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03-22-2004, 01:15 PM
okay folks, time for another chapter in the ongoing WOW series. again, thanks to all those who enjoy this series, and i hope you continue to read the series as there is going to be a HUGE storyline taking place shortly that i think everyone is going to truly enjoy. WOW is going to pick up very soon, and i hope you like what i have in store. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com Hollywood at www.webkitten.com Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com Terri Gold at www.heatherlee.org and David Mclane at www.davidmclane.com enjoy!

the pyrotechnincs went off as the next show of WOW began and the capacity crowd went nuts. this show was going to be exciting as Gorgeous George was going to defend her title against Wendi Wheels, plus much more. the WOWvision tv screen came on and showed David Mclane in his office talking on the phone.

"trust me, this is going to be HUGE!......how about we meet next week, say, Thursday?......sounds great!....i hope we can make this happen......okay....talk to you later Vince!" Mclane said as he hung up the phone. Mclane then sat back in his chair and rubbed his hands together. he seemed very excited about something and he was getting antsy in his chair. then his smile went away when he saw a woman enter his office. "yes Lana?"

"McRat, can i get a shot at Terri tonight? i will even take a non-title match." Lana asked.

"Lana, no. you have one more match before you can take on Terri for the title." Mclane replied to her.

"well, who is the unlucky third victim?" Lana asked.

"i have been giving this one a lot of thought.." Mclane started.

"i want whoever it is TONIGHT! i'm tired of waiting!" Lana interrupted.

"your match is scheduled for next week Lana, i just cant..." Mclane tried to say.

"NO MCWEASEL! I will wrestle TONIGHT!!!! do you UNDERSTAND ME midget man?!!!!" Lana yelled.

"fine then....tonight you will take on......" Mclane hesitated.

"spit it out Mclane! after i finish humiliating this next person, Terri will pay dearly for taking my title!" Lana yelled.

"since you seem so anxious Lana, your match is FIRST! and your opponent is..........JUNGLE GRRL!!!!!!" Mclane told her.

"what? Jungle Grrl?! you cant do that!!! what's wrong with Hammerin Heather Steele?" Lana whined.

"good luck...." Mclane smiled.

"I HATE YOU!!!!" Lana yelled as she stormed out of the office.

Mclane sat back in his chair and laughed to himself as he watched Lana leave in a huff. he was truly enjoying the fact that Lana was no longer champ.

LANA STAR (Glamour Girls) vs JUNGLE GRRL

the song "Welcome to the Jungle" blared on the loudspeakers and the crwod went nuts as Jungle Grrl made her appearance at the top of the stage. wearing her leopard print wrestling dress, with brown shorts, Jungle Grrl walked down the ramp, her barefeet touching the cold steel of the ramp. her face was focused on the task at hand, but she had a slight smile from the ovation she was receiving. Jungle Grrl was determined to win this match for two reasons. first, she wanted to show Gorgeous George that she is still the best wrestler in WOW and her Contintental title is on borrowed time, and second, she wanted to embarrass Lana Star. she never liked Lana Star, and really wanted to humiliate her. Jungle Grrl got into the ring and stood on the second rope and soaked in the cheers she was receiving. she never forgotten her loss at VENDETTA, when she passed out from George's tickling. this was her first match since the pay per view and she wanted to make an impression tonight. then she paced in the ring like a predator awaiting its prey.

the lights turned pink and the music of Lana Star played and the former WOW World champion made her appearance at the top of the stage. accompanied by Patti Pizzazz, who had a match later on, Lana began to walk down the ramp to a chorus of boos. wearing her pink leather top, with pink leather shorts and her pink boots, Lana was not happy about this match. she was hoping she would face someone who was a little more "weak", not someone of Jungle Grrl's caliber. she was determined to show Mclane that he wont stop her from getting her shot at Terri Gold. she was also upset that she had to wrestle now. she had no preparation time for Jungle Grrl. she made it to the ring and whispered something in Patti Pizzazz's ear. Lana was stepping through the ropes when the song "Money, Money, Money" (Ted Dibiase's old theme music) blared on the PA System. Lana turned her head and saw David Mclane appear at the top of the stage. Mclane had a microphone in his hand.

"oh by the way Lana, i decided that you must take on Jungle Grrl ALONE! so Patti Pizzazz, you need to go to the dressing room and take that duffle bag with you. plus you have a match later against Tanja, you need to prepare for it. Lana, you take on Jungle Grrl ONE on ONE! good luck!" Mclane said, then walked to the back.

Lana's eyes popped wide open as she saw Patti Pizzazz walking back up the stage. her plan for Patti to interfere later just got wiped out. Lana began to throw a tantrum, then Jungle Grrl came from behind and nailed Lana. the bell rang and Jungle Grrl whipped Lana across the ropes, then delivered a brutal clothesline, almost knocking Lana's head off. Jungle Grrl pulled Lana from off the mat, scooped her up and slammed her hard to the canvas. Lana was hurting, then felt her ankle being grabbed. Jungle Grrl dropped a knee to Lana's knee and Lana screamed in pain. Jungle Grrl looked at the crowd and heard them chant, "TICKLE HER FEET! TICKLE HER FEET! TICKLE HER FEET!" Jungle Grrl laughed and planned on doing just that. but she wanted to make Lana suffer a little more. she whipped Lana into corner and charged forward, driving her shoulder into Lana's midsection. Lana hunched forward and Jungle Grrl picked her up in a pile driver position. Lana's head bounced off the mat as Jungle Grrl executed the piledriver. Lana was nearly outcold. Jungle Grrl then dragged Lana's body to the middle of the ring and left her there. then Jungle Grrl went to the top rope and the crowd went nuts. Jungle Grrl raised her hands in the air, paused for a moment, then leapt off the top rope, nailing Lana with her finisher, the splash off the top rope. Lana was finished at that point, but Jungle Grrl stood up and pointed at Lana's feet. the crowd went nuts as Jungle Grrl began to unlace Lana's boots. Jungle Grrl got the laces undone, then pulled off Lana's boots, throwing them outside of the ring. she then grabbed the toes of Lana's socks and pulled them off her feet. Jungle Grrl then walked around the ring, holding Lana's socks as the crowd cheered. Lana laid on the mat, hurt, dazed, and barefoot.

".....mmmmmmm.....my head....." Lana moaned.

"time to laugh bitch!" Jungle Grrl exclaimed as she flipped Lana onto her stomach and crossed her ankles and sat on her shins, forcing Lana's feet to be trapped and vulnerable.

"......what are you doing? w-wNOOOOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!" Lana exploded.

Jungle Grrl began to scrape her nails along the soles of Lana's soft pink soles and enjoyed hearing Lana scream in laughter. her nails raced up and down Lana's feet and saw Lana's toes wiggling wildly as she tried to escape the tickling fingers. Lana shrieked with wild laughter and knew she had to get away, otherwise she was going to submit. Jungle Grrl tickled her feet hard and Lana hasnt felt a tickling sensation this bad since Hollywood tickled her feet. Lana began to scramble to the ropes and made it to the ropes. the referee told Jungle Grrl to release the hold and Jungle Grrl laughed. she liked touching and tickling Lana's delicate feet. she went for Lana's ankle again, but this time Lana used her other foot and kicked Jungle Grrl in the face. Jungle Grrl staggered backwards and Lana got to her feet. she tried to scoop up Jungle Grrl, but Jungle Grrl blocked the attempt and put Lana in a small package pinning manuever. 1.......2..........3!!!!!!!

the bell rang and the referee raised Jungle Grrl's hand in victory. Lana's eyes were wide open as she saw the referee declaring Jungle Grrl the winner. Lana shook her head in disbelief. this didnt happen! she stood up and started yelling at the referee. then she yelled at Jungle Grrl who laughed back at her.

"DONT LAUGH AT ME!!!!" Lana yelled.

"sounds like someone needs to laugh.." Jungle Grrl told her, then speared Lana.

Lana rolled on the mat in pain and felt herself being flipped onto her stomach again. she felt Jungle Grrl grab her ankle, then as she gasped, Jungle Grrl tickled her foot again. Lana laughed aloud again and the crowd roared with glee seeing Lana get her foot tickled and crying like a little girl. Jungle Grrl tickled for a few more seconds and let go of the ankle. she got out of the ring with a huge smile. Lana threw a tantrum in the ring as she stamped her feet on began to whine. the crowd taunted her as she continued to throw a tantrum. Lana then got out of the ring and ran back up the ramp as fast as she could.


Lana Star stormed into David Mclane's office with a humble look on her face. Mclane was sitting back in his chair, enjoying watching Lana act out this charade.

"can i help you Lana?" Mclane smiled.

Lana calmed herself and sat in a chair. "Hi Mr Mclane, how is your evening so far?"

Mclane did a double take and rubbed his ear. "excuse me?"

"i asked how you're doing tonight? by the way, did anyone ever tell you that you look stunning in your tuxedo? GQ, WATCH OUT!" Lana said.

"why thank you Lana! do you think i could go out on a date with Julia Roberts?" Mclane asked.

Lana held in her laughter. "why of course! David, you are exactly what a woman wants in man! i mean, you are so handsome, Brad Pitt has nothing on you! plus, i shouldnt tell you this, but i hear you are an animal in bed. you go tiger!" Lana said.

"you know Lana, i didnt want to brag, but i have been known to be a stud in bed. so you dont think i have a, um, well, little soldier?" Mclane asked.

"oh HEAVENS NO!!!! Mclane, from what i hear from the ladies is that your soldier is more like a nuclear submarine..." Lana said, trying not to gag.

"thanks Lana, i too find you attractive. why dont we after the show, go out and get to know each other a little better. perhaps talk about submarines..." Mclane smiled.

Lana's eyes popped wide open. "i-i cant tonight. i have to go repave my driveway. maybe some other time..." Lana replied.

"what can i help you with Lana?" Mclane asked.

"well David, or should i say McSTUD, i was wondering that since i wrestled my three matches, if i can have a title shot against Terri? if you give me the title shot, i will do anything, and i mean ANYTHING to show my gratitude...." Lana told him.

"you know Lana, after what we talked about in here, i have no choice but to say...........NO!!!!" Mclane shouted.

"NO??!! WHY NOT??!!!" Lana screamed.

"if you remember i said you have to WIN three matches, not just have 3 matches. you failed Lana, so NO TITLE MATCH! did you really think you could fool me with your compliments? i know i'm a stud, but i also know you would never say that to me!" Mclane told her.

"you know Mclane, i hate you. no, i mean i REALLY, REALLY HATE YOU! i hope one day you are strapped down to an ant hill and the little critters eat you alive! you WILL give me a title match!" Lana yelled.

"toodles Lana, i have other matters to take care of right now. by the way, good luck trying to work your way up to the #1 contender again. because until you do, your dreams of being champion are OVER!" Mclane told her with a huge grin.

Lana stood up and stormed out of the office. she was beyond anger. she vowed that Terri Gold would suffer and she was going to get her title back. by hook or crook, Lana was going to be World champion again!


Tropical music played on the loudspeakers and Farah, the Persian Princess and Paradise appeared on top of the stage. the crowd gave them a nice ovation as they walked down the ramp. Farah was wearing her gold belly dancing outfit with gold boots and her partner Paradise wore her floral print sports bra, floral print shorts and green boots. both women were humiliated recently in singles matches, so they thought they should get their tag team goals together. winning this match would get them closer to a title shot with Asian Invasion. they got into the ring and awaited their opponents.

the music from "Baywatch" played and Summer and Sandy, the Beach Patrol, appeared at the top of the stage. wearing their red lifguard outfits with sheer nylons and red boots, they waked down the aisle with huge smiles. they were excited to have another opportunity to move up in the tag team rankings. they were also proud of how they handled themselves the previous week as they managed to payback the tWo. with confidence, they entered the ring and hi-fived each other. they shook hands with Farah and Paradise, then the bell rang.

Summer started out against Farah. they locked up and Summer got the better end of it and tossed her against the ropes. Farah ducked under an attempted clothesline, bounced off the opposite ropes and did a flying body press. 1.......2........KICKOUT. Farah then dropkicked Summer, then went to tag in her partner Paradise. Paradise got into the ring and began to chop away at Summer's chest. as Summer was reeling, the crowd stood to its feet. then into the ring came two figures and began to attack the combatants. it was Francesca le and Col. Ninothcka of the tWo!! Francesca clotheslined Paradise then went after Farah. the referee immediately called for the bell, and when Francesca and Ninotchka heard the bell, they turned their attentions to the Beach Patrol. Ninotchka attacked Sandy who was on the ring apron and yanked her into the ring. the official decision was that Farah and Paradise won the match because of a disqualification. Francesca stomped away at Summer's body, while Ninotchka was stomping on Sandy's body.

Farah and Paradise got back into the ring to help, but they were immediately clotheslined out of the ring by the tWo. francesca then hoisted Summer up and delivered a powerslam. Ninotchka grabbed Sandy and put in her position for a pedigree. Sandy's face smashed into the mat and both members of Beach Patrol was knocked out. Francesca and Ninotchka winked at each other, and they each grabbed the ankles of Summer and Sandy. they got out of the ring and pulled their ankles to the ring post. Francesca pulled on Summer's ankles until the ring post was between Summer's legs. Ninotchka did the same with Sandy at another ringpost. then with some rope, they tied their shins right above their boots. Francesca got back into the ring with a roll of duct tape. she tore off a piece and placed it over Summer and Sandy's mouths, then used more duct tape to bind their wrists. Ninotchka then began to unlace Sandy's boots. Francesca then began to unlace Summer's boots. Ninotchka then pulled off Sandy's boots, exposing Sandy's nyloned feet. Francesca did the same with Summer's boots and stared at the nyloned feet of Summer. with a flick of her finger, Francesca began to tickle the sole of Summer's feet. Summer's body began to flinch, then she woke up and realized her predicament. she tried to scream but the duct tape was over her mouth and her wrists were taped together. she was trapped! she looked over at her partner in the opposite corner and saw that she was in the same predicament.

"you two are going to learn a very hard lesson! you NEVER mess with the tWo!!!!!" Francesca yelled as she tickled under Summer's nyloned toes.

Summer laughed hysterically as her feet were tickled. the nylons on her feet made the sensation even more unbearable as she felt Francesca's fingers dig between her toes. Sandy wasnt faring any better as Ninotchka tickled the ball of her foot. like her partner, the nylons made her feet very sensitive and she screamed into her duct tape gag. Francesca and Ninotchka eached tickled the sensitive feet of the Beach Patrol and wanted to make them pay dearly for costing them a chance to win back their titles. Ninotchka dug her fingers deep into Sandy's arch and began to taunt her.

"SCREAM FOR NINOTCHKA! i wont stop tickling you until i hear you scream!" Ninotchka told her.

Sandy tried screaming her head off as her foot was tickled, but she couldnt because of the duct tape covering her mouth. tears began to pour out of her eyes because she was so helpless and had no choice but to have her feet tickled. Summer was screaming as well. she hated having her feet tickled and tried to beg, but she couldnt. soon, both members of the Beach Patrol laid on the mat exhausted as their feet were tickled. they were slipping in and out of consciousness until Francesca and Ninotchka stopped tickling. then with a ball point pen, Francesca wrote the letters "T.W.O." on the soles forcing more hysterical moaning from Summer, then Sandy. then Ninotchka grabbed the pen and wrote the word "SLUT" on Sandy's forehead and "TRAMP" on Summer's forehead. then they stood in the ring and raised their arms in triumph. the music of the NWO blared as they then spat on both Summer and Sandy. they then grabbed the red boots of the Beach Patrol, then left the ring.


Julie Day ran through the hallways, trying to catch up with Francesca le and Col. Ninotchka. she finally caught up to them and they looked at her with smiles.

"Ladies, you just attacked the Beach Patrol and humiliated them out there. why attack the Beach patrol?" Julie asked.

"Julie Ditz, we attacked the Beach patrol because they are bimbos! plus, the cost us a chance to win our belts back from those other clowns, the Asian Invasion. i think Summer and Sandy learned a valuable lesson. you dont mess with the tWo!" Francesca told her.

"DA! Beach Patrol learned the hard way about interfering in our matches! but i do like the way they screamed as we tickled their precious delicate feet! oh wait, we couldnt hear them scream because their sluttly mouths were taped shut. Beach Patrol, you mees with the tWo, you pay DEARLY!" Ninotchka said.

"if you tow sluts want to try something to us in return, we are DARING you to do so! you want a piece of the tWo? COME GET SOME!" Francesca yelled as they began to walk away and into their dressing room.

Julie Day saw the door slam shut in her face and turned around. she walked away, then her eyes grew big. she ran over to a loading zone and saw a police van. she saw the doors open up and the guards were escorting out two women. she couldnt believe her eyes when she saw who the two women were. the camera panned over to the two women and the crowd went nuts. the two women were Loca and Delta Lotta Pain, the tag team of Caged Heat!!!!! the tag team scene just got more intriguing.........

UP NEXT: Gorgeous George defends her title, plus someone gets kidnapped!

how did you like this episode? over the next few weeks, new characters are going to be introduced as i prepare for a BLOCKBUSTING storyline that all of you should enjoy. stay tuned. feedback always welcomed.