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09-04-2001, 11:18 PM
This will be one of my last post's due to an terible happing with my father on his way back from califorinia. Well i was in texas with my mom when i went by myself to one of the funimation Head quaters building i say on the wau back from Dallas. When i entered i was treated well since my Grandmother is friends with one of the workers and was allowed to explore the area. This is one of the places where DBZ voicing is recorded for the america edited version of DB and DBZ. As i went through th building i came arcoss a room with thousands of american and japanesse DB and DBZ episodes. In japan theres about 100 more episodes of DBZ since it isnt edited and they just have more. There was one episode that coaught my eye. It was episode 298 in japan, after the american series ended and is twom so to say uneditble to be shown, and is not seen in japan since they dont play it along with 20 other one (obviuosly due to they wont show them for some reason, they're manly goofs about the series). In this episode it had jap subtitles but a beach sence. This sence included gohan, videl, goten, chi chi, goku, krillin, maron (krillins duaghter) and Android 18. And amazing event accored since you never see the females barefoot, they were. And there was a part were goku is talking to chichi, and maron walks up to chi chis feet, sits by them and tickles them for about 10 seconds. You see chi chi screaming and laughing, goku being uniteligent as ussual, and krillin and 18 laughing about the sence. You then see krillin quickly tickle 18 foot. 18 laughs and hits krillin. There was a sparing scene with goku and krillin after and thats about it. This is one of he only female tickling scences in the DB/DBZ/DBGT trilogy! THey have 3 copies, but i wasent allowed to have one enless they get permission to copy it (very doubtful.) As i said this is a goof episode and is not shown in america. It is after it ends and i dont know if they show it in japan. It rocked! I hope to get to see more this thnksgiving when i go back to texas.

And i wont be posting because my father got in a major car crash and is badly injured.

09-12-2001, 05:22 PM
Great News And Im Sorry To Hear About Your Pops