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The slider pushed the van forward again, and the roller began to turn. The
first few turns were slow, and their tootsies were caressed just enough to
make them giggle. But once the motor warmed up and the roller clicked into
high speed, and the bristles stood straight out from their roots and
whirred over the wriggling toes.
Tammi shrieked with all the air in her lungs when she felt the bristles
whip between her toes. She tried to keep them bunched together, to protect
the terribly tender webbing between them, but the bristles teased the
balls of each tootsie, and that tickling forced her toes to splay in
instinctive anguish. "Ahhhhh-hah hah hah hah ahahahahaaaa! Ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha!"
Becky's reprieve was over and her feet, too, were tortured by the roller.
She bucked between her cousins, her jerking hips banging into theirs, as
she struggled with all her fading strength to somehow escape the
intolerable tickling.
The rpms against her toes almost made Danni pee. She didn't know how she
held her water against it, but breathed a heavy sigh of relief when the
roller moved up over her shins.
The relief, of course, turned into new screams when then roller touched
and cleaned her knees. The slider pushed the van forward in surges, and
each surge placed the roller at a new ticklish spot--first the feet, then
the knees, then their bare tummies.
Tammi's navel came under the ruthless teasing of a line of bristles that
rotating directly above it. Each bristle extended down into the dimple to
touch the unbearably sensitive skin at the bottom, then whipped against
the lower wall of the tiny shaft before lifting away. This happened 120
times a minute, and lasted for two minutes. Tammi had never known such
torture, even at the hands of Cousin Sammi, who'd made her pee more than
Danni's tummy wriggled defenselessly under the onslaught, but however she
moved, uncounted bristles skittered over her belly, scratching each and
every square millimeter of bare skin. But Danni's true torment began when
the van surged against and brought her breasts under the roller.

Golden, steaming pee erupted from Danni's crotch at the first touch of the
bristles on the undersides of her boobies. Her breasts were utterly
helpless under the roller, which treated them to a full scrubbing, which
included raking the bristles along the undersides, up over the throbbing,
pointed nipples, and down along the freckled cleavage. Danni's pee-pee
stream bounced around in a crazed fountain pattern as she writhed.
Beth noticed the splattering of yellow on the windshield, and held up her
Pepsi in a toast. "To you, whichever Arcadia who just went pee-pee! Take
that!" She drank.
Danni's eyes rolled back as her nipples were tortured endlessly, before
the van went forward again.
Becky's armpits, so recently tickled by Tammi, now fell under the roller's
horrifying auspices. The bristles seemed to expand to fill the vulnerable
hollows, and her hands and feet spasmed helplessly. "Hee hee heeeeee! Hah
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! St-st-st-stop, p-p-pleeeze! I'll d-d-do anything!
Anything! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaaaa!"
A few seconds of motorized armpit tickling drove the pee from Becky's
bladder, covering the windshield and roof with spider-webs of amber. Even
then, the tickling didn't stop, but went on and on and on.
Somehow, maybe because of all the cousins, she'd been tickled the most and
had the highest endurance, Tammi got through the roller without wetting
herself. Her laughter screeched long and loud as her underarms were
tortured, but the only water on her was from the car wash as the roller
finally receded behind them.
The Arcadias collapsed on the roof, wet from water and other things, their
pink bodies glowing with reflected light and ticklish tingles. Danni's
eyes stayed closed, and she didn't think she could stand to see if
anything else in this diabolical wash awaited them. Tammi and Becky
looked, and saw the metallic flanges of the dryer coming up.
Beth put her soda in the beverage holder and drove the van out of the
tunnel, not wanting to subject the girls on top to the dryer. The heat
would surely burn them, and Beth didn't want to hurt them. Just to teach
them a lesson that what goes around comes around.
So she quickly drove through the dryer and came around again, and drove
into the tunnel again.
"No! No, please!" Becky cried. "Not again! Beth, why are you doing this?!"
"Please, Beth, pleeeze!" Tammi begged. "We'll be nice to you from now on!"
"We swear," Danni testified, "we won't EVER tickle you again! We won't
even touch you! We'll leave you alone! Please, please, please, not again!
Oh, I beg you, Beth--"
Ned came out of the office. "Is everything all right, ma'am? Something
wrong?" He couldn't resist glancing up.
A red-haired freckled face peered down at him. "Please, please, don't let
her do this to us again! I'll give you anything you want--wanna fuck me?
I'll fuck you, if you just stop her! Please! I'll suck your cock--"
Beth pulled out another fifty bucks. "Listen, I don't think the van got
entirely clean on the first run-through. Mind if I take it through again?"
Ned considered the offer from the girl tied to the roof, but then wondered
how much an offer from a girl tied to a roof really meant. He took the
money. "Yes, ma'am, whatever you want."
"Thank you," Beth replied. "And, would it be possible to stop the car wash
at the place when the big roller comes down on the roof? Roof's awfully
Ned nodded. "Sure, thing, ma'am."
"Ahhhhh--hah hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Danni screamed, her
bladder convulsing on itself even though it was empty.
"Hee hee hee hee! Hah hah hah hah hah haaaaa!" Becky shrieked, toes
flexing and stretching in anguish.
"Hee hee--hah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hah ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!" Tammi cried,
helplessly thrashing under the roller.
The bristles were on their breasts again, but this time they didn't leave.
Three pairs of Arcadia boobies shook and jiggled under the roller, and
three pairs of nipples were as hard as rock candy.
Beth fished out the last Gummi Worm from the bag, a yellow-and-orange
and-red one, and threw the bag in the back. She sat back in the driver's
seat and listened to the breathless, continuing laughter of her former
tormentors, and wished she could tape it to listen to later. She wanted to
remember this.
Danni would never forget it. She'd never been tortured like this before,
tied helplessly to the roof of a van and placed under a whirring bristle
brush. Her boobies, now pink and soapy, bounced in captivity as the
bristles scrubbed them hard and fast. If she arched her back at all it
only pushed her breasts farther into the tickling maelstrom--if she tried
to flatten herself down, the tips of the bristles still teased the
undersides of each boobie, gently whipped them with tickling touches until
she couldn't stand it and arched her back again.
Tammi's nipples pulsated red and raw from the constant overstimulation,
and her clitty throbbed hotly in her pussy. Teased and tickled, she
struggled and spasmed in her bondage, titties shaking as the ruthless
machinery cleaned them, until her peehole finally popped open and
liberated her water. The pee was washed away, but the tickling went on.
Becky's sanity had been shattered, and now she only made screaming animal
noises as her breasts were titillated beyond anything she'd ever known.
Misery loved company, but knowing her cousins were being tortured in the
same way did nothing to stop it, and Becky couldn't stand another second
of it.
Beth kept the brake on, but sometimes backed up a little so the roller
could tickle their tummies for a while. She enjoyed how the laughter above
alternated--Tammi laughed the loudest when their bellies were brushed, but
Danni's screams drowned everyone else out when their boobies were the
target. Beth inched forward again until she heard Danni's frantic screams,
then set the brake again. She pulled out a paperback she'd been reading
before the twins had first picked her up, and read for a while.
The while turned out to be almost an hour, but it was eternity to the
girls on the roof. Danni's wrists and ankles turned red and sore from all
her jerking against the ski rack, and occasional cramps took hold of her
hamstrings and buttocks. But even cramps were nothing compared with the
endless tickling her boobies received. The roller didn't get tired, didn't
get distracted, didn't have any errands to run--it simply performed its
function. Her boobs, mere flesh and blood under a machine's torture,
swelled and burned with ticklish flame.
Becky was the first to cum under the torture. Even as she tried to beg
Beth to stop it, her clit pulsed its way into orgasm. The rose petals of
her pussy parted and let loose with a drenching stream of lovejuice that
was quickly washed away. But the tickling continued, and another orgasm
flashed through her, and another, and Becky was held captive not just by
tickle torture, but by a continuous river of orgasms that washed over her.
Tammi was next, but her road to orgasm was more torturous. Danni had
tickled her into cumming many times, but it had always taken a long, LONG
time. Fifteen minutes after Becky had started to orgasm, Tammi's own
clitty rose its little pink nose out of its hood. A few drops of remaining
pee, mixed with the cold, clear water from the wash, trickled down onto it
and teased it even more, until it stood swollen and twitching on the edge
of orgasm.
Clit pulsating, boobies throbbing, nipples pierced by ticklishness,
Tammi's laughter went silent as her breath left her lungs. She gulped for
air, but any air she managed to inhale almost immediately left her chest
as hoarse, grating laughter. Her vocal chords spasmed, and spots danced in
front of her eyes. On the verge of cumming, tickled almost to death, Tammi
teetered on the edge of consciousness, bound to a ticklish girl's revenge.
As Tammi fought to escape the tickling and fought to cum at the same time,
Danni started up the orgasmic curve. Her clit, the twin of Tammi's,
elongated in its sheath, warming itself, and eventually peeking out as if
to sniff the outside world. Danni's eyes rolled, and her mind forgot
everything but the tickling and the growing need to cum.
Tammi pounded her butt on the roof in ticklish agony and sexual
frustration. It took her another ten minutes of nonstop boobie torment to
go over the edge. Her nipples grew so bloated she was afraid they'd pop,
her shoulders and hips ached terribly from struggling, and her asshole
threatened to cramp, but when she came everything except the tickling
vanished from her awareness. The tickle torture rocketed her into a
higher, soaring orgasm bigger than any she'd known, and shattered her mind
into a million sparkling pieces, each tickled by the ruthless machine.
In the midst of cumming, she hallunicated the machine was an android Beth
five miles tall, which held her in its sexy chrome grasp and tickled her
flopping boobies with a chrome fingernail. The robot Beth laughed and
taunted her as it tickled, and held her high over its head to drink her
gushing pussy juices as they dribbled from her ****.
Danni couldn't cum at all because the tickling was so intense on her
breasts that it kept her from perceiving anything else for the full hour
Beth kept the van in the wash. While tickle torture had made her sister
and cousin cum, Danni was held in a world of nonstop torture, unending
torment, which made her clit stand stiff but wouldn't let it cum. Her own
anus blinked between her buttocks and her nipples stood puffed like
grapes, but no matter how she screamed, writhed, or wriggled in her bonds,
the tickling wouldn't stop and the orgasm wouldn't come. She was the most
tormented of the three, tickled the most and deprived of orgasm.
Finally, mostly because she herself needed to go to the bathroom, Beth
pulled the van out of the wash tunnel, waved to Ned, and drove away. At
last free of the bristle roller and sated from repeated orgasms, Tammi and
Becky relaxed and let the cool air stream over their forward-facing
pussies and soothe them. But Danni, deprived of the opportunity to cum but
teased to the edge, kept wriggled helplessly in her bonds as Beth drove to
a gas station.
Fortunately, only one other car was at the pumps when Beth scurried into
the bathroom, leaving them on the roof. Tammi rolled her head over to look
at Becky. "God, that was horrible," she breathed. "I thought for sure I
was gonna die."
"I've never been tortured like that in my life, not even by Danni," Becky
replied. She looked over at her cousin. "Danni, what's wrong? We're out of
the car wash! Relax!"
"I can't! Goddammit, I didn't cum! Shit, and I really need to!"
Tammi giggled. "Hah hah! Serves you right, how you teased me and Beth."
"Shut up! It's not funny! I've gotta cum!"
At the pumps, a dark-haired man in a Grateful Dead shirt and the gas
nozzle in his VW Bug, looked up at the word 'cum', and spied them. First
he was puzzled, then he grinned. "Having some trouble, girls?" he asked,
then pointed at them so his buddy, an overweight man in a T shirt and
jeans, saw them.
"Hi, ladies!" the buddy said.
"Fuck you!" Danni said, frustrated and helpless.
"Shut up, Danni!" Tammi said.
Beth reappeared, smiled enchantingly at the two guys, and hopped back in
the van. They drove away again, and this time got on the road heading back
towards the freeway.
"Where the hell's she going?" Tammi asked.
"Am I s'posed to know?" Danni retorted. "Can't somebody get free and rub me?"
"Even if I were free, I wouldn't touch your clit, except to tease it!"
Danni stuck out her tongue at her sister, who responded in kind.
Beth turned north on the freeway and drove all the way to Klamath Falls,
Oregon. The girls spent almost two hours on top of the van at freeway
speeds, and they were shivering by the time Beth pulled into the tiny
Klamath Falls airport. She parked the van as far away from the two-room
terminal as she could, and got her stuff together.
She put on her pack, which was loaded not only with her own clothes, but
also a hefty wad of the twins' money, and got out of the van. She closed
the door, purposely locking the keys inside, and looked up at Danni.
"Well, I'm off to my mom's. I hope you don't mind, but I'm taking enough
cash to buy a ticket. You and your sister've convinced me that hitchhiking
is just too dangerous. Bye, bye!"
"D-do you think you could untie us? Please?"
Beth put her hands on her hips. "Now, how many times did *I* ask that? How
many times did I ask, only to be refused, hm? But...just the same, I guess
I oughta be nice. You did give me a ride to the airport, after all! Hee
hee!" She pulled out Danni's pocketknife and tossed it up onto the roof.
It landed near her hand, and Danni was able to grasp it. Using one hand,
she managed to open the blade.
"Got it okay?" Beth asked.
"Okay! Bye, Tammi! Bye, Becky!" And Beth Cordova was off, heading for the
terminal, still in Danni's clothes.
"Shit, and I've still gotta cum!" Danni muttered. She rotated the knife in
her fingers, but Becky, by stretching her fingers to their utmost,
snatched it from her. "Hey, what are you doing?"
"Getting free," Becky answered, and, cutting carefully, did just that. She
sat up, cut her feet loose, and went about freeing Tammi.
A small, propeller passenger plane took off, heading north. "'Kay, girls,
how about me?" Danni asked once the two of them were loose.
"How about you?" Tammi asked, taking the knife. "You want loose, huh?"
Tammi smiled and climbed down with Becky. "Too bad. We're gonna go back to
Becky's house and have some fun with that clitty of yours, and maybe do
some more tickling!"
"See you when we get home, Cousin!" Becky said, and they left her alone on
the roof.
"What? Wait a minute..." Danni squirmed, naked and helpless.
Tammi used the knife to jimmy the lock, and they climbed in before anyone
could report three naked girls to the police. They drove back to the
freeway and headed back into California.
From her window seat in the cozy little plane, Beth watched them get free
and drive away with Danni still on the roof. With a satisfied smile, she
ordered a margarita from the flight attendant and drank to her own health
and good fortune.

The End

04-14-2005, 04:40 AM
I didn't notice any reply posts so I guess I will be the first one to say that I throughly enjoyed this story. You kept it flowing and exciting from the first part to the end *sniffle*. Hopefully there will be more in the future, perhaps another hitch hicker?

Anna Donnison
04-14-2005, 11:51 PM
From here we think you should be able to follow from Beth's earlier torment to her finale.
Anna and Heather

04-16-2005, 02:52 AM
Thank you Anna. I can't seem to get it to work on my computer at work but will try when I get home :D