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07-18-2004, 02:21 PM
okay folks, since Anna Donnison (Anna and Heather) recently brought up my old series, i thought it would be time to make another chapter. i hope you all liked the earlier stories and hope this one meets your expectations. feedback always welcomed.

Karina sat back in her lounge chair, peering out of her window, looking at the grassy area and lush green trees. it was now summer and she was appointed Resident Advisor of a Freshman Summer Orientation dormitory. Karina loved the job as it gave her a place to stay over the summer. she didnt want to go home and have her parents tell her she needed a job. she knew she was too good to be working for someone, so she decided to become a RA. she was reflecting on her school year and what a school year it was! she, along with her best friends Tanya and Vanessa, made their marks around school. they successfully got to sleep with many of the football players and knew they were the "Queen Bitches" on campus. no one would mess with them. she missed her best friends now though as Tanya went to a European vacation with her parents and Vanessa got an internship at some law firm. Karina smiled when she thought of the things she did. her smile got even bigger when she remembered Esmerelda. Esmerelda was a young chemistry student who had the misfortune of soiling a favorite blouse of Karina and paid dearly for it. Karina discovered a different side to her as she found out she LOVED to torment another human being by the means of tickling. she, as well as her best friends, tickled tortured poor Esmerelda whenever they got a chance. but the best part was sexually teasing the young woman. Esmerelda was a "nerd" by Karina's standards and making Esmerelda orgasm under her control excited Karina. however, Karina remembered when Esmerelda got to torment her as well. Karina never forgave Esmerelda for tickling her and her best friends, then having the nerve to videotape it. but, things worked out as Karina found out the tape had been destroyed, so there was nothing Esmerelda could do to blackmail her from tormenting her. Karina wished she had Esmerelda now. she felt like making her suffer again!

Karina also got to discover the incoming freshmen and there were two particular girls that caught her attention. Olivia and Sasha seemed like the perfect types for Karina to mold in her image. Olivia was a beautiful Latina woman who's parents had money and she came from Beverly Hills, CA. her fiery young temper seemed to blend well with her long wavy black hair, olive skin and dark brown eyes. Sasha was a tall, leggy blond who arrived from the South. she was a Southern Belle who also had a tendency to look down at others less fortunate than her. interestingly enough, Olivia and Sasha ended up roommates in the Orientation and instantly clicked. Karina thought of these two girls and it reminded her of her own self. her trance was broken when she heard students walking into the dorm. she saw Olivia and Sasha.

"Olivia? Sasha? can you two come in her please?" Karina called out.

both Sasha and Olivia walked into Karina's room and sat down on the couch. both women looked hot and not to pleased about the sweat that came from their bodies. Karina offered them both a drink, which they happily accepted.

"so girls, how was your day?" Karina asked.

"shitty! man, if it wasnt for the fact that i have to take this dumb ass chemistry class to go towards the GE requirements, i would totally skip the class!" Olivia spat.

"yeah, like, this class is sooooooooo boring!!!! what's worse is the fact that there NO cute guys in that class. it is filled with nerds!!" Sasha complained.

"yeah, i remember chemistry. who cares what happens in chemistry! who's the professor?" Karina chimed in.

"we have old man Epstein!!!" Olivia told her.

"Epstein? he's still alive?" Karina laughed.

"yeah!! that man has to be what? a THOUSAND years old? i swear he told us a story when him and Noah were playing shuffleboard on the Ark!!!" Sasha joked.

"you know what's funny though? his little TA is quite an interesting person herself!" Olivia began.

"how so?" Karina asked.

"well for starters, she has to be the BIGGEST FUCKING NERD i have ever seen! then, to top it off, she thinks she is so smart! she acts like she is better than the rest of us. i think her and old man are having an affair by they way they laugh about chemistry together!" Olivia said.

"even her name is nerdy! i think it's Espelda? no, Esmorona? no, it's Esmerelda! what kind of goofy name is that?" Sasha said laughing.

"Esmerelda?!" Karina asked as her eyes lit up.

"yeah, funny isnt it?!!!" Sasha laughed again.

a devious smile formed on Karina's face. her mind raced with anticipation as she knew her poor, sweet Esmerelda was still on campus. she looked over at Olivia and Sasha and planned to make them a part of it. "You know what you two?" Karina asked.

"what's up?" Olivia responded.

"i like you two. you are exactly what this campus needs. in fact, i want you two in the fall to hang out with me and my best friends. i will be more than happy than to take you to parties, meet football players and have every man on campus wanting you, plus every woman jealous of you. sounds good?" Karina asked them.

"HELL YEAH!!!" Olivia responded.

"count me in!!! college is supposed to be fun anyway!" Sasha exclaimed.

"now, do you two want to teach your nerdy TA a lesson?" Karina asked.

"sure!! why, do you know here?" Olivia asked.

"listen close to the story i'm about to tell you....." Karina told them.

Sasha and Olivia listened to Karina's story and couldnt help but laugh and be amazed on what they were told. then, their eyes lit up with joy when Karina told them of a plan to have a little fun this coming weekend......

Esmerelda sat at her desk in the TAs' office and was reading some chemistry material. Esmerelda was feeling good this summer as she got what she considered a once in a lifetime offer by assisting world reknowned chemistry teacher, Professor Epstein. things were looking up in her life as she made it through her freshman year with straight A's and commendations fromthe Chemistry department. she thought her freshmen year was memorable, but she wanted to forget certain aspects of it. she never forgot her ordeal with Karina and happy it was summer. surely, Karina was gone for the summer, so Esmerelda felt relaxed. she didnt have to duck and hide any more from Karina and her friends. she hated being tickled against her will, but what scared her more was the fact that her body loved the sexual teasing. Esmerelda was still a virgin, but happened to have mulitple orgasms from Karina touching and teasing her most private area. Esmerelda didnt want to feel turned on by the tickling and teasing, but her libido couldnt help it. so, to avoid it from happening, she holed herself up in the chemistry building and made sure she was with someone almost at all times. Karina had humiliated her many times, so she did her best to avoid it from happening again. she poked her head up from the book as she heard a knock on the door.

"come in!" Esmerelda yelled out.

Olivia and Sasha walked into the room and sat in chairs in front of Esmerelda's desk. they both looked around and couldnt believe there were peopel who actually liked chemistry. they winked at each other and began their plan.

"uh, Esmerelda. we have a favor to ask of you." Sasha started.

"yeah, we know that our grades arent doing well and well, chemistry is hard!" Olivia whined.

"ladies, i know you two are not doing well in class, but you have to shape up or you will fail the class." Esmerelda warned.

"we were wondering if you could maybe, um, tutor us? we really need your help." Sasha said, her eyes looking sad.

"of course i can!!!! i am always willing to help out students with chemistry! i know you think chemistry is hard, but i will help you see that chemistry is an exicting subject and you two may enjoy it even more than....um, shopping!!!" Esmerelda said with sincere.

Olivia had to catch herself from laughing. chemistry better than shopping? yeah, this is a real nerd alright, she thought. "thanks Esmerelda." she said.

"when do you two want to study?" Esmerelda asked.

"how about this Saturday at the Freshmen dormitory? around 2 o'clock?" Sasha told her.

"sounds like a date! trust me, you two will learn to love chemistry!" Esmerelda told them.

"we're sure we are going to have fun during this session!" Sasha said with a wicked smile.

"yeah, i'm sure after the session is done, we will learn a lot...." Olivia smiled.

Esmerelda stood up and shook both of their hands. she watched them walk out of the office and felt honored that she was going to personally help some students learn a subject she loved. Sasha and Olivia meanwhile, laughed once they made it out of the chemistry building. this Saturday was going to be fun!

Esmerelda walked across the campus and made it to the dorm area. she was still happy about her tutoring session and if she could make two beautiful girls like Olivia and Sasha love chemistry, then it would make her heart feel good. she was wearing a blue shirt with red shorts and white Nike sneakers and she straightened her glasses as she walked with a bounce in her step. she made it to the Freshman dormitory, walked in and even walked by Karina's room without realizing it. she noticed the place looked deserted, but figured it was the weekend. what she didnt know was the rest of the dorm went to the beach as a group trip. she finally made it to their room and gently knocked.

"come in......." Olivia's voice was heard through the door.

Esmerelda walked into the room and saw Olivia and Sasha standing there. she looked around the room and it was a typical dorm room. white walls, white ceiling, two beds and two desks. Olivia and Sasha did manage to decorate the room heavily to take away the drabness. she sat down at a desk and looked at her two students.

"sit down over here....." Olivia told her as her and Sasha both sat down on a bed.

"dont you want to study at the desk?" Esmerelda asked.

"naw, it's more comfortable on the bed. come, join us." Sasha said.

Esmerelda sat down and Olivia and Sasha sat down next to her, sandwhiching her between them. Esmerelda cracked open a book and began her lesson. she spoke with such emotion, Sasha and Olivia looked at each other and wanted to hurl. twenty minutes went by and Esmerelda was still explaining chemistry concepts with a passion. Sasha and Olivia winked at each other. it was time for the plan to go into motion.

"Esmerelda, tell us about yourself...." Sasha began.

"huh? c'mon girls, let's keep our focus, then we can talk. now, about....." Esmerelda tried to say.

"c'mon, we know you must have had fun during the school year. tell us about it." Olivia told her.

"it was okay. not to much happened. except there was this one time in chemistry class...." Esmerelda tried to say.

"you know, we think you're hiding something from us. in fact, we got a chance to talk to one of your friends recently." Sasha said.

Esmerelda noticed that Olivia and Sasha moved closer to her. "um, what friend?" she asked curiously.

"in fact, your friend is on her way...." Olivia teased.

Esmerelda had a puzzled look on her face. what the hell were these two girls talking about she thought. then there was a knock at the door.

"in fact, she's here....come on in......" Sasha said.

Esmerelda looked at Olivia and Sasha and wondered who they were refering to. then her heart stop, her body froze and her eyes nearly fell out of her head as she saw who the "friend" was as she walked through the door."K-KARINA??!!!!!!!!" she shouted.

Karina walked in with an evil smile and her eyes filled with rage as she saw Olivia and Sasha grab a hold of Esmerelda's arms. "hello, NERD!!!!!!"

Esmerelda began to struggle, but it was no use, Olivia and Sasha held onto her firmly. "i-i-i think i have to go now...." Esmerelda stammered.

"YOU-ARENT-GOING-ANYWHERE!!!! Ladies, hold her still while i tie her down!" Karina laughed.

Esmerelda struggled again, but she was overpowered and forced to lay on her back. then she watched in horror as she saw Karina tying her wrists to the bedposts, above her head with some nylons. then she kicked as hard as she could, but it was no use as her ankles were tied down spread eagled. Esmerelda struggled in her bondage as Karina, Olivia and Sasha stood over her. Karina removed Esmerelda's glasses and laughed.

"look what we have here. cute little Esmerelda..." Karina laughed.

"no, we have SUPER NERD!!!! look at her blue shirt and red shorts! SUPER NERD!!!!!!!!!" Olivia laughed.

"faster than a speeding test tube! more powerful than a child with a lollipop! able to leap over a puddle in a single bound! look up in the sky! it's bird! it's a it's a plane! it's SUUUUUUUUUUUUPER NERD!!!!!!!" Sasha laughed.

Esmerelda began to tear up. she knew she was trapped and had these three women making fun of her. she also knew what was coming to her if she didnt get free. "let me go...please let me go..." she cried.

Karina sat down on the bed next to her. "now now Esmerelda, you have been a bad girl for avoiding me....didnt you miss me?" Karina said, batting her eyes.

"please Karina....let me go....." Esmerelda begged.

"oh no, my cute little super nerd! my fingers miss tickling you. why dont we get acquainted again. Sasha, hand me the scissors." Karina commanded.

Esmerelda watched in horror as she saw Karina hold some scissors and began to cut away at her blue t-shirt, exposing her upperbody, then finally leaving her in her bra. her face turned red from embarrassment.

"oh, nerdy girl has some nice looking titties!" Olivia laughed.

"Esmereeeeeeeeelda! are we still............TICKLISH?!!!!" Karina teased.

EAHHAHAHAHA!!!" Esmerelda exploded in laughter as she felt Karina's fingers tickle her ribs. her body jerked violently as she felt the fingers dance on her ribcage.

Olivia and Sasha looked on as they saw Karina tickling poor Esmerelda. the sight of Esmerelda thrashing around and Karina tickling her was mesmerizing. Karina on the other hand was in complete bliss as her fingers probed and tickled the ribcage of Esmerelda.

"is this ribbie ticklish? how about this one? or this one? these are ALL ticklish ribbies!!!!! kitchy kitchy kitchy!!!!" Karina teased as she played with the ribs.

Esmerelda continued to laugh violently as Karina dug her fingers deep into the spaces between her ribs. her eyes filled with tears and her mouth was already hurting from laughing so much. Karina looked at her two cohorts and gave a nod. Sasha then knelt down beside Esmerelda and raked her nails on her smooth hairless armpits. Esmerelda doubled her laughter as she felt Sasha's wicked nails scrape along her armpits. Karina continued to tickle her ribs hard, Sasha scraped her nails wildly, then Olivia held up a stiff owl feather and began to tickle Esmerelda's ears and nostrils with it. this drove Esmerelda crazy. her head shook violently as she tried to avoid the feather from tormenting her nostrils. Olivia held her head down and danced the tip of the feather in Esmerelda's ear. Sasha then plunged her nails deep into the smooth hollows and Karina began to lightly trace her nails across the smooth belly of Esmerelda. all three felt and saw Esmerelda's body tremble. Esmerelda's mind was turning to mush. the feather tickled so much, her armpits were screaming for mercy and her belly button was now being tortured by Karina's strong fingers. she wanted to wake up from this horrible nightmare, but realized this was no dream. this was reality and Karina was not going to show any mercy anytime soon.

"hey Karina, did you know nerds are ticklish in their armpits?" Sasha asked.

"why no! show me!!!" Karina laughed.

Sasha then lowered her head and began to lick the smooth armpits. this drove Esmerelda to a new ticklish height. her back arched up in the air, but fell quickly as Karina plunged her nail into her belly button and twirled it around with reckless abandon. Esmerelda begged for mercy. the three tormentors laughed when they heard her feeble pleas and continued to torment her. Karina then put her hand up and looked at her two proteges.

"now ladies, each of us have a section to torment. Olivia, you're first." Karina said.

"you know something Esmerelda? i like a girl's feet. especially NERD feet. can we look at yours?" Olivia teased.

"....ehehehehehehehe....please.....not...eheheheheh e...my feet.... not my feet....." Esmerelda panted.

Olivia knelt down at the end of the bed and grabbed ahold of the toe of Esmerelda's shoe. she pulled down and began to slowly unlace the shoe. "you see Esmerelda, i like to tease NERD feet by slowly, but surely taking out you shoelace. then after i unlace it, i pull ever so gently...." Olivia teased as she tugged at Esmerelda's shoe and heard the "pop" when the shoe came off her heel. "then, i take the off and throw it across the room......." Olivia continued to tease as she threw the Nike. "my my my. look at this cute little socked foot! wait, let's find it's twin."

Esmerelda moaned in weakness as she felt her other shoe getting unlaced, then removed. she managed to pick her head up and saw Olivia by her socked feet.

"then, i peel these socks off, so i can look at the NERD feet..." Olivia continued to tease as she peeled both socks off, exposing Esmerelda's barefeet. "PIGGIES!!!!!! NERD PIGGIES!!!!!! Olivia laughed.

Esmerelda scrunched her toes in anticipation of their impending torture. she felt embarrassed by having another woman examining her feet. ".....please....leave my feet alone......" she begged.

"hmmmm, what NERD piggy should i tickle first? inny meennie minny moe! catch a NERD by the toe! if she begs, NEVER let her go! look at these tickly tickly toes!!!!!" Olivia sang as she then raked her nails on the arches of Esmerelda's feet. she was amazed on how soft and tender they were. her nails sunk into the pink flesh of Esmerelda's size 6 feet. but, what Olivia loved more was hearing Esmerelda's maniacal laughter as her feet were tickled.

Esmerelda laughed like she never laughed before. she felt those nails of Olivia tickle her arches, the balls of her feet and her heels like never before. for some reason, her feet seemed extra ticklish today. her eyes bugged out like saucers and her laughter went silent. Olivia continued to tickle Esmerelda's feet, then just when she thought Esmerelda couldnt laugh anymore, she did. Olivia attacked the hsort chubby toes of Esmerelda. her fingers pulled the toes back and attack the tender undersides of the ticklish digits. Karina looked on and laughed as she saw Olivia tickle the living hell out of Esmerelda's feet. she told Olivia to get in between the toes and Olivia happily obliged. Olivia made sure her fingers dug deep into each crevice. she loved the feeling of the delicate skin and wanted to push Esmerelda way beyond her ticklish limits. she then tickled harder and Esmerelda bucked as though she was possessed by a demon. Olivia tickled each toe, from the chunky big toe to the baby toe that she wiggled with no mercy. Olivia loved playing with Esmerelda's feet and didnt have any plans to stop. she then began to scratch her nails along the instep and arch and laughed to herself as Esmerelda went into conniptions. Karina then nodded her head to Sasha, who grabbed the pair of scissors. Sasha knelt next to Esmerelda's upperbody.

"i wonder if SUPER NERD's titties are ticklish?" Sasha teased. then with a snip of the scissors, she cut open the front of the bra and peeled the cups off of Esmerelda's breasts. her eyes filled with lust as she saw the soft brown nipples of Esmerelda. the breasts were a b-cup, but were also very nicely shaped. Sasha then tweaked Esmerelda's nipples.

AHAHA" Esmerelda screamed in laughter.

Sasha then began to probe and lightly squeeze her breasts sending Esmerelda into helpless giggles. her breasts jiggled about and Sasha then took the feather and lightly danced it around the nipples, which now were becoming stiff. Esmerelda felt this and her mind raced.

"oh, does nerdy girl like her titties tickled? hmmmmm? tickle titties!! tickle tickle tickle titties!!!!!" Sasha teased as she continued to tickle the nipples.

Esmerelda's mind exploded. Olivia was still tickling her feet and now her breasts were being tormented by this evil vixen. her mid was starting to love it and Esmerelda tried to fight the sexual tension building up inside of her. between her fits of laughter, moans came out as the feather flicked across her nipples. Sasha was beginning to get caught up in the moment and lowered her head and began to suck on the nipples. her tongue was now flicking across the nipples sending poor Esmerelda into overdrive. Olivia saw Sasha sucking on Esmerelda's breasts and she too got caught up in the moment. she began to suck on Esmerelda's toes and Esmerelda laughed even harder as she felt Olivia's warm wet tongue swirling around her sensitive digits. Esmerelda didnt want this feeling. her body was craving more of the teasing, but her mind was trying to fight it off. the feeling of two, hot tongues teasing her body was so arousing. she giggled and moaned at the same time. Karina watched the events that were happening and felt it was time.

"Olivia, Sasha? MY TURN!!!!! watch what i do to her now....." Karina laughed.

Olivia and Sasha stopped their tormenting and stood up. they saw Karina sit on the bed in between Esmerelda's thighs. they knew what Karina was about to do. Esmerelda opened her tear soaked eyes and saw Karina with a pair of scissors.

"nnooooooooo......please Karina.....not there......" Esmerelda begged.

"i missed you Esmerelda......you know what i really miss? this very... ticklish........pussy of yours......" Karina whispered.

Esmerelda began to cry as she saw Karina use the scissors to cut open her shorts. Karina cut along the seams, then through the fabric, shredding the red shorts. she then wasted no time in removing the red shorts and tossing them over her shoulder. she then used the scissors and cut through the fabric of Esmerelda's pussy, right next to the mound. then like a hatch door, she peeled oped the fabric, exposing Esmerelda's mound. she then cut the panties off and Esmerelda was now stark naked, tied down and utterly vulnerable to Karina's whims.

Karina stared at Esmerelda's vagina and smiled. she looked at the brown pubic hairs and lightly ran her fingers through the curls. "i think it's time for me to SHAVE you again....."

".......NO!!!!! please.....please Karina...dont shave me....." Esmerelda sobbed. she remembered when Karina shaved her before and this was going to be humiliating to be shaved clean.

Karina sprayed some shaving gel onto Esmerelda's mound and lathered it up by massaging around the genital area. Karina could hear Esmerelda moan from the massage and soon, the mound was covered in shaving cream. "now hold still......." she told Esmerelda. with a razor she began to shave the vagina, making sure she shaved it clean. she heard Esmerelda sobbing as she shaved her area completely bald. after a few minutes, Karina wiped off the vagina with a damp towel and stared at the now clean shaven pussy. she licked her lips and stared into Esmerelda's eyes. "now Esmerelda, you know you like it when i tickle your pussy....."

"please........" Esmerelda moaned. as much as she didnt want to admit, her body LOVED Karina teasing her mound. Esmerelda's mind raced as she tried to fight the sexual tension building up in her. her eyes then bugged out as she saw Karina hold up the feather.

"now who has a ticklish pussy? tickle tickle tickle...." Karina teased.

Esmerelda exploded in laughter as the feather teased her shaven mound. the feather's tip stroked across the soft skin above the mound, then when it touched the lips, Esmerelda exploded in hysterical laughter. with her mound shaven, she was even more ticklish down there. Karina stroked the feather up and down the pussy lips, sending Esmerelda into orbit. the feather's tip then circled the clitoris and Esmerelda's mound began to thrust, trying to touch the feather.

"look at her......she's trying to fuck the feather....." a stunned Sasha said.

Esmerelda was indeed trying to make love to the feather. Karina knew this and continued to tickle the area, even making sure she tickled the vulnerable thighs. Olivia and Sasha never been involved in a lesbian scene, but what they saw before them was turning them on. Sasha began to rub her self and Olivia licked her lips. Karina then began to rbu the feather's quills faster across Esmerelda's pussy and knew Esmerelda was going to explode. she then lowered her head and with the tip of her tongue, lightly licked the clitoris and Esmerelda exploded in a massive orgasm that curled her toes. stars were in her eyes as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her. Karina watched Esmerelda in the throes of orgasm and smiled.

"ladies, untie her and flip her onto her stomach. the fun isnt over yet." Karina commanded.

Olivia and Sasha quickly obeyed and untied Esmerelda. Esmerelda was so weak from her orgasm she couldnt even fight them away. soon, they had her flipped over onto her stomach and retied her with the nylons. now, Esmerelda was spread eagled on her stomach. Karina then sat down between her thighs again, holding the feather.

"ladies, do you think Esmerelda here has a ticklish ass?" Karina teased.

"tickle her ass!!!! tickle her ass!!!!!" Olivia and Sasha said together.

Esmerelda whimpered as she knew her ass was exposed. she then yelped in pain as Karina began to spank her ass. she squealed with each smack on her ass, until tears began to fall again. then she laughed her head off as she felt the feather tickling her stinging cheeks. Karina loved watching Esmerelda jiggle her buns as the feather rubbed over the cheeks.

"such a BAD BAD NERD!!!!! trying to avoid me huh? tell me you're sorry!" Karina yelled.


"that's better....." Karina laughed as she then ran the feather up and down the crack of Esmerelda's ass. she then grabbed a cheek and pulled it away from the other. she stared at the brown hole and with the feather, she began to circle the hole sending Esmerelda into hysteria.

Esmerelda's mind left her as she felt her hole getting feathered. the feather darted in and out, then circled around it, sending her into hysterics. then Esmerelda laughed as the feather tickled her hole, then made it's way down to her pussy again. Olivia and Sasha couldnt believe what they were watching. Olivia then looked at Esmerelda's upturned soles and began to tickle them again. Esmerelda screamed again as her ass, her pussy and feet were being tickled. Sasha sat in a chair and rubbed herself. this was a total erotic scene to her. Karina continued her feather tease on Esmerelda's hole then finally stroked the feather across the clit again.

"do you want to cum again nerd?" Karina asked while teasing the clitoris.

" hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehheheheheheh
ehe...yes.,..... make me cum please....hehehehehehehehehehehe.." Esmerelda giggled.

"please WHAT?!!!!" Karina shouted.

"mistress.....make me hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe cum Mistress..." Esmerelda laughed.

"that's a good nerd...." Karina said as she used her fingers to manipulate the clit.

it didnt take long for Esmerelda's to explode into an orgasm again. with her pussy tickled and her feet tickled at the same time, her nerves exploded. her eyes rolled back into her head as the second orgasm overcame her. her eyes closed and her body went limp. Karina got up from the bed and looked at Esmerelda laying there.

"okay nerd, enough for today. now get up and leave....." Karina told her.

a few minutes passed and Esmerelda was untied. she slowly got up and reached for her clothes. Karina snatched them from her and snarled.

"no, these clothes are mine now. go home as you are!!!!" Karina yelled.

"please Karina...dont make me walk home naked...." Esmerelda pleaded.

"fine, here's a garbage bag. wear it, or walk home naked. i'm keeping your shoes and socks as well...LEAVE NERD!!!!" Karina yelled.

Esmerelda began to sob as she put the garbage bag over her body. she looked at Olivia, Sasha and Karina with sad eyes as she picked up her books and slowly walked out the room. she heard the door slam behind her and heard laughter coming from the room. they were laughing at her humiliation. Esmerelda ran quickly from the dorm, hoping no one would see her running home barefoot, with books in her hand and with a garbage bag for clothes. she saw a few people give her strange looks as she darted into her room, slam the door and lay on the bed. she began to cry herself to sleep as she thought about what happened. her summer was now going to be completley different. what she hated though was the fact that she enjoyed the orgasms. she was at war with her head with one side telling her she wants Karina to tease her again, and her other side saying no. Esmerelda wondered why her body craved the teasing. this summer was going to be interesting......

Karina looked out the window ofher room and wondered how Esmerelda was doing. she smiled as she thought about torturing her again. she knew Sasha and Olivia would never be the same again either. Karina looked forward to the rest of the summer as she closed her eyes and imagined a giggling Esmerelda.......

okay folks, how did you like this story? feedback always welcomed.