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okay fans, time for another episode of WOW. thanks for the feedback thus far, and in case anyone was wondering, Daffney will have a major storyline this go around. so all you Daffney fans, stay tuned! also i want to mention that the matches that i write will be shorter than normal, due to the amount of storyline i have to put in. the tickling will be there of course, but the actual "wrestling" detail will be shorter. the matches will be longer at the next pay per view, which should make that more exciting. again your feedback is always welcomed and i hope you enjoy the show and the story! characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com Hollywood at www.webkitten.com Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com Terru Gold at www.heatherlee.org and David Mclane at www.davidmclane.com

the crowd was whipped into a frenzy as the pyrotechnics went off and the official WOW music played througout the arena. it was the beginning of another show and the crowd in the arena had great reason to be excited. they were going to see 2 title matches as Asian Invasion would defend their tag team titles against Francesca Le and Col. Ninotchka of the tWo, and Terri Gold defends her title for the 1st time against Jane Blond. plus, Lana Star has a match as she tries to move her way to a title match against Terri Gold.

"Hey Hollywood, when are you going to get those Glamour Girls back for what they did to you?" Mystery asked.

"in due time Mystery, in due time. Sable and that ditz Sunny will learn the hard way that messing with Hollywood isnt good for your self esteem. in fact, i think a lot of WOW women need to be reminded that the tWo is the most powerful group here, not that fake Glamour Girl group! so tonight, Francesca and Ninotchka, bring back the Tag Team Titles to the tWo! you are taking on Asian Invasion, two women who shouldnt even be in wrestling, let alone be champions!" Hollywood told them.

"oh believe me Hollywood, the Tag Titles are ours! those two little bimbos have been carrying on with OUR belts for too long! we finally got our shot at them again. they will pay a SEVERE price for pretending to be tag team champions!" Francesca replied.

"Da! Asian Invasion will be conquered and taught that you never take something from the tWo!" Ninotchka chimed in.

"that's what i want to hear! bring me back their boots as well. actually, bring them back here, we need some entertainment as we tickle them half to death! i love hearing their squealing little voices when they laugh!" Hollywood laughed.

Francesca and Ninotchka both hi-fived Hollywood then left the dressing room area. they walked down corridors of the arena, on their way to the ring. as they passed a corner, Francesca bumped into Summer of the Beach Patrol.

"excuse me." Summer said politely.

"WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING TRAMP!" Francesca screamed back.

"why dont you watch where you're going?" Summer shot back.

"why look Ninotchka, it's the Beach Patrol! dont they look cute in their little red swimsuits and their cute little boots?!" Francesca teased.

"hahaha! Da! dont you two have someone to rescue? like your IQs'??!hahahahahaha!" Ninotchka joked.

"you two are so rude! no wonder you two are FORMER tag team champions!" Sandy told them.

"oh, is that so?" Francesca then winked at Ninotchka.

"now if you two would please move out the way, we can go back to our locker room." Summer said.

"Oh, i'm sorry, excuse me!" Francesca said sarcastically.

Francesca and Ninotchka then split apart and allowed Beach Patrol to pass through. they then looked at each other and as the Beach Patrol had their backs turned, Francesca and Ninotchka attacked. Francesca grabbed Summer by her hair and threw her against the cold concrete arena wall, and Ninotchka scooped up Sandy and slammed her on a table with cups and water, spilling water everywhere. Francesca then slammed Summer on top of Sandy. Francesca and Ninotchka then picked up a pitcher of water that still contained some and began to slowly pour it over the Beach Patrol heap of bodies.

"i think it's fitting that women with swimsuits should get a little wet!" Ninotchka cracked as she watched Summer and Sandy wiping water away from their faces.

"you two are all washed up! hahahaha! just like your careers! c'mon Ninotchka, let's go!" Francesca said as she dropped the pitcher on top of the Beach Patrol.



Pips33pips awaited in the ring, ready for his assigment for the Tag team title matchup. he knew he had his work cut out for him as this was a tag team match involving the tWo. he bounced around, hyping himself up, hoping to do his best. then the music of the NWO played and the capacity crowd erupted in boos as Francesca Le and Col. Ninotchka of the tWo made their appearance at the top of the stage. Francesca was dressed in a black one piece bathing suit with the letters T.W.O. on her chest, and wore black boots. Ninotchka wore a black spandex top with a white sash going across, along with black tights and black boots with white laces. both women had cocky grins on their faces as they made their way down the aisle and into the ring. they raised their arms int he air and smiled as the boos rained down. this was their chance to regain the tag team titles after they failed to do so at VENDETTA. but this time, it was them against Asian Invasion, not a match with 4 teams. they never forgotten the humiliation of losing their tag team titles to them. not only did they want to win the titles back, but they also wanted to humiliate them as well.

soft, Oriental music began to play and the WOW Tag Team Champions, Lotus and Jade, the Asian Invasion, appeared at the top of the stage. the crowd gave them a rousing ovation as they smiled and waved as they were walking down the ramp. Lotus was dressed in her yellow top that exposed her belly, yellow skirt with yellow shorts underneath, and yellow boots. Jade wore her red wrestling dress with red shorts underneath, and red boots. around both of their waists were the white-strapped WOW Tag Team Title belts. Both Lotus and Jade wore those belts with great pride. they remembered the days were they would never win a match and was constantly humiliated week after week. now, they were on top of the tag team division and gave them a sense of confidence. they were a little nervous facing the team they beat, but they felt they had something to prove. Harley's Angels helped them win the titles, and they wanted to show everyone they could do it on their own. they entered the ring and handed Pips33pips the tag team title belts. Pips33pips held the belts up high for all to see, then the bell rang.

Jade was going to start the match against Francesca, but Francesca stood there. then she began to point and laugh at Jade. Francesca shook her head as though she was disappointed that she actually had to wrestle this match. they locked up and Francesca quickly kicked Jade in the gut, then scooped her up and slammed her hard onto the canvas. Jade moaned in pain, and Francesca laughed. Jade got to her feet, but Francesca grabbed her by the head and rammed Jade's face into a turnbuckle. Jade was woozy, then Francesca did a chop across her chest. Jade fell back into the corner and Francesca chopped away. Jade laid back in the corner and her chest was hurting. Francesca looked at her exposed sides and tweaked them. Jade giggled and her eyes grew wide open. Francesca tickled her sides again and Jade was bouncing around, trying to get away from Francesca's tickling fingers. Francesca chased Jade around the ring, but eventually caught her. she scooped up Jade again and slammed her to the mat. she then tagged in her partner Ninotchka, and they each grabbed an ankle. they then made a "wish" with Jade's legs. Jade moaned in pain as her thighs began to hurt. Ninotchka then began to stomp on Jade's knee and ankle, causing Jade to scream in pain.

"hey Francesca, didnt Hollywood say she wanted their boots?" Ninotchka called out to her partner.

Francesca smiled and nodded her head. Ninotchka then put Jade into a step over toe hold and twisted the ankle, along with the knee. Jade cried out in pain and Pips33pips asked her if she wanted to quit, but Jade refused. Ninotchka then made eye contact with Jade and a cruel evil smile formed on her face. her fingers began to pluck the laces loose and Jade shook her head "no". she knew what Ninotchka was up to. Ninotchka unlaced the ref boot and with a tug at the heel of the boot, she managed to pop it off Jade's heel.

"what's wrong Jade?" Ninotchka teased.

"leave my boot on please!" Jade begged.

"NIET! i want to see your piggies!" Ninotchka teased again.

Lotus watched on with great concern as she saw Ninotchka remove Jade's red boot from her foot and tossed it out of the ring. she then saw Ninotchka peel away the white sock and toss it out of the ring. she then watched her partner's toes wiggle in nervous anticipation. Lotus knew that if Jade's foot was tickled, their belts may become history. Lotus ran into the ring and hit Ninotchka from behind. Pips33pips admonished Lotus for interfering and forced her back out of the ring. Ninotchka was upset and looked at Lotus with disgust. she then grabbed Jade by the hair and tossed her over to her corner. Ninotchka wanted Lotus to get into the ring. Jade made the tag and Lotus got into the ring and charged towards Ninotchka. Ninotchka nailed her with a clothesline, almost flipping Lotus around in the air. Lotus crashed to the mat and Ninotchka pounced. she rammed Lotus' head onto the mat and cursed her. Ninotchka then wrapped her strong legs around Lotus' waist and squeezed. Lotus began gasping for air, but Ninotchka had other plans. as Lotus gasped for air, Ninotchka began to ligghtly run her fingers up and down Lotus' exposed sides, causing the attractive Asian woman to laugh. Lotus felt the tickling fingers on her sides and what made it worse was that she couldnt breathe. the laughter was making her exhale a lot, but the scissorslock wouldnt let her inhale. she felt her head getting woozy and her legs continued to squirm. Ninotchka continued to tickle Lotus' sides, then went for her ribs. she watched Lotus' yellow boots flop around, but soon she noticed that Lotus stopped struggling and began to wear down. Ninotchka enjoyed hearing the giggles that constantly poured out of Lotus' mouth. Pips33pips raised Lotus' arm once, then it fell. he did it again and it fell again. Lotus was almost passed out. she began to see blackness and felt her arm raised again.

Jade then dropped an elbow on Ninotchka, breaking the hold. Francesca ran into the ring and attacked Jade. Francesca rammed Jade's head into the mat and Pips33pips was trying to get both women to leave the ring. Ninotchka turned her attention to a weak Lotus and grabbed a boot. she began to unlace the boot, and Lotus was helpless to stop her. her boot was removed and her sock was peeled off. Ninotchka stared at the helpless sole and couldnt wait to tickle the soft skin. Pips33pips had a hard time getting Francesca and Jade out of the ring as Francesca continued to pummel Jade. he never saw Ninotchka about to tickle Lotus foot. Ninotchka then trapped Lotus' ankles between her thighs and stared at the bare sole and the sole of Lotus' other boot. her fingers then began to dance across the sole and Lotus began to squeal in laughter. her feet were very ticklish and she laughed hard. Ninotchka's fingers went in between the toes and she heard Lotus giggle uncontrollably. she felt Lotus trying to free her ankles, but it was no use, Ninotchka had them clamped. Ninotchka watched Lotus' toes wiggle, but also stared at the other foot. she gazed at the sole of the boot and knew that there were another set of ticklish toes inside that boot. she raked her nails up and down the soft arch of Lotus enjoying the torture.

then the crowd stood to it's feet. they saw Summer and Sandy of the Beach Patrol running down the ramp. still wet from their earlier run in with the tWo, they got into the ring and attacked Ninotchka. Summer held down Ninotchka as Sandy went after her boots. Ninotchka had a surpised look on her face as the Beach Patrol held her down and they were unlacing her boots. Ninotchka watched in horror as she saw Sandy removing her boots, leaving her in her black socks.

"NIET! NIET! dont take my socks off!" Ninotchka screamed as she saw Sandy removing her socks, exposing her delicate pink soles.

"tickle time bitch!" Sandy yelled as she began to stroke her fingers up and down Ninotchka's soles.

Ninotchka laughed hysterically as she felt Sandy's fingers tickle her arches and the balls of her feet. Pips33pips turned around and saw the Beach Patrol tickling Ninotchka. he loved the sight of Ninotchka laughing like a banshee, but he had a job to do. he called for the bell, disqualifying Asian Invasion. Francesca saw her partner getting tickle tortured and ran over to where they were, Summer and Sandy quickly got out of the ring and pointed fingers at the tWo. meanwhile Lotus and Jade were on the outside of the ring holding their belts. they were happy they were still the champions, but disapointed they didnt win the match. they looked at Beach Patrol and had disappointing looks on their faces. Francesca and Ninotchka were upset. they won the match, but not the titles. the Beach Patrol were going to truly suffer for thier actions.


"Lana, are you ready for your big match?" Patti Pizzazz asked Lana as she was brushing Lana's hair.

"i still dont know why i have to prove myself to get a title match! i am still the best champion WOW ever had and McRat isnt treating me that way! now i have to face the Disciplinarian who obviously has a screw loose. who else would think to tatoo a woman's soles? although it was kind of funny that it happened to Ice Cold!" Lana laughed.

"arent you afraid that your feet could be tatooed too? we know how sensitive your feet are." Patti asked.

"Patti, my feet are NOT sensitive!" Lana shouted.

"but, that's how you lost the title.." Patti continued.

"i lost the title because Terri Gold twisted my toes! remember i had five broken toes? she was twisting my broken toes. she cheated!" Lana replied.

"but i remember you laughing.." Patti tried to say.

"JUST DROP IT! my feet are NOT ticklish! i was just sensitive that day! the point is, i should get a return match, but i have to work my way to a title match! only working stiffs have to work. i AM the STAR of this show!" Lana boasted.

at that moment, Sable, Stacy and Sunny walked in. they each sat down and watched Patti brush Lana's hair.

"where were you three at?" Lana asked.

"we just found out that Hollywood is wrestling tonight. we want to see what she has planned. she watched us last week. i dont trust that woman." Sable replied.

"yeah, she's up to something. i think we need to capture her again, but this time make her our tickle slave permanently. are you ready for your match Lana?" Sunny asked.

"yeah, i guess so. i am going to show Mclane why i am the best champion he ever had!" Lana said.

"do you want me to go with you?" Sunny asked.

"sure, why not? this is the tWo we're dealing with. you never know what they will do." Lana replied.

Julie Day was standing by, ready for her interview with Ice Cold. she approached Ice Cold who was standing there with an evil look on her face. Julie began her interview.

"Ice Cold, last week you were captured by the Disciplinarian and Mystery and taken to some strange tatoo parlor. there, you had the bottoms of your feet tatooed with standards. you must not be happy." Julie told her.

Ice Cold looked at Julie Day, then back at the camera. "Julie, do you have any idea what it is like to have your feet tatooed? it is the most horrendous tickling any woman can recieve. i have never been so humiliated before in my life. Disciplinarian, you crossed the line now. my soles were so tenderized, i couldnt walk for three days. you are going to PAY a dear price for humiliating me like that! a DEAR PRICE!"

"Ice Cold, what do the standards say on your feet?" Julie asked.

"Julie, no one will EVER find out! it is only a matter of time before i can get the tattoos removed, but the punishment i will give the Disciplinarian will make her rue the day she ever messed with Ice Cold!" Ice Cold said with a hiss.

LANA STAR (Glamour Girls) vs the DISCIPLINARIAN (tWo)

the music of the NWO blared over the loudspeakers and the crowd booed as the Disciplinarian made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in her purple top, with black tights and black boots, she began to walk down the ramp. her blond hair was tied back into a bun, and she wore a black blazer, with a yardstick in her hand. in her other hand, she carried a duffle bag. she walked down the ramp confident that she would win the match. plus, she was looking forard to giving Lana Star standards. she knew Lana's soles were very ticklish and writing standards would be a huge moment in her career. she was already proud that she tormented Ice Cold. she laughed at the memory of Ice Cold laughing hysterically as her feet were tatooed. the Disciplinarian got into the ring and grabbed a microphone.

"Ice Cold, you learned a cruel lesson in discipline! i made sure you learned your lesson all the way to your SOLE! hahahahaha! now it is time for Lana Star to learn her lesson. class is now in session!" the Disciplinarian said as she dropped the microphone.

the music of Lana Star began to play and the lights in the arena turned pink. the crowd booed again when they saw Lana Star appear at the top of the stage. standing next to her was the Glamour Girl "agent", Sunny. Sunny was dressed in a black sleeveless top, with a pink skirt and black high heels. Lana was dressed in her pink leather top, exposing her belly, pink leather shorts and her pink boots. she began to walk down the aisle with an evil look on her face. she was still pissed off that she had to win three matches to get a match against Terri Gold. she wanted to win this match, humiliate the Disciplinarian, then she was one match away from Terri Gold. she got into the ring with Sunny and posed for the crowd. the Disciplinarian was not impressed and she scowled at Lana. Lana stuck her tongue out at her and the bell rang.

the Disciplinarian didnt like Lana's lack of respect and charged towards Lana. she began to pummel Lana, punching her in the face, then chopping her across her chest. Lana was reeling, then she was whiped against the ropes and the Disciplinarian nailed Lana with a huge dropkick. Lana hit the mat and rolled out of the ring. Sunny came over to comfort her, but the Disciplinarian reached over the ropes and grabbed Sunny by the hair and forced her into the ring. the Disciplinarian then scooped Sunny up and slammed her to the canvas.

"THAT WAS FOR HOLLYWOOD!" the Disciplinarian screamed at Sunny. she then eyed Sunny's ankle. "let's see if you are as ticklish as everyone else...."

Sunny began to panic as she felt her ankle getting grabbed by the Disciplinarian and she began to struggle. she felt her shoe getting plucked off and her barefoot was exposed. the Disciplinarian was about to tickle the foot, but Lana came from behind and decked her. Sunny grabbed her high heel and got out of the ring fast. Lana began to stomp away at the Disciplinarian. she pulled her up by the hair and whipped her against the ropes. Lana then hit her with a clothesline and went for the cover. 1..........2..........KICKOUT. Lana then whipped the Disciplinarian into the corner of the ring and Lana charged at her. this time, the Disciplinarian stuck out her boot and nailed Lana in the jaw. Lana reeled backwards and the Disciplinarian charged out of the corner, spearing Lana in the midsection. the Disciplinarian smiled as she saw Lana laid out. she didnt want to waste any more time and grabbed Lana's ankle, then put her in the figure four leglock. Lana screamed in pain, but screamed louder when she realized the Disciplinarian was unlacing her pink boot. she watched in horror as the laces came undone, then her boot was pulled off.

"DONT YOU DARE!!!" Lana screamed.

the Disciplinarian then pulled off Lana's sock and looked at the helpless barefoot right before her. she loved how Lana's sole looked so soft and tender. she saw Lana's toes wiggle in anticipation.

"is Lana ticklish?" the Disciplinarian teased.

Lana shook her head "no", but she was proved a liar when the Disciplinarian stroked her fingers on the bottom of her foot. Lana exploded in laughter as her foot was tickled. she then quickly reached for the ropes and she grabbed onto to them. the Disciplinarina was upset as she was too close to the ropes. she then released the hold and dragged Lana back to the middle of the ring. she tried putting the move back on Lana, but as she spun around, Lana used her other foot and kicked her in the ass. the Disciplinarian lurched forward, and as she did that, she ended up spearing the referee. the referee grabbed his ribs in pain. the Disciplinarian looked up and saw Lana getting to her feet. as Lana was about to hit her, the Disciplinarian kicked Lana in the gut. Lana hunched over and the Disciplinarian then had Lana in position, then nailed her with the pedigree. Lana was out cold. Sunny got onto the ring apron and the Disciplinarian went after her. Sunny then cracked the Disciplinarian over the head with a mirror and she fell in a heap. Sunny then got into the ring and pulled Lana on top of the Disciplinarian. she then went over to the ref and told him to look. the groggy referee crawled over and made the count. 1..........2........3!!!!!

the bell rang and Sunny got into the ring excited. she raised Lana's hand in victory and Lana began to realize she won. she was still dazed from the pedigree, but she smiled as she heard her music. Sunny helped her out of the ring and they began to walk back up the ramp. they stopped as a figure approached them. it was Ice Cold! Ice Cold gave them a dirty look, then ran past them. Ice Cold got into the ring and saw a dazed Disciplinarian. it was time for some payback! she grabbed the Disciplinarian's ankle and began to unlace it. the crowd rose to it's feet as they saw Mystery get into the ring and attack Ice Cold from behind. Mystery began to chop away at Ice Cold, then tossed her against the ropes. Mystery tried to do a clothesline, but Ice Cold ducked, hit the opposite ropes and did a flying forearm to Mystery. Ice Cold then began to pummel away at Mystery. then Ice Cold fell to the mat in pain as a still groggy Disciplinarian nailed her from behind with her yardstick! Mystery slowly got ot her feet and both she and the Disciplinarian stared at Ice Cold. the Disciplinarian then pulled Ice Cold up and put her in position for a pedigree. she delivered the manuever and Ice Cold was out. the Disciplinarian then grabbed the microphone.

"ICE FOOL! did you really think you were going to get revenge?! you are still a naughty girl! i guess i have to remind you of your standards. in fact, i think EVERYONE should read your soles!" the Disciplinarian screamed as she dropped the microphone.

Mystery and the Disciplinarian began to unlace Ice Cold's boots and quickly pulled them off. then her socks were peeled off, and with Ice Cold laying on her stomach, her soles were facing upward. the camera zoomed in as Mystery began to tie her ankles together, while the Disciplinarina handcuffed her hands behind her back. the soles were now in the camera and the message read on her right foot "TICKLE ME PLEASE!!" and on her left foot, "I AM A NAUGHTY NAUGHTY GIRL!". the messages were tattooed in bold letters so they really stood out. the Disciplinarian then began to lightly stroke Ice Cold's feet with her fingers and Ice Cold began to twitch. soon her twitching turned to giggles, then as the Disciplinarian raked her fingers across the soles, Ice Cold broke out into hysterical laughter.


"i cant stop tickling you. your foot tells me to tickle you! we all know that's what you want! you naughty naughty girl! tell me you're sorry!" the Disciplinarian teased.

EHEHEHAAA!!" Ice Cold screamed. tears fell from her eyes as her feet were being ruthlessly tickled.

"say i'm a naughty girl!!" the Disciplinarian continued.


"say you have big feet and i OWN you!" the Disciplinarian demanded.


"say i OWN YOU!" the Disciplinarian demanded.


"that's a good girl...." the Disciplinarian cooed as she stop tickling Ice Cold's feet.

Mystery dropped Ice Cold's ankles and Ice Cold laid there twitching and her toes were wiggling, trying to shake off the tickling sensations. the Disciplinarian then grabbed the microphone.

"CLASS DISMISSED!!!!" she said as she dropped the microphone.

UP NEXT: Hollywood in action, and Terri defends her title!

okay folks, how did you like this episode? feedback always welcomed and there is lot's more in store! thanks for being a fan of the series.