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09-17-2001, 09:49 AM
1.Extrem Ghostbusters-kylie and another ghostbuster
are after these clown ghost and when they trap them
all the head clown wraps his vines around kylie and the other
ghostbuster and begain to tickle them.kylie gets her
ear and belly tickled so he could make her laugh to steal her
enrgy.when she almost stops giggling and starting to laughs the others come to help her.

2.Adams Family.you no the cartoon well the daughter is tied in
hay and a cow bites off a piece she starts to laugh and say
it tickles

thats it for now more later

Every soul had a destiney
but a Darksoul makes his own

09-24-2001, 05:02 PM
Wow.....the Extreme Gostbusters one sounds great! Does anyone have a clip by chance, in mpg form? Also, what is the dialogue between the clown ghost and Kylie? Does the clown actually mention the word 'tickle'?

09-26-2001, 10:07 AM
C.O.P.S.-a lady with three little midgets posing as
her reltives from her sister are really crooks.when
there cover is blown the kidnapp the lady tie her
up to chair and tickle her.I don't where sadly.

Courage The Cowardly Dog-the duck with a french accent
ties the old lady to the sofa and tickles her foot
to get her to tell him where her riches are even though she lost
her memory

Little Bear-Ya I know it's a little kid cartoon but when I was
turning channles alot and sometimes I watch it when im bored and there is nothing on tv after I saw this one I decided to watch it
.I saw the bear and the girl don't remember
her name.anyway there swiming in a pond and the fish are nimbling
on there toes and the girl say it tickles and then they start to
laugh later in the same one some otters swim by her waist and said and that tickles.In another cartoon the bear can't sleep so he goes to his parents room they play and pretends to be a bed bug and tickles his mom and dad then they both traped him and team up to tickle him.and another one when they want to pretend to cook there friend duck and they playing some stupid game about making monster soup and when shes in the pot the puppet monster bites wing and duck
says tickles and starts to laugh and the monster bites her again making her laugh more.

Every soul has a destiney
but a Darksoul makes his own