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06-28-2004, 11:27 PM
okay folks, time for another chapter. it is getting real close to the pay per view and i hope you readers are just as excited as i am. remember, in the pay per view, the matches will be longer and the tickling more abundant. so, let's get on with the next chapter. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com or www.geocities.com/thatthing35/ Hollywood at www.webkitten.com Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com WWE Divas at www.wwedivas.com Terri Gold at www.heatherlee.org and David Mclane at www.davidmclane.com enjoy!

the pyrotechnics went off to start the show and the capacity crowd was electric. they have been enjoying the inclusion of the WWE Divas in WOW and were looking forward for more action. tonight's show was going to bring it as WOW Continental champion, Gorgeous George, would take on Stacy Keibler in a non-title match. plus, Lana Star was going to take on Nidia, Asian Invasion would face Harley's Angels in a non title bout, and Ice Cold was going to face Daisy and Godiva in a handicap match.

the lights turned pink and pink confetti fell as Lana Star made her appearance at the top of the stage along with her personal assistant, Patti Pizzazz. as her music played, Lana began to walk down the aisle, smiling and waving at the booing crowd. wearing her pink leather, sleeveless top with leather pink shorts and pink boots, Lana made it to the ring. Patti Pizzazz held open the ropes and Lana stepped inside the ring. Lana wasnt to thrilled about facing Nidia, but she figured it was time to teach Nidia a lesson. Lana then grabbed a microphone.

"hello everybody and welcome to the Lana Star show!!!!" Lana screamed as the crowd continued to boo. "i know you are all disappointed that i am not facing Terri Gold at SCORN, but believe me, the rat bastard David Mclane will pay for not letting me in the main event! so what does he do? he makes me wrestle some chick from a reality show! Tough Enough? she should have been from a show called Slut Enough!! i mean really, how can Nidia even get in the same ring with someone like ME?!! Mclane, if you are listening....." Lana tried to say.

Nidia's music came on and she made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in a black t-shirt with blue cut off jeans and black boots, Nidia looked at Lana Star with disgust. she walked down the aisle and made it to the ring. she stepped inside and Lana still had the microphone in her hand.

"so you must be Nidia! look at her, she looks like a complete trailer trash slut!!! i dont even know why i must waste my time with people like you! i am Lana Star! STAR and EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of W-" Lana tried to say.

Nidia slapped Lana, then followed up with a standing dropkick. Lana got back to her feet and Nidia easily scooped her up and slammed her to the canvas. Nidia then dropped an elbow and made the quick cover. 1.......2......KICKOUT. Lana got to her feet again and tried to throw a punch. Nidia ducked under the punch and as Lana turned around, Nidia came from behind and executed a German Suplex on Lana. Lana's head bounced off the mat and Nidia went for the cover again. 1.........2.........KICKOUT. Nidia pulled Lana up by the hair, then threw her against the ropes. Lana bounced off the ropes and Nidia connected with a dropkick. Lana fell to the mat, then rolled out of the ring. Nidia was fired up and the crowd was cheering loudly. on the outside of the ring, Patti was consoling Lana. Nidia then got oustide the ring and chased after Lana. Lana began to run around the ring as Nidia chased her. then she got into the ring and held onto the referee's pants. Nidia tried crawling into the ring, but as she tried to get in, Patti Pizzazz hit Nidia from behind with a mirror. Nidia slumped into the ring and Lana laughed at her. the referee looked confused and Patti put on her best "angel" face. Lana then grabbed Nidia by the hair, dragged her to the middle of the ring and sat on her back. Lana then lowered her head next to Nidia's ear.

"now you pathetic slut, let's see how sensitive you are...." Lana teased.

Nidia was still groggy from the mirror shot and began to moan. then she felt Lana's fingers lightly tickling her ribcage. she began to giggle, then as Lana continued her tickle torture, Nidia began to scream. soon, her legs were thrashing about and her eyes bugged open.

"w-what are you hahahahaha d-dooooinnnnnnggg??? stop hehehehehehehehe tickling meeeeeehehehehehehehehahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
!" Nidia laughed.

Lana continued tickling Nidia's ribs and Nidia laughed wildly now. Lana knew she had Nidia in trouble now and was going to have tormenting her. she then dug her fingers deep into the ribcage and Nidia roared in hysterical laughter. the referee asked Nidia if she wanted to submit, but Nidia refused. she was shocked that she was getting tickled in a wrestling match. she seen it happen, but never thought she would be involved. she tried reaching for the ropes, but then Lana dug her fingers into her armpits. Nidia went hysterical as Lana's nails scraped her armpits. her legs continued to thrash about and Lana showed no mercy. Nidia started to get exhausted and realized that she wasnt going to escape. she then began to tap the mat and the referee rang the bell. Lana got up off of Nidia and laughed. Patti joined her in the ring as her hand was raised in victory. she then grabbed the microphone again.

"see!!! i told all of you she was a no good slut!!! hey slut!" Lana said standing over Nidia. "you think i am done with you? hell no! this is the Lana Star show and you intruded in on it! so now, i am going to teach you a valuable lesson! in fact, your 'sole' will learn the hard way! Patti, remover her boots!!" Lana commanded.

as Nidia laid there, Patti began to unlace Nidia's boots. Nidia tried to struggle, but Lana dropped an elbow onto the back of her head, stunning her. Patti happily removed the boots, then peeled of Nidia's socks, exposing her tanned soles. Lana stared at the vulnerable feet and as Patti held onto the ankles, Lana began to drag her nails across Nidia's soles. Nidia exploded with laughter and begged for mercy. Lana continued tickling the feet, making sure she got in between the toes and enjoyed listening to Nidia scream. suddenly the music of "Welcome to the Jungle" played and Lana stopped tickling.

on the top of the stage stood Jungle Grrl. she had a microphone in her hand and didnt have a happy look on her face. Lana stood up and so did Patti. they looked at Jungle Grrl and was ready to flee at a maoment's notice. Jungle Grrl then spoke into the microphone.

"LANA STAR!!!!!!! we finally meet again! hello Patti! i miss your ticklish feet!" Jungle Grrl laughed. "you know Lana, you have been hiding from me. that's not a good thing! dont you know that i am hunting you? dont you realize that i will catch you? when i do, i am going to destroy you!!!" Jungle Grrl threatened.

"listen you flea ridden bitch, i am like, NOT afraid of you! why dont you come on down so me and Patti Pizzazz can teach you a lesson!" Lana screamed.

"do i look stupid?" Jungle Grrl asked.

"like, DUH, you are stupid!!! that's why you're Jungle Grrl, not Lana Star!!!" Lana responded.

"Lana, Lana, Lana. i will get you! in fact, i will exact my revenge on you at SCORN!!! nowhere to run, nowhere to hide! just you and me!!" Jungle Grrl shouted.

"Patti, can you believe she is that stupid. hello!!!! Earth to Jungle Grrl!!! i am NOT facing you at SCORN! I have better things to do with my time! for example, i have to get a manicure, then i have to---" Lana was then cutoff.

the music of Stone Cold Steve Austin played and the General Manager, Debra, made her appearance at the top of the stage. the crowd cheered wildly and Lana looked shocked. Jungle Grrl had a smile on her face and Debra spoke into the microphone.

"hello Ms. Star! did i hear you say you have better things to do? well Ms. Star, at SCORN, you WILL face Jungle Grrl!!! if you choose not to, then i will simply suspend you indefinitely from WOW!!" Debra announced.


"i AM the General Manager Lana and you will do as i say! good luck at SCORN because you will need it! toodles!" Debra said as she then walked to the back.

Jungle Grrl smiled and followed Debra to the back. she knew Lana was going to be her victim at SCORN. Lana threw a tantrum in the ring. she knew she had to face Jungle Grrl at SCORN whether she liked it or not!

Hollywood and the rest of the tWo laughed as they watched the monitor of Lana's match. they loved watching her squirm.

"i hope that annoying hooker gets destroyed by Jungle Grrl!" Hollywood laughed.

"yeah, she is probably the biggest pain in the ass here in WOW!" Chyna followed up.

"Chyna, congratulations on destroying Terri Gold and getting your title shot at SCORN! you are going to make a great champion!" Hollywood told her.

"thanks Hollywood! Terri Gold is a JOKE! i mean, who has she really beaten? Lana Star? who cant beat Lana? that belt is MINE!!!" Chyna said with confidence.

"i cant wait for my match tonight! i cant wait to torment Stacy Keibler!" George told everyone.

"break her legs for me will ya?" Jazz told her.

"i will, plus i cant wait to really tickle her. she is going to know the true meaning of suffering. then i will destroy Beckie at SCORN and life will be good!" George laughed.

"looks like SCORN will be a great night for the tWo! let's make sure it is!" Hollywood laughed.

the rest of the tWo nodded their heads in agreement. they had to make SCORN a big night for the tWo as they wanted complete control of WOW again.



the song "Let the bodies hit the floor!" by Drowning Pool played and Harley's Angels, EZ Rider and Charlie Davidson, made their appearance at the top of the stage accompanied by their manager Thug. dressed in biker chick outfits, they made their way down the ramp, looking forward to this matchup against Asian Invasion. they were still disgusted that they couldnt take the titles away from them. now they had an opportunity at SCORN to win the belts. their agenda tonight was to show Lotus and Jade that their titles were going to be gone. they got into the ring and awaited their opponents.

some soft Oriental music played and the WOW Tag Team Champions, Lotus and Jade, the Asian Invasion, made their appearance at the top of the stage. Lotus wore her yellow top that showed off her firm belly, along with a yellow wrestling skirt, yellow shorts underneath and her yellow boots. her partner Jade wore her red wrestling dress with her red boots. both women wore the white-strapped Tag Team title belts around their waists and made their way to the ring. they both were proud of the fact that they were still the champions. for a long time they lost many matches and were considered one of the worst tag teams ever. but since they won the titles, they have won and even successfully defended their titles at a pay per view. now, they looked for some momentum heading into SCORN to defend their titles successfully there. they had faced Harley's Angels several times, so they knew what to expect. they got into the ring and removed their title belts as they waved to the crowd. Jade elected to start the match against Charlie Davidson and the bell rang.

Jade and Charlie locked up, but Charlie got the better of Jade by raking her eyes, then scooping her up and slamming her to the canvas. Jade moaned in pain as Charlie then dropped an elbow onto her chest. Charlie then pulled Jade up by the hair, scooped her up again and slammed her to the mat. Charlie laughed at Jade, then dropped a knee. she tagged in her partner EZ Rider and EZ took over. she tossed Jade across the ropes and nailed her with a vicious clothesline. Jade rolled on the mat in pain and EZ Rider stalked her. she then grabbed Jade's ankle and dragged her to the middle of the ring. she managed to do a step over toe hold and Jade screamed in pain. EZ Rider wretched Jade's ankle a little more and Jade screamed. Jade then got nervous as she saw EZ Rider unlacing her bootlaces.

"leave my laces alone!!!! STOP!!!" Jade screamed.

EZ Rider only grinned as she finally unlaced the boot and tried pulling it off. she felt Jade's toes trying to hold on, but it was no use, the boot was pulled off, exposing Jade's barefoot. EZ Rider held up Jade's boot and laughed.

"hey Jade, missing something?" EZ Rider laughed.

"please, put my boot back on!!!!" Jade begged.

"you know, your feet stink!!!" EZ Rider teased as she watched Jade blush. this was going to be fun. "i wonder if this stinky foot is ticklish? is this foot ticklish Jade?"

"NO!!! PLEASE DONT!!!!" Jade screamed.

"dont what?" EZ Rider asked.

"you know! dont!!!" Jade shot back.

"tickle tickle tickle....." EZ Rider laughed as her fingers stroked Jade's soft tanned sole.

Jade exploded in laughter as EZ Rider tickled her soft barefoot. Jade wiggled wildly as she felt her foot being tickled tortured. EZ Rider was having fun and looked at her partner and Thug. Lotus knew Jade was in trouble, so she ran into the ring and dropkicked EZ Rider off of Jade. Lotus got back out the ring and extended her hand out for the tag. EZ Rider was pissed off. she grabbed Jade by the hair and tossed her over to her corner. she wanted Lotus to tag in. Lotus tagged in and rushed EZ Rider. EZ Rider simply scooped her up and powerslammed her to the canvas. Lotus was reeling in pain, then EZ Rider tagged in Charlie Davidson. Charlie rolled Lotus over onto her stomach.

"you know Lotus, that was very bad of you. now, i have to teach you a lesson...." Charlie teased as she folded Lotus' legs against her rear end and sat on her shins.

Lotus began to whimper as she felt Charlie unlacing her yellow wrestling boots. she knew what was going to happen, so she tried to struggle. Charlie managed to unlace the boots, then finally tugged off each boot, leaving Lotus in her thick cotton socks. Lotus felt helpless as her socks were peeled off, revealing her soft, tender barefeet. Charlie then began to lightly run her fingers up and down Lotus' feet and Lotus laughed hysterically.


Charlie continued to tickle Lotus' feet and enjoyed watching the Asian woman squirm under her tickling fingers. Lotus was going nuts and she was trapped in the middle of the ring. her eyes bugged out and she begged Charlie to stop, but Charlie just kept on tickling. she made sure she got in between the toes and that drove Lotus crazy. the referee asked her if she wanted to give up, but Lotus refused. Jade saw her partner and knew she had to do something. she ran into the ring and kicked Charlie in the head. Charlie fell off of Lotus and Lotus began to drag herself back to the corner. Charlie tagged in EZ Rider and Lotus made the tag to Jade. Jade jumped into the ring and attacked EZ Rider. she dropkicked her, then she clotheslined her. then as Jade tried to bounce off the ropes, Thug grabbed her ankle and tripped her to the canvas. EZ Rider then took advantage and scooped Jade up, then powerbombed her, stunning the Asian beauty. she went for the cover. 1...........2...........3!!!! the bell rang and Harley's Angels were declared the winner. then they decided they were going to torment Jade and Lotus. they grabbed some rope and began to hogtie the champions. as Jade and Lotus faced each other hogtied, Charlie and EZ Rider began to tickle their feet. they were sending a vicious message that their titles reigns would soon be over.

as Jade and Lotus screamed in ticklish agony, the crowd cheered as they saw Caged Heat, Loca and Delta Lotta Pain storm into the ring and attack Harley's Angels. Caged Heat hasnt forgotten the tickling torment they received by Harley's Angels, not it was revenge time. but as they were attacking Harley's Angels, the crowd saw two more figures come down. Nikki Law and Kristy Order made their way into the ring and attacked Caged Heat. soon, there was complete pandemonium as the teams were fighting each other. only Asian Invasion didnt participate as they were still hogtied in the middle of the ring. the whole referee crew stormed into the ring and began to restore order. each team was finally separated and they were escorted back up the ramps. the crowd was going crazy as they knew the Fatal Four Way match at SCORN for the WOW Tag Team titles was going to be intense!


UP NEXT: Ice Cold takes on two women and Gorgeous George takes on Stacy Keibler!

okay folks, sorry for the short chapter as i didnt have a lot of time this weekend. i hope you enjoyed the series so far and trust me, at SCORN, the matches will be longer and the tickling more intense! stay tuned. feedback always welcomed.