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04-25-2001, 04:16 PM
The story so far: Elvira Peterson came to baby-sit
Jeremy and Helga, the Carrion kids for the weekend. Things
have not gone well. To start with Jeremy used a magic
feather to tickle her into submission. After escaping the
feather Elvira was then shrunk to the size of a doll.
Escaping from Jeremy and Helga she ran straight into Aunt
Petunia. Aunt Petunia is a small spider woman with many arms
and a habit of spinning webs. Elvira manages to escape from
her, take her captive and get back to Jeremy's lab. There
she soaks in the potion that makes her grow. Getting back to
her own room she was attacked by Uncle Frank, the invisible
tickler. He tickled her to orgasm and that orgasm caused her
to shrink once more.

Elvira and the Witch's kids

by Mark S. Ogilvie

part 4

the butler

Sexual frustration hits many different people many
different ways. Some know it because of choice, some because
of conscience and some because of fear. Elvira Peterson
however knew sexual frustration from a unique viewpoint.
She lay on her bed, a bed that was to her the size of a
swimming pool. Elvira now stood only six and one half inches
tall. Other than that she was normal. Elvira usually stood
a little over five feet tall. She had a solid build, with
wide hips and small but firm breast. Her face was bright,
gamin shaped and framed by shoulder length soft brown hair.
Lying back she closed her eyes and started to cares her
own breast. She got no response, even when she pinched the
oversized nipples. Frustrated Elvira let her hands travel
down past her stomach to the triangle of hair between her
legs. She rubbed the hair slowly, gently roughing it up,
then smoothing it over again. Still she got nowhere. For
all the response her body was showing, Elvira might just have
been lying naked in the snow.
"Damn." she swore, sitting up. Elvira looked around her
room, a very large Victorian bedroom. Extra large windows
showed a storm raging outside. On the far side of the room
was a doorway that led to the bathroom. Further along was a
door that led to the hallway. Elvira kept her eye on the
door to the hallway. If Jeremy or Helga came in now she was
It had seemed like any other baby-sitting assignment.
Just watch the children for a weekend and get enough money to
go to hockey camp. No one told her that the kids were a
couple of mad scientist. First they had enslaved Elvira with
a magic feather that had literally tickled her into
submission. Then they had shrunk her and their mutated Aunt
Petunia had caught her. Thinking of herself hanging naked
and helpless in Petunia's web Elvira slowly caressed her
breast again. This time she got a response as it slowly
She had escaped from Petunia and gotten back to normal
size, only to be caught, bound and tickled by Uncle Frank.
Uncle Frank was invisible, and like everyone else in Carrion
Mansion he liked to tickle. Tied spread -eagled to the bed
Elvira had been tickled to the point of orgasm. She sighed
as she remembered, and one hand again moved between her legs.
That orgasm had actually saved her from him. It triggered
the shrinking potion that must still have been in her body.
The young girl had shrunk so quickly Frank thought she had
Elvira knew somehow that the orgasm had caused her to
shrink again. And she guessed that another one would cause
her to grow, possibly back to full size. But so far she
could barely get aroused, much less reach a full orgasm.
Suddenly the baby-sitter realized how aroused she was
becoming. Her breast were hard, the nipples like coiled
springs. Moisture began to gather around her pussy.
I refuse to be that kinky, Elvira thought. But she
couldn't help it. The thought of being helpless and tickled
was turning her on. Elvira thought of what would happen to
her if Jeremy or Helga found her, realized she had no choice
and ploughed on. Instead of Aunt Petunia alone she now added
Uncle Frank to the list. They held her down, despite her
struggles. Every inch of her was exposed. Aunt Petunia
started to lick the juices from between her legs, while Uncle
Frank played lightly over her nipple with his invisible
feathers. She was getting close to a climax when Elvira
heard the door open. The mood was broken and the shrunken
girl dived under the covers. The sight that met her eyes
when she looked out was stunning, even for the Carrion
Mansion. A teddy bear wandered into the room.
Twice Elvira's current height he was dressed in a tweed
coat. Tubby, as all teddy bears were, he had light brown
fur and cute button eyes. His paws were somewhat short, but
working non-the-less. Giving the room a quick glance he
walked over to the bed and hopped up.
"It is no use hiding Miss Peterson." the bear said in a
stern British voice. "My eyes are very sharp and my ears
very good. I heard you from the hallway."
"Who are you?" Elvira asked, standing up and drawing the
edge of the sheets around her.
"I am Mr. Bear, the butler."
"A teddy bear as a butler?"
"Not teddy." Mr. Bear corrected her, his voice betraying
annoyance. "Theodore Y. Bear" he made the "Y" sound like an
"What are you, one of Jeremy's little experiments?"
"Actually I am the result of young Helga's first magical
spell. She accidently channeled my spirit from the day of my
death and placed me in this body. Being English I have
adapted and assumed the role of butler to this house."
"Good for you." Elvira said.
"Thank you. Now if you will come with me Master Jeremy
wishes to experiment on you."
"Forget it!" she snapped. "In the first place that kid
ain't touching me, in the second place I'm not wearing
"It is not proper for a young lady to use the word
"aint" Mr. Bear said. "It is not even a proper word. As to
your nudity, my dear I am a butler, I have seen it all."
Faster than Elvira thought he could move the bear pulled
the sheets away from her. She tried to run but Mr. Bear
jumped in front of her. The baby-sitter bounced off his
stomach and fell backward on the bed. She rolled over and
started to scramble away but he jumped on her back and
grabbed her arms. Elvira laughed. Not because of the
situation, but because the bear's fur was tickling her. The
more she struggled the more she laughed. Realizing what was
going on Elvira rolled over and hugged Mr. Bear.
"My word." the butler whispered as she rolled them over.
Filling her mind with images of ropes and feathers
Elvira started to rub her self all over the toy. She felt
every strand of fur as it brushed her breast. She felt the
fur on the bear and the hair of her pussy tangle, then pull
apart like velcro.
"Yes!" the young girl shouted, between laughs. "Make me
"See here young woman!" Mr. Bear protested. "I am not
equipped for this sort of thing anymore, and even if I were I
should be requesting that of you."
He shifted rolling them over again. Pinned beneath a
mountain of fur with her arms held Elvira gyrated and
twisted. Laughing with all her might, her mind running
through every sexual fantasy she had ever had.
"Big! Big! Big!" she shouted.
It happened, the sudden dimming of the lights, the
feeling of surrealism.
"Ow!" Elvira said as her head hit the ceiling. It only
took a moment for her to understand what had happened. She
had gone too far. From small to big. She looked down at
herself, and at the wreckage of the room. Rooms. She had
crashed through the wall and now was tightly wedged into two
rooms. The last time Elvira had felt like this had been a
few jobs back. She had been sealed into an antique steamer
trunk. Only this time no fast talking girl would bore her to
death. She hoped. Elvira was sitting up, with her knees
under her chin, her back to the wall and her head pushed into
her chest by the ceiling. She tried to move but the walls
wouldn't budge. The baby-sitter found that she could move
her arms a little, and her legs. But that was it.
"Young lady this is entirely bad form." Mr. Bear said.
Elvira looked down and saw him balanced on the lawn of brown
hair her pussy had become. "Using me like that... I don't
think I'll ever get my fur clean again... Probably have to
go through the washing machine... I'll get dizzy spells for
"Sorry." Elvira said.
"Wait here." he said, pulling himself up and
straightening his coat. "I shall go get the children." Still
mumbling to himself the butler jumped off of her and left.

Some time later the door opened and Jeremy walked in,
followed by Helga. Jeremy and Helga were very much alike.
They stood the same height, both had red hair. His was cut
short, hers streamed to her waist. Dark green eyes drew her
in each time she looked at them.
"Wow!" Jeremy exclaimed.
"I suppose now my chest is big enough for you." Elvira
said sarcastically.
"Respectable." the young scientist said, walking over to
her. "Very respectable."
"How did you get away from Aunt Petunia?" Helga asked.
"Turn about's fair play." Elvira said. "Now how do I
back to normal?"
"I have no idea."
"What!" Elvira tried to jump, shaking the mansion in her
shock. "What do you mean no idea!"
"Well to begin with," Jeremy said, picking himself up
off the floor, "my potion was meant to shrink, not grow."
"I bet she tried the other potion." Helga said. "The
one you haven't perfected yet."
"Haven't perfected." Elvira echoed feeling her stomach
"Perhaps if you tell me exactly what happened I can help
Elvira took a deep breath, forcing herself to keep calm.
She needed the kids or she would be stuck in this room for a
long time.
"Well I tied up Aunt Petunia..."
"Bet she didn't like that." Helga interrupted.
"And got her to take me back to your lab." Elvira
continued, ignoring her. "We found a bottle of the stuff you
used on me, I soaked it and grew again. Then I got back to
my room and your Uncle Frank tickled me. Hard. I shrunk
again. Then your teddy bear..."
"Theodore Y Bear if you please."
"Sorry. Theodore caught me and we wrestled. I laughed
a lot and suddenly I'm big again."
Jeremy was silent for a moment. Reaching over he ran
his hand over her foot. Elvira laughed and the boy scientist
jumped back barely avoiding the foot.
"It does not seem to be triggered by laughing alone." he
said thoughtfully.
"If I may young sir." Mr. Bear said. "The young woman
is not telling the whole truth. Forgive me Miss Peterson, I
can understand you wish to retain a measure of modesty..."
"Oh go ahead." Elvira said pragmatically. "I'm a fifty
foot tall naked girl, I don't think modesty is something I
have to worry about anymore."
"Very well. As I was saying Master Jeremy the young
women's growth did occur as we wrestled. But as we wrestled
she was trying to engage me in a sexual intercourse. I
believe the growth occurred at the zenith of her sexual
"Wow!" Jeremy and Helga said at the same time. They
looked at her and Elvira felt the blood rush to her face.
"This would explain much." Jeremy said. "Tell me, the
bottle you say you soaked in, was it marked "Aqua Amplificare
Potio, Instabilis ".
"Yea, that sounds like it."
"You soaked in an unstable potion?" Helga asked. "How
could you be so dumb?"
"How the hell was I supposed to know that it was
"What do you think "instablilis" means? Don't you read
"No." the baby-sitter said, gritting her teeth. "I
"What poor education systems they have nowadays." Mr.
Bear murmured sadly.
"How far did you soak in the liquid?"
"All the way."
"Did you swallow any?"
Jeremy hummed softly to himself.
"Was that a good hum or a bad hum?" Elvira asked.
"I'm not sure. I'll have to run some test. Theodore?"
"Yes sir."
"I'll need some hair samples. Head, pubic and ears."
"I'll get the hedge clippers sir."
"Wait a minute!" Elvira shouted, blowing them against
the wall with the sound of her voice. "I am not going to be
an experiment."
Wood splintered and cracked as Elvira flailed out wit
her arms and legs. Slowly she started to force the wall
"Stop that!" Jeremy shouted at her. "If you break that
wall it comes out of my allowance!"
"Tough!" Elvira shouted back.
"Helga, Theodore with me!"
With that shout the young scientist leapt onto Elvira's leg
and started to climb. Helga and Theodore were right behind
him, using the hair on the baby-sitters legs they scrambled
toward her stormach climb her. With an enraged roar Elvira
swiped at them but missed.
"Theodore you go for the vagina, Helga you and I will
take the breast!"
The bear launched himself between Elvira's legs and soon
she felt him. It was like having a living feather in her
pussy. The toy squirmed around expertly and she started to
giggle. The giggling made life more difficult for Jeremy and
Helga. With her gargantuan body racked with laughter they
had a hard time holding on. Jeremy reached her left nipple
first and held on for dear life as it bounced up and down.
Helga was thrown off entirely and went sailing into the next
"Get out of there!" Elvira shouted, thrusting her hands
down. But it was like trying to pick a flea off of a dog,
she couldn't hold him. Jeremy meanwhile had anchored himself
to her nipple and was slapping it with his hand. "Gotcha!"
she shouted, plucking him off.
"Let him go!" Helga screamed, running back into the
room. She was carrying a glass jar and opened it. "Get her
A flock of feathers erupted out of the jar and dove
toward her. Elvira let go of Jeremy as she was assaulted
from ever direction. It was impossible to fight off the
swarm and they tickled every inch of her exposed flesh.
It happened again, she reached orgasm and the lights
dimmed, she had a sense of falling. Slowly she climbed to
her feet and looked around. The place was a wreck with huge
holes in the walls and ceilings. A sopping wet Theodore
leaned against one wall, while Jeremy and Helga helped each
other stand.
With a warm feeling in her stomach Elvira realized she
was back to her normal height. Stunned she looked at
herself, amazed at the sight. She was still looking when
Jeremy and Helga tackled her.
"Hey!" Elvira protested, trying to fight back. She was
still coming down from the high of an orgasm though. Off
balance already she was pushed one her back. Then Jeremy
grabbed her legs and twisted, forcing the baby-sitter onto
her stomach. Helga jumped on her back, driving the air out
of her lungs. Hugging her legs under his arms Jeremy bent
down and back. He was now resting on the back top part of
her legs, holding the lower part bent double.
"Get the things," he gasped out, "I'll keep her busy."
Elvira started to laugh as he tickled her feet. She was
still too weak and out of breath to fight back. Vainly she
tried to push up with her arms, but there was no way to reach
him. It only took a few minutes for Helga to come back, but
by that time Elvira could only wiggle and squirm. She felt
her arms being pulled straight out and fasted to a bar. As
soon as that was done Jeremy stopped tickling her. Breathing
heavily with relief the young girl was too weak to resist as
they sat her up. The bar was connected to a harness that
criss-crossed her chest. A blindfold was tied over her eyes.
After that she was allowed to fall back to the floor. Chest
heaving, body covered in sweat and dust Elvira took in deep
gulps of air.
"Alright." Jeremy said, his own voice sounding a little
out of breath. "Let's get her to the lab."

Will Elvira ever leave Carrion Mansion? Will she ever
get through one episode of this tale fully clothed? What
will happen in the lab? Don't worry, I'll get back to this
some time. Right now I have a baby-sitter of my own to deal