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06-21-2004, 07:01 PM
okay folks, time for another chapter. the pay per view will be coming up soon and i hope you all enjoy it. thanks for the feedback and please continue to read the series as new developments continue to happen. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com or www.geocities.com/thatthing35/ WWE Divas at www.wwedivas.com Hollywood at www.webkitten.com Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com Terri Gold at www.heatherlee.org and David Mclane at www.davidmclane.com enjoy!!

OOOOOOOH!!!! I HATE THAT BITCH!!!!" Daffney screamed as she stormed into the tWo dressing room.

"i cant believe that woman made you have that match at SCORN!" Vine told her.

"yeah! then that moron Mclane made me have a match against Beckie the Farmer's HO at SCORN! who do they think they are?" Gorgeous George chimed in.

"it appears that Mclane and his goons are trying to throw their weight around. that's fine! look, we are in control of this place. at SCORN, Daffney you will teach Riot a lesson. remember, she cant leave the cage either. she will be at YOUR mercy! George, you are facing Beckie. you probably have the easiest match of the night! she's a loser!" Hollywood laughed.

"yeah, you're right! hell, i beat her before and i will do it again!" George said with the utmost confidence.

"i finally get to destroy that wench Sable at SCORN, and Ice Cold has obviously lost her mind wanting to take on BOTH Poison and the Disciplinarian. but now we have the most important thing tonight. Chyna has to beat Terri Gold to get her title shot at SCORN. we all know she can destroy Terri, so soon, very very soon, the title comes back to the tWo!" Hollywood exclaimed.

"Hollywood, tonight Terri FOOL will laugh her silly little head off once i break her! at SCORN, the 9th wonder of the world will become the WOW World Champion!" Chyna said, flexing her biceps.

the rest of the tWo hi-fived Chyna as she prepared for her non title match. Chyna knew she had to win, otherwise her dream of becoming champion would be lost.

the cameras panned to David Mclane's office where he sat behind his desk with a huge grin on his face. he had a stack of papers in his hand and had Debra and Stephanie McMahon standing right behind him.

"to the wonderful fans of WOW, this is David Mclane, owner of WOW. as you can tell, a lot has been happening here and believe me at SCORN, the action will be off the charts! here is a quick rundown of what we have so far for SCORN! ladies......." Mclane said.

"at SCORN, the WOW Continental title will be on the line as Gorgeous George defends her title against Beckie the Farmer's Daughter. we also have Hollywood vs Sable in a tickle jack match where if a competitor is thrown to the outside of the ring, she will be tickled by the ticklejacks for two minutes, then thrown back into the ring!" Debra announced.

"continuing on, we have a special 2 on 1 match as Ice Cold takes on the Disciplinarian AND her former partner Posion!! just added to the card will have Trish Stratus taking on Hammerin Heather Steele! plus, former GLOW superstars Americana and Cheyenne Cher will face Francesca Le and Col. Ninotchka of the tWo!!!!!" Stephanie announced.

"dont forget fans, we have Riot taking on Daffney of the tWo in a STEEL CAGE match. nowhere to run! nowhere to hide!! this just in, the WOW Tag Team title will have the champions Asian Invasion taking on Harley's Angels, Caged Heat AND Law & Order in a fatal four way match! whoever wins the match will become the tag team champions! now fans, the WOW World title will be defended at SCORN, but who Terri Gold faces is still yet to be determined! if Terri loses to Chyna tonight, it will be Chyna who takes on Terri Gold at SCORN! but if Terri wins the match, i will name the new #1 contender next week! fans, get ready for SCORN!!!!!" David Mclane announced.


the music of Jacklyn Hyde played on the PA System and Jacklyn Hyde made her appearance at the top of the stage. accompanied by her "doctor", Jacklyn walked down the ramp with a strait jacket on. she wore a body suit that was half white-half black on the top, then one legging was white the other black, and she wore one white boot, one black boot. Jacklyn walked down with a crazed look in her eyes as her "doctor" waved a doll in her face. she made it to the ring and began to bark. the crowd loved watching this woman from the asylum and knew this next match was going to be very interesting.

the song "All the things she said" by Tatu blared on the loudspeakers and the former WWE Women's champion, Victoria, made her appearance at the top of the stage. wearing a tight white sports bra, along with white shorts and black boots, Victoria began to walk down the aisle. she was really pumped as this was her first match here in WOW. she missed being the champion and couldnt wait to get an opportunity to become champion here in WOW. she saw Jacklyn Hyde in the ring and had a funny look. she remembered when her character was the crazed woman, now she was going to face one. she got into the ring and waved to the crowd. then she was hit from behind as Jacklyn was free of her strait jacket.

the bell rang and Jacklyn immediately tore into Victoria. she began to scratch at her back, sending Victoria into pain. Jacklyn then grabbed Victoria from the back of the head and began to ram her head into the turnbuckles. Jacklyn was cackling madly while Victoria's head was bouncing off the pads. Jacklyn the turned a dazed Victoria around and began to chop at her chest. the crowd chanted "WOOOOOOOO!" with every chop, then Jacklyn sent Victoria across the ring into the opposite corner. Jacklyn then charged across the ring and was about to splash Victoria until she charged out of the corner herself and nailed Jacklyn with a vicious clothesline. Jacklyn hit the mat hard and Victoria easily pulled her up, then scooped her up and slammed her into the canvas. Victoria then stood next to Jacklyn, then did a standing backflip onto Jacklyn. the referee made the count. 1.........2.........KICKOUT. Victoria then pulled Jacklyn up, then suplexed her. Victoria then bounced off the ropes, but as she did that, Jacklyn's "doctor" grabbed her ankle and tripped her. Victoria got up off the mat and reached over the ropes and grabbed the doctor. as she was pulling the doctor up, Jacklyn kneed Victoria in the back and Victoria fell backwards. Jacklyn looked at her doctor with a sad face. the doctor then pulled a feather out of her pocket and waved it to Jacklyn who stood there in a trance. then she slowly turned around and looked at Victoria. Victoria looked up from the mat and saw a crazed look in Jacklyn's face and began to scoot away from her. Jacklyn then pounced on Victoria and immediately jammed her fingers into Victoria's armpits. the move suprised Victoria as Jacklyn's fingers were tickling her!

"hahahahahahahaha w-whahahahatttt are y-you doing?!!! hehehehehehehe stop tickling meeeeeehehahahaheehehahaheheheahahahahahahahaha!!" Victoria laughed. she was not prepared for this type of hold.

Jacklyn dug even harder into Victoria's armpits and an evil smile grew on her face as she watched Victoria's face laugh with sheer ticklish agony. Victoria writhed on the mat as the tickling sensations shot through her body. her legs kicked wildly as Jacklyn's fingers worked their way through her armpits. the referee asked her if she wanted to give up, but she refused. Victoria finally lurched Jacklyn off of her and tried to get to her knees. Jacklyn looked at her doctor and the doctor was running the feather across her palm. Jacklyn's eyes grew big as she seemed to understand the signal she was getting. she saw Victoria on all fours, then kicked her in the ribs. Victoria laid on the mat trying to regain her wind. she then felt Jacklyn sit on her legs and felt Jacklyn grabbing her ankle. Jacklyn stared at the thick boot of Victoria like it was a toy. she then began to unbuckle the straps and started to pull the boot off. Victoria tried keeping her boot on, but Jacklyn managed to slip it off, leaving Victoria's foot in the thick white cotton sock. Victoria began to flex her foot and her eyes grew wide as she felt the sock getting peeled off.

"w-what are you doing?!!! leave my feet alone you crazy bitch!" Victoria yelled.

Jacklyn couldnt even hear Victoria. she was so wrapped up at watching the sock peel off and licked her lips as she saw Victoria's bare ankle, then her heel, then her arch, then the ball of the foot, then finally the toes were exposed. Victoria blushed as her foot was exposed as she never had this done to her before. she wiggled her toes and was concerned as she didnt know what was about to happen. Jacklyn looked at the pinkish sole with the long thick toes and then began to lightly run the tip of her index finger from the base of Victoria's toes, down her arch, then off the heel. Jacklyn saw Victoria's foot wiggle wildly and heard a giggle coming from Victoria's mouth. she then raked her nails across the tender foot and Victoria exploded in laughter. her foot tried to pull away from Jacklyn's grasp, but Jacklyn held onto her ankle.

"stop!!! stooooaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaheheheh
ehehehehe dont t-t-t-tiiiiiiiihhahahehehehahahahahahahccccckkllllleeee my feet!" Victoria roared.

Jacklyn kept scratching at the sole and enjoyed listening to Victoria scream. she went into a trance and never broke the rhythm of her tickling stroke. Victoria was wild with laughter. she definitely has never gone through anything like this before. her eyes were wide open, her mouth pouring out ticklish laughter. she heard the referee ask her if she wanted to quit and she refused. she was not about to submit to foot tickling even though it tickled so much. she felt Jacklyn now going in between her toes and that sent Victoria into another level of laughter. Victoria knew she was in trouble know. she could feel herself getting weaker as Jacklyn played with her toes. Victoria saw she was close to the ropes, then began to drag herself to the ropes. Jacklyn didnt even notice as she was so wrapped up with tickling those precious toes. Victoria made one final lunge for the ropes and her hand grabbed the bottom rope. the referee then began to tell Jacklyn to break the hold. Jacklyn wouldnt stop tickling and Victoria laughed harder and harder. the referee continued to scream at Jacklyn as she continued to torture Victoria. Victoria held onto the bottom rope and just kept laughing as she felt Jacklyn's probing fingers between her toes. the referee snapped his fingers and that seemed to break Jacklyn out of her trance. she let go of Victoria's foot and began to scream hysterically at the referee. she then began to chase the referee around the ring, causing the fans to laugh at this spectacle.

Jacklyn's doctor then got onto the ring apron and tried to get the attention of Jacklyn. Jacklyn just kept running around in circles until she was kicked in the stomach by Victoria. Victoria then set up Jacklyn in her finisher, the Widow's Peak and nailed Jacklyn with it. she covered Jacklyn and the referee made his count. 1.........2.........3!!!!!! the bell rang and Victoria was announced as the winner. she was exhausted after haing been tickled but was relieved she won the match. she saw a dazed Jacklyn getting rolled out of the ring, then picked up her sock and boot and waved to the crowd. she hoped she was never put through that again as she felt she could have submitted.


Victoria was walking through the hallway still holding her boot as she bumped into the WOW World Champion Terri Gold. they both looked at each other, then smiled.

"hi Victoria! i'm Terri Gold, nice to meet you!" Terri said extending her hand.

"hi Terri! so you're the champion here huh?" Victoria asked as she shook Terri's hand.

"so far, so good. but i have this big match with Chyna next and it should be a lot of fun! by the way, congratulations on winning your first match!" Terri told her.

"let me ask you something...." Victoria said.

"sure, go ahead!" Terri said with a bright smile.

"that crazy woman Jacklyn just tried to tickle me out there! is she always that nuts! tickling? that was new to me." Victoria asked.

"well actually, it is very common here in WOW. have you watched any of the matches yet?" Terri asked.

"no, not yet. why? is there a lot of tickling here in WOW?" Victoria asked.

"oh yes! it is very common here and it has to be the most excrutiating manuever here. i would much rather get piledrived than tickled!" Terri said.

"really?! this is definitely different that the WWE!" Victoria told her.

"here, watch my match against Chyna and i will use it against her! then you will see how it can be used to your advantage! my dressing room is right around the corner and go inside. there are a lot of cool other women there, in fact Lita, Torrie and Stacy Keibler are in there. go join them!" Terri said.

"i think i will! good luck against Chyna!" Victoria said.

TERRI GOLD (WOW World Champion) vs CHYNA (tWo)


the music of the NWO began to play and the crowd booed heavily as the 9th wonder of the world, Chyna, made her appearance at the top of the stage. Chyna, dressed in a black leather sports bra, black leather shorts and thick black boots, had a scowl on her face. her hair was in a ponytail and she began to walk down the ramp. her eyes were very focused as she was ready for this match. this was her big chance to get a title shot. she was a former WWE champion, now she wanted to make her mark her in WOW. Hollywood gave her this blessing and Chyna was going to make the most out of it. she made it to the ring and stepped over the ropes. she had a wry smile on her face as she heard the boos. she then faced the ramp and awaited Terri Gold.

the music of Terri Gold played and the Women Of Wrestling World Champion made her appearance at the top of the stage to a huge ovation. dressed in her blue with yellow trim top, her blue shorts and blue boots, Terri had the purple strapped World Title belt wrapped around her sleek waist. she had a huge smile as she walked down the ramp and slapped hands with the fans. Terri knew this was an opportunity to get rid of a very powerful threat to her title. she knew how powerful Chyna is and if she wasnt careful, she could easily lose the match. she made it to the ring and got inside. she waved to the crowd, then was knocked to the ground as Chyna hit her from behind.

the bell rang and Chyna tore into Terri. she scooped Terri up and slammed her hard into the mat. she repeated the move 4 times and Terri moaned in pain. Chyna plucked Terri up like a rag doll and easily suplexed the champion. Chyna stared at a hurting Terri and walked across Terri's belly. Chyna wanted to make this match end quick. she then hoisted up Terri, then powerbombed her into the mat. Terri Gold laid on the mat motionless and Chyna simply laughed.

"THIS is your champion?!!!!" Chyna said, mocking the crowd. "your WEAK champion is now going to get humiliated!!!! Chyna yelled.

Terri was in a daze as she felt Chyna in her face. Terri's eyes opened up and saw Chyna's evil glare on her face.

"Terri! at SCORN i will take your title, but first i am going to take your PRIDE!!!!" Chyna screamed.

Terri then felt herself being rolled over onto her stomach and Chyna sat on her read end facing her feet. Terri's body then went into shock as she felt Chyna grab her ankle and pull it to her chest. Terri's eyes popped wide open as she felt the laces getting unlaced. Terri knew she was in trouble. her body always froze with fear whenever she knew her feet were going to get tickled. she felt helpless as her laces were removed, then her boot was easily slipped off. Chyna grabbed the toe of the sock and easily pulled it off, revealing Terri Gold's soft, tender pink soled foot.

"hmmmmmm, i wonder if Terri Gold's feet are just the tiniest bit..... TICKLISH?!!! are your feet ticklish Terri? you know, i think they are! tickle tickle tickle!!! laugh for me!!!!" Chyna taunted as her nails raked across Terri's foot.

EHEHE!!" Terri wailed away.

Chyna raked her strong fingers across Terri's sole and loved hearing the champion scream. she knew Terri was already weak from the powerbomb, so it was only a matter of time before Terri submitted and hse got her title match. she was in the middle of the ring and Chyna used her weight to pin Terri's body to the mat. there was going to be no escape. Terri laughed like a wild hyena and couldnt stand Chyna's fingers tickling her foot. she couldnt even wiggle her toes as her body stayed in it's paralyzed state. Terri didnt want to tap out, but the tickling was horrendous. Chyna then pulled Terri's toes back and attacked the delicate undersides of the toes with her fingers. Terri screamed wildly as tears began to pour out of her eyes. Terri heard the crowd chanting her name, but the tickling was getting to her. Chyna was a stronger tickler and it sent ticklish shockwaves throughout her body. Terri tried to crawl to the ropes, but Chyna was too heavy and she was too weak. she covered her eyes with her hands as the laughter poured out freely. Chyna made sure she attacked each and every toe crevice, sending the champ into convulsions. Terri decided to save herself for the future and tapped out.

the bell rang and Chyna's hand was raised in victory! as the music of the NWO blared, Terri laid on the mat, beaten and humiliated. Chyna grabbed the title belt and Terri's empty boot and sock. Chyna rolled Terri over onto her back and straddled the exhausted woman.

"at SCORN Terri, not only am i going to beat you, i am going to tickle you to death!!! i am going to tickle your armpits, your ribs, your belly, then your knees, then i am going to tickle your feet until you BEG me to stop! but i wont stop! i wont stop until i am the champion! tonight, i am taking your BOOT and SOCK! at SCORN, i will take your title BELT!!! get ready bitch, your days of being champ is OVER!!!!!" Chyna screamed into Terri's face.

Terri Gold laid on the mat as Chyna got up off of her. through her tear soaked eyes, she saw Chyna leaving the ring with her boot and sock in hand, but the WOW World Title belt laid next to her. she thought about Chyna's words and knew at SCORN, her title was in jeopardy. Terri sat up and saw Chyna at the top of the stage holding up her boot and sock as trophies, then with the other hand, marking her waist as though she had a title belt there. Terri knew that if wasnt prepared, SCORN would be the last time she enters an event as champion! she sighed to herself as she saw Chyna walk to the back.


UP NEXT: the full SCORN card is announced, plus Lana Star, Gorgeous George and Ice Cold in action!!!!

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