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12-27-2003, 02:14 PM
here is a story i wrote way before i joined the TMF. i think i wrote this story in 2000 and i had sent it then to Tummy Dragon's site www.tklovers.com i thought i would post it here to show you some of my real EARLY work. this is a wrestling story and i wanted you to read this story to see how far i come compared to my current wrestling/tickling series. feedback always welcomed. also, dont forget to vote for me in the Golden Feathers section for best fiction author. i know, shameless plug, but i feel honored to have even been nominated. enjoy this earlier piece of work from me. i may post other earlier works that i have stored somewhere that have never been released.

Melissa was in the locker room getting ready for her match. tonight she had
a big match against Big Mama Brenda. Melissa needed this win to move up in
the rankings and possibly get a title shot. but Brenda was no easy match.
Brenda was at least 6'5" tall, and about 270 pounds. she was by no means a
little woman. Melissa on the other hand was 5'6" tall and 130 pounds. she
had long black hair, a nice bronze tan and a figure that men would kill
their own wives for. she was quite athletic, but she knew she had to use
everything she had to defeat Brenda. it was time for her to go to the ring.
she entered the ring with a few cheers. she knew she was a mid card wrestler
for the WWA (Women's Wrestling Association) the fans gave her some applause
and she walked across the ring canvas. she looked out and saw a good crowd.
then she heard the entrance music for Big Mama Brenda. the chorus of boos
rang out as Brenda made it to the ring. she entered the ring and looked at

"You think you're actually going to beat me, you little slut?" she
bellowed at Melissa.

Melissa just smirked at her. She didn't want to show any fear. the bell
rang and Brenda tried to grab Melissa. Melissa was too quick and began to
kick at the huge woman's legs. Melissa knew she had to get the big woman off
her feet. but then Brenda grabbed Melissa's ankle and pulled Melissa to her.
standing on one leg, Melissa moved closer to Brenda and then she felt
Brenda's hand on her throat. she let go of the ankle and then choke slammed
Melissa to the canvas. Brenda followed up by dropping a few elbows on
Melissa's chest. her breath grew short. Melissa was starting to feel the
pain. she felt Brenda pick her up by the hair and then was body slammed to
the canvas. after another elbow drop, Brenda went for the pin. after a count
of 2, Melissa kicked out. Brenda continued the punishment. she put Melissa
in the corner of the ring and proceeded to slap her across the chest.
Melissa's breasts were stinging and the crowd could hear the slap of the
flesh. Melissa dropped to the canvas again, and Brenda dragged her to the
center of the ring. there, she put her foot on Melissa's chest, drawing more
boos from the crowd. Brenda then bounced off the ropes and went for another
elbow drop. but this time Melissa moved out of the way! Brenda went crashing
to the canvas and Melissa stood up.

"Now it's my turn!" Melissa yelled. she then began to drop her knees
into the big woman's stomach. Brenda was getting dazed. Melissa continued
the knee drops. then she grabbed the big woman's leg and dropped an elbow on
the knee. Brenda yelled in pain. Melissa dropped a few more elbows into the
knee, then dropped an elbow into Brenda's stomach again. then she went to
the top rope. she was going for her finishing maneuver, a "frog-splash". she
made it to the top rope and with her arms raised, she leaped her way into
the air. one problem though. Brenda moved out of the way. Melissa landed in
a crashing heap on the canvas and now she was at Brenda's mercy.

"now i'm going to hurt you!" Brenda yelled into Melissa's ear. with
Melissa now lying on her stomach, Brenda sat on the small of Melissa's back.
all of Brenda's weight was on Melissa's back. Melissa couldn't breathe. her
legs began to kick. Brenda grabbed an ankle and pulled Melissa's leg towards
her chest. this caused extreme pain for Melissa. then Brenda began to jerk
and twist Melissa's ankle causing more pain. the referee asked Melissa if
she wanted to quit, but Melissa shook her head no. she couldn't give up. she
refused to submit to anybody. after 5 more minutes, Brenda was starting to
get frustrated. still sitting on Melissa's back she kept twisting Melissa's
ankle. seeing that this wasn't working, she decided to try something
different. she began to unlace Melissa's boot. after unlacing the boot, she
pulled it off, revealing a thick white gym sock. Melissa was beginning to
wonder what was going on.

"why did she take off my boot?" she thought to herself. Brenda looked
at Melissa's sock with a quizzical look. she then began to peel the sock
off. Brenda began to laugh.

"Since you wont submit to me, how about a little humiliation?" she told
Melissa. Brenda then peeled the sock off and revealed a very beautiful
barefoot. Melissa wore a size 9 boot and she had very soft, very tender
feet. her sole was nice shade of pink and her toes were medium and thick.
there wasn't a sign of a callous or any other imperfections. her toenails
were perfectly trimmed and unpolished. Melissa began to wiggle her toes. she
still traces of sock lint on her warm foot. Brenda tried to pick it off and
when her finger lightly scratched the soft flesh, she felt Melissa jerk
wildly. she poked her foot again, and same reaction. Brenda's eyes grew wide

"are you ticklish slut?" Brenda asked.

Melissa's eyes popped open. she was deadly ticklish. and her feet were
her greatest weakness. many have gotten secrets out of her by simply
tickling her feet. she hated to be tickled and she could think of nothing
worse. now she was trapped beneath this mountain of a woman and her soft
foot was at Brenda's mercy. "PLEASE DONT TICKLE ME!!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!!
NO!!!!! NO!!!!!!! NOT MY FEET!!! NOT TH-........" and before she could
finish her sentence, Brenda began to tickle Melissa's tender sole. the
reaction was immediate! Melissa burst into hysterical laughter just with
Brenda's finger slowly caressing the soft ball of Melissa's foot. Melissa's
foot was moving wildly, then Brenda placed the top part of Melissa's foot
into her palm, then using the other hand, scratched her nails across the
tender arch. Melissa was screaming.


But Brenda kept on tickling. she rammed her fingers into the crevices
of Melissa's toes and tickled the soft skin. Melissa was banging her fist on
the mat, wriggling, trying to get free. but the tickling was making her
weaker and weaker. finally she just laid there laughing. Brenda then took
her nail and scraped it right below Melissa's big toe, where it meets the
ball of the foot. Melissa screamed more. Soon, Melissa stopped wriggling.
she was completely helpless. Seeing this, Brenda continued to tickle. she was
going to tickle Melissa good. after tickling her foot, Brenda began to just
tickle the pads of Melissa's toes, sending Melissa into more hysterics. she
continued this type of torture for 5 minutes. then tickled the arch again.
Melissa was out of breath. the whole time, the referee was asking Melissa if
she wanted to quit. Melissa couldn't get in a response because she was
laughing so hard. but after 15 minutes of foot torture, the ref asked her

"Do you give?" he asked her.

Melissa, exhausted, tapped her hand on the mat 3 times. she gave up!
the foot tickling was too extreme. the bell rung and Brenda was declared the
victor. Brenda stood up and pranced around the ring. despite her being a
"bad lady" wrestler, she received a standing ovation. the crowd loved her
submission hold. Melissa laid on her stomach completely out of breath. she
couldn't believe she was foot tickled into submission. after she left the
ring, she was greeted by the reporter for the wrestling league.

"Melissa, you just suffered an humiliating defeat to Brenda. what
happened?" the reporter asked.

"I--I don't believe what happened. she just took my boot off and tickled
my foot. I'm so TICKLISH. INSANELY ticklish. i'm so embarrassed. my feet are
too ticklish! I cant believe that happened." Melissa stammered out. and with
that she made her way back to the locker room with a "de-feet-ed" look in
her eyes. but what she didn't realize, was now everyone knew her weakness!

how was it? feedback always welcomed.