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04-27-2001, 07:53 AM
This is not only my first story but my first post as well. I would appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, as long as it's honest. Hope you all enjoy the story...


Dedicated to my friend Tish,
the inspiration for this story

The Christian retreat was supposed to be an enjoyable trip for them both. A chance for them to get away from city life and their jobs. A chance for them to be among the fellowship of their brethren and talk about how non-Christians were ruining the way of life in this country. But most importantly, it was time he could spend with his beloved fiancée, away from interfering relatives, and possibly, to get a little more intimate with her. But as his awareness began to take hold of him, he began to feel as if something was wrong.

The first of his senses to return was feeling. He was cold, and was lying on cold stone with nothing covering him but the cool mid-spring night air. He also became aware that he could not move his arms or legs. He opened his eyes and looked about. He was still outside, but nowhere did he see the familiar settings of the campground. Looking off to his left, he saw his beloved, lying bound to what must have been a similar stone platform, hands tied over her head and ankles bound in a spread-eagle position. With dawning horror, he realized they were bound to an altar of some kind.

Suddenly, he noticed a figure in a hooded robe step out of the shadows. Instantly, thoughts sprang to his mind about cults and witches, and began to feel that they were going to be sacrificed to some evil deity of theirs. At that time, his fiancée awoke and began screaming. The figure merely stood and stared.

Gathering his nerve, he spoke to the figure. “I demand to know why you are holding us here!” The figure regarded him and spoke in a musically female voice, “You and your beloved have been brought here to appease the spirit of these woods.”

A horrid thought rose in his mind. “You’re a witch! You mean to sacrifice us to Satan or some other evil, Pagan deity that you worship! I fear you not for the Lord shall protect us!”

In the dim light of the moon, he could see the lower portion of the druid’s face and saw a bemused smile on her face. “You Christians and your thoughts of evil deities. Think you that you have the only religion in the world? Are you so arrogant to believe that you have all the answers of life? The Pagans lived centuries in peace before you and your kind forced your religion on us. But we survived centuries of unjust persecution from your ancestors and now are beginning to thrive.”

He could hear his wife-to-be whispering the Lord’s Prayer over and over like a mantra. Steeling himself, he said, “You can believe whatever you choose. You still have no right to kidnap us and hold us here. I demand you release us at once!”

The smile disappeared from the druid’s face. “You are in no position to demand anything. You and yours come here every year and soil this forest with your trash and noise. This year, nature demands a sacrifice and you are the ones chosen to appease the spirits of the wood.” As the druid spoke, her robe fell away from her, revealing her naked form to the world. Even in his despair, he could not help but marvel at her beauty as she stood basking in the moonlight. She had long red hair that framed a lovely face. She had large firm breasts, curving hips, and long muscular legs. He began to become aroused at the sight of her, in spite of himself.

For the first time, the woman spoke. “Why us? Why do you need to sacrifice us? We have done no wrong. Can’t you just let us go? We’ll never tell, we promise!”

The druid smiled radiantly. “You were chosen from among your fellows for certain…attributes that you both possess in abundance. For those reasons alone were you chosen. Now, are you ready to appease the spirits?” She reached into a pouch that lay at her feet and pulled out what first appeared to be a knife.

As she stepped closer to the couple, they realized it was not a knife, but an eagle feather that she held. They both could not stifle their looks of astonishment. This was their implement of doom? “What kind of sacrificial tool is that?” the woman blurted. The man laughed mirthlessly, “You could hardly kill us with that. What kind of lunatic are you?”

The druid turned her gaze sharply towards the man. “Are your beliefs so clouded and twisted that you would believe that nature would demand your death? Only nature should be allowed to determine when it is time for one of her children to return to the earth. There is far too much death in the world. Nature demands a more gentle sacrifice. The elves and woodland spirits delight in the sounds of mirth and laughter, not the slaughter of others. And that shall be your sacrifice”.

With that, the druid began to slowly, teasingly draw the feather over the man’s stomach. It quivered under the feather, no matter how hard he tried to keep it still. A giggle escaped his lips. “Stop it. Release us right now!”

Smiling, the druid simply turned towards the woman and repeated her action with the feather in the woman’s armpit. The woman let out a little squeak and immediately began to squirm. The druid settled in this spot for a few minutes, stroking lightly back and forth. The woman began to laugh loudly and uncontrollably. “Stop it! Please! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!”

In response to this plea, the druid drew out another feather and began to use it in the same manner as the first on the man’s armpit. His squirming was pulling his binds tight, but his struggles were futile. “NO! Stop this! Now!” His face contorted as he tried to restrain his laughter. For that, the druid began using both feathers on the man, one on each armpit. This method proved to be too much. His laugh rolled up from his belly and out of his mouth, echoing across the listening woods. “NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

After a few minutes, the druid set the feathers aside for the use of her long fingernails. This drew out even louder laughter from the man. “SSSSSTAAHAHAP!!!! THIS IS TORTURE!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! !!!”

After a few more minutes, what seemed like hours to the man, the druid moved over to the woman again. She studied the woman’s body, almost as if she were sizing her up. Picking up the feathers, she began to expertly dance them along her inner thighs. This drew wild, uncontrollable shrieks from the woman. She bucked and squirmed against her restraints. “EEEEEEEEEEEEHEEEHEEEHEHHEHHHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! NONONONONO PLEASEPLEASEPLEASESSSSTTTAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!” In response, the druid began to lightly wiggle her tongue in the woman’s belly button as the feathers continued to do their tickling dance. This brought forth even louder screams of laughter. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! !!!!!! NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONOTTHERENOTTHERE !!!!!! AAA!!! EEEEEEEEHEEEHEEEHEEEEHEEEEEHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”

Seeing how effective this was on the woman, the druid decided to try it out on the man. She was satisfied to see she got the same results. The man’s bellows of laughter were almost loud enough to hurt the druid’s ears. Feeling a little impish, she would sometimes allow the feathers to brush the man’s manhood, with pleasing results. After what seemed like an eternity, the man was beginning to show signs of exhaustion, so the druid decided it was time to switch victims again.

Her bare feet crunching on the leaves, the lovely druid stalked around the altar to the woman’s exposed feet. They appeared especially soft and delicate. Slowly, almost teasingly, she began to lightly touch the woman’s arches with the feathers. The response was instant. “NOTMYFEETNOTMYFEETOHPLEASEGODNOTMYFEEEEEEHEEEHEEE T!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHASTOPSTOPSTOPS TOP!!!!!!!! I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!!!!! PLEASE, I’LL DO ANYTHING, JUST PLEEEEHEHEHEEEHEEEEHEEESE STAAAAHAAHAAAHAAAHAAAHAAAPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !” Soon the woman was laughing so hard, she couldn’t even speak, only laugh. Taking this as a cue, the druid held the feathers between her fingers and dragged them up and down the woman’s tender soles. Then the druid reached over and roughly began using her fingernails on the man’s feet. The man instantly erupted into the loudest laugh the woman had ever heard. The couple shrieked, begged, cried, pleaded, even threatened the druid as the foot tickling continued endlessly for over an hour.

As the moon reached its pinnacle in the nighttime sky, the druid suddenly threw back her head and chanted something to the sky. She ended the prayer by saying, “Blessed Mother, please accept this sacrifice!!”

As if in response to this, twinkling lights began to move among the treetops, slowly drifting towards the altar. They flitted about, almost as if they were studying the couple. After a moment of this, they began to settle over the couples’ ticklish spots, two to each spot. Then the lights began to move, almost dance on the ticklish spots. The couple howled in ticklish agony. Nothing had ever in their lives felt this intense. So intense, neither could speak, just babble incoherently and laugh. Then from the woods came the sound of gentle high-pitched laughter, almost sounding like the laughter of children. The wood sprites were delighting in the sacrifice of the couple.

The druid stood back and smiled contentedly as she watched. She knew the tickling would not stop until the sun began to peek over the mountains. But the laughter would echo in the woods for a long time. This was, by far, the best sacrifice in a long time. The spirits of the woods were pleased.

The End

Written by: slacker2114

05-04-2001, 11:14 AM
I overlooked this story for all this time... How did I manage to do this ? Slacker, even though we have our differences... *assumes the 'crane guide my lethal blade, smoke part for iron, monkey claw-style combat stance*... You still are one of the up and coming writiers ! I love this paganistic background, and the diversion from pure */f tickling as well ! Keep it up ! What a first-timer ! Thanks for the excellent read ! :D