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03-02-2004, 12:10 AM
okay folks here is the next part in the ongoing WOW series. i actually had this part written earlier this morning, but i accidently clicked on the mouse and the story disappeared. needless to say i was pissed, but here i am to write it all over again. anyway, there are some major developments that are going to occur soon, so stay tuned. i hope you enjoy what i have in store for this particular storyline. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com Hollywood at www.webkitten.com Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com Terri Gold at www.heatherlee.org and David Mclane at www.davidmclane.com enjoy!!

Gorgeous George stormed into the tWo dressing room and threw her belt to a couch. the other members of the tWo looked on as George started fuming. George was still upset over what took place after her title defense against Hammerin Heather Steele. Jungle Grrl had attacked her after the match and left her laying in the middle of the ring.


"calm down George, it will be okay." Hollywood consoled her.

"CALM DOWN?! CALM DOWN?! Hollywood, Jungle Grrl embarrassed me out there! i dont think i can act calm right now!" George screamed back.

"i know what Jungle Grrl did to you. however, dont let her get to you. soon, her time will come and Jungle Grrl will pay dearly, tWo style!" Hollywood told her.

George took a deep breath and listened to Hollywood. all she could think of at that point was getting Jungle Grrl back. but Hollywood was right. sooner or later, Jungle Grrl would pay for her attack. George then looked over and saw Daffney putting a leash on Riot's neck.

"What are you doing?" George asked.

"just getting ready for my match against Bronco Silly. Chyna is letting me take her SLAVE to ringside with me! plus, Riot is a good doggie isnt she? Riot, bark for the tWo!" Daffney told her.

Riot looked at Daffney and wanted to rip out her tongue out and strangle Daffney with her own tongue. she then saw Chyna staring at her with a cocky grin. Riot knew she had no choice. she didnt want to end her career, so she went along with Daffney's request. "ARF! ARF!" Riot barked.

the rest of the tWo laughed and Riot felt embarrassed. she really wanted to destroy Daffney now. she then felt a tugging on the leash and Daffney yelled at her to move. it was time for Daffney's match against Bronco Billie.


the music of the NWO blared on the loudspeakers and the crowd began to cheer as they saw Riot appear on top of the stage. the cheers turned to boos as Daffney made her appearance at the top of the stage. Daffney yanked on the leash and forced Riot to start walking. dressed in her black tWo t-shirt, blue jeans and black wrestling boots, Daffney wore her Gothic makeup on her face and her wild eyes made contact with the fans. she truly enjoyed the position she was in and wanted to savor every moment. she remembered when Riot had tickled her into oblivion before the pay per view, so this was sweet revenge. Riot felt the leash tugging and wished she could use it to choke Daffney until her eyeballs popped out of her head. they made it to the ring and Daffney stuck out her tongue to the crowd and awaited her opponent.

country music began to play and Bronco Billie made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in her white blouse with blue leather vest, blue shorts, white cowgirl boots and her white cowgirl hat, Billie began to walk down the aisle to the cheers of the fans. Billie was excited about this match because even though she enjoyed tag team action with her partner Beckie, she had individual goals in mind as well. this match was the first step in that direction. as Billie got closer to the ring, she made eye contact with Riot. Billie felt bad for Riot because ever since the invasion of the tWo, Riot had actually formed friendships with the WOW girls, who she used to torment. Billie knew that when the slave period was over, there was going to be some hell to pay. she got into the ring and Daffney immediately attacked her.

the bell rang and Daffney raked her fingers across Billie's eyes. Billie started to rub her eyes when Daffney scooped her up and slammed her to the mat. Daffney then straddled Billie and began to scream hysterically in her face. she then began to slap Billie across the face. she then pulled Billie up by the hair and rammed her into the turnbuckles. Billie staggered and Daffney ended up doing a German suplex to Billie. Billie was stunned as Daffney made the cover. 1......2.......KICKOUT. Daffney had a wild look in her eyes as she realized Billie kicked out. she then grabbed Billie's head once again and wanted to ram Billie's face into the turnbuckles. Billie stopped her by placing her boot on the turnbuckle, then she elbowed Daffney in the midsection, then rammed Daffney's head into the turnbuckle. Billie repeated the move and the crowd counted out each time Daffney's head hit the turnbuckle. the count reached 10 and Daffney was staggering on her feet. Billie then clotheslined her to the mat and went for the cover. 1.......2........kickout. Daffney kicked out barely. Billie then threw Daffney against the ropes and did a back body drop on the Goth girl and Daffney went high into the air, then crashed to the mat. Billie then dropped a leg and went for the cover. 1.......2......kickout. Daffney barely kicked out again and Billie shook her head. as Daffney still laid on the mat, Billie rolled her over to her stomach and plunged her nails deep into Daffney's armpits. Daffney exploded with laughter as she felt Billie's fingers tickling her armpits. Daffney then clawed her way to the ropes and Billie had to break the hold.

Billie then tried to grab an ankle but Daffney started to kick wildly and she scurried out of the ring. Billie laughed at Daffney, andDaffney then looked at Riot. Riot had a huge grin and shrugged. Daffney stormed back into the ring and charged Billie. Billie did a drop toe hold and Daffney's face hit the mat. Billie then quickly grabbed Daffney's ankle and began to unlace the black boot. Daffney felt the laces getting loose and scrambled to the ropes. Billie then grabbed Daffney by her long hair and pulled her up to her feet. she then whipped Daffney into the turnbuckles and charged forward. Daffney at the last second, pulled the referee in front of her and Billie ended up driving her shoulder into the referee. the referee collapsed to the mat in a heap and Billie realized what she had done. she tended to the referee and Daffney had an evil smile on her face. she snuck up behind Billie and kicked her in the head. Billie laid on the canvas clutching her head. Daffney then ordered Riot into the ring. Riot had a quizzical look on her face and got into the ring.

"FINISH HER! POWERBOMB HER TO HELL!!" Daffney screamed at Riot.

Riot looked at Daffney in shock. she didnt really expect her to powerbomb Billie did she? Daffney yeeled at her again, and Riot knew she had no choice but to obey. she rolled her eyes and turned towards Billie. as Billie turned towards Riot, Riot grabbed Billie by the throat.

"sorry Billie....." Riot told her.

Billie's eyes went wide open as she felt Riot's hand on her throat. Riot then kicked Billie in the midsection and put her in the powerbomb position. Riot hesitated, but Daffney screamed at her again. Riot then picked Billie up, then powerbombed her to the canvas. Billie was out. Daffney went over to the referee and smacked him around a little bit. as the referee crawled his way to Daffney who was covering Billie, Riot got out of the ring. the referee made his count. 1........2..........3!!! the bell rang and Daffney jumped into the air and began to celebrate like she won the WOW World title. she then ordered Riot into the ring again.

"REMOVE HER BOOTS!" Daffney ordered.

Riot grabbed Billie's ankle and easily pulled off the boot. she then removed the other boot and Daffney commanded her to remove her socks. Riot did as she was told and revealed Billie's soft, tender barefeet. Riot looked at Daffney again who had a crazed look on her face again.

"TICKLE HER FEET!!!" Daffney screamed.

Riot rolled her eyes, then began stroking her fingers on the sole of Billie pink foot. Billie immediately broke out in laughter and Daffney grabbed the other ankle and began scrabbling her fingers wildly on Billie's foot.


Riot felt bad as her fingers tickled Billie's foot. Riot did enjoy the soft feeling of Billie's foot, then she began to imagine she was tickling Daffney's foot and tickled harder. she then began to tickle between the meaty toes as Daffney had meaty toes as well. Billie was howling with laughter as she felt Riot's and Daffney's fingers tormenting her tender feet. she tapped the mat wildly, but it didnt matter as the match was over. minutes passed and Daffney let go of Billie's ankle. she ordered Riot to keep tickling, then grabbed Billie's boots. Daffney then sat in the middle of the ring and began to take off her own boots. Riot looked on as her fingers probe through Billie's toe crevices. Daffney took off her boots, then put Billie's boots on. she then stood up and began to do a Texas-two step dance. she was mocking Bronco Billie and danced around the ring. Billie saw Daffney mocking her, but could do nothing about it. she was laughing wildly as Riot tormented her bare feet. Riot looked at Daffney and just fumed. Daffney then grabbed the leash and tugged hard. Riot dropped Billie's ankle and was forced to leave the ring. Daffney then stomped on Billie's bare toes and left the ring as well. Billie grabbed her aching toes and saw Daffney and Riot walk back up the ramp as the music of the NWO blared on the loudspeakers.


fans turned their heads towards the WOWVision screen and saw a car coming to a stop in a secluded alley. out of the car stepped the Disciplinarian. Mystery got out of the other door and they both reached back into the car and pulled out a bound Ice Cold. Ice Cold was thrashing about as Mystery and the Disciplinarian carried her into a dim lit room. they then plopped Ice Cold onto what looked like a dentist's chair and strapped Ice Cold in. leather straps were tied across Ice Cold's shoulders, ribcage, waist, thighs and knees. Ice Cold began to thrash about in her bonds. the camera panned the room and there were pictures of art that look like tatoo art. then the camera pointed to a sign that read "Ray's Tatoo Parlor".

"Let me go you bitch! free me now or you will-" Ice Cold tried to say.

"or WHAT?! Ice Cold, you are in NO position to make threats. you have been a VERY, VERY naughty girl. now you will pay a severe price for attacking the teacher! Olga!" the Disciplinarian shouted.

Ice Cold's eyes turned towards a corner of the room and out of the shadows stepped a massive woman. the woman had an evil smile on her face and sat down by Ice Cold's boots.

"Ice Cold, this is Olga. she will be assisting me today. you embarrassed me at VENDETTA Ice Cold, now it is standards time! but this time, the standards will be PERMANENT!" the Disciplinarian shouted.

Ice Cold's eyes popped open with fear. she remembered how the Disciplinarian wrote standards. but what did she mean by permanent? then it really hit Ice Cold! the standards were going to be tatooed to her feet. "YOU CANT BE SERIOUS?!!!"

"oh, i am VERY serious! you will never, EVER forget this lesson!" the Disciplinarian told Ice Cold. she then began to unlace Ice Cold's long silver boots, while Mystery unlaced the other boots.

Ice Cold's eyes were wide open as she saw her boots being removed. she saw Olga preparing her tools, then saw the Disciplinarian pull off her socks. a chill coarsed through her spine when she saw Olga smiling as she stared at her soles. then Mystery grabbed a wooden beam with holes in it. she placed the beam over Ice Cold's toes and put the toes into each hole. then the beams were clamped down on the toes and she held the beam back, forcing Ice Cold's soles to become taut. Ice Cold began to whimper as she heard the hum of the tatoo needle.

"IT'S STANDARD TIME!!!!" the Disciplinarian screamed.

HEHEHEHE PLEASE!!" Ice Cold shrieked.

Olga slowly moved the tatoo needle all over Ice Cold's soles. she looked as though she enjoyed her work as hearing Ice Cold's hysterical laughter. the Disciplinarian lowered her head next to Ice Cold's and smiled cruelly. she was truly enjoying watching Ice Cold laugh hysterically. she loved seeing the wide open mouth, the shut tight eyes, the shrill sound of laughter coming out. Ice Cold felt the tatoo needle scribbling across her delicate soles and really went nuts as the needle touched the ball of her sole, the most ticklish spot on her foot. Ice Cold laughed harder and harder as she looked at the Disciplinarian's face smile evilly at her. the hum of the needle continued as the video faded to black.

the members of the tWo laughed and hi-fived each other as they watched what was happening to Ice Cold. they were proud that a fellow member was tormenting Ice Cold.

"now that is one CRUEL teacher!" Chyna said aloud.

"i am so PROUD of her! i'm so proud, i could shed a tear..." Hollywood said, pretending to wipe a tear from her eye.

Daffney laughed as well as was still wearing Billie's cowgirl boots. Riot was sitting on the couch and felt for ice Cold. she fumed as she saw the other members laughing at Ice Cold's plight.

"Daffney, why are you wearing Billie's boots?" Francesca asked.

"because i'm a cowgirl, and i'm going to mosey on down to the bar and get me a beer!" Daffney cackled as she imitated a Texan accent.

the rest of the group laughed at Daffney's joke and then faced Hollywood again. Hollywood had a slight smile on her face.

"now it's time for an interesting match. Sable vs Paradise. let's see what happens.." Hollywood said with a sly smile.

SABLE (Glamour Girls) vs PARADISE

thewindowguy64 began to walk down the aisle, dressed in a referee's shirt, black pants and black shoes. this was his first assignment in WOW as a permanent referee and was a little excited. he got into the ring and looked around the arena. he couldnt believe that he was here and was going to savor every moment. he then awaited the participants.

some tropical music began to play and the beautiflu tropical woman Paradise made her appearance at the top of the stage. the crowd gave her a nice ovation as she made her way down the aisle. dressed in a floral print sports bra, with floral print shorts and green wrestling boots, Paradise made her way to the ring. she was a little neverous for this match as she knew what sable was capable of doing. Paradise experienced tickle torture before and knew sable was going to try to do that to her. but she also knew that Sable was ticklish and would try to see if she could exploit that weakness. she got into the ring and flashed her pretty smile at thewindowguy64. she then waited for her opponent.

the music of Sable played and she made her appearance at the top of the stage. she wasnt alone as her "personal assistant" Stacy, and her "agent" Sunny was standing there with her. the crowd booed heavily as she began to walk down the aisle. dressed in a black leather top that revealed her ample bosom, black spandex shorts, black boots that were used in kickboxing along with shin guards. her blonde hair was tied back into a ponytail and she had a evil smile on her face. she stared at Paradise in the ring and licked her lips. she couldnt wait to torment Paradise. she looked at Sunny, who smiled back at her. they had a plan and both couldnt wait to let the plan develop. they got to the ring and Sable slithered under the ropes. she blew a kiss to Paradise and winked at thewindowguy64.

the bell rang and sable walked up to Paradise. she then slapped Paradise and Paradise swung back. Sable ducked under the swing and tickled Paradise's exposed belly. she shrieked with giggles, then Sable clotheslined her. Sable then grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Paradise up to her feet. Sable then chopped Paradise's chest and the sound was heard throughout the arena. Sable continued her chops and the crowd chanted "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" with every chop. Paradise reeled and Sable pushed her into a corner. with one more chop, she then whipped Paradise to the opposite corner. Sable followed, but Paradise put up her boot and Sable's jaw went crashing into the boot. she fell to the canvas in pain and Paradise went for the cover. 1............2............KICKOUT. thewindowguy64 told Paradise it was a two count and Paradise pleaded for a three count. Paradise then grabbed a handful of Sable's hair and pulled her up to her feet. Sable then tried to swing at Paradise, but Paradise ducked and tickled Sable's sides, returning the favor. Sable giggled, then her face turned to rage and charged towards Paradise. Paradise nailed Sable with an armdrag take down, then another then another. Sable then got to her feet and charged towards Paradise. Paradise managed to do a back body drop and flipped Sable to the outside of the ring. Sable crashed into a heap on the arena floor.

Sable was pissed off as Sunny and Stacy tried to calm her down. Sunny then whispered something in Sable's ear and she grinned. Sable then slithered back into the ring. Paradise looked at Sable with some concern. Sable approached her, but Paradise didnt waste anytime and kicked Sable in the gut. she then executed a swinging neckbreaker and she went for the cover. thewindowguy64 made the count. 1........2........KICKOUT. Sable got to her feet and Paradise scooped her up and slammed her to the canvas. Paradise then hit the ropes, but Stacy grabbed her ankle and tripped her. Paradise's face bounced off the mat and thewondowguy64 started admonishing Stacy. Paradise got to her feet and saw Sunny standing in front of her. Sunny then nailed Paradise in the head with a purse and Paradise fell to the mat in a heap. Sunny then quickly got out of the ring as thewindowguy64 turned around. he saw Sable standing over Paradise. he knew something just went down, but didnt see anything. Sable then knelt next to Paradise and clamped her hand on Paradise's side. she put the "claw" on Paradise's side and squeezed her fingers. Paradise felt the fingers squeezing her sides and began to laugh. Sable began tickling Paradise's side and she roared in laughter. Sable dug her fingers deeper and loved hearing Paradise laugh. Paradise kept laughing and her head was still hurting. she tapped out as she decided she would live to fight another day.

the bell rang and Sable had a surprised look on her face. she couldnt believe Paradise submitted so quickly. thewindowguy64 raised her hand then she motioned Sunny and Stacy to get into the ring. Stacy began to tie Paradise's hands behind her back and then they rolled Paradise over onto her back. Paradise began to panic as she was helpless and vulnerable to the Glamour Girl's wicked designs.

"so Paradise, it's time to torture you Glamour Girl style. we know your weakness and sweetie, you will ove it too!" Sable taunted as she then straddled Paradise's waist and faced her feet. Sunny knelt down by the green boots and began to slowly unlace the boots. Paradise began to squirm, but she was trapped. she felt her boots being removed and gasped when her socks were peeled off, revealing her soft barefeet to her tormentors. she began to wiggle her toes and braced herself. Sable winked at Sunny, who then began to lightly trace her fingertips up and down Paradise's soles. Paradise began to giggle and tried holding in the laughter.

"Sable?" Sunny asked.

"yes Sunny?" Sable answered.

"do you think these gorgeous barefeet are slightly ticklish or EXTREMELY ticklish?" Sunny asked.

"i think they are slightly ticklish. what about you?" Sable teased.

"i think they are EXTREMELY ticklish! let's find out!" Sunny laughed as she then began to scrabble her fingers wildly over Paradise's tanned soles.

Paradise exploded in laughter as she felt Sunny's fingers tickle her soles. she felt the fingers beginning to probe between her toes and she lost it. her feet were delicate and extremely ticklish. she laughed and laughed and laughed. it was worse when she saw Stacy smiling at her as she laughed. she then saw sable turn her head and face her.

"having fun Paradise? i just love your sexy feet, but i know where your true weakness is! just remember, we are on TV!" Sable teased.

Paradise's eyes bugged open as she knew what Sable meant. her eyes went wild with fear as she saw Sunny hol dup a pink seagull feather. Sunny then traced the feather between Paradise's toes and she squealed with laughter. the feather danced it's way over her soles, but then found it's way to her thighs. Paradise laughed even harder and knew that they were going to torment her thighs. her feet were extremely ticklish, but her thighs were not only ticklish, if they were stroked for a long time, she would have an orgasm. Sunny and Sable continued to tease Paradise's thighs and the feather made its way to the inner thighs. Paradise didnt want to let the crowd know she was about to have an orgasm, so she just laughed harder and harder. as the feather teased the soft skin between her thighs, she felt the urges coursing through her body. then as the feather slowly teased the skin one more time, an orgasm ripped through Paradise. she screamed then her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Sunny and Sable smiled at each other as they saw Paradise's toes curl. Sunny then began to tickle the toes again as she knew this pair of feet would be even more sensitive. then the music of the NWO blared and Sable, Sunny and Stacy looked up. they saw Hollywood standing on top of the stage smiling at them. Hollywood clapped her hands slowly and gave a sly smile. Sable and Sunny looked at each other and wondered what Hollywood was up to. they knew sooner or later, their paths were going to cross again.


UP NEXT: Lana takes on the Disciplinarian, plus the tag titles are on the line, and Terri returns to action!

okay fellas, how was this episode? the storyline is picking up and i cant wait till it all unfolds. feedback always welcomed.