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here's another idea that popped into my head. hope you all enjoy this story, and feedback always welcomed.

Karina was sitting down at a table in the University dining commons, with two other friends, Vanessa and Tanya. they were sitting there, laughing, gossiping, and downright enjoying themselves. Karina was a beautiful young woman. her long black hair rode to the middle of her back, and her tanned skin was to a nice golden tone. her piercing green eyes made any man, and a few women, mesmerized by their beauty. she had a nice athletic build, and made damn sure she was in top shape. without a doubt, she was very attractive and had no problems whatsoever attracting men, and a few women. her downside was that she KNEW she was attractive and it caused her to a real bitch. she did have a few enemies, but she didnt care. they were just jealous, that's all. her only two true friends were Vanessa and Tanya. they too were also strikingly beautiful, and their personalities matched Karina. their little group was often called "the Brat Pack".

"girl, Michael was so damn tiny!!!!" Karina laughed.

"he's tiny?! but he is one of the biggest guys on the football team!" Vanessa laughed back.

"looks like all his meat went everywhere but his dick!! i mean he has huge arms, huge legs, huge feet, a fat head and a big stomach, but he has a teeny tiny, itsy bitsy little weenie!!" Karina laughed.

"you are so MEAN!!!! poor Michael! maybe one day the magic dick fairy will bless him with size. he can only hope, right?" Tanya laughed.

all three girls hi-fived one another as they continued to berate the men that they recently slept with. then they all stopped as they saw a certain person walked by.

"look at her! she looks so pathetic!!" Vanessa laughed.

the girls stared at Esmerelda, a young freshman, who was sitting down at a table, all by herself and had her chemistry text books with her. Esmerelda looked like the typical "nerd". she had huge glasses, her hair was tied back in a bun, and she was very quiet and shy. what Esmerelda never realized though, was that once her glasses were removed, and her hair was let down, she was a very pretty young lady. but she was too shy to show it. her body wasnt flabby or anything, just thin and in decent shape.

"hehehehehehehehehehe!!!" Karina laughed.

"what's so funny?" Tanya asked her.

"watch this!" Karina told her friends. "Esmereeeeeeeelda! hello dear!" Karina waved at her.

Esmerelda looked over and saw Karina. a look of fear filled her eyes and she almost choked on her glass of milk. she quickly bowed her head and tried to woof down her food quickly. she couldnt finish quickly, so she picked up her tray and books and walked over to another part of the dining room. she didnt want Karina to be near her.

"what's up with supernerd?" Vanessa asked.

"that's right. i never told you guys what happened....." Karina teased.

"OH DO TELL!!!!!!!" Vanessa said, her eyes wide opened.

"YEAH!!! TELL US EVERYTHING!!" Tanya agreed.

"well.....it went like this......." Karina started.

Karina was walking through the chemistry building hallway looking for a room. she was wearing a white blouse that accentuated her huge chest, and black skirt, and white high heels. she walked with an air of confidence and turned her nose up to the chemistry students she was passing by. they were all nerds in her mind. the only reason why she was even in this nerd haven was because she was waiting for Tom, a guy she met in Psychology class. since Tom was a near genius, Karina figured he could help her with her studies, and she was willing to pay him back, even if it meant giving the young man a blow job. as she turned a corner, a young student crashed into her, spilling root beer all over her white blouse.


"i'm soo sorry! oh my gosh! i'm so sorry!" Esmerelda apologized profusely.


"i'm sorry!!" Esmerelda felt real bad.

"i should beat your ass for this!" Karina screamed, her eyes turning to slits.

"please!! i'll clean it!! please dont hurt me!" Esmerelda begged. Karina towered over her, and she knew she didnt stand a chance.

"okay you little nerd-bitch! you WILL clean my blouse. you will clean it by hand! i want you to meet me at my dorm room, IN ONE HOUR! you dont show up, i will break every bone in your body!!!" Karina threatened.

"okay, okay!!! i'll be there!" Esmerelda told her.

Karina gave her the directions and left in a huff. how dare this little nerd damage one of her favorite blouses? she was going to clean it, and while she was at it, she was going to get punished!

"so, that little nerd ruined your white blouse?" Vanessa asked.

"yes! but, she tried her little darndest to clean it up though." Karina replied.

"then what happened when she got to your room?" Tanya asked.

"well...when she got to my room......." Karina started.

Karina paced on the floor of her dorm room. she managed to get a room to herself as her assigned roommate dropped out of school. Karina liked it this way anyway. she had a whole room to herself. she looked at her white blouse and her face turned to anger. then she heard a knock at the door. Karina walked over and opened the door. there stood poor Esmerelda. dressed in a plaid overall dress, with a white shirt underneath, white socks and white canvas shoes, her thick glasses and her hair up in a bun, she walked into Karina's room. she looked around and was amazed at how decorative the room was. her room could never look anything like this.

"CLOSE THE DOOR!!!" Karina commanded.

Esmerelda closed the door, and she got real nervous. she had no idea what was going to happen to her, but she hoped that if she apologized enough and cleaned the blouse, Karina wouldnt hurt her. "look miss..." she tried to say.

"my name is KARINA!!!" Karina shouted.

"sorry! Karina, look, i am so sorry for the accident! i didnt watch where i was going..." Esmerelda tried to apologize.

"SHUT UP!!!! what is your name anyway?" Karina asked.

"it's Esmerelda....." she replied meekly.

"Esmerelda? even your name is nerdish! look ES-ME-REL-DA! here's my blouse, get to cleaning it!" Karina commanded, while handing the blouse to Esmerelda.

Esmerelda took the blouse and reached into her backpack. she brought out some stain removers and other detergents. Karina gave her a wastebasket, and Esmerelda went to the restroom and filled it up with water. she put the garment into the soapy water and began to scrub the blouse. Karina sat on her bed and watched poor Esmerelda clean the blouse. Karina enjoyed the power she felt over this person. she could do anything she wanted and she knew Esmerelda would obey her. she stared at Esmerelda's back and wondered. she could tell that Esmerelda had a decent figure, for a nerd, and it looked to be in shape. her mind turned to anger again as she remembered what happened. she wanted to punish her somehow.

"ES-ME-REL-DA!!!!" Karina mocked.

Esmerelda turned around and faced Karina. "yes?"

Karina walked up to her and Esmerelda stood to meet her. Karina was fuming. for some reason, she wanted to really hurt and humiliate this young lady. she wanted to punch her right in the middle of her glasses. she began to poke Esmerelda's chest with her index finger.

"i (poke) should (poke) kick (poke) your (poke) ASS (poke) for (poke) ruining MY (poke) SHIRT!!!! (poke) (poke) (poke)" Karina yelled.

"EEP!! stop!!!" Esmerelda cried back as her body curled up.

"what's with you?" Karina asked as she poked Esmerelda again.

"NO!!! DONT!!! THAT TICKLES!!" Esmerelda shouted.

"ticklish?" Karina asked. then a light bulb went off in her head. she was really going to torture Esmerelda now!

"PLEASE!!! i'll clean the blouHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Esmerelda laughed.

Karina poked and began to tickle Esmerelda's sides and chest. she was amazed on how quickly this little nerd fell apart just from being tickled. Karina knew what it was like as she was very ticklish herself. many men got kicked in the head and balls from trying to tickle her. now, she had an opportunity to torture someone. she pounced on Esmerelda, knocking her to the floor and straddled her. she dug her fingers into Esmerelda's armpits and tickled hard.


Karina continued to tickle Esmerelda. a surge of power and control washed over her as she was now consumed with tickling this poor woman. But, Esmerelda squirmed too much. she looked around and saw some pantyhose.

"Esmerelda, i want you to lie on my bed!" Karina told her.

"no!!! you'll tickle me!!!" Esmerelda begged.


Esmerelda got up and saw the look of rage in Karina's eyes. she knew she better do as she was told. she laid on the bed and Karina hovered over her. Karina then began to remove Esmerelda's dress.

"w-what are you doing?" Esmerelda asked with fear.

"exposing your tickle spots!" Karina told her.

she managed to remove the dress and Esmerelda now laid on the bed with her white shirt, her panties and her shoes and socks. Karina had a huge, sadistic smile on her face. she then removed Esmerelda's shirt, then she took off the canvas shoes. she forced Esmerelda to lay spread eagle, and then tied each limb to a bed post. Esmerelda blushed. here she was, laying on the bed, spread eagle, her body completely vulnerable, and just had her bra, panties, and socks on. Karina licked her lips as she knew she was going to ravage this tender body. she stared at the belly and began to lightly trace her fingers across the soft skin.

"ehehehehehehhehehehehehehe.....noooooo...." Esmerelda chuckled.

"is your tummy ticklish??" Karina asked as she then tickled the belly hard. Esmerelda thrashed in her bonds, unable to escape.


Karina continued her tummy tickling. she dug the tip of her index finger deep into the belly button and tickled hard. Esmerelda went into silent laughter as she felt the tickling finger attack her very ticklish navel. Karina spent about 5 mintues, just tickling the belly button, then moved to Esmerelda's ribs. she massaged, then tweaked each rib, sending Esmerelda into further hysterics. Karina felt so powerful as she tickled poor Esmerelda. she loved it when Esmerelda would arch her back, only to have it slap back down to the mattress as she poked her tummy again. she stared at the smooth armpits and tickled there again. Karina kept changing her style as she tickled the armpits, then went to the belly, then back to the armpits, then the ribs, then the belly, then the ribs, then the armpits, back to the ribs, to the tummy and back to the armpits. Esmerelda would give different kinds of squeals with each spot, so her laughter was hysterical. she didnt know how to react. all she could feel is Karina tickling her poor upperbody. after 20 minutes of nonstop tickling, Karina stopped.

"...hehehehehehahahahaha...pleasehehehehehehehe.... no more..... hehehehehehehehehe..i hehehehehe....cant...take it anymore...." Esmerelda moaned.

Karina looked at Esmerelda and smiled. she saw the sweat coming out on her face. she then removed Esmerelda's glasses. Karina thought to herself that Esmerelda wasnt that bad looking. then a sadistic thought came into her head. she wanted to see how far she could go with this tickling. she then put her face into Esmerelda's.

"......are your little feet ticklish?" Karina asked.

"NO!!!!!!" Esmerelda screamed back. she knew her feet were highly ticklish!

Karina moved over to where Esmerelda's right foot was. she stared at the white cotton sock and saw the outline of her foot. she then peeled off the sock and smiled when she revealed Esmerelda's foot. she liked what she saw. Esmerelda had a size 5 foot, that had a nice arch, with short, chubby toes, and her toenails unpainted and trimmed nicely. the skin on the sole was pink and looked very tender. Karina pinched Esmerelda's big toe.

"this little piggy went to market!!" Karina sang.


Karina played with the rest of the toes, then danced her nails along the sole of the foot. Esmerelda exploded in ticklish laughter as her foot was being tickled by the cruel fingers on Karina. Karina was amazed on how soft and tender the foot was. she liked how her fingers would sink into the flesh, right on the ball of the foot. her fingers glid along the soft skin and sank into the delicate arch, and Esmerelda screamed even louder. Karina then pulled back the chubby toes and attacked the sensitive undersides of the toes. Esmerelda went nuts.


Karina played with each chubby toe and tickled them for what seemed like hours. Karina even tickled the tender heel and Esmerelda screamed in laughter. there wasnt one spot on this foot that wasnt ticklish. Karina then eyed the left foot and wanted to play with that one too. she quickly ripped off the sock and attack the pink skin on the left foot. Esmerelda laughed and laughed and laughed. Karina would tickle her toes, then tickle the arch. tears poured from Esmerelda's face. she was being tortured and there was no end in sight. Karina then used both hands to tickle each foot. her fingers dug deep into the flesh and she tickled Esmerelda's feet to no end. she was so wrapped up into tickling these cute ticklish feet, that she didnt realize she had tickled the feet alone for an hour. she turned around and looked at Esmerelda. she was worn out completely. tears poured freely, her mouth was wide open, trying to suck in precious oxygen, and her face was red from laughing so much. Karina really felt powerful. she stared at Esmerelda's chest heaving up and down and a cruel idea comae to her mind.

"ESMEEEEEEEERRRREEEEEELLLLLLLDA!" Karina sang. "now my ticklish little nerd, let's see if your ENTIRE body is ticklish...."

".....please......no more.....i beg you......hehehehehehehehehehe.. i cant take it.......any....more......." Esmerelda moaned.

"Oh no my dear! i want to see if your little boobies are ticklish!" Karina told her.

Esmerelda's eyes popped open. was Karina actually going to tickle her breasts? her fears were realized as she saw Karina with a pair of scissors. she watched helplessly as her bra was cut open, then pulled off. now her bare breasts were exposed. Esmerelda grew red from embarrassment. never before was she in a position where a person was just looking at her breasts. her breasts were small, but close to a medium size. Karina stared at the brown nipples and couldnt wait to tickle these breasts. she then used each hand and tickled underneath the breasts.


Karina continued to tickle the small breasts. she like how they jiggled every time she would tickle harder. Karina fondled the breasts and made sure she tickled every inch. she then flicked her nails across the nipples and was delighted to hear Esmerelda laugh some more. but what she also noticed was that the nipples began to get stiff. was it possible? was this little nerd actually getting turned on? Karina played with the nipples a little more, then a wicked smile formed on her face.

"you know what Esmerelda? i wonder if your.......pussy.......is ticklish too......" Karina threatened.

"....nooooo.....please.....dont tickle my privates!!!...." Esmerelda begged.

"oh yes! i am going to tickle your pussy till you cum for me!!! will you cum for me Esmerelda?" Karina teased.

Esmerelda was horrified! she was at the complete mercy of this evil woman, who intended to tickle her in her most private area. she began to cry. ".......please Karina.....dont tickle me there..."

"why not?" Karina asked.

".....because......i'm a virgin......" Esmerelda cried.

"EVEN BETTER!!!! i am going to make you cum!!!!!" Karina screamed. she couldnt wait to tease this young virgin.

Esmerelda cried even more as she felt Karina cutting open her panties, then peeling them off. now, her whole body was exposed. Karina stared at the pubic hair of Esmerelda and another smile formed on her face.

"ah, what a nice little bush! you know what? let's SHAVE it off!!" Karina yelled.

Esmerelda closed her eyes. she felt so ashamed. then she opened her eyes and saw Karina rubbing shaving cream over her mound. she felt helpless as she saw and felt Karina shaving away her pubic hair. after a few humiliating minutes, Karina shaved her mound clean. Karina stared at the smooth mound and licked her lips. she then used her fingers and tickled the outer lips of the vagina and Esmerelda squirmed. Karina continued to tickle the young vagina, then saw a feather on her dresser. she remembered that feather came from a pillow fight, and now she was going to use it as a weapon. Karina also opened a dresser drawer and saw a vibrator and dildo. evil thought crossed her mind, but then she changed her mind. she was going to make Esmerelda orgasm, but she decided against penetrating her. she was going to leave the virginity in tact. she grabbed her feather and sat next to the shaven mound. she lightly traced the feather across the pussy lips and across the clit. she heard Esmerelda laugh, but also moan. she saw the wetness forming and decided to tickle this pussy some more. she saw Esmerelda's eyes close and look to be in bliss.

"....mmmmmmm.....oh my!......no....no more......" Esmerelda begged.

"Esmeeeerrrrreeeeeelda! cum for me!" Karina taunted as she continued to the feathert he wet mound.

Esemerelda couldnt stop giggling from the tickling of her vagina, but also couldnt stop the sensations building up in her. right when the tip of the feather tickled her clit, one more time, she felt a massive wave of pleasure wash over her. her body bucked as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss came over her. Karina smiled.

"there you go...." Karina told her.

Esmerelda finished her orgasm, then realized what happened. she began to grow red again from humiliation, and began to cry again. Karina began to loosen the bonds, and set Esmerelda free.

".....*sob* why? why?" Esmerelda cried.

"because BITCH, you ruined my shirt! no get dressed and get out of my room! next time, WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!!!!" Karina screamed. Esmerelda got dressed and left.

"you are one evil woman!! i LOVE it!!!" Vanessa said after hearing the story.

"damn girl!!! you should get her again!!!" Tanya told her.

"you know, it was kind of fun! i think i will......" Karina said.

the three girls glanced over towards Esmerelda and gave her an evil look. Esmerelda saw this, gulped her last piece of food, then quickly left the dining room. she wanted to get far away from Karina and gang. as she left the dining room, she began to nearly cry again. how dare Karina tease her body like that. if only she could get her back!!!!!!

THE END???????

okay folks, how was that? feedback always welcomed. i was thinking about a part 2, but only if you want to read it.

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Karina, Vanessa, & Tanya:

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Primetime I apologize soo much for not getting to this sooner!! I like what you did there, telling the story in a flashback. I've pondered doing the same, but this is about you, and this story kicks ass!!