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04-26-2001, 05:43 AM
The snow filled Becky's quarter-acre backyard, glowing a dull white under
the frozen stars, but it was pleasantly warm in the redwood gazebo. The
hot tub, big enough to hold six, bubbled and churned, and filled the
gazebo with steam. Fluorescent lights, water-proofed behind plexiglass
panels, made everything bright and cheery.
Danni, Tammi, and Becky lounged naked in the tub. Tammi couldn't stop
crooning. "Mmm, this is sooo nice...it's been too long since I've been in
a hot tub. I think I'll just sleep out here."
Danni stretched out, and her toes popped up in front of her. "We *have* to
get a hot tub, Sis. This is sooo good..."
Beth hung naked by her wrists from the center of the gazebo's ceiling,
hands bound to a sturdy rope that was tied to a brass hook at the
ceiling's apex. The hanging plant had been removed and was sitting on the
edge of the tub, where it would still benefit from the moist environment.
Beth dangled in the tub, almost up to her knees. Her pearlescent body was
already beaded with moisture, and beginning to flush with the heat. Her
corona of chestnut hair was starting to slick down around her upstretched
shoulders and down her back. "Please, girls," she said for the hundredth
time, hoping against all hope that somehow, someway, they would suddenly
turn nice and release her, "just let me down. I'll be good! I'll do
whatever you say, just untie me--"
"She's cute like that, isn't she?" Tammi asked.
"Yup," Becky said. "You two sure can pick them."
"Like Venus rising from the waves," said Danni. She reached up and walked
her fingers up one wet thigh, nails trailing along the quivering skin.
"Has anyone ever called you Venus before, Beth?"
"No," she said, squirming as the fingers approached her loins. "My
boyf-friend always called me chunky."
"Nonsense! You're just not a stick like Becky here is."
"I am NOT a stick."
Danni grinned. "Sure you are. You're skinnier than one of those mantis
things that pretends it's a stick and hides in the branches of trees."
"She's right," Tammi said.
"Shut up!" Becky splashed water at both of them. Then she splashed some at
Beth, making her belly and legs shimmer.
Danni's fingers were up around her shaved pubis, and Beth couldn't stop
wriggling. Her knees were tied together so she couldn't kick, and the
light tickling was getting to be too much. "C-c'mon, Danni! Please, leave
me alone! P-please!"
Danni drew circles on the little pad of soft fat over her privates, then
stood up and moved behind her. Tammi and Becky watched, clitties
elongating at the sight of two dripping naked girls. Danni's muscular and
freckled body with ample hips and upthrusting breasts, and Beth's smaller,
slightly plumper frame, pale and helpless. "What--what are you doing?"
Beth asked, trying to look behind her. Her upstretched arms blocked her
Danni reached around and hugged her tight, arms around her waist. Her
boobies pressed against her shoulder blades, and her red pubic hair
brushed against the undercurves of her buttocks. Danni kissed her
shoulders a few times, then kissed an open underarm.
Beth bucked against her. "N-no! Hee hee! Not there! Not the armpits again!
Hee hee hee!"
She kissed the armpit again, as her fingers found the other one and
tickled it lightly. Beth burst out laughing, struggling, and her squirming
legs sloshed the water around. Tammi leaned forward and wrapped her arms
around Beth's knees, holding her still, and Danni applied her nails to
both armpits. Beth's laughter broke through the chill night air, rising in
pitch the longer Danni titillated her tender underarms. Even though she
could move more now than she could in earlier bondages, matter how she
twisted or wriggled, she couldn't get away from the maddening touches.
Becky picked up the Korbell and poured herself another glass, and watched
the scene. The twins were ruthless, and they tickled her for almost twenty
minutes, while she writhed like a wet seal making its way along a beach,
glistening smooth body thrusting and jerking, pert titties bouncing on her
They didn't have to worry about neighbors hearing the laughter and pleas
for mercy. Out here, people lived more than half a mile from each other,
sometimes more. And it wouldn't be the first time they had heard such
sounds from her house. Becky suspected a few of them actually listened for
Danni's hands crept lower and lower, one rib at a time. "Hee hee hee
heeeeeee! EEEEEEEEEE! Hah hah hah ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, oh, ohohnoooooooo!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! ST-STOP! HAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Torture--HEE
Tammi pinched her knees just above the kneecaps, and watched the sleek
thighs tighten and release with muscle spasms. Beth tried to hitch her
legs up to pull her knees away from her, but Tammi held on tight, riding
the bucking broncette. Beth might've been able to jerk her legs free, if
it wasn't for the tickling which robbed her strength. As it was, she was
too weak and breathless to do anything but jerk aimlessly as she once
again felt her sanity slip away.
When Tammi slipped both hands around and prodded the soft area behind both
knees, finding virgin skin she'd never touched before, Beth's mind reeled
and shattered into a thousand spinning bits. The backs of her knees were
tormented at the same time as Danni played with those special ribs, and it
was unbearable! and they wouldn't stop--wouldn't listen to reason and
wouldn't spare any pity.
"I got an idea," Becky said. She put down her glass and got out of the
tub. At first, through a haze of tickling, Beth feared she was about to
join in the torture, but Becky ran naked into the house.
Tammi scooched around and nibbled on the back of one knee, biting the bare
flesh with her incisors. Once she had a bit of Beth-skin between her
teeth, she rolled it between them and rubbed it with her tongue. Fire
flashed up Beth's legs, through her aching pussy, up her spine, and into
her brain. She screamed, only to scream louder and longer when Danni
remembered how ticklish the undersides of her breasts were. Her fingers
trekked back and forth along the bottoms of the bobbling boobies, just
brushing the nipples.
Through it all, Beth felt Danni making hickies on the back of her neck.
Lips burning against her heated skin, and each one send more boiling blood
into her clit, which was imprisoned between her thighs. Each hickie meant
more arousal, and more arousal meant increased sensitivity, which meant
more ticklishness. The twins knew what they were doing.
Beth was facing away from the gazebo's entrance, and only knew Becky was
back when she heard her slosh back into the tub. "Okay, let's try this,
shall we?"
Tammi let got of Beth's knee. "That's gross, Becky! Yuck!"
Becky held a long-handled bristle brush, the kind used to scrub toilets.
The handle was glittery purple and the bristles were alternating midnight
blue and baby blue. "Don't worry, Cousin. It's brand new. Never been in a
john." She ran her fingers through the brush, and Beth heard the stiff
plastic bristles snap. "But I'm sure it's nice and tickly!" She waded
around in front of Beth.
Danni stopped teasing Beth's breasts. "Hhh, p-please, don't TOUCH me with
that thing! Oh, I beg you, just let me go! Don't t-t-t-torture me anymore!
What've I done to deserve this?! Let me go! I BEG you!"
Danni's fingers closed around her breasts again as Becky touched the brush
to her tummy. Beth tried to flinch back, but Danni planted herself solidly
behind her, and Beth had no where to go. "Tickle, tickle..." Becky cooed
and she spun a quick circle with the brush.
The plastic bristles were stiff and scratchy, but the sensation created by
their whirl around her navel made her giggle. Becky spun another circle,
this time in the other direction, and Beth bucked back into Danni again.
"You're sooo ticklish on your tummy, aren't you, Beth?"
Beth's eyes were big and soft, imploring. "Please, Becky--they've already
tortured me so much...no more...!"
"Tickle your tummy! Tickle, tickle!" Becky used the brush to scrub her
belly in big circles, pressing just hard enough so each bristle made a
tiny indentation in Beth's skin, and left a faint pink track as the brush
went around and around.
Beth squirmed helplessly, rubbing her butt around on Danni's pubic mound.
Danni put more hickies on her neck and cheek, and ground her loins against
the bound girl's round buttocks. With the brush on her stomach and Danni's
nails on her breasts, Beth was reduced to nonstop laughter once again, and
laughed for almost an hour.
Tammi sat back and drank Becky's glass of wine, watching Beth buck and
thrash. Beth's alabaster body glowed blush-pink and glistened wet in the
gazebo's island of bright light, against a green-black night devoid of
street lamps and city lights. The stars shimmered, close in the unseen
sky, and the frigid air was warm with hot tub steam and screaming
Tammi spread her legs under the water, placing them on either side of
Becky's feet. Still holding her glass, she reached down into the bubbles
with her other hand and put a finger on her clit. She rubbed slowly,
stroking her joybutton until her pulse went up and her chest started to
heave. Through the glaze that her building orgasm put over her eyes, she
"Hee hee hee heeeeee! EEEEEEEEEE! Hah hah hah hah ha ha haaaaa!! Oh,
p-p-please! P-pleeeeeeeeeeeee! B-B-B-B-eckeeeeee!" Beth's hair, damped by
steam and sweat, shook around her head, and her hands struggled uselessly
against the rope holding them up. Tammi saw her spasm with new desperation
when Becky ran the brush up to her chest and circle her dancing breasts.
Danni's hands went down to finger her belly button, and Becky carefully
applied the bristles to her cones.
Tammi stroked herself to the edge and held herself there, teasing her
jumping clitty, forcing herself to stay on the threshold of orgasm. She
wanted to cum when Beth peed.
Becky knew what she was doing. Danni had taught their cousin how to tease
and tickle over the last few years. Becky Arcadia rolled the prickly
bristles over the underside of Beth's boobs, then stroked them over the
hard nipples, faster and faster until she sawed it across the girl's chest
as fast as she could. Tears ran freely down Beth's cheeks, and every pinch
Danni made on her navel gave a new squeal to her laughter. Becky then
slowed her stroking, then changed to circles again, but this time the
circles were close in around the margins of the nipples. She brushed one
boobie for three or four minutes, then switched to the other. Changing
patterns and changing breasts didn't give Beth a chance to get used to the
feelings and kept her laughing.
What Tammi was waiting for finally happened. With a keening squeal
accompanied by helpless hiccups, Beth's bladder let go. With her knees
together the stream slid down the insides of her thighs, trickled over her
knees, and into the tub. Tammi pressed hard on her clit and orgasm
exploded through her, making her moan breathlessly.
Whether it was the intensity of cumming when watching tickling, or the
power of suggestion Tammi didn't know, but she suddenly felt her own
bladder tighten and discharge into the tub. The hot stream flowed over her
fingers into the water, relieving her of the Pepsi and wine. The added
sensations made her head spin and she worked another orgasm out of it,
finally leaving herself spent and relaxed, slouched against the side of
the tub.
"Oh, look, Cousin," Becky said, seeing the yellow trail on Beth's legs,
"we made her pee!" She stopped tickling.
Danni hugged Beth close and kissed her ear, then whispered, "You're a very
naughty girl, peeing in Becky's hot tub. Naughty, naughty! You'll have to
be punished."
"She's not the only naughty girl here," Tammi said. "I went pee-pee, too."
Danni looked at her tipsy sister. Then she looked at Becky. They smiled.
Water splashed everywhere as they grabbed Tammi by the arms and hauled her
out of the tub. The three of them naked, they pulled her along the
snow-dusted walk toward the house. "Hey, what's going on? C'mon, guys,
stop it! I just peed! Big deal. C'mon--"
Beth heard the door slam shut, and she was alone. She listened to the
crickets, and wondered if any of Becky's neighbors were psychotic madmen
who liked to tickle...
Tammi's wet, bare feet squeaked on the tiled floor as Danni and Becky
brought her into the kitchen. She tried to fight back, but Danni bent her
arm around behind her back. "Hold still, Sis," she commanded, pressing her
forearm up tight between shoulder blades.
"Ouch! Let go, you bitch! What're you doing?!"
Becky let go. "Where should we put her? Bedroom?"
"Yah! Do you still have that foldaway bed Uncle Harrison gave you?"
"It's in the guest room." Becky's eyes lit up. "We can put Tammi on the
foldaway, and Beth on the regular bed!"
"Let's go, sweet sister," Danni said.
"Wait! Dammit, wait!" Tammi shouted. "Why are you doing this?! We're gonna
tickle Beth all weekend! Why do you wanna tie *me* up? You're ruining
"Stop whining, naughty girl. You were just as bad as Beth, peeing in the
hot tub. You deserve what's coming to you."
Tammi's face whitened in fear. Danni herded her down the hall, and she had
no choice but to go. She didn't dare try to fight Danni all-out. Such
fights left bruises.
The guest room was a small room at the back of the house. There was a bed,
a sofabed, a card table with Becky's bills and other papers on it, and an
old stereo in the corner. "Is that Uncle Harrison's stereo?" Danni asked.
"Yah," Becky said, unsnapping the clotch latch on the sofabed. "He gave it
to me when I made the mistake of mentioning I didn't have any way to play
music. Poor guy, he still thinks I have records. He's never even *heard*
of CDs. That's thing's even got tubes in it!"
"Wow." Danni held Tammi while Becky unfolded the bed. She stripped the
topsheet off, and looked through the closet. "Dammit, I don't have any
more rope."
Danni smiled. "You should always be prepared, Cousin."
"You guys don't come over very often, and nobody in this damn town's into
tying and tickling. Hang on." She went into her own bedroom, then came
back with some pantyhose. "Let's try these. They're old and it doesn't
matter if they get ripped up."
"On the bed," Danni said, shoving Tammi down onto it.
Tammi bounced on the thin mattress, then glared at her. "Damn you, Danni!
I'm not gonna do this! I'm not--"
Becky and Danni descended on her as one, fingers whirring. Danni's hands
burrowed into her armpits, and Becky's attacked her tummy. Tammi squealed,
and in seconds her strength was gone. Danni nodded at Becky, then
straddled her sister, pinning her to the bed. She tickled her ribs and
belly, hands reaching and darting too fast for Tammi to stop.
While one sister tickled the other, Becky took the pantyhose and went
about tying Tammi with them. She grabbed a wrist, pulled it up to the edge
of the mattress, and tied it to the springs on the underside of the
boxspring. Tammi knew what was going on, but couldn't do anything about
it. She couldn't stop trying to fight Danni's tickling, and couldn't do
anything but buck and struggle helplessly as Becky took her other hand and
tied it to the other side of the boxspring. Danni stopped tickling and got
off her, and they each took and ankle and tied it to the lower edges of
the bed.
They stood up and looked down at her while she thrashed against her wrists
and ankles. "Hey, c'mon! This isn't funny! Untie me! *I* didn't do
anything! Let me up!!"
Danni and Becky giggled, and left the room.
Tammi struggled for a few more seconds, then flopped back down. "Dammit..."
In the gazebo, Beth was almost free. She'd worked at the knot holding her
wrists for several minutes, and it finally came loose. She almost slipped
and fell in the tub, but righted herself. Her shoulders ached, but she
felt fine otherwise. She went to the gazebo's entrance and peered out. The
lights were on in a room at the back of the house, but the drapes were
Exhilarated with freedom, she tip-toed out of the gazebo. The bricks on
the back walk were cold under her bare feet, and the breeze froze on her
wet, naked body, but that didn't matter--she was free!
She had to get to the van, get her clothes and backpack, and get the hell
away from these psycho girls and their psycho cousin. She could walk back
to town and hitchhike up to Klamath Falls, just across the Oregon border.
But then, maybe after *this* hitchhiking experience, she'd use the money
for her mom's present to buy a bus ticket.
Beth crept around to the side of the house and moved toward the front
yard. She could see the van parked at the curb, illuminated by yellow
light spilling from the kitchen window.
She heard a door slam and then Danni's voice from the backyard. She
sprinted for the van. The slapping of her feet on the frozen driveway
sounded like the loudest thing in the world, but she made it to the van
without challenge, opened the passenger-side door, and climbed in. She
locked the door behind her.
Danni and Becky were halfway to the gazebo when they noticed something was
wrong. "Hey, she's gone!" Becky said.
They ran up to the gazebo and looked inside. "Sure 'nuff," Danni said. Wet
footprints lead out, only to be lost in the plethora of confused
footprints they themselves had left when taking Tammi inside. Danni peered
into the darkness. "Beth! Beth, where are you? C'mon out, girl. We won't
tickle you anymore! I promise!"
"What're you saying?" Becky said.
"Just to get her to come out, that's all. Beth! C'mon, Bethie-wethie. Just
be a good girl and come on out. We swear, no more tickling! She
couldn't've gone far. She's naked."
"And like me, she's probably cold!"
"I hear that," Danni said, hugging herself. Her nipples were puckered with
cold. They started back inside to put something on and get ready to start
searching. At the door, Danni exclaimed, "The van! Her stuff's in the van!
"Is it locked?" Becky asked as they ran through the house to the front door.
"I don't remember if I locked it or not. I'm sure *Tammi* left her door
Regardless of their nudity, Danni threw the door open and ran outside.
"Dome light's on! She's in there!"
Danni went up to the passenger door and tried the handle. Locked. Becky
peered in through the windshield and saw Beth putting on her clothes. Beth
saw her and flinched. "Come on out!" Becky called.
"Yah," Danni said. "We won't hurt you."
Beth looked like a cornered and frightened rabbit, but she didn't panic.
She kept dressing. She'd stay in the van as long as she'd have to, or
she'd make a break for it, whichever. But she'd get away...
"Keys!" Becky said, and Danni went back into the house.
Beth had her top, shorts, and shoes on by the time Danni returned with the
keyring. Beth saw her putting the key in the passenger door, and bounded
into the passenger seat. As soon as Danni inserted the key and turned it,
popping up the lock pin, Beth slammed it back down.
"Now, Beth," Danni said reprimandingly.
"You're the meanest girl I've ever met! Nobody should be tickled like you
tickle them!"
"Beth, just be nice and open the door."
Beth gave her the finger.
Danni turned the key again, and Beth plunked the pin again. Turn, plunk.
Turn, plunk. Turn, plunk.
The duel of key and finger went on for ten minutes, during which time
Becky paced, naked and shivering. She was getting mad. She wanted to
tickle, and Beth wasn't cooperating. Obstinate girl...
"Beth!" she finally called. "Beth listen to me! Danni, stop a minute.
Beth, listen--"
Danni stopped, and Beth plunked the pin.
"--listen to me. If you don't come out and play with us, then Tammi's the
only one we'll have to play with. We'll have to torture her if you don't
"Good!" Beth retorted. "She deserves it as much as the rest of you!"
"I tried," Becky muttered.
"Here, take the keys," Danni said, handing them to her. "I'm gonna take
care of this."
"What're you going to do?"
"What I should've done, rather that putting up with this." Danni went back
inside to fetch a paper clip from Becky's stack of bills in the guest
room, and went to work on the driver-side door. Beth watched, disbelieving
but unable to stop her. She couldn't reach both doors at the same time,
and she couldn't leave the passenger door since Becky stood there with the
key in the hole.
A few minutes of jiggling and tweaking, and the door popped open. Beth
squealed and scrambled for the back of the van. Danni lunged after her,
and Becky joined her. Soon they had her, kicking and struggling, in their
hands and they took her back inside.