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04-25-2001, 04:17 PM
Elvira has finally regained her normal size, only to be attacked and
captured by Jeremy and Helga. Bound and Blindfolded she is now on her
way to the LAB! (scary huh?)

Elvira and the Witch's Kids

By Mark S. Ogilvie

Part 5

Aunt Petunia's Revenge

"Okay, why the blindfold?" Elvira demanded. They were walking down
some sort of corridor, she could tell that by the smooth carpet under
her feet. There was also the slightly musty smell that permeated most
of Carrion Mansion. Once again she flexed her arms, but once again they
stayed bound. Elvira was bound with a solid wooden bar laid across her
shoulders and a harness criss crossed between her breast. Each arm was
bound the length of the bar with velcro straps. Given some time alone
the young girl knew shecould work loose, but the kids weren't giving her
that time.
"It's meant to keep your escape potential down." Jeremy said.
Elvira could picture his deceptively cherubic face a he talked. Slim,
red haired and green eyed he looked harmless. His sister was much the
same, though her hair wasjust past shoulder length.
"Jeremy subscribes to Abductor Monthly." Helga said from the other
side. Briefly Elvira considered smashing them with the wooden rod, but
decided against it. She would haveto take them both out at once, and
there was little hope of that. "According to recent studies the
blindfold decreasesyour escape potential by 20%. Your nudity adds
another 20 to 30% of deterrence."
"Always nice to have statistics." Elvira said sarcastically. It was
still a little embarrassing to be nude in front of them. That two
children had taken her prisoner, even if they had used magic to do it,
was infuriating. Evennow she could feel Jeremy's eyes on her. She was
good to look at Elvira knew. Five feet six in her bare feet, her body
compact, but shaped well. True her breast were considered small by
Hollywood standards, and her hips a little too wide, but there had never
been any complaints. At least not in the last 24 hours, and more people
had seen her naked lately than normal. Of course of those people one
was a mutated lady spider, another was an invisible tickler, and the
last one was the spirit of Englishman channelled into the body of a
teddy bear. Given all that it was doubtful that she would have heard
any complaints anyway.
"So why are we going to the lab?" Elvira demanded. "I'm normal size
"We know, but Jeremy promised to bring Lucretia to life."
"It's her unbirthday present."
"Oh great, a mad scientist who reads Alice inWonderland. Do you
know what I'm going to do to you two after I get loose?" They
stopped for a moment and Elvira heard clanking noises.
"Hello children."
"Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse." Elvira whispered,
her heart jumping.
"Aunt Petunia." Helga gasped, confirming what Elvira had
"That's right Helga."
Suddenly Elvira felt the two children leave her. She could guess
why. After she had first been shrunk the baby-sitter had run into Aunt
Petunia. The woman had been mutated by Helga and Jeremy. Their aunt
had been shrunk to about a foot tall and had grown an extra set of
arms. She also had the ability to create webbing. Elvira had fallen
into her web and only escaped by licking the woman into an orgasm. From
the sound of Petunia's voice the babysitter guessed that, like her, Aunt
Petunia had grown.
"I got to thinking after Elvira left me, if the potion worked on
her it might work on me. A quick drink later andhere I am."
There was a whipping sound and Elvira felt a wind go past her. She
stood absolutely still as the sound of a struggle rose to it's height,
then quickly abated. For a fewmoments there was silence.
"Who won?" the young girl asked.
"Do you really need to ask?" Aunt Petunia said, whipping the
blindfold off. Elvira felt the air leave her lungs. Aunt Petunia
had not only regained normal height, she had gone beyond it. At least
seven feet tall she still had four arms. She had also grown an extra
pair of breast. Large and firm with wide pink aeroles and slightly
indented nipples. Her figure was firm, muscles rippled under the skin
Elvira could see. And she could see it all. The sheer volume of the
woman was intimidating. But it was muscle, not fat that the baby-sitter
saw. There was a tangle of hair between her legscould have swallowed
the young girls face. Her feet were huge, the toes as long as a childs
"Hi..." the baby-sitter stuttered. "You seem to... Do you..."
"Remember you?" Petunia smiled, stroking Elvira's breast. "Your
the young girl who treated me to one of the best orgasms I've had in
years." She took hold of Elvira's nipple and pinched. "Then tied me up
and tickled me into slavery." Pinching the nipple fiercely Petunia
forced Elvira to her knees, then on her back. Releasing her hold the
woman grabbed Elvira's legs and webbed them together. The webbing had
grown with Petunia, it was as thick as clothesline rope. And at least
as strong. After Elvira's legs were secured from her ankles tojust
below her knees Petunia lightly stroked her feet.
"I did warn you what would happen if I ever got you in my web didn't
I." Leaving Elvira's feet the mutated woman ran her tongue over
Elvira's pussy, easily parting the hair. While she explored that area
two of her hands kneaded the young girls breast.
"What about the kids?" Elvira gasped out.
"Yes your right." abruptly Petunia stood and walked overto Jeremy
and Helga. They were both little more than white cocoons and she hefted
them easily. "I'll be back." she sang as she walked away.
It took a little while but Elvira finally freed herself from the
bar, unscrewing the connecting bolts. She was in one of the corridors
of Carrion Mansion. Ten feet wide and fifteen feet tall, with dark wood
paneling the mansion was a model of Victorian splendor. Suits of armor
lined the walls, alternating with family portraits. Elvira rolled over
to one of the armor suits and started to use it's sword to cut through
the webbing. It took a while, even though the sword was sharp. Once
that was done the young girl stood up and looked around. No one was in
sight, and there were no suspicious sounds. For the first time in what
seemed like years Elvira relaxed. Then she started to head back to her
own room.
"I say, excuse me."
Elvira stopped as part of the wall opened and a teddy bear walked
through it. He was about a foot tall, with a tweed vest and cute button
"Hiya." Elvira said, continuing on.
"You must help, Aunt Petunia is planning something terrible for the
"Good, maybe she'll let me watch."
"I say!" he started to follow her. "Young woman that is a most
deplorable attitude."
"What?" Elvira stopped short and Mr. Bear bumped into her leg.
"Despite the children's mischief you are still the baby-sitter, they are
still in your care." Somehow the tubby toy managed to draw himself up
and look down at her. "You cannot abandon that responsibility."
Elvira opened her mouth to argue, then stopped. He was right. She
didn't like it but he was right.
"Where are they?"
"In the solarium. Miss Petunia is laughing in a most unseemly
manor." "Ok, let's get to my room first and then to the solarium."
"Of course." Mr. Bear said, leading the way. "You musthave some
terrible weapon in your room."
"Something like that." Elvira said.

A little while later Elvira and Mr. Bear peered cautiously through
stained glass. The solarium was located on the east side of Carrion
Mansion. Dark stained glass three stories high caught the moonlight,
turning the interior into a stark white graveyard. Vague images on the
glass showed scenes from Dante's Inferno. There was a sunken fountain
in the center of the room. A stone woman lay under a murderers ax, her
throat spraying water into an onyx basin. Elvira, dressed in the
oversized hockey shirt she used as a nightgown, shuddered. The jersey
had been the only piece of clothing she could find in what was left of
her room. That and the hockey stick she nearly always carried. The
stick usually made her feel secure. Not now.
Aunt Petunia had erected a giant web across the solarium. Toward
the bottom were two struggling cocoons that must have been Helga and
Jeremy. Just inside the window nearthe floor the mutated woman adjusted
two giant lenses. The lightening sky told Elvira what Petunia was
"She likes cooked kids." she whispered.
"Indeed." Mr. Bear said. "Infact I do believe she wastrying to do
this when the children first shrunk her."
"I don't suppose it's going to be a cloudy day." Elvira sat down
and brought her knees up to her chest.
"Clear and mild with temperatures in the 50's." Mr.Bear said.
Elvira stared at him and he added. "I am the butler, it is one of my
duties to know the weather."
"Of course." she peered through the door again. There was no chance
of her taking on Aunt Petunia. Not in a fairfight anyway. "Teddy..."
"Mr. Bear, please."
"Mr. Bear," she continued through gritted teeth. "go to Jeremy's
lab and get me either a jar of feathers or that supper soaker filled
with the shrinking potion or both." "At once madam." the bear
lumbered off and Elvira glanced into the room again. The sky was
rapidly growing lighter with the promise of a new day. Rising the
baby-sitter quietly jogged down the hall, stopping at the firstdoor. As
quietly as possible she unscrewed the doorknobs. From the solarium she
could hear the theme song to:"Freinds". It was sung off key and sent
chills down her spine.

"I hate that show." she half whispered, half snarled. With the
doorknobs free she crept back up the corridor. Minutes passed and the
sky grew lighter. With a splendid vista of colors the sun started to
rise. In practically no time at all the solarium was filled with a
golden glow. It shone through the stained glass, making the torments of
hell dance with eerie life. Aunt Petunia sang as the sun rose,
switching from the"Friends" them song to "Sienfeld".
"You know I really am looking forward to this." she said, giving
Jeremy's cocoon a poke. It shuddered and struggled in response.
"Little children are oh so sweat and tasty." Sunlight hit the lenses
at that point and a small starwas born on each cocoon. Almost instantly
it they started toglow with heat. Then one of the stars were
shattered. In shock Aunt Petunia turned to the doorway. Standing
there Elvira took careful aim and let loose another wristshot. It
shattered the second lens.
"How dare you!" Aunt Petunia growled.
"Friends, Sienfeld and now a cliche?" Elvira stood with the hockey
stick ready. "Lady you need help."
With a snarl the mutated woman leapt at her. Elvira dodged and
parried with her stick. It threw her opponent to one side, but before
the girl could brace herself AuntPetunia was one her. The hockey stick
was thrown out of her hands. They rolled on the ground, wrestling.
Elvira quickly found herself on her back. Two of Petunia's hands held
the baby-sitters wrist above her head. Elvira's ankles were held
tightly by Petunia's elongated toes. Unfortunately that leftElvira
stretched out and helpless, with the last set of Petunia's hands free.
"Maybe I'm not that hungry right now." Aunt Petunia purred as she
slowly lifted the jersey up Elvira's body. She spread her legs out,
forcing Elvira's legs apart as well. Slowly the spider woman rubbed her
pussy against Elvira's.The jersey was pulled up under her arms, exposing
the young girls breast. Aunt Petunia bent down and took one of the
breast in her mouth, nibbling softly at the oversized nipple.
"Forget it lady." Elvira said, her voice hanging coldlyin the air.
"Right now I'm picturing Rush Limbaugh humping Roseanne."
"Humm!" Petunia let out a long sigh. "Sounds like fun." Lightly she
reached down and stroked Elvira's sides. "Infact it sounds funny."
Clenching her teeth Elvira tried not to laugh. She had lost count of
the times laughing her way to an orgasm had caused her to shrink or
grow. She couldn't afford to shrink now, and even if she grew it might
not be enough. Aunt Petunia was persistent though. One of her toes
stretched around and stroked the souls of Elvira's foot.
That was it. Elvira started to giggle. Then laugh. Soon time lost
all meaning as the baby-sitters nerves screamed at her. When finally
Aunt Petunia bent down and took Elvira's breast in her mouth she found
it full and stiff. Elvira moaned through her laughter as her nipple was
sucked and teased.
"Stop vile creature!" Mr. Bear ordered.
Shocked out of her arousal Elvira wrenched free of Petunia's grasp
and rolled away from her.
"Good timing teddy."
"Mr Bear..."
Elvira interrupted him by grabbing the super soaker out of his hands
and firing.
"Shrink baby shrink!" she shouted.
The stream of liquid shot out and hit Petunia in the chest. The
woman's body shook, then glowed. Then grew. Before Elvira's eyes Aunt
Petunia expanded, not stopping until she filled most of the room.
"Didn't you get the shrinking potion?"
"I thought I did. Your did specify the super soaker did you not?"
"The fault is not his my dear." Petunia's voice reverberated around
the solarium, making the glass vibrate. "What you did not realize was
that a second does of the potion would have a different effect on my
already mutated form." she smiled, showing a row of fangs. "No harm
"Give me that!" Elvira shouted, grabbing the mason jar from the
teddy bear. "Penna Titilare Aunt Petunia!" she shouted, unscrewing the
jar. At once the feathers swarmed out and surrounded the giant
woman. Petunia screamed and thrashed, her scream sturning to laughter
as the feathers tickled her from all sides. While she laughed Elvira
darted forward and grabbed Jeremy and Helga's cocoons. Dragging them
out of the room. Looking back she could tell Petunia was lost in the
tickling high. The glassy look in her eyes told Elvira she was nearing
the limit. A sudden idea came to Elvira. Grabbing Mr. Bear shethrew
him onto Petunia's chest.
"Go for the nipples!' she shouted, following him. While Mr. Bear
rubbed for all he was worth Elvira leapt to the woman's pussy. Pulling
off her shirt she used it to rub the sides, stimulating Petunia even
more. It took a few minutes, then there was a shriek and suddenly
Petunia shrunk. It was even quicker than her growth. One minute she
was gigantic, the next she was lay exhausted in Elvira's palm.


Elvira was waiting that afternoon when Mrs Carrion came home.
Sitting in an overstuffed arm chair the young girl was dressed in a
Victorian gown. It was the only thing she could find that fit. In a
bird cage Aunt Petunia lazily swung on a swing. Jeremy and Helga were
propped up next to each otheron the couch, still cocooned. The
baby-sitter took a sipfrom the tea Mr. Bear handed her and looked up
"Did you have fun this weekend?" Mrs. Carrion asked.