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okay folks, time for another chapter of the pay per view. to answer pip33pips question, i went to the WOW website and on the front page, there are two clips you can watch. both clips say WOW is returning this fall. i think they have a "reality show", then the actual wrestling program. i know i am excited and as soon as i get more info, i will definitely post it. i think it would be cool for people who have never seen the show and witness the characters. when i write, i try to make the characters as close to the personalities they had on TV. anyway, i know this next episode is a big one, so let's get started. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com WWE Divas at www.wwedivas.com GLOW characters at www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Network/7076/ Hollywood at www.webkitten.com Terri Gold at www.heatherlee.org and David Mclane at www.davidmclane.com

Lee: "well there you have it folks, the NEW Tag Team Champions is Law & Order!!!!"

Coach: "you make it seem like a surprise! i told you, i told you, i TOLD YOU! Asian Surrender do not belong in the ring! they were paper champions and you saw what happened! Lotus crying like a little girl because her foot was tickled!

Bobby: "you see Lee, Asian Surrender will NEVER win titles again. you see them crying on the ramp, looking back at the ring? they are kissing those belts GOODBYE!!"

Coach: "plus, Lotus is looking at her yellow boot and sock in the ring. she is going home with a barefoot exposed and beltless! i LOVE IT!"

Lee: "what do you have against Asian Invasion? they are both very sweet young women."

Coach: "that's their problem, they're SWEET. they arent tough enough for wrestling."

Lee: "that's a pretty mean thing to say! these two women will be back in the hunt! but right now, we have Julie Day standing by with the owner of WOW, David Mclane. Julie?"

"thanks Lee! i am standing by with the owner of WOW and the man who made the deal of the century, David Mclane. David, you must be enjoying the show." Julie asked.

"oh yeah Julie! SCORN has been a huge success and just want to remind everyone that this is just the beginning! after SCORN, we will split the roster into two organizations. much like the WWE, we will have our own brand extension!" Mclane told her.

"that should be very interesting! can you let us know how you will split everyone?" Julie followed up.

"Stephanie McMahon, Debra and myself have come up with a draft plan already. we have-" Mclane tried to say.

"MCLANE!!!! i am giving you one more chance! change my match to a regular match!" Lana screamed at him.

"NO LANA! you will have a hogtie match! i also decided that if ANYONE interferes in the match, a la the Glamour Girls, they will be suspended INDEFINITELY!!!" Mclane shouted.

"YOU CANT DO THAT!!!!" Lana screamed.

"yes i can. i am the owner of this place and you will follow my order Lana. besides, nothing would be sweeter than watching you hogtied in the middle of the ring, begging for mercy!!" Mclane smiled.

" you are not in control Mclane! i AM the STAR and EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of this show!!! i cant believe you are going to subject ME to this kind of treatment!!! OOOOOOOOOOOH I HATE YOU!!!!" Lana screamed.

"good luck Lana....." Mclane smiled as he walked away.

"I HATE YOU MCLANE!!!! i mean i truly, with every fiber of my being..." Lana mumbled. "HATE YOU!!!!!!" she shouted out. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!!!" Lana asked Julie.

"Lana, your match is next. are you worried about Jungle Grrl?" Julie asked.

"me worried? about Jungle BITCH?! no no no Julie, it should be Jungle Grrl who should be worried. she cost me a chance to face that moron Terri Gold to get MY title back! Mclane is trying to screw me by making this a hogtie match, BUT it is going to backfire on him! when i get Jungle Bitch hogtied like the animal she is, she is going to finally admit that i am more woman than she is! that should be obvious, but some people need to be reminded." Lana quipped.

"it would be pretty nice to see you hogtied." Julie told her.

"Julie Day, if you dont SHUT UP, i will see to it that those hideous feet of yours are tickled by each and every member of the Glamour Girls. i'm done talking to you. i have a match to win!" Lana said as she walked off.

LANA STAR (Glamour Girls)




"Ladies and gentlemen, this is a special HOGTIE match scheduled for one fall! to win, a woman must HOGTIE her opponent and make her submit by having the loser speak into a microphone for ALL of us to hear! introducing first, our special guest referee! he hails from the TMF, he is the one, the only, TICKLER DAE!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the music played and Tickler Dae made his appearance at the top of the stage. he was dressed in his referee's shirt, with black pants and black sneakers. he had a strut as he walked down the ramp as he was excited to be aprt of this match. this was his second pay per view and was definitely geared up for this huge match. he entered the ring and looked at the capacity crowd who gave him a nice ovation. he pumped his fists and then awaited the participants.

"now ladies and gentlemen, introducing first, she is from Beverly Hills California, a member of the Glamour Girls faction, the self proclaimed STAR and EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of WOW, she is the FABULOUS...LANA STAR!!!!!!!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the lights in the arena turned pink and the music of Lana Star played while the capacity crowd booed heavily as Lana Star made her appearance at the top of stage. Lana had a smile on her face as she heard the boos. she didnt care, she knew they were all just jealous of her. she began to walk down the ramp wearing her pink leather top, pink leather shorts, her pink wrestling boots and had on her pink cowboy hat. her long blond hair flowed freely and she walked with a strut. she was still upset that she had to participate in this kind of match, but she was determined to get back at Mclane. plus, she wanted to embarrass Jungle Grrl. it was Jungle Grrl who beat her in her 3rd match to cost her a shot at a rematch with Terri Gold. Lana missed being the World champion and now Jungle Grrl will have to pay. she made it to the ring and looked at Tickler Dae with disgust. she never liked referees to begin with. she leaned in the corner of the ring and waved at the announcers.

Bobby: "HEY LANA!!! how are you sweet cakes? i know i know, Mclane screwed you!"

Coach: you're right Bobby! she is a DIVA!! look at her! she is absolutely.....GORGEOUS!!!"

Lee: "i will admit she is an attractive woman, but she has the personality of a, well you know. hey! what is doing with that spray can? why is she sparying herself?"

Bobby: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! cant you read the label Lee? it's bug repellent!!!"

Coach: "she needs it! last i heard, Jungle Grrl has a major FLEA problem!"

Bobby: "how can such a beautiful woman be subjected to this kind of treatment! Lana Star is going to teach Jungle Grrl a lesson! no one messes with Lana! NO ONE!"

Lee: "i'll give you that. she is quite an accomplished wrestler. she's a former WOW World champion, plus she is the one who started the whole tickling craze her in WOW. but right now, standing by with Terri Runnels is Jungle Grrl! Terri?"

"thanks Lee, standing next to me is perhaps WOW's most dangerous wrestler, Jungle Grrl. Jungle Grrl, tonight you get the fabulous Lana Star in a HOGTIE match. any special concerns?" Terri asked.

"concerns? yes, i have a concern. i am concerned about what i am going to do with that pink idiot! Lana cost me a chance to become Continental Champion. i will NEVER forgive her for that! now, she has entered the Jungle. Lana will obey the laws of the jungle where i am the hunter and she is the hunted! i am going to hogtie that little trollop like the pink pig she is! then Lana, how will you cope with yourself after you admit to the world i am BETTER than you. get ready Lana! prepare for your destiny! i will expose you like the fraud you are!!!" Jungle Grrl snarled as she walked away.

"now introducing her opponent, she hails from the Amazon jungle, she is JUNGLE GRRL!!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the song "Welcome to the Jungle" blared on the loudspeakers and the capacity crowd erupted as Jungle Grrl made her appearance at the top of the stage. Jungle Grrl acknowledged the crowd and began her walk down the ramp. she wore her leopard print wrestling dress, with black shorts underneath and barefoot. Jungle Grrl had a determined look on her face as she stared at Lana Star in the ring. she really wanted to destroy her. Lana had been ducking and dodging her, but now there was no escape. she made it to the ring and stared at Lana. Tickler Dae then held up the ropes which were going to be used for the hogtie.

Lee: "there they are folks! the ropes which will be used to hogtie a woman to the mat. Jungle Grrl looks great doesnt she?"

Coach: "sure, if you like wild animals. i'm sure some lion or something wants to mate with her."

Bobby: "look at her! she is the complete opposite of Lana. Lana comes in looking like a million books, while Jungle Grrl looks like a discarded rag. she's not even wearing shoes!"

Lee: "she may not be wearing shoes, but Jungle Grrl is perhaps the best technical wrestler here. Lana Star is going to be in for a long night!"

Bobby: "yeah, Lana will spend the rest of the night humiliating Jungle Grrl! Jungle Grrl is going to get roped like the filthy animal she is!"

the bell rang and Jungle Grrl immediately went after Lana. Lana quickly got out of the ring and ran around as Jungle Grrl chased her. Lana tried to get back in the ring, but Jungle Grrl grabbed her ankle. Lana screamed as Jungle Grrl pulled her out of the ring, then chopped Lana across the chest. the chops were loud and the crowd chanted "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" with every chop. Lana's chest was turning red, then Jungle Grrl slapped Lana hard across the cheek. she then threw Lana back in the ring and got in herself. she saw Lana laying on the mat, so she dropped an elbow onto Lana. Lana moaned in pain. Jungle Grrl then grabbed Lana's ankle, placed her knee in the back of Lana's, then wrenched her ankle. Lana screamed hysterically.

Bobby: "why doesnt someone tell Jungle Grrl to stop?! cant you see she is in pain?!!!"

Lee: "ah, poor Lana. she is in pain. the poor woman..."

Bobby: "yes Lee! she is in pain! c'mon Lana! fight it girl!"

Coach: "cant the referee do something?!"

Tickler Dae simply watched as Jungle Grrl continued to twist Lana's ankle. there was no pinfall and the only submission was when a woman was hogtied. all he did was sit back and enjoy the view of two women going at it. Lana screamed hysterically as Jungle Grrl began to twist both ankles.

"SCREAM YOU PINK BITCH, SCREAM!!!!" Jungle Grrl yelled at Lana.

Lana felt her ankles twisting every which way inside her pink boots. she then screamed more when she felt Jungle Grrl pulling her hair back. Jungle Grrl enjoyed listening to Lana scream. she wanted to punish Lana all over her body. she wanted to break this woman down. she let go of Lana's hair and stood up. Lana moaned on the mat. Jungle Grrl then yanked Lana up off the mat by her hair, scooped her up and slammed her to the canvas. Jungle Grrl then placed her barefoot on Lana's belly and walked over her. Lana's legs kicked in the air as Jungle Grrl stood on her for a moment. Jungle Grrl looked at Lana Star and laughed. she wanted to truly torture her. she then leaned down near Lana's face.

"poor Lana, does your tummy hurt?" Jungle Grrl said sympathetically.

".....yeah...my tummy hurts...." Lana moaned.

"well then, how about if i do this?" Jungle Grrl smiled.

Lana began to twitch as she felt something on her stomach. a giggle came out and she realized Jungle Grrl was tickling her belly. she tried to slap away, but then Jungle Grrl straddled her and plunged her fingers into her ribs, then her belly.


"i'm going to have a little fun with you first..." Jungle Grrl laughed as she dug her fingers deeper into Lana's ribs. she watched with delight as she felt Lana's body squirming under her. the best thing was, this wasnt a pin, so she can torture Lana forever if she wanted to. she looked at the silly look on Lana's face as she tickled her harder.

Bobby: "this is an outrage!! that woman is tickling Lana!"

Lee: "well duh! have you not noticed that ALL of the matches featued tickling?"

Bobby: "but Lana isnt supposed to be tickled! she is very sensitive to it! my heart goes out to her!"

Lana continued to laugh hysterically as Jungle Grrl tickled her ribs, then her belly. Lana, out of desperation, used her flexibility and put her legs on Jungle Grrl's shoulders and pulled Jungle Grrl down to the mat. Lana then used this escape to try and crawl away. Jungle Grrl looked at a weakened Lana and grabbed an ankle.

"i know what's inside this boot! i know that it is also very ticklish! i am going to tickle your feet!" Jungle Grrl threatened.

Lana began to panic as she felt Jungle Grrl's fingers going for her bootlaces. she then used her other foot and mule kicked Jungle Grrl off of her. she nailed Jungle Grrl in the chest and Jungle Grrl fell backwards. she got up quickly and charged Lana. Lana then kicked forward and nailed Jungle Grrl on the knee and Jungle Grrl went down in a heap. Lana retied her laces and then dropped a knee on Jungle Grrl's belly. Jungle Grrl cried out in pain and still clutched her throbbing knee. Lana then grabbed Jungle Grrl's bare ankle and twisted it, but also twisted the knee as well. Jungle Grrl screamed in pain.

Lee: "looks like Lana is turning the tables on this match!"

Bobby: "Lana is a true champion! now we are going to see Jungle Grrl suffer. hey Coach, is that a flea i see on your shoulder?"

Coach: "damn Jungle Grrl! she really needs a bath!"

Lana continued to wretch the knee and ankle, then pulled Jungle Grrl up by the hair. she looked into Jungle Grrl's eyes, then slapped her. Jungle Grrl fell into a heap on the mat. Lana was incensed. how dare Jungle Grrl try to tickle her? she was the queen of tickling! it was her that brought tickling into WOW when she tickled tortured Lotus' into submission. she won the World title by tickling Terri's feet into submission. now, she was going to torment Jungle Grrl. she grabbed Jungle Grrl by the hair, then put her in a front face headlock, then delivered a DDT. Lana then looked at Jungle Grrl and smiled. she looked at an easy target, Jungle Grrl's barefeet, but remembered that Jungle Grrl wasnt ticklish there. she remembered when Sable found Jungle Grrl's ticklish spot. she then sat on Jungle Grrl's back facing her feet. Lana sat towards Jungle Grrl's shoulders, nearly smothering her head between her legs. she then reached forward and tweak Jungle Grrl's hipbones. she saw Jungle Grrl's legs twitch. she tweaked it again and heard a giggle, plus more leg kicking.

Lee: "it looks like Lana found a ticklish spot!"

Bobby: "big bad Jungle Grrl is ticklish huh? now we are going to see her suffer by the master!"

Lana then plunged her fingers deep into Jungle Grrl's hipbones and Jungle Grrl exploded in laughter. her legs twitched wildly and her whole body shook. she remembered when Sable tickled her there and now everyone knew where she was ticklish. many opponents tried to tickle her barefeet, but they werent ticklish. now she was laughing heartily as she felt her hipbones being tickled. Jungle Grrl also knew that once she was tickled, her whole upperbody became ticklish. Lana knew this and began to tickle her sides. Lana enjoyed watching Jungle Grrl squirm and listening to her loud laughter as she tickled her. Lana knew she was one of the best, if not THE best, tickler in WOW. this was her "invention" and she was going to teach Jungle Grrl a lesson.

"ticklish bitch?! now, i am going to make you suffer!" Lana screamed as she then pulled up Jungle Grrl's dress, exposing her shorts underneath and her bare back. Lana then tickled the bare skin and Jungle Grrl lost all control. Lana dug her nails deeper into Jungle Grrl's ticklish ribs. "kootchie kootchie koo!!! Jungle Grrl is a ticklish little girl isnt she? she is sooooooo ticklish!! tickle tickle tickle!!!" Lana teased.

Jungle Grrl just laughed profusely as she felt the tickling fingers. she remembered her match at VENDETTA when Gorgeous George tickled her until she passed out. now she was getting the same feeling. Lana's weight on her shoulders prevented her from escaping. Jungle Grrl hated the fact that women knew she was just as ticklish as they were. she wanted to be the most feared women, but now she was laughing like so many others. her eyes closed and her head laid on the mat. her legs stop kicking and Lana noticed this. she knew her tickling made Jungle Grrl very weak. she kept on tickling until there was no movement from Jungle Grrl, just helpless giggles.

"now you flea ridden bitch, time to rope you so i can get back to my dressing room and shower!" Lana yelled. Lana then stood up and went to the corner of the ring that had the ropes. she grabbed the ropes and happily waved it in the air to a chorus of boos.

Lee: "Lana has the ropes in her hands! she is going to hogtie Jungle Grrl!"

Coach: "this shouldnt be a surprise!"

Bobby: "Lana is the greatest wrestler alive today! she is going to rope that filthy animal! this is going to be sweet listening to Jungle Grrl beg for mercy!"

Lana made it to Jungle Grrl's limp body and began to try to tie Jungle Grrl's wrists. Jungle Grrl felt this and immediately got to her back. Lana looked shock, then Jungle Grrl poked Lana in the eye. Lana hopped on the mat in pain and Tickler DAE checked her out. Jungle Grrl got up and when Lana looked at her, she delivered a standing dropkick. Tickler DAE watched Jungle Grrl pick Lana up from the mat and slam her to the mat. Jungle Grrl waited for Lana to stand up again, then kicked her in the midsection and delivered a DDT. Lana was sprawled out on the mat and Jungle Grrl gave the throat slashing sign. she then got to the top rope quick as a cat and stood up. the capacity crowd rose to it's feet in anticipation of Jungle Grrl's flying splash.

Lee: "she's going to do it!"

Bobby: "get up Lana!!!! get up!!!! GET UP!!!!!"

with cameras flashing, Jungle Grrl leapt of the top rope in perfect form. she then landed on top of Lana Star's prone body and the crowd erupted. Lana was out. Tickler DAE would have easily made the 3 count, but he stood there. Jungle Grrl looked at the ropes and smiled. she then went to Lana's ankle and began to unlace the boot. she wanted to remove Lana's boots before she tied her up. the laces came undone and Jungle Grrl removed Lana's boot, then unlaced and removed the other boot. Lana was still laying on the mat motionless in her pink socks. Jungle Grrl then rolled Lana over onto her stomach and neatly placed Lana's pink boots a few feet in front of her head. she then tied Lana's wrists together, then she grabbed Lana's ankles, and managed to tie them together. she then finished the hogtie by tying her ankles to her wrists. Lana was now effectively HOGTIED.

Lee: "Lana is HOGTIED! Jungle Grrl is half way to winning this match!"

Bobby: "oh the horror! someone help her! she's trapped! she cant get free!! somebody help her please!!!"

Coach: " the worst part is, she removed Lana's boots. now her feet are vulnerable!"


Jungle Grrl then grabbed the microphone from ringside and then slapped Lana awake. Lana began to stir, then her eyes popped wide open as she realized her predicament. she looked up and saw her pink wrestling boots 4 feet in front of her. she then saw a pair of barefeet appear in front of her. then she saw Jungle Grrl's face.

"how's it going Lana? you look a little tied up at the moment..." Jungle Grrl laughed into the microphone.

"LET ME GO!!!! I DEMAND YOU LET ME GO!!!" Lana screamed.

"i will......but first i need you to submit..." Jungle Grrl instructed.

"NEVER!!! I WILL NEVER SUBMIT TO YOU!!!! LET ME GO!!!" Lana screamed.

"i guess i will just have to persuade you...." Jungle Grrl said as she then got up and went towards Lana's feet. "...you know Lana... how come i got a feeling these feet of yours are just the slightest bit...."

"DONT TOUCH MY FEET!!! LET ME GO YOU BITCH!!" Lana screamed. she was really nervous with Jungle Grrl by her feet.

"you are not in position to make any demands....now let's get these cute little socks off your feet so we can all admire your tootises!" Jungle Grrl told her.

Lana cringed as she felt Jungle Grrl slowly peel away her socks. the warm arena air carressed her pink soles as her socks were removed. her toes began to wiggle in nervous anticipation.

"now Lana....do you want to submit?" Jungle Grrl asked.

HA STOP STOP!!!!!" Lana screamed.

Jungle Grrl raked her nails across both soles and Lana exploded in laughter. Jungle Grrl was amazed at just how soft Lana's feet were. her fingers sank into the pink flesh and she enjoyed hearing Lana scream. Lana HATED being tickled on her feet. they were very sensitive. Lana's eyes bugged out and her mouth was wide open with hysterical laughter pouring out from her mouth. a flashback of VENDETTA crossed her mind as she remembered when she submitted to Terri Gold, losing her precious title. tears began to form in her eyes as Jungle Grrl attacked her tender toes. Jungle Grrl bent her toes back and tickled the extremely soft undersides. Lana was howling now. Tickler DAE held the microphone nears Lana's mouth and the crowd heard her screaming in hysterical laughter. the crowd roared in delight.

Bobby: "this is so cruel! now the crowd is laughing at Lana! her poor feet are being tortured!!!"

Lee: "I LOVE IT!!! this woman deserves a little embarrassment after all the stuff she's pulled."

Coach: "Lee, how can you be so insensitive?"

Jungle Grrl dug her fingers between Lana's toes and the soft pink skin felt nice to her fingers. Lana began to snort like a pig and Jungle Grrl laughed. she then raced her fingers rapidly up and down the soles, from the heels to the ball of her feet. she then tickled the toe pads and Lana was losing her mind. she was crying in tears as her feet were tickled.

"c'mon Lana......give up...." Jungle Grrl teased.

AA NOOOOOOOOOO!!" Lana screamed into the microphone.

"fine then....tickle tickle tickle...i'm going to tickle these pink FEET of yours until you do....." Jungle Grrl teased.

Lana laughed even harder as Jungle Grrl tickled her toes again, then concentrated on her delicate arch. her lungs were burning now as she felt the scratching feeling in the center of her arch. her head laid on the mat and Tickler DAE laid the microphone next to her on the mat. Jungle Grrl simply tickled away and Lana was powerless to stop the tickling. she strained against her hogtie bonds, but it was no use. she was not going to get set free. the fingers tickled the curl of her toes again and she couldnt take it anymore.

"do you give up Lana?" Jungle Grrl asked.

" Lana screamed into the microphone.

Tickler DAE called for the bell and the capacity crowd exploded into cheers. Lana Star just submitted into the microphone and they heard her squeal like a roped pig.

Lee: "Lana submitted!!!"

Bobby: "this is an outrage!!! Lana should have never been subjected to this kind of match!!! how could she escape? this isnt fair!!"

Lee: "oh well...."

Bobby: "you are enjoying this arent you? Lana has been humiliated and all you can do is smile? look at Jungle Grrl, she's still tickling Lana's feet!"

"Lana, admit you are a pink pig and i will stop tickling you!" Jungle Grrl told her.


"that's good....now tell everyone you are sorry for being a bitch.." Jungle Grrl demanded.


"now say i own you or i'll tickle these piggies all night long!" Jungle Grrl told her.


Jungle Grrl stopped tickling Lana and stood up. the crowd roared in approval as she just humiliated Lana Star. Tickler DAE raised her hand in victory.

"the winner of this HOGTIE match, JUNGLE GRRL!!!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the song "Welcome to the Jungle" plyaed and Jungle Grrl laughed as she saw Tickler DAE was untying Lana Star from her bonds. Lana got up slowly and looked at Jungle Grrl staring down at her. her face was red and she grabbed her pink boots. she got out of the ring wiping tears from her face. she was so embarrassed and then got upset as she realized the crowd was laughing at her. she began to walk up the ramp with tears in her eyes. the great Lana Star felt so humbled right now. no one has ever embarrassed her like that before. she looked at Jungle Grrl one more time. she promised to herself that Jungle Grrl was going to pay.........

UP NEXT: Sable takes on Hollywood in a TICKLE-JACK MATCH!!!!!

okay folks, how did you enjoy this one? anyone enjoy Lana getting embarrassed? the next one is going to be a doozy as well! stay tuned and feedback always welcomed.