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04-26-2004, 10:31 PM
here's another one of those ideas that popped into my head. hope you enjoy and feedback always welcomed.

Mary Winters was driving in the rain on her way to the train station. she had a locker there and had forgotten a package that she had left there. Mary was a nice looking woman, about 5'8" tall, 31 years of age, with a medium build and her features were pleasant. her brown hair was tied back in a bun and her glasses just sat at the tip of her nose as she tried to look through the heavy rain that washed over her windshield. Mary was a pillar of the community. she always helped out with charities and would always be the first one to volunteer in any emergency situation. the small town loved her and she was well respected. however, Mary had a secret. a secret that if the community knew, they would be shocked and stunned. the town always wondered why Mary was never married. after all, this was the "perfect, All American" woman, what man wouldnt try to be with her? Mary always told them that she didnt need a man, she was fine by herself. what Mary didnt tell them was that she liked women. from an early age, Mary knew she liked the touch of a woman. she enjoyed her secret affairs and couldnt wait for the next one. her other secret was that she loved to tickle women. she loved hearing their sweet giggles as her fingers danced over their bodies, seducing them, tormenting them, until they made love later. Mary's mind was filled with one of her past escapades and a smile formed on her thin lips. she then pulled up into the train station and got out with her umbrella. she dashed into the train station and shook her umbrella. she folded up the umbrella and began to walk through the train station. her leather boots squished on the concrete tile and a train station attendant approached her.

"Why it's Mary Winters! how are you Miss Winters?" the attendant asked.

"i'm fine Jeff. it's raining cats and dogs out there!" Mary replied with a smile.

"Sure is! what brings you to the station?" Jeff asked.

"just picking up a package." Mary told him.

"well, i'll let you go about your business. have a good evening Miss Winters." Jeff said as he walked away.

Mary smiled as she saw Jeff walk away. she went to her storage locker that she had set up at the station, opened it and pulled out a box. it was a box filled with cooking supplies and she needed it for the upcoming bake sale. the town couldnt wait to taste Mary's awesome brownies. Mary picked up her box and began to walk back to her car. as she walked, out of the corner of her eyes, she spotted a young woman sitting on the train station benches, her head down and looking very sad. Mary decided to walk over to the young girl and see what was the matter. when she made it to the girl, the girl lifted her head. a warm tingling feeling filled Mary's body as she gazed at the young girl. she had long brown hair, her face was thin and her soft brown eyes made Mary's loins fill with passion. Mary sat down next to the girl. she just had to find out who she was.

"Hi, i saw you over her looking sad and thought i would see if you're okay or need anything." mary told her.

"i'm okay....*sob*..i'm...i'm....." the girl started to cry.

"oh sweetie! what's the matter? my name is Mary. what's yours?" Mary asked.

"K-Karen..*sob*" she replied.

"Miss Karen, what could possibly upset such a pretty young girl?" Mary asked.

"well....i-i just ran away from home and i have no money and i am stuck at this station....*sob*" Karen cried.

"ran away from home?! how old are you?" Mary asked.

"18....." Karen replied.

"darling, you're an adult. how can you run away from home?" Mary asked.

"i'm not done with high school. i just turned 18 a few weeks ago. on March 16...." Karen told her.

it was May 7 at this time and Mary just shook her head. "listen Karen, let's get you out of this station and come over to my house. i'll fix you a nice warm supper and we'll handle this mess that you made for yourself! your parents must be worried sick!" Mary told her.

the two left the station and got into Mary's car. the rain came down harder and mary tried her best to drive through the rain. on the way to her house, Mary asked Karen why did she run away. Karen had told her that she had told her parents that she was a lesbian and coming out of the closet. she went on to explain that her father was outraged and her mother was devastated. her father was so mad, he told her she could never leave the house again until she graduated from high school. Karen felt that she was an adult now and she could come and go as she pleases. her father gave her the "my house, my rules" speech, so Karen, out of spite, ran away. Mary listened intently as she heard Karen talk about her problems. the more Karen talk about her feelings for women, the more horny Mary became. Mary told her to not worry about her judgment, she didnt tell Karen she was also lesbian, that everything is going to be okay. they arrived at Mary's house, a 3 bedroom, one story house. the two women rushed inside and laughed as they shook off the rain from their coats. Mary told Karen to sit down on the couch and make herself comfortable. Karen started to get more relaxed. Mary seemed such a nice person and this house seemed so warm and friendly. as she sat down, Mary peered at her from the kitchen. bad thoughts were filling her mind as she looked at Karen. Karen was such a pretty young woman. Mary checked her out as she liked that her breasts were well developed, but not large. Karen looked quite athletic and Mary wondered if she could seduce this one.

"Karen dear, i'm making soup for dinner. is that okay?" Mary asked.

"sounds great! what a nice home you have here Mary!" Karen responded.

Mary smiled and licked her lips. she started to heat the soup and walked back over to the couch where Karen sat. Karen leaned against the back of the couch, her legs crossed. Mary sat down next to Karen, where Karen's right ankle would be next to her.

"Karen you look tired!" Mary told her.

"yeah, i'm a little tired. hey!" Karen said.

Mary grabbed her right ankle and placed it in her lap. "Karen, relax, i'm going to get you a little more comfortable..." Mary told her as she began to unlace Karen's Doc Marten boot.

"you dont have to take my shoes off, i'm okay..." Karen told her.

"it's no problem. let's see your tootsies!" Mary told her playfully.

Mary continued to unlace the boot, then with a tug, she pulled the boot off, while Karen kept giggling. Mary noticed this and wanted to know if Karen was ticklish. she dropped the Doc Marten boot on the carpet and played "this little piggy" with Karen's sock covered toes. Karen giggled at this as she thought Mary was so cute by playing with her toes. she felt so relaxed right now. then she saw Mary tugging at her sock.

"NO!!! Mary, dont take off my smelly sock!" Karen told her.

"smelly?! nonsense!" Mary replied. she peeled off Karen's sock and revealed Karen's cute barefoot. it looked to be a size 8, with a nice arch, soft pink skin, and thick medium length toes. there was no nail polish, but the nails were trimmed perfectly. Mary then stroked her finger on the tender bottom of Karen's foot.

"EEEEEP!!!!! DONT!!!" Karen squealed.

"is someone ticklish?" Mary teased.

EHE!!!" Karen laughed.

Mary tickled the soft foot for a while and Karen thrashed on the couch. Mary headlocked the ankle and scurried her fingers all across the pink flesh. Karen was thrashing wildly and couldnt get her foot loose. the Hoover dam just broke in Mary's panties as she now thought of really tormenting this woman.

"Karen, is your other foot ticklish too?" Mary asked.

Karen squealed as she felt Mary grab her left ankle and began to untie the Doc Marten boot. she wiggled her foot, but it was no use. she felt her boot being pulled off, then her sock was almost ripped off. she felt the warm air caress her newly exposed foot and dreaded what was coming.

"is this cute litte foot ticklish?" Mary asked.

Karen didnt answer, but she didnt have too. the answer was given when Mary raked her nails along the sole. Karen exploded in laughter and resumed her thrashing on the couch. Mary was enjoying this. she loved tickling this girl's feet and wanted to do it all night long. then she wanted to HAVE this woman. an idea popped into her head and she stopped tickling.

"oh Karen, feel a little better?" Mary asked.

"that was torture! but i guess i do feel a little better. thanks." Karen told her.

Mary smiled and walked back to the kitchen. she was going to finish making the soup, have dinner, then have Karen for dessert. she poured the hot contents in bowls, except she poured some Nyquil into Karen's bowl. she brought the two bowls and sat down next to Karen. the two women had their soup and had a wonderful conversation. every once in a while, Mary would sneak a peek at Karen's barefeet, her toes wiggling on the carpet. after they finish the soup, Mary noticed that Karen was leaning back on the couch, her eyes getting heavy. the Nyquil must have been kicking in. soon, Karen was asleep and Mary had a devious grin on her face as she scooped up Karen and took her to a bedroom.

Karen woke up and tried to move. a little panic set in when she realized she couldnt move her arms and legs. she also couldnt see when she opened her eyes. Karen was tied spread eagle on a bed and had a blindfold on her. she also realized that only her bra and panties were still on her. she began to struggle, but couldnt get free. then she heard some footsteps walking into the room.

"good morning Karen...." Mary told her.

"Mary?! why am i tied up like this?! what's going on?!" karen said in a panic.

"dont worry Karen, i'm not going to hurt you. i just want to do one, well maybe a few things, to you...." Mary responded.

"what are you going to EEEEEEP!!!! OH NO!!! please dont tickle me like thiiiiiiiiissssssshahhahahaHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Mary sat next to Karen's armpits and ran her fingers across the smooth shaven skin. Mary watched in lust as she saw Karen's body thrash about. her fingers then began to dig into the hollows and Karen went into silent laughter. Mary was excited that she such a ticklish woman trapped and nowhere to go but get tickled. her fingers began to knead the smooth armpits and Karen again went into silent laughter, then hysterical screams, then back to silent laughter.

"that's right my sweet Karen, laugh for Mary....tickle tickle tickle! you're such a ticklish baby arent you!!! koothcie kootchie KOOOOO!!!" Mary teased.

Karen shrieked in ticklish agony. this was by far the longest she's been tickled in her armpits. when she was younger, her friends used to tickle her, but she always got away. she didnt know how long she was going to last now that she was trapped. Mary's fingers in her armpits were devastating. she arched her back high into the air, only to have it fall back to the bed repeatedly. Mary watched Karen laugh harder and harder and wanted to take Karen to a new height of tickle torture. minutes passed, then she used her fingers to attack Karen's ribcage. Karen squealed like a little pig as Mary's fingers danced on her ribcage.

"tickle tickle Karen!! look at the ticklish little baby laugh!! laugh sweet Karen!!" Mary teased.

Karen kept laughing harder and harder. then she almost went into orbit when Mary attacked her soft belly. Mary was amazed that the belly was so soft. she lightly ran her nails across the ticklish surface and Karen giggled uncontrollably. then she laughed harder when her bellybutton was attacked. Mary dug her finger deep into the sensitive button and twirled it around. Karen thrashed like a wild animal on the bed, but she was still trapped.


Mary just hummed as she tormented the belly button. lust filled her mind as she saw Karen's breasts jiggling in her bra. Mary decided it was time to take this torture to another level. she unclasped the bra and removed it.

"i have a little secret to tell you sweet Karen....." Mayr whispered.

"w-what?" Karen asked as she felt her breasts jiggling freely.

"......i like women too........" Mary whispered into her ear.

Karen was stunned to find out that she was now being tickled by another lesbian. it made her wonder what was going to happen next, but yet she was excited. she then broke out into hysterical laughter as she felt her breasts being squeezed, which tickled a whole lot.

"but before i have my way with you, i am going to tickle your sweet young body......" Mary teased.

Karen laughed hysterically as her breasts were being tickled. Mary licked her lips as she watched Karen's breasts jiggle freely over her chest. she also noticed that the light brown nipples were also getting hard and Mary flicked at them with her nails. Karen let out a moan as she felt her nipples getting tweaked. then she giggled softly as Mary lightly tickled the tips of her hard little soldiers. Mary noticed karen was enjoying this, then decided to torment her.

"you know Karen, what i really like is a helpless ticklish woman trapped and laughing like a loon when i tickle her feet....." Mary teased.

Karen gasped at what Mary told her. her body grew with anticipation as she knew Mary was by her helpless feet. she scrunched her toes a bit, then they opened up when Mary attacked the tender soles. Karen never laughed harder in her life. she felt Mary's nails running up and down her feet, then she felt her toes being pulled backwards. Mary stared at the delicate undersides of the toes and used the tip of her tongue to lick across the pink toe stems. Karen roared in laughter as she felt a warm tongue on her toes. Mary licked in between Karen's toes and knew Karen was suffering. she enjoyed it, she enjoyed the whole dominating feeling she had over this woman. she then attacked the toes on her other foot and Karen just kept on laughing. Mary then placed the set of toes in her mouth and sucked on the toes hard. Karen laughed even harder, but it also felt so good. she felt the tongue suckle her ticklish digits, but things turned when Mary also tickled her sole with her nails. Mary looked up and saw a wet spot forming on Karen's panties. she licked the tips of Karen's toes, then moved towards her waist. Karen shuddered when she felt Mary ripping open her panties. she felt so helpless as her now sopping wet mound was exposed. Mary moaned her delight when she saw that Karen was shaved and the lips of her vagina looked inviting. she lightly scratched her nails across the mound and Karen giggled.

"is your pussy ticklish too?" Mary whispered.

".....yes...." Karen moaned.

"tickle tickle....." Mary teased.

Karen thought she was going to explode when she felt Mary tickling her mound. lust was building up in her and she felt a wave of pleasure starting to build. Mary then lowered her head and began to use the tip of her tongue to lick the lips, then across Karen's clit. Karen moaned loudly as she felt Mary's warm tongue licking her. she felt the tongue licking quickly across her clit and the feeling was building up greatly. Mary then began to French Kiss the mound and Karen moaned lustfully. as Mary kissed the "lips" Karen was on edge. then a massive orgasm washed over her as Mary licked her one more time on her clit. Mary watched Karen go through her orgasm and smiled. she knew Karen's feet would be even more sensitive. as Karen tried to recover from her orgasm, Mary crept to the foot of the bed. sitting on the floor, she raised her hands up and attacked the pink soles.

HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!" Karen exploded.

Mary laughed a little to herself when she heard Karen explode in hysterical laughter. Karen thrashed wildly as her feet seemed 100x more sensitive. all she could feel was Mary's fingers on her soles, tickling them, tormenting them, driving her over the edge. her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she felt Mary's tickling fingers. Mary knew she had Karen.

"you want me to stop tickling your feet?" Mary asked her.


"then tell me you want to eat me out....." Mary told her.


"that's a good girl....." Mary told her.

Karen began to suck in air as Mary stopped tickling her feet. she then felt Mary placing her mound over her face. Karen then began to lick Mary's mound and Mary started to moan. Mary then reached back and began to tickle Karen's armpits again. the air coming from Karen's mouth from laughter teased Mary and she kept tickling.

"if you dont keep licking, i'm going to tickle you HARDER!!!" Mary commanded.

Karen kept laughing but also kept licking. soon, she had Mary on edge and Karen felt Mary's love honey pour over her mouth as Mary had her orgasm. Mary fell off of Karen and shuddered. Karen laid there, trying to catch her breath as Mary also laid there. Mary then got up and released Karen.

Mary saw Karen hop onto a train and they waved to each other. Mary had given Karen some money and told her she should go back home and reconcile with her parents. Karen thanked Mary and as she sat in her train seat, she knew she was going to come visit Mary again during the summer. Mary watched the train leave and smiled. she looked into her purse and smiled that she still had Karen's socks in her purse as a momento from their wonderful encounter. summer just couldnt get here soon enough...............

okay folks, did you like the story? feedback always welcomed.