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12-21-2003, 05:42 PM
okay fans, here is the next chapter in the WOW pay per view extravaganza. thanks for all the feedback from the first part, i hope you enjoy this second chapter as well. i also want to thank TicklerDAE for nominating me and my WOW series for a Golden Feather award, and to Sceej56 for "seconding" it. i hope you all vote for me when the time comes. anyway, i hope you enjoy this next part. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com Hollywood at www.webkitten.com Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com and David Mclane at www.davidmclane.com

Lana Star, Sable, and Patti Pizzazz all sat back watching Stacy Carter torment Hammerin Heather Steele in the stocks. they all had huge smiles on their faces as they saw Stacy use feathers to slide up and down Heather's bare soles. they all cheered as the camera showed Heather's face roar with laughter.

"look at Stacy go!!" Patti shouted.

"yeah, that will teach that idiot Heather Steele to mess with the Glamour Girls. she must feel REAL stupid for challenging a non wrestler and LOSING!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!" Sable laughed.

"looks like the night is starting out great for the Glamour Girls! may we all have success tonight and show the morons in this organization that we are the most powerful group here, especially that rat David Mclane!" Lana announced.

Patti, Sable, and Lana then all toasted one another as their champagne glasses clinked off each other's. the cocky smiles on their faces were huge and they each sat back and watched the monitor. they all felt good about tonight.

Lee Marshall: "you know Korn_ste, i am still surprised that Stacy was able to pull out the win!"

Korn_ste: "that just goes to show you that ANYTHING can happen at a pay per view. now, Heather Steele is suffering the consequences for her cockiness! you can hear her screaming from here!! imagine when the fans get a hold of her ticklish feet!"

Lee Marshall: "looks like Heather is going to be busy for a while. if you thought that was exciting, our next match is going to be a doozy! Ice Cold takes on the Disciplinarian! let's take a look at how this match was made...."

a video montage started that first showed the Disciplinarian revealing that she was now a member of the tWo. then it showed the 1st round of the Continental tournament, when Ice Cold faced Gorgeous George. Ice Cold was in control of the match, until the Disciplinarian interfered, costing Ice Cold the match. the montage continued when it showed Ice Cold rushing in on a Disciplinarian match, working her over, then spanking her. then Ice Cold removed her boots and wrote "standards" on the bottoms of Disciplinarian's feet. more footage was shown of the war of words between the two women, then finally the match was made. a paddle match to take place at VENDETTA.

Korn_ste: "wow Lee! this match is going to be off the charts! someone will truly be disciplined after this match!"

Lee Marshall: "right now, Julie Day is standing by with..... the Disciplinarian!"

Julie Day was standing by, dressed really beautifully and ready to conduct her interview. she was chosen as the special interviewer for the members of the tWo tonight, like TK81 was the interviewer for the Glamour Girls and TKBob was the interviewer for the WOW girls. Julie cleared her throat and began her interview.

"Disciplinarian, tonight you face Ice Cold in a paddle match. Ice Cold was able to paddle you and tickle your fe--" Julie tried to say.

"Julie Day, i suggest you shut up right now! of course i remember when Ice Cold viciously attacked me! she used my own ruler to spank me, then she dared to write standards on my bare feet! Ice Cold has been a naughty girl for a LONG LONG time. it is time that she learns her place her in WOW. after tonight, i will spank her, i will tickle her, and i will make sure she is properly DISCIPLINED. she will learn the true meaning of corporal punishment! class is now in session!" Disciplinarian said in a huff, then left.

Julie Day stood there in watching the Disciplinarian leave. "looks like tonight's match is going to leave the loser sore! Lee, back to you!"




special PADDLE match!

"ladies and gentlemen!! this next match is scheduled for one fall and it is the special PADDLE match! a paddle can be used by either competitor in this match! first, introducing the special guest referee, he hails from the TMF, here is SOLEMAN!!!!!!!!!" Zechs announced.

the music blared and Soleman made his way down the ramp. dressed in his referee shirt and black pants, he almost skipped his way down the ramp. he was excited to be a part of the pay per view and slapped hands with the fans. he got into the ring and awaited the combatants.

"now ladies and gentlemen! introducing first, from Bridgeport Connecticut, representing the Tickling World Order, here is the Disciplinarian!!!!!!" Zechs introduced.

the music of the NWO blared and the Disciplinarian made her appearance at the top of the ramp to a chorus of boos. her hair was tied back into a bun, and glasses adorned her stoic, but quite beautiful face. she was dressed in her black blazer jacket, with a purple top and black tights with the letters "T.W.O." written on both legs, and she wore her black boots. she walked down the ramp with a confident walk as she stared at the capacity crowd. she looked towards the ring and saw the pole that extended high up from one of the ring posts. at the top of the pole was a huge, wooden paddle. she couldnt wait to use it tonight as she really wanted to punish Ice Cold. she never forgotten when her own feet had "standards" written on them. that was her special move, and knew how humiliating it could be. she entered into the ring, removed her blazer jacket and looked over the crowd. she didnt like any of them, and the crowd responded with boos. Disciplinarian stared at Soleman and scowled at him. Soleman didnt care, he was just excited to be a part of this match.

Korn_ste: "Looks like Disciplinarian is all business tonight! does she EVER smile?"

Lee Marshall: "not really! she believes everyone should be punished and she should be the one to do it! but she has a tough competitor in Ice Cold, who is standing by with TKBob!"

TKBob was ready for his next interview. standing next to him was Ice Cold, a veteran here in WOW who has seen her share of big matches.

"Ice Cold, tonight you get the Disciplinarian in paddle match. what will it be tonight? will you get disciplined or will the Disciplinarian get the short end of the stick?" TKBob asked.

"listen here, i have never forgotten the fact that the Disciplinarian cost me a chance to win the Continental title. she meddled in my business, show i had to teach her a lesson! she has been going around, writing on the bottom's of women's feet, and humiliating them. she forgot that I AM the best competitor here in WOW and if you cost me something, you will PAY for it! i am going to paddle her cute behind good tonight! then, we will all hear her laugh as i write all over her big feet! it is time the class punishes the teacher!" Ice Cold exclaimed as she walked away.

"and now ladies and gentlemen, her opponent hails from the Arctic Circle, she is the one, the only, Ice Cold!!!!!!!" Zechs announced.

the music of Ice Cold played and the cold warrior made her appearance at the top of the stage to a nice ovation. dressed in her white sleeveless top, with a silver skirt, silver shorts, silver gloves and her long silver boots, Ice Cold began to walk down the ramp. her frosted colored hair was seen throughout the arena and Ice Cold had a cocky smile on her face. this was her 3rd pay per view, but she was looking for her first win. she really wanted to torture the Disciplinarian. she made it to the ring and she entered in, staring and scowling at the Disciplinarian.

Lee Marshall: "Looks like Ice Cold is ready for this one!"

Korn_ste: "oh yeah! but the question is, who will have their fanny paddled first? i cant wait to find out!"

BaneDaemon rang the bell and the two women stared at each other. then Ice Cold began to taunt the Disciplinarian. then Disciplinarian slapped Ice Cold, then the two women locked up. Ice Cold got the better of it and headlocked the Disciplinarian. then Ice Cold was forced off and thrown against the ropes. Disciplinarian tried to throw a shoulderblock, but the taller Ice Cold knocked her to the canvas. Ice Cold then hit the ropes, jumped over the Disciplinarian, hit the ropes again, but was met by a stiff dropkick to the jaw. Ice Cold hit the canvas hard and the Disciplinarian took over. she repeatedly stomp on Ice Cold's body, from her elbows, to her stomach, to her thighs, to her ankles, then toes. Disciplinarian then grabbed a handful of Ice Cold's hair, hoisted her to her feet, then executed a perfect snap-suplex. the Disciplinarian then measured Ice Cold, then dropped an elbow. she went for the cover. 1........2......KICKOUT. Disciplinarian smiled a little bit, then slapped Ice Cold's face again.

Lee Marshall: "Disciplinarian is dishing out the punishment today!"

Korn_ste: "she isnt going to hold anything back! wait a second! she's looking at the paddle! is she going to go for it this early in the match?"

Disciplinarian looked at the paddle dangling from the pole. she pointed towards it and began to climb the ropes. she managed to get to the top rope and began to reach for the paddle. Ice Cold saw this and quickly got to her feet. she raced over towards that corner and climbed the ropes. she then grabbed Disciplinarian from behind and began to tug. Disciplinarian held onto the pole for dear life, but her grip was slipping.

Lee Marshall: "no way!!! we're not.... we're not going to see..."

Korn_ste: " i think so Lee!!! Oh my goodness!!!!"

Ice Cold used her strength and tugged real hard and she and Disciplinarian fell backwards off the top rope. Ice Cold nailed her with a gut wrench suplex from the top rope. both women hit the canvas hard, with Disciplinarian's head bouncing off the mat. the crowd went nuts and started to yell "Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!!" both women were laid out on the canvas and Soleman began his count. Ice Cold began to come to and covered the nearly unconscious Disciplinarian. 1........2........kickout!

Lee Marshall: "how did the Disciplinarian kick out of that??!!"

Korn_ste: "i dont know! but i know she has a headache right about now!"

Ice Cold staggered to her feet and grabbed the Disciplinarian's hair, which came undone from the bun and her blond hair flowed freely. Ice Cold then took her head and began to ram her face into the turnbuckles several times. Disciplinarian was real groggy. Ice Cold turned her around and leaned Disciplinarian in the corner of the ring. she then began to chop away at Disciplinarian's chest and the crowd chanted "WOOOOOOOOOOOO!" with every chop. Disciplinarian clutched her chest and gasped for air. she was really hurting. then she started to giggle. she felt something poking her ribs. she began to "dance" in the corner as the tickling of her ribs continued. her eyes popped open and she saw Ice Cold ramming her fingers into her ribcage.


"tickling you bitch!" Ice Cold shouted back as her fingers continued to knead the Disciplinarian's ribs. Ice Cold was fixated on tickling the ribs and noticed that the Disciplinarian's legs were beginning to get rubbery. she let the Disciplinarian fall to the cavas, then she grabbed both ankles and dragged the Disciplinarian to the middle of the ring.

Lee Marshall: "looks like Ice Cold is going to make Disciplinarian smile!"

Korn_ste: "'bout time! that woman needs some happiness in her life!"

Ice Cold then straddled Disciplinarian and plunged her fingers into the armpits. Disciplinarian roared in laughter and her body wiggled wildly. Soleman checked her to see if her shoulders were pinned, but they werent. Ice Cold continued to tickle deeper and deeper into the armpits and enjoyed listening to Disciplinarian laugh.

"LAUGH FOR ME BITCH!!!! LAUGH!!!!" Ice Cold screamed.

Disciplinarian laughed even harder. her legs kicked wildly and her mouth was wide open with laughter pouring out. Ice Cold stared down at her and loved the sight she saw. she saw tears beginning to form in the Disciplinarian's eyes and tickled even harder. Soleman asked Disciplinarian if she wanted to submit, but she screamed no. Disciplinarian then wrapped her legs up over Ice Cold's shoulders and using her powerful leg strength, flipped Ice Cold to the canvas and pinned her. 1...........2........KICKOUT! Ice Cold kicked out and went after Disciplinarian, but Disciplinarian retaliated by raking Ice Cold's eyes, then got up and delivered a DDT. Ice Cold's head bounced off the mat and she was dazed. Disciplinarian went for the cover. 1..........2..........kickout. Disciplinarian slapped the mat in frustration. she then looked over at Ice Cold's weakened body and remembered what she tried to do to her. the Disciplinarian then grabbed Ice Cold's ankle and did a step over toe hold. she wrenched the ankle and Ice Cold began to scream. then the Disciplinarian began to tug at the bootlaces. Ice Cold felt her bootlaces coming undone and tried to reach up and grab the Disciplinarian. but she would fall back to the mat in pain as her ankle was twisted viciously. this went on several more times, until finally the Disciplinarian managed to unlace the long silver boot.

"now it's time to take a look at what's inside this boot!" the Disciplinarian yelled.

she tugged the boot off and tossed the long silver boot out the ring and stared at Ice Cold's sock covered foot. she twisted the ankle again and Ice Cold squealed in pain.

"dont you dare!!!" Ice Cold screamed.

"my my my!! what BIG feet you have!! why dont we take a look at these piggies of yours!" Disciplinarian teased.

Ice Cold wiggled wildly, until her ankle was twisted again. she then looked on in horror as she watched her sock getting peeled off. she saw her bare ankle, then her soft rounded heel. then she gasped as her sole was exposed, then finally the sock came off her toes. her toes flexed open and closed as she knew her feet were at the Disciplinarian's mercy.

"oh my! what HUGE feet you have! i wonder if they are the slightest bit.........TICKLISH????!!!!!" Disciplinarian teased.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Ice Cold roared.

Disciplinarian raked her fingers up and down the length of Ice Cold's soft sole. her fingers stroked the delicate pale arch, then attacked the long soft toes. she enjoyed hearing Ice Cold scream and watching her body squirm. Ice Cold roared in laughter. she felt the Disciplinarian's fingers probe between her toes and couldnt stand the sensation. then she laughed even harder, and her eyes bugged out of sockets when the Disciplinarian tickled the center of the ball of her foot, her weak spot! Disciplinarian knew of this weak spot and loved exploiting it. her nails scraped ever so slowly across that spot and enjoyed hearing Ice Cold scream. Soleman asked Ice Cold if she wanted to give, but Ice Cold refused. the tickling was horrendous, but she didnt want to give up. Ice Cold then out of desperation, then reached up and raked Disciplinarian's eyes. the Disciplinarian released her toe hold and went o cover her eyes. Ice Cold stood up and with a angry look charged forward and speared the Disciplinarian! the crowd went nuts as Ice Cold slowly stood up. she pointed to the paddle and the crowd went nuts! she climbed to the top rope and reached up for the paddle.

the Disciplinarian held her ribs in pain, but noticed Ice Cold was on the top rope, reaching for the paddle. she stood up and made her way over towards that ring corner. she grabbed Ice Cold's ankle and tugged. Ice Cold turned around and saw Disciplinarian grabbing her booted ankle. she then used her bare foot and planted it on Disciplinarian's face and kicked her off of her. the Disciplinarian tumbled to the mat and Ice Cold reached up one more time and grabbed the paddle!

Lee Marshall: "she has it! Ice Cold has the paddle!"

Korn_ste: "it's PADDLING time!!!"

Ice Cold got back to the canvas and a huge, evil grin formed on her face. she saw the Disciplinarian crawling on the mat, trying to regain her senses. Ice Cold walked behind the Disciplinarian and smiled when she saw the Disciplinarian's rear end sticking up into the air. the crowd was on it's feet, and Ice Cold had a demented look in her eyes. she reared back and let the paddle fly and the paddle made contact with the Disciplinarian's rear end.


the Disciplinarian yelped in pain as she felt the paddle strike her rear end. then she felt it again as the paddle smacked her again. she started to crawl around the ring at a fast pace as Ice Cold continued to paddle her rear end. then she tried to crawl out of the ring, but Ice Cold grabbed her by the waistband of her tights and pulled back. when the Disciplinarian tried to crawl forward, her tights were pulled down, exposing her black thong underwear. the crowd whooped in delight at seeing the Disciplinarian's bare ass. Ice Cold pulled her to the middle of the ring and knelt down on one knee and had Disciplinarian over the other knee.

"DONT SPANK ME!!!!" Disciplinarian screamed.

SMACK!!!! SMACK!!!!! SMACK!!!!!! SMACK!!!! SMACK!!!!! SMACK!!!!!

Ice Cold paddled Disciplinarian's rear end hard and effectively. the crowd was going nuts as each smack grew louder and louder. the Disciplinarian began to cry a little as her rear end was stinging, and the skin was turning red. Ice Cold twirled the paddle in her hands and continued to spank the Disciplinarian. ten more smacks took place and the Disciplinarian's ass was bright red. Ice Cold shoved the Disciplinarian off her knee and back onto the canvas. she laughed to herself as she looked at the bright red ass and the tights pulled down to her knees. Ice Cold then sat down by the Disciplinarian's ankles and began to unlace a boot. the laces came undone rapidly and Ice Cold tugged the boot off, and looked at Disciplinarian's black socked foot. she remembered the vicious foot tickling she received, now it was her turn. the Disciplinarian felt her boot come off and scrambled quickly to the ropes. Ice Cold laughed when she saw the ankle slip out of her hands and made it to the ropes. Ice Cold began to walk menacingly towards the Disciplinarian, who was pulling up her tights.

"ah, what's the matter? you dont want your feet tickled? GIVE ME THOSE FEET!!!" Ice Cold screamed.

Ice Cold reached for the Disciplinarian's ankle, but Disciplinarian managed to kick Ice Cold in the head and she staggered backwards. Disciplinarian got to her feet, then she delivered a spear to Ice Cold. Ice Cold moaned in pain, feeling the effects of the spear. Disciplinarian staggered to her feet, then saw the paddle on the mat.

Lee Marshall: "uh oh! looks like the teacher found the paddle!"

Korn_ste: "i dont think Ice Cold's rear end is going to be cold anymore!"

the Disciplinarian grabbed Ice Cold by the hair, hoisted her up, then slammed her to the mat. she then rolled Ice Cold over onto her stomach and then grabbed the paddle. she then raised up Ice Cold's skirt, then yanked down the shorts, exposing Ice Cold's bare ass. the Disciplinarian twirled the paddle in her hand, then let it fall.


Ice Cold yelped in pain as she felt the paddle strike her rear end. SMACK!! SMACK!!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACK!! SMACK!!! Ice Cold yelped in pain with each smack of the paddle. the pain was so intense, she began to cry. the Disciplinarian laughed evilly as she continued to paddle Ice Cold's rear end. she really wanted to punish Ice Cold. with each smack, she made sure she struck the ass with more and more power. she heard Ice Cold sobbing and laughed.

"so, the big bad Ice Cold is just a little crying girl huh? cry for me little girl, CRY!!!" the Disciplinarian screamed.

Ice Cold continued to cry as she felt the paddle even more. she felt so helpess as her bare ass was in the air and getting paddled. she knew her ass was a bright red which definitely contrasted with her pale skin. Soleman asked her if she wanted to quit, but Ice Cold refused. she was hurting, she felt humiliated, but she didnt want to give up.

"ah, Ice Cold doesnt want to quit. you crying little whore!! but i know what will make you feel better! it will also make you quit!" the Disciplinarian laughed.

she then grabbed Ice Cold's still booted ankle and began to unlace the boot. she unlaced it, then removed the long silver boot and tossed it across the ring. she then peeled the sock off and revealed Ice Cold's foot. now both of her feet were bare. the Disciplinarian then paddled Ice Cold's soles and Ice Cold yelped in pain. then she began to race her fingers up and down the soles.


Disciplinarian continued to tickle the bare soles, then went after the toes. Ice Cold cackled in hysterical laughter and more tears poured out. her body was hurting and this tickling was horrendous. she felt so humiliated. Soleman asked her if she wanted to give up and Ice Cold refused. she began to reach for the ropes. the Disciplinarian noticed this and smiled. she had an ace up her sleeve. she then scrape her nails wildly across the balls of Ice Cold's feet. Ice Cold's eyes popped open and she laughed hysterically. but, she was so close to the ropes. she lunged forward and grabbed the bottom rope. Soleman told Disciplinarian to break the hold and she reluctantly did so. she stood up and raised her arms in the air. the crowd booed heavily and the Disciplinarian smiled. she had the match under control. she looked over at an exhausted Ice Cold and knew she had to finish this match off. she grabbed Ice Cold by the hair and tried to scoop her up, but Ice Cold managed to roll her up in a small package pin. 1.........2........KICKOUT. Disciplinarian kicked out and tried to attack Ice Cold. Ice Cold did a drop toe hold and Disciplinarian's face bounced off the canvas. Ice Cold then grabbed Disciplinarian, put her in the front face lock, then delivered a DDT.

Lee Marshall: "what a turnaround!!"

Korn_ste: "wow!!! can Ice Cold win this match?"

Ice Cold pumped her fists. she saw Disciplinarian beginning to stir and knew she had to act fast. she saw the socked foot of Disciplinarian and grabbed the ankle and trapped her ankle between her thighs. she then ripped off the black sock and stared at the pale, creamy sole. she saw some black sock lint and began to pick it off. she noticed the Disciplinarian giggle everytime she removed the lint. this was a very sensitive foot. she didnt waste any more time and began to scrabbled her nails along the creamy sole.


Ice Cold continued to tickle the soft sole and listened to the Disciplinarian laugh hard. she went after the delicate toes and heard even more shrill laughter. the Disciplinarian hated having her feet touched, let alone tickled. she noticed she was in the center of the ring and she began to try to crawl to the ropes. Soleman asked her if she wanted to submit, but she refused. she then realized her other foot was now trapped between Ice Cold's thighs and it was being removed and her sock was ripped off. both of her feet was now at Ice Cold's mercy. she tried to pull her legs free, but Ice Cold's legs were gripped tightly. the Disciplinarian felt Ice Cold's fingers probing between her toes. she was laughing really hard now. she tried inching her way towards the ropes. she was trying to drag Ice Cold with her. tears began to pour from her eyes as her feet were getting ruthlessly tickled. her arches were teased, the base of her toes tickled and the crevices ravaged with ticklish sensations. her head began to lay on the mat, but she still tried to reach. her hand was a mere few inches away. she reached one more time as Ice Cold plunged her finger deep into a toe crevice, then the Disciplinarian's hand fell to the mat and she began to tap out. her head then fell to the mat, completely exhausted and tickled out.

BaneDaemon rang the bell and the crowd exploded! Ice Cold stood up and Soleman raised her hand in victory. Ice Cold stumbled a little from exhaustion, but she smiled big time.

"the WINNER of this bout, ICE COLD!!!!!!!!" Zechs announced.

Lee Marshall: "i dont believe it! Ice Cold beat the Disciplinarian in a paddle match!!"

Korn_ste: "this is a huge win for Ice Cold!!"

Lee Marshall: "but i have a feeling this rivarly is far from over.."

Korn_ste: "look! Ice Cold is grabbing a pen!! it's standards time!"

Ice Cold grabbed a black ball point pen and got into the ring. the Disciplinarian was walking groggily, and Ice Cold delivered another DDT. she then sat by Disciplinarian's ankles and trapped them between her thighs again. looking at the soles, she began to write messages across the tender soles. the Disciplinarian began to laugh as she felt the ball point glide across her sensitive soles. Ice Cold whistled while she wrote across the soles and the cameras caught Disciplinarian's face cackling with wild laughter. Ice Cold finished scribbling her message and raised her hands in victory. this was her 1st pay per view win and she was going to enjoy it. she found her boots and began to walk back up the ramp. the cameras then panned to Disciplinarian's soles. her right sole read: "I'M ICE COLD'S BITCH!" and her left sole read: "I WAS A NAUGHTY NAUGHTY GIRL!!!" the Disciplinarian got to her feet and had an evil look as the crowd laughed at her. she vowed that Ice Cold was going to pay for this!

UP NEXT: PATTI PIZZAZZ vs MYSTERY in a clothes vs mask match!!

okay fans, how did you like this one? stay tuned for more exciting VENDETTA action.