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Brooke Taylor watched as the last of her cheerleading squad members drove off
exiting the Henderson University parking lot.She was furious that The Moose
would leave her standing there alone on a Sunday afternoon after practice
waiting for him to pick her up.

He was over 30 minutes late and she had just passed up her last chance for a
ride home.

"What a stupid jerk!" Brooke muttered to herself.

She had been dating The Moose since her freshman year in college. He was the
Henderson University's star quarterback. He stood 6'6" and weighed over 250lbs.
His real name was Moe Johanson, but gained the nickname The Moose because of
his incredible size. He was the sweetest and most gentle guy Brooke had ever
dated, but unfortunately ,he was lacking in the intellect department.

Brooke was the University's Head Cheerleader, a real crowd pleasure. She had
platinum blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and always maintained a perfect
copper tan, and she looked stunning in her red and white cheerleading outfit.

Despite the couples fame and popularity, one ugly rumor surfaced from time to
time.First it appeared as a joke, just a mean rumor to spread about The Moose.
But soon more and more people began to take this rumor as fact. Brooke Taylor
was the brains behind

The Moose, it was generally believed that Brooke planned out all of The Moose's
play strategies the night before the games.What really stung about this rumor
was that it was the truth.

Brooke watched as the blue and orange van entered the deserted campus parking
lot, and started driving in her direction. Brooke was sitting on a picnic table
near the parking area and began to look nervously around herself to see if
anyone from the campus was still around. But she found herself to be alone as
the van pulled onto the campus lawn beside her.

"Oh great!" Brooke thought to herself. "I new it was trouble when I saw the van
had the Summerland University team colors" Brooke could see the grinning faces
of the vans occupants, Lighting Rick Miller the Summerland star quarterback sat
in the passenger side of the van, while another football jock drove.

"Hey babe need a ride" Rick asked Brooke.

"Go to hell Rick!" Brooke said as she hoped off the table and began to walk
away from the van.

"Let me rephrase that statement...Get in the van Taylor!" Rick yelled after her

Brooke heard the opening of several doors on the van, and without looking back
began to run as fast as she could. As she ran she heard several voices yelling
out and they were gaining on her.

Suddenly Brooke was tackled from behind, and was then lifted off her feet by
several husky football jocks and carried into the rear of the van. She kicked
and screamed, but they just laughed at her as they bound and gagged her in the
rear of the van.

Brooke was frightened and now she was bound hand and foot and in the clutches
of her schools football rivals. What did they want, and where the hell was The

The van slowly pulled away with a van load of cheering, and drunk football
players and poor terrified Brooke.

"Don't worry Brooke, no ones going to hurt you, we just need to know the plays
for the big game tomorrow. As a matter of fact we want to know them every week
we play Henderson, and your going to tell us." Rick said menacingly.

A brutish guy sitting next to her removed her gag and prodded her to answer

" Go to hell! I'm not going to tell you anything!" Brooke screamed in anger

"How dare you tie me up like this, let me go this instant." Brooke demanded.

The whole van erupted into laughter after her remark and the brute sitting
beside her gagged her again.

"OK Brooke, have it your way." Rick sneered and the topic was dropped for the
next half hour as the van's driver took them far into the country to a remote
cabin in the woods.

When the van reached its destination, Brooke was carried from the van by
several players and brought into the cabin. Brooke screamed into her gag as she
was taken inside for what she seen in the cabins interior scared the hell out
of her. In the room's center there was a set of wooden stocks bolted to the
floor. Just like the one she had seen in the house of horrors in downtown

Brooke was taken to the stocks and her feet were untied and placed in them.
Rick smiled as he locked her feet in them. Then her hands were untied and
placed in leather shackles that hung from the ceiling above her. After she was
secured her gag was removed and the boys stood back and gawked at her.

Brooke counted five jocks all together, including Rick. She stared at them
silently in terror. Then began to tear, and plead with them to let her go.

"Don't worry Brooke, no ones going to harm you, just relax and give us the
information we want to know." Rick said calmly.

Brooke wasn't stupid, and she wanted out of there now, so she spilled the beans
about tomorrow's game plan, while Rick took down detailed notes grinning the
whole time.

"Wait till I'm out of here they are going to pay" Brooke thought to herself.

"Great Brooke. You've done well, were really pleased and we expect this report
weekly." Rick said

"Sure thing Rick." Brooke said nervously. "yea right!" She thought.

"You know Brooke, I would like to believe you, but I can't. So me and the boys
here came up with a plan to make you are loyal servant." Rick said.

Brooke swallowed hard as she listened to his words.

" I promise I will!" Brooke said desperately.

"Not good enough, we need an insurance policy Brooke.....So tell me
Brooke....are you ticklish? " Rick snickered.

Brooke's eyes nearly sprung out of her head. Her jaw dropped open, and she
began to struggle with her bonds.

"I'll take that as a yes" Rick said stepping to the foot of the stocks.

"No please don't! Not that! anything but that!" Brooke pleaded as Rick began to
slowly unlace her sneakers.

"Whats the matter Brooke? Are you really that ticklish?" Rick mocked as he
pulled off her right sneaker.

Brooke clenched her toes desperately trying to keep the shoes on her feet, but
Rick easily managed to discard them.

"Please I can't stand to be tickled! I'll do anything you want!" Brooke

Rick smiled and admired the beautiful shape of her size 6 feet, which looked so
tantalizing in their little red ankle socks. He drew tiny circles on the balls
of both of her feet with his index fingers.

Brooke let out a yelp, and tried to stifle a giggle and then Rick stopped.He
looked into her pretty blue eyes and said. " Ticklish aren't we?"

"Please I beg of you!" Brooke said with tear filled eyes.

Rick just giggled and the rest of the guys gathered around laughing about her
predicament.Grasping each heel in his hand he peeled back and off Brookes cute
little socks. The room grew silent as each guy looked upon her flawless milky
white soles, with her gorgeous red polished toes.

A chill ran down Brooke's spine as the cool air hit her now bare feet. She
grimaced at the thought of anyone tickling them and began to violently struggle
in her bonds.

Rick removed some twine from his pocket and began to tie her big toes back to a
small eyelet at the top of the stocks.

"There were finished and are now ready to begin your enlightenment" Rick said
as he wiggled his fingers above Brooke's captive feet

" Please!!!" Brooke giggled as he taunted her.

"Kootchy, kootchy Coo!" Rick said as he began to rake his fingernails up and
down her sensitive soles.

Brooke exploded with maniacal laughter as he tickled her. She was in hysterics
in no time.The sensations shot up her legs and exploded in her mind. How she
hated to be tickled, and here she was with five guys who had her helpless and
had only tickling in mind.

"Please ahahahahah please!! ahahahahahah stop it ahahahahahahah" Brooke

One of the guys knelt down by Brooke's ticklish feet and produced a feather
from his back pocket and began to saw it in-between her ticklish toes. Brooke
was screaming with laughter as he did this.

Another guy stood behind her and began to tickle her armpits and ribs
furiously. Brooke had tears rolling down her cheeks as she desperately tried to
pull her arms down to cover her ticklish pits and ribs. But all she could
manage was to hang there and take it, which of course she couldn't.

The final two guys positioned themselves at either side of her, and began to
squeeze and tickle the backs of her knees. Brooke was going nuts as she was
tickled on all sides.


Brooke had always been hopelessly ticklish, ever since she was a kid, but never
had this weakness been exploited as much as it was today. She couldn't bear it,
and now knew there was truth to the rumors of Chinese tickle torture . At this
point she would do or say anything to stop the awful tickling torture.

Suddenly the tickling stopped and Brooke slumped her shoulders, panting and
giggling while still pleading for them not to tickle her anymore.

"Sorry Brooke, but its Dukes turn" Rick laughed.

Brooke looked in horror as one of the guys re-entered the cabin with the teams
mascot, a German Shepherd wearing a Summerland Indians Headdress complete with
feathers. Rick patted the dog and pulled a feather from the headdress and began
pulling it back and forth between Brooke's captive toes.Brooke squealed and
began to giggle again pleading with Rick to stop.

Rick did stop, he put the feather down and excepted a small bucket with a paint
brush from one of his fellow team members and began to apply the buckets sticky
substance to the soles and in-between the toes of ticklish Brooke's feet.

Brooke began to giggle and scream for him to stop, the brush really tickled

"What is that?" Brooke giggled out.

"Just honey my dear." Rick said as he applied the finishing touches

"Now Duke! Go get her boy.!"Rick stepped back and commanded.

The German Shepherd carefully sniffed at Brooke's feet and then licked his

Brooke looked on in horror. "Please don't let him lick my feet" Brooke pleaded.

But the Team mascot had other things in mind and began to lap at brooke's
ticklish soles.

Brooke screamed in ticklish misery as the dog greedily licked off every last
drop of honey from her horribly ticklish soles and toes.

Later that afternoon: As Rick let Brooke go he warned " Now remember any
mention of this to anyone, and if you give us one wrong play.....Your tickle
history. We will get you again, but this time in will be ten times worst."

"I promise" Brooke said as she ran from the van an obedient servant.

- The End -

09-17-2001, 05:14 AM
Gotta LOVE those cheerleader stories! Keep 'em coming, man!

09-17-2001, 01:15 PM
<APPLAUSE> Love them cheerleader stories!

Mr Potato Head
09-17-2001, 02:23 PM
Good story but....if this girl is 6,6 she is going to have bigger feet than size 6.

09-17-2001, 03:43 PM
Mr. Potato Head

I appreciate your comments but you might want to read the following one more time...

She had been dating The Moose since her freshman year in college. He was the Henderson University's star quarterback. He stood 6'6" and weighed over 250lbs.

{Brooke's Boyfriend is 6'6"}

07-04-2005, 11:28 PM
hey i'm the 1st person to review this story in like 4 yrs, sorry but thats b/c i'm new to this site. i first saw this story on tklovers.com, and it was the first story i had EVER read. its still one of my favorites and i think there should be a sequel, like brooke getting it from moose and/or the entire opposing football team, and of course she would be in a different position this time. anyhoo, great story keep writing!

p.s--i could very much be wrong here, but i once heard sumwhere that there were pics to go along w/ this story. does any1 know where i can find them? i'll post this in the request section too. i just really came on to say it was a great story.

11-16-2012, 05:15 AM
One of my all-time favourite tickling stories. Fantastic! :)

love feet
11-16-2012, 03:54 PM
One of my all-time favourite tickling stories. Fantastic! :)

me too!!!

11-16-2012, 04:40 PM
A real classic. One of the first stories that I read here before I joined. :D