View Full Version : maybe enable voice chatting in the chat room?

02-16-2004, 12:17 AM
i would love it if i could hear the voice of whom i'm talking to. especially as there is alotta guys posing as girls while chatting or cyber tickling. if you could help in any way i would be very thankful.

02-16-2004, 08:41 AM
Voice chat is an option that could be added to the chatroom, but to upgrade to it would cost the better part of a thousand dollars. As mush as I'd like to add it I just cannot justify the cost for a free service. Sorry


02-16-2004, 10:19 AM
Wo Wo Wo ! Voice chat, one of my favorite online things.

We have such a thing availabe via yahoo in the spare-chat room,,, How about an informal, non-sanctioned, voice chat get-together for those of us who use mike-and-speakers ?

What I mean is, something not exactly like the Sunday night trivia game, but similar.

I don't have it clearly mapped out in my brain, but I think you get the idea. At a certain time on a certain date, the mike-and-speaker folks meet in the spare-chat room. Make it last X-amount of time, whatever.

In theory, I could pull this off by myself, just mentioning it in the forums and chat room, and then allowing my irresistably magnetic personality to draw in the entire TMF membership instantly on the spot.

In practice, I think it would take about 5 or 10 people to agree, participate, and encourage others; i.e., some form of friendship advertising and so on.

Any ideas on this ?