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this is a requested story by a TMF member with the name Brian233. it is a F/M story, so it will be a nice challenge for me. so Brian, i hope you enjoy it and i hope others like it as well. feedback always welcomed.

Jonathan Murray was a standout college athlete at Oceanside University. he was a star basketball player, playing the small forward position. he was a little lean, but had a outstanding shooting touch. he wasnt a slasher or would impress people with his dribbling skills, but he would make outside shots like no one else. he fashioned his game after his favorite NBA players, Larry Bird, Glen Rice and Peja Stojakovic. he sat in his room, twirling a basketball on his finger, looking at a book on his desk. he was a college freshman, just barely 18 years old and struggling in the classroom already. college was nothing like high school. his teachers let him slide a lot because he was winning basketball games. as he looked at the complicated math book, he thought about one particular high school teacher. Miss Baranova was a beautiful 28 year old math teacher at the local high school and Jonathan always had a little crush on her. hell, half the male population in high school had a thing for her. she was 6'1" tall with heels, long straight blond hair and of Russian descent. he barely passed her class, but he always fantasized about her. he snapped out of his trance and looked at a letter from his coach and the athletics office. the letter told him if he doesnt pass his math class, he was going to be ineligible to play basketball.

"damn!! what the hell am i going to do? i have to pass this damn final or i will sit! i cant sit this year! dammit.....hey! maybe i can get some tutoring..." Jonathan laughed.

Miss Baranova, Elena Baranova, was surprised to receive a phone call from her former student. she was thrilled to her from Jonathan because she always liked him. he was a nice guy and not to mention cute. but, as a teacher, she had to look at him as forbidden fruit. but now that we was an adult and in college, maybe she could get to know him a little better. he made her feel young again, even though she was only 28 years old. since the last school year ended, she resigned from teaching and began to pursue a degree in nursing. the teaching stint was just something for her to keep herself occupied. she enjoyed her 3 years of teaching, but it was time for her to move on. she was surprised that Jonathan found her number. that was a lot of work for him to find her. maybe he did have a crush on her. she told Jonathan she would be glad to help him and invited him over to her place.

Jonathan drove his car over to Elena's place. he was a little nervous seeing his former teacher again. he made sure he showered and put on his favorite cologne. he made it to her place and got out of his car. he took his books and headed up the stairs to the apartment complex. he made it to her door and knocked. when the door opened, he saw Elena and smiled. Elena smiled back at him and invited him in. Jonathan walked in and looked around. the apartment was very cozy and he sat down on the couch. he was a little disappointed in Miss Baranova though. she was dressed in sweats, had her hair up in a bun and wore socks. he had to snap out of it as this was a study date, not a romantic date.

"good to see you again Jonathan. how have you been doing?" Elena asked.

"mice seeing you two Miss Baranova...." Jonathan started.

"call me Elena. we're both adults now." Elena winked.

"ok..Elena. i'm doing good, just have to pass this class." Jonathan told her.

"i'm here to help. should we get started?" Elena asked.

"sure..." Jonathan replied.

the two began to study and Elena was explaining some math concepts. Jonathan was listening but he was gazing into her eyes. he looked at her full lips and was soon in a trance.

"hello? Jonathan? are you there?" Elena asked.

"huh? oh, sorry! i was in another world." he stammered.

"Jonathan, i am trying to help you out and you're daydreaming? am i that boring?" Elena asked.

"no no! of course not. i was just thinking about- uh, never mind." he replied.

"what? what were you thinking about?" she asked, very curious.

"it's nothing...." Jonathan said. he didnt want to tell her he was thinking about her.

"tell me...." she said teasingly as she got closer to him.

"really, it's nothing." Jonathan told her, noticing she was getting closer to him.

"you know Jonathan, if you dont tell me, i have ways of making you talk...." Elena said with a hint of seductiveness.

"Elena, i was thinking about uh, basketball..." Jonathan lied.

"i dont think so....tell me." Elena said. she then reached out and poke Jonathan in the ribs.

"hehe! hey!" Jonathan shrieked.

"oooooh! is someone a little....ticklish?" Elena giggled.

Jonathan's eyes popped wide open. he was ticklish and didnt want Elena to find out. she pounced on him and began digging his fingers into his ribs. Jonathan exploded into laughter. he should have able to toss Elena off of him, but the tickling made him weak. he laid back on the couch while she plunged her fingers deep into his ribs and belly. his laughter was a lot more deep and Elena had a huge smile on her face.

"so Jonathan, are you a ticklish young man? i LOVE ticklish men!" Elena laughed.

Jonathan continued to squirm as soon he fell off the couch and laid on the floor. she straddled his chest and continued tweaking his ribs with her numble fingers. Elena enjoyed feeling this power over Jonathan. she then thought about Joanthan. she knew he was probably thinking about her, now she wanted him to admit it. she then shot her fingers up into his armpits and he laughed very hard. he then lurched her over and she went flying off. Jonathan laid on the carpet trying to catch his breath. Elena's mind raced. she was caught up in the moment and went to her room. she returned with a pair of handcuffs (she was a naughty girl in bed!) and began to cuff Jonathan's hands behind his back.

"...w-what are you doing?..." Jonathan wheezed. he was getting a little excited about the idea of being at this beautiful woman's mercy.

"what were you thinking about Jonathan?" Elena teased as she rolled him over to his back. now his chest, ribs and stomach were vulnerable.

"nothing..." he said. he was going to hold out as long as possible.

"well then....tickle tickle tickle....laugh for me...." Elena teased.

Jonathan exploded in laughter as her fingers poked and prodded his ribs and his stomach. she then lifted his shirt and began to tickle his bare skin. Jonathan roared as she felt her fingertips scratching along his belly. she looked at his belly button and dug deep into it. the howling that poured through the room made Elena feel powerful. here she had this college athlete at her mercy. her figners danced everywhere over his chest, then tweaked his ribs and then his strong belly. she felt him quiver under his tickling touch. she saw his eyes close shut and his mouth wide open. she didnt realize just how ticklish he was. she looked into his eyes.

"so Jonathan, what were you thinking?" Elena asked.

"nothing...nothing...." Jonathan moaned.

"hmmmmmm...let me try another spot." Elena said as she then got up off of him and pulled out some rope (yes, she was a naughty girl in the bedroom!). she then used the ropes to tie his legs together, now he was completely immobile. as he laid on the floor, she sat on the couch and placed his feet in her lap. with her nimble fingers, she began to unlace his sneakers.

"......stop tickling me....w-what are you doing?" Jonathan moaned, exhausted from the tickling.

"let's take a look at these toes...." Elena whispered. she continued to unlace the sneakers, then finally began to tug at them. she pulled off both sneakers, leaving him in his white sweatsocks. she looked at his size 13 feet and grabbed the toe of his sock and began to pull.

Jonathan began to whimper as she began to pull his sock off. although he knew his feet were sensitive, he was loving every moment. he saw his sock get pulled off and his thick toes were exposed. we wiggled them and saw that she was removing the other sock. soon, both feet were exposed and his soles were vulnerable to Elena's tickling desires. she stared at his soles and picked away some sock lint. the soles looked very clean and surprisingly soft for a man. her finger flicked across the ball of his foot and he giggled.

"laugh little Jonathan..." she teased as she then raked her fingers up and down his meaty sole.

Jonathan exploded in laughter as her fingers danced across his soles. she then trapped his legs in between hers, so she could use both hands to tickle his feet. she enjoyed listening to him laughing and found a particular ticklish spot on his arch. she continued scratching away at the arch and he was wheezing now. she then went after his toes. she pulled away his big toe and tickled the soft crevice. Jonathan continued to laugh hard and Elena then tickled the toe pad of his big toe.


Elena tickled under the curl of his toes and felt him shiver. she then pulled his toes back and attacked the taut sole. she enjoyed listening to his begging and wanted to tickle his tender feet forever. "tell me what you were thinking..." she teased.


she tickled his feet for another minute, then went in between all of his toes. she wanted to make sure he was going to tell her everything she wanted to hear. he was begging madly, so she stopped her hard tickling. now she just lightly grazed his soles with her fingertip pads, just barely tickling him.

"hehehehe...i was hehehehehehe...i was hehehehehe....the tickling. please stop hehehe tickling my feeeeeet hehehehehehehehe. i was thinking about how beautiful you hehehehehehehehe are...." he giggled.

"oh really? tell me Jonathan, do you have a crush on your old teacher? tell me or i will tickle your feet for an hour STRAIGHT!" she threatened.

"hehehehehehe yeah...hehehehehe crush on hehehehehehe you...." he admitted.

Elena laughed as she stroked his soles. she was so turned on by his laughter and could tell he was too as she saw his jeans. he was pretty stiff right now and she wanted to explore this. she released his feet and approached his face. "would you like it if i did this?" she asked as she kissed his lips.

Jonathan kissed her back and this was beyond his wildest dreams. here was his former teacher kissing him on the lips and he felt his manhood getting harder and harder. she stopped kissing him and seductively moved down his body. Jonathan was moaning now and he saw her stopped right by the top of his jeans.

"mind if i do this?" she asked.

Jonathan moaned as she undid the button fly on his jeans. she pulled the jeans open and looked at his manhood straining against his underwear. then she slowly pulled down his underwear and his penis sprang out, hard as a rock. Elena looked at the stiff member and licked her lips. she touched it lightly and he moaned.

"is Jonathan ticklish here?" she teased as she began to tickle his balls.

"hehehehahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOO dont tickle me HAHAHAHA THERE!!!" Jonathan laughed.

"tickle tickle balls. ooooh they are so ticklish arent they?!" Elena teased.

Jonathan was in ecstacy. he felt her soft hands tickling and teasing his balls sending him into hyperdrive. he was worried if he gets any harder, his dick would explode. he then felt her stroking his shaft, then running the tips of her nails against it. he didnt realize how ticklish he was there and he laughed heartily. he was also so very turned on. if she didnt stop tickling his shaft, she was going to get a milky surprise!

"does this feel good Jonathan? do you want me to tickle your COCK until you cum? i know you want me to do that dont you?!" Elena told him while tickling his shaft, then rubbing her hand against it.

"mmmmmm......hehehehehehe...yeah....YEAH!!!" he grunted as she continued to stroke him. Jonathan closed his eyes tight and enjoyed the feeling of her stroking his shaft and tickling his balls. soon, he felt the pressure build up, then finally he released. she continued to tickle his balls as his "stuff" continued to pump out. Jonathan moaned as the orgasm ripped through his body. then he heard a constant buzzing noise. he opened his eyes and saw Elena but the noise was getting louder and louder.

he opened his eyes and realized he was in his room and laying on his bed. he woke up in a cold sweat and looked at his alarm clock. he looked around the room frantic and realized he fell asleep. it was the next morning and he had to go to basketball practice. he then remembered his dream....


okay folks, how was it? i hoped you liked it as it is a challenge for me to write F/M stories. i try to do request as best as possible and i hope this one turned out okay. feedback always welcomed.

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:p outstanding as always:p

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Not Realy bad because itīs good :gonao:
I mean itīs very good because itīs not realy bad.


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I love this photo and would really be subjected to her "torture."