sable saw what was happening and got out of the ring. she grabbed Heather from behind and decked her across the jaw. she shook her head in disbelief and then got back into the ring. she saw Jungle Grrl beginning to stir. Sable then rolled Jungle Grrl over and went for the cover. 1.........2......kickout. Sable almost got the three count. she then delivered a pedigree to Jungle Grrl, stunning the woman from the jungle. Sable then had an idea. she wanted to tickle Jungle Grrl into submission. since her feet werent ticklish, perhaps somewhere else was. she ran her fingers in Jungle Grrl's armpits and no reaction. Sable couldnt believe it. she then rolled Jungle Grrl over onto her back. she lifted up the dress to expose Jungle Grrl's belly. she began to poke and tease Jungle Grrl's belly and ribs, but still no reaction. Sable couldnt believe it. Jungle Grrl had to be ticklish!! she then looked at Jungle Grrl's shorts. she reached down and her hands began to squeeze Jungle Grrl's hipbones.

"...uh!!!! no......" Jungle Grrl murmered.

Sable's eyes began to open up. she then squeezed the hipbones harder and Jungle Grrl reacted!!!

"nooooooo!!!! hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!! stop that!"

Sable's eyes grew real big. she did it! she found Jungle Grrl's tickle spot! she began to really dig into the hipbones and Jungle Grrl began to laugh harder. Jungle Grrl was shocked. she didnt think anyone would find her tickle spot and she knew that now, she was in big trouble. her body began to spasm as she tried to avoid Sable's tickling fingers.

"LAUGH FOR ME JUNGLE BITCH!!!!" Sable screamed as she continued to tickle Jungle Grrl.

Jungle Grrl screamed in ticklish agony as Sable continued to tickle her hip bones. then Sable's fingers went to her belly and Jungle Grrl reacted. now her belly was ticklish! Jungle Grrl knew that once she started laughing, she would become ticklish all over her body! it was as though her hipbones was the "ticklish trigger" to her whole body. Sable took advantage of this and Jungle Grrl continued to laugh hysterically. soon, she was on her belly and Sable's fingers went up and down her sides, from her now ticklish armpits, to her severely ticklish hip bones. her legs began to thrash about and tears began to flow. Jungle Grrl started to feel humiliated. she was always the "tough woman" and even as others in WOW fell to tickling, she figured she would be the only one that wouldnt be tickled into submission. but Sable found her spot, and she was paying dearly. Sable knew she had Jungle Grrl now. she felt real proud now as she was the first one to tickle Jungle Grrl. others had failed, but not her. she was going to savor this moment and make sure Jungle Grrl submits to her tickling. her fingers tickled Jungle's Grrls body with reckless abandon. she loved how Jungle Grrl was reduced to a giggling school girl. she knew victory was near.

the music of the NWO blared and at the top of the ramp appeared Hollywood. she walked down the aisle with a huge grin on her face. Sable saw her coming and wondered what the hell was going on. Hollywood made it to ringside and stared at Sable. Sable was getting worried. was the tWo about to make a move on her? she stopped her tickling of Jungle Grrl and stood up. she looked all around the ring to make sure there was no one sneaking up. when her gaze fell back on Hollywood, she saw Hollywood laughing at her. Sable walked over towards Hollywood.

"GET OUT OF HERE BITCH!!!" Sable yelled.

Hollywood simply laughed at Sable. she was playing mind games. Hollywood never really liked Sable, even when she was in the tWo. and after that betrayal, she wanted Sable to pay dearly. she just stood there laughing and Sable was getting pissed. Sable began making threats and Hollywood simply laughed. soon, Jungle Grrl came from behind and rolled Sable up. the referee made the count. 1........2.........3!!!!! the bell rang and Jungle Grrl rolled out of the ring. Sable got up and was pissed!!! Hollywood distracted her, causing her to not watch Jungle Grrl and now she lost the match! her chance at the Continental title was gone!! she saw Hollywood laughing to herself as she walked back up the ramp. the music of "Welcome to the Jungle" blared and Jungle Grrl's arm was raised in victory. she was now moving on to VENDETTA with a chance to win the Continental title! Sable threw a tantrum in the ring and a look of a demon formed on her face. there was going to be hell to pay!!!!


Sable got back to the dressing room and began to throw chairs. she was highly pissed off and Stacy watched her throw a fit. Sable screamed and continued to throw furniture around.


Stacy just sat back and watched. she knew her "boss" was not going to let this one go. but Stacy also remembered her torment as well. she knew she had to watch her back to avoid Hammerin Heather Steele.

WOW tag team title match

some heavy metal music played and Harley's Angels, EZ Rider and Charlie Davidson, made their way down the aisle accompanied by Thug their behemoth manager. EZ Rider was dressed in a white shirt with a black vest, blue jeans and black boots. her partner Charlie Davidson was dressed in a blck shirt, with faded blue jeans, and black boots. both women were walking confidently as they knew they could easily beat Asian Invasion for the tag titles. they laughed over how the Asian Invasion won the titles, courtesy of them. they got into the ring and awaited the champions. they each hi-fived each other and their manager Thug.

some soft music from the Orient played on the PA System and the WOW tag team champions, Lotus and Jade, made their appearance at the top of the stage. the crowd gave them a standing ovation as they walked down the ramp. Lotus was dressed in her yellow wrestling top, that exposed her belly, along with a yellow skirt, with yellow shorts and yellow boots. Jade wore her red wrestling dress with red shorts and red boots. both women had the tag team title belts wrapped around their delicate waists and had huge smiles on their faces. this was their first match as champions and wanted to prove they were worthy of being tag team champions. they did realize that Harley's Angels helped them win the titles, but now they had to win on their own. now it was a matter of respect. they entered the ring and saw Harley's Angels laughing at them. both Jade and Lotus removed their belts and looked upset. they knew that they were being overlooked.

the bell rang and EZ Rider started the match against Jade. EZ Rider easily kicked her boot into Jade's midsection, then scooped the small asian woman up and slammed her to the mat. Harley's Angels began to laugh as Jade clutched her back. EZ Rider then went back to Jade and pulled her up by the hair. she then threw Jade against the ropes and nailed her with a clothesline. EZ Rider went for the cover. 1...........2..........KICKOUT. EZ Rider laughed after Jade kicked out. she tagged in Charlie Davidson and Charlie went to work. she chopped Jade across the chest and the crowd responded with "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" she then whipped Jade into the corner and followed up with a splash. Jade fell to the mat and was in big trouble. Charlie then grabbed Jade's ankle and dragged her to the middle of the ring. Charlie dropped a leg across Jade's throat and went for the cover. 1.........2.......KICKOUT! Charlie giggled to herself. this match was way too easy for them. she then tossed Jade over to her corner. she wanted to play with Lotus now. Lotus tagged herself in and when she came in, Charlie went right to work. she hammered poor Lotus, then scooped her up and slammed her. she dropped a few elbows and then tagged in EZ Rider. EZ Rider came in and went to work on Lotus. she scooped her up again and slammed her. she followed up with a suplex, then another body slam. Lotus began to writhe on the mat. EZ Rider laughed. this was way too easy!

"hey Charlie, Thug!!" EZ Rider shouted.

"WHAT?!!" Charlie and Thug replied in unison.

"IT'S TICKLING TIME!!!!" EZ Rider shouted. she then rolled Lotus over onto her stomach and sat on Lotus' rear end. facing her upperbody, EZ Rider began to tickle Lotus' sides, causing an immediate reaction.


EZ Rider continued her tickling of Lotus' body. she loved how much Lotus would squirm underneath her own body. she loved tickling Lotus' sides and loved when she shrieked. Jade stood in her corner and watched her helpless partner get tickled. she knew they were in big trouble as she was just as ticklish as her partner. she saw Lotus scream like a baby as EZ Rider tickled her armpits.

"is Lotus ticklish??!! yes she is!!! tickle tickle little baby!!" EZ Rider taunted as she continued her tickling torment. "..you know what? i'm going to tickle your feet now..." EZ laughed.

EZ Rider turned her body around and faced Lotus' feet. she grabbed the ankles and pulled them up towards her. with Lotus already weak from tickling, she easily unlaced the boots and threw them towards Thug, who held up the yellow boots like trophies. EZ Rider then easily peeled away Lotus' white sweatsocks and exposed her delicate, tender feet. EZ Rider then raked her fingers along the soles and Lotus screamed hysterically.


EZ Rider continued her foot tickling. she loved watching Lotus' soles flex wildly, trying to avoid her tickling fingers. but EZ Rider's fingers easily slipped in between Lotus' toes and Lotus went nuts. Jade looked into her partner's eyes and knew Lotus was about to submit. Jade got into the ring and dropkicked EZ Rider in the back of the head. the crowd cheered and Jade got back to her corner. EZ Rider laid on the mat in pain and tried crawling to her corner. Lotus began to do the same. the crowd began to cheer Lotus on. Lotus crawled her way towards her corner, while EZ Rider made the tag. as Charlie ran into the ring, Lotus made the tag!!! Jade came in and dropkicked Charlie. then she dropkicked EZ Rider who got back in and out of the ring. Charlie tried to charge Jade, but she ducked and delivered a back body drop. Charlie went crashing to the mat and the crowd went wild. Jade then did a baseball slide and kicked Thug on the outside of the ring, sending the behemoth woman crashing to the floor, dropping Lotus' yellow boots. Jade was pumped. but when she turned around, she was nailed with a "clothesline from hell" by Charlie Davidson. she almost took off Jade's head. she then grabbed Jade's ankle and put her in a step over toe hold. she began to wring Jade's leg and Jade moaned in pain. but panic stepped in as she realized that Charlie was unlacing her boot.

"...please dont take my boot off...." Jade begged.

"oh no sweet one! i am going to tickle your toes!!!" Charlie yelled back. she unlaced the boot, then threw it out of the ring, along with Jade's red sock. she looked at the wiggling toes.

"please.......dont....leave my toes alone.." Jade begged again.

Charlie grabbed a hold of Jade's big toe and wiggled it. "is Jade's toes ticklish? i bet they are!!!! tickle tickle tickle!!!!" Charlie taunted as she began to tickle Jade's toes. Jade went into hysterical laughter and her body thrashed about. Charlie then raked the sole and Jade laughed even harder. the referee asked Jade if she wanted to give up and Jade refused. Charlie continued to tickle Jade's foot and Jade laughed hysterically.

Lotus looked on and knew her partner was in trouble. then she felt someone grab her ankle and pull her to the arena floor. Thug had grabbed her and now put her in the ankle lock. she then raked her huge fingers along Lotus' sole, causing Lotus to scream. Thug laughed as she tormented Lotus soft foot. EZ Rider was in her corner cheering on her partner. she knew that at any moment, the tag titles were going to be theirs. then the crowd murmured again, then Francesca Le and Col. Ninotchka climbed out of the crowd and jumped EZ Rider. they began to pummel her, then Francesca grabbed a chair and walked over towards Thug. she then nailed Thug on the back of the head, knocking her out. Lotus laid on the arena floor trying to catch her breath, then got back up and got into the ring. Charlie saw what was happening and began to yell at Francesca and Ninotchka. EZ Rider was still getting kicked by Ninotchka and Charlie was about to get out of the ring. but, she was pulled back in from behind and when she turned around, both Jade and Lotus were facing her and they each kicked her in the stomach. then as Charlie hunched over, Lotus and Jade delivered a double DDT!! Jade made the cover. 1..........2........3!! the bell rang and the crowd went nuts. the referee raised their hands in victory and handed them their title belts which they hugged. they looked outside the ring and saw the tWo looking at them. Francesca and Ninotchka both yelled at them, telling them, they were "next". but at the moment, both women enjoyed the victory! they were still tag team champions!!! but they also knew that there were many more challenges to come!!

UP NEXT: some VENDETTA matches announced, and Hollywood takes on Terri Gold for the #1 contender spot!!!!

okay fans, how did you like this episode? again, the pay per view is coming and i hope to use some of you in the story as referees and ring announcers. dont forget to read myself and Korn_ste's combined story!!!